Winning Boxing Gloves Review

Boxing is a world-renowned sport. Many people are truly inspired by the aura of this game, while others consider it an integral part of their training.

No matter what your reason is, you need the right gear to enter the world of boxing. With good quality gear, you can perform well and improve your skillset.

And speaking of gear, and boxing gear, in particular, one brand that comes to mind is Winning. The brand doesn’t need any introduction in the world of boxing.

For your guidance, we are going to review Winning boxing gloves in today’s post.

About the Winning Brand

The brand has been producing high-quality boxing gloves for a long time. By saying that, we genuinely mean for a LONG time! It is the only brand that doesn’t care about being old-school.

For any intermediate or casual boxers out there, these are the best gloves to have in your boxing kit. And if you are a professional or an expert in boxing, then you might already own a pair or two.

All these gloves are made-to-order and imported from Japan. These are not the pairs that you will find on amateur hands because of their scarce availability and high-end price.

Winning is the brand of choice for the likes of Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao and many other top-class boxers.

Winning Training Boxing Gloves Review

The brand is made explicitly for boxing or mixed art fighting. Why, because these gloves come with the best kind of padding as well as protection ideally suitable for boxing.

You will notice they don’t care much about marketing like Hayabusa, Rival, and other brands do. But what Winning does better than other brands. They pay a lot of attention to the details of their final product instead of marketing it. The company truly believes in the philosophy that if the product is good, it doesn’t need advertising.

They keep it simple with the design, the same old classic design that hasn’t changed for decades. And it emphasizes on using only the materials of the highest quality in their construction process.

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Types of Winning Boxing Gloves

Different types of boxing gloves from Winning include bag gloves, amateur gives, Velcro gloves, and professional gloves. Specific gloves for kids and juniors are available as well.

The stock gloves are only available in black, red, and blue colors. However, you can order customized colors. All these gloves are made-to-order in Japan.

Winning Professional gloves

The professional gloves from Winning are the most popular of them all.

They are meant for the pros, talented amateurs, or anyone who takes his/her sparring seriously.

These gloves feature laces, so you need someone to lace them up for you.

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Winning Velcro gloves

These gloves have all the traits of a professional pair from Winning, but they come with a Velcro strap instead of a laced one.

Therefore, the bottom construction of the glove alters significantly.

But in the fist region, there is the same level of protection and padding as the professional ones. Velcro doesn’t grip as well as laces; therefore, these gloves are better for training.

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Winning amateur gloves

As the name goes, these gloves are meant for amateurs. Hence, these gloves are designed by following some specific amateur bout regulations. These gloves come with more padding and are good for the matches as well as training.

Winning bag-work gloves

These gloves are designed for working with punching bags and are very light. These gloves are thinner as well if you compare them with the other categories. Such gloves will enable you to work on your punching speed without compromising on protection.

Padding and protection

When we talk about padding and protection, Winning is the best brand by far. These gloves provide you with exceptional protection. These gloves are the preferred choice of many professional boxers for sparring.

Plus, the gloves come with thick padding that protects not only your hand but also your opponent, which is important in sparring. The gloves feature a layered system of padding. This manifold padding reduces the force and evenly distributes the impact across the surface. Both the professional gloves category and the Velcro gloves line feature the same padding.

There is a layer of high-density foam, and then an impact-absorbing layer. Both these layers are covered with soft but premium quality leather, and there is a high-quality inner lining constructed with soft nylon.

There is a thumb stopper as well to keep it straight out, and with a bit of bridging, the thumb stays tightly intact with the glove. Your thumb will not catch anything when you go for a punch.

Boxers frequently call them pillows because they are heavily padded. Now, it might be a good or a bad thing for you, depending on your training requirements and personal preferences.

Wrist support

But padding alone is not going to help much if your gloves don’t have the right kind of wrist support to back it. With padding, your gloves will reduce the force from an immediate impact. But with good wrist support, you will get the much-needed stability. A strong wrist can deliver better force in your punch and keep the wrist well-protected as well.

Winning comes with stiff padding on the wrist area. You cannot do many maneuvers with it when you are punching at an angle, but your wrist will remain steady and absorb shocks well. If you have weak wrists that are prone to injuries, then go for these heavily padded wrist supports.


Due to their dense padding, Winning boxing gloves are incredibly comfortable. In terms of comfort, there is no better brand than Winning. They fit snug and work just as if they are an extension of your arm. You will feel a lot more confident throwing your punches with these gloves on because your hands are well protected and comfortable at all times.

Quality and durability

In terms of quality, Winning gloves are right up there, and they stand out in every area. As these gloves are made-to-order, there is some serious craftsmanship involved in the construction of these boxing gloves. The leather used here is the top of the lot and is exceptionally smooth.

The pliable leather feels very smooth, and it adds to the overall durability of these gloves. The stitching of these gloves is pretty tight and even. Even with a basic design, these gloves have an aesthetic look. These gloves can last for more than 3 or 4 years if you do your training multiple times a week.

In sweaty or rainy seasons, the gear takes a toll because of all the moisture in the air. But you can expect these gloves to last more than a couple of years in such conditions too, which is pretty impressive.


It is a serious factor to consider and may turn you off because the stock gloves weighing 8 ounces may start from $200 and can go for up to $300 for an 18-ounce size. And if you’re looking for custom design, then the starting price is $300. Now, that is one serious price tag that you need to deal with.

Some people won’t be interested in spending this much money on a spring gear, but we are talking about a heck of quality here as well. It’s just like buying an expensive car. You don’t need one just to drive from one point to another, but the comfort in such a ride will be unmatchable.

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  • Superior quality padding.
  • Very comfortable to wear and practice in.
  • Top choice for sparring.
  • Highly durable.
  • No breaking-in periods.
  • Excellent wrist support.
  • Adequate thumb protection.


  • Better suited for small hands.
  • Not great in wet conditions or tropical weather.
  • High price.


Laced or Velcro: which one to choose?

There is not much difference between both these gloves when we compare them in terms of fist and thumb area. They both have identical design and construction. The difference between them comes from the wrist support. Velcro is more suitable for boxers who prefer to train alone. Laced ones require someone near you to lace them up for you, but you can use them for sparring pretty well.

What size should I choose for my Winning pair?

You should make a choice based on your overall body weight.

  • For the people weighing less than 170 lbs, a 10 oz pair will work.
  • If you weigh between 170 to 190 lbs, then a 12 oz pair would be better.
  • For a heavyweight, powerful puncher, a 14 oz size is suitable.
  • In sparring, you should choose a 16 oz pair because most gyms don’t allow anything else than a 16 oz pair.

Is a pair of Winning gloves suitable for Muay Thai or MMA?

You can use them for Muay Thai and MMA, but Winning gloves are boxing-specific gloves, and you better keep it that way. MMA and Muay Thai involve clenching and kicking as well. Therefore, they come with proper wrist support, and they also have more flexible grips. It is not the case with Winning gloves. So we recommend you to choose Muay Thai or MMA specific gloves for that kind of training.


Winning boxing gloves are one of the best in the boxing gear world. They are expensive, but this is because all these gloves are made-to-order and come straight from Japan. They are exceptional in terms of quality and comfort.

For the padding and protection, they offer, Winning gloves are the best. If you are serious about your boxing sessions, then invest in these gloves, and you won’t regret it!

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