What is Muay Thai? Benefits and History

Muay Thai is the national sport and the cultural martial art of the Thai people, Muay which could be translated to mean “combat” or “boxing” is a combat sport and martial art which has been in existence since the 13th century and was developed several years ago as a form of close-combat that uses the body as a form of weapon.

The tools used by the Muay Thai fighters to subdue their enemies include their fists, knees, elbows, and feet. These are the full-blown lethal weapon that is commonly employed during any combat or any tournaments.

Its fondly referred to as “The Art of The Eight Limbs” as it uses these limbs to mimic weapons of war.

The Muay Thai training helps your body to work as one solid unit. The elbows and the knees are always on the enemy’s body searching and testing to see if the enemy will lower down his guard while at the same time trying to grapple and pin their opponents to the ground for the final onslaught.

Muay Thai History

Its root can be traced to the Thai military as its one of the primary techniques used by the military during combat operations with neighboring villages/countries during the early centuries.

Today, Muay Thai is a recognized and well-respected sport that is embraced by many other countries and organizations that now broadcast the events to millions of people worldwide.

The ring fights do not exceed more than five rounds, and each round lasts for 3 minutes.

Muay Thai associations and training federations are developing their own Muay Thai Belts and Ranking Systems. To test your skill, it has to be in the ring with a real opponent.

It was not until 1930 that the sport was revolutionized to include using leather gloves and breaking the fights to rounds to allow rest and also the introduction of weight categories.

Muay Thai

Benefits Of Muay Thai

There are lots of benefits you could derive from becoming a Muay Thai fighter, among which is your physical fitness, which is also considered as a great source to build your confidence. As an ancient martial art here are some benefits why you need to train as a Muay Thai fighter

Full Body Workout

No doubt working on your body every day will significantly have an overall impact on your weight. This comes as no surprise because Muay Thai is an intense body workout that when you dedicate 60-90 minutes of your time, you can lose 1,000 to 1,200 calories in one session.

The training involves major muscle groups of the body and, therefore, could contribute significantly to your weight loss objectives.

Muay Thai training uses different activities to achieve personal fitness, including running, shadowboxing, jumping rope, kickboxing, and many other varieties of workouts. This is one of the reasons why Muay Thai is considered a perfect solution to getting rid of unwanted body fat while toning your body and improving your flexibility with building a solid core.

Core Strength

Exercises are meant to affect many major body parts like the arms, legs, chest, etc.. However, the safest of them all with the most minimal prone to injury is the one from the core. This is where the Muay Thai focus more on during the training, building the core. This is very important as it is believed that core strength is a determinant factor in the quality of life.

Cardio Conditioning

If you are looking to get into competitive shape, building a well-rounded fitness program to train your cardio, strength, endurance, and power is a must. Muay Thai can help you achieve all these four results, with endurance been the most advantageous of them all.

Cardio is also a vital fitness program; however, many gym-goers spends too much time on cardio rather than also focusing on building and maintaining muscle. While even some people will instead spend all their time building muscles either with powerlifting and forget to incorporate cardio or endurance.

To balance off these activities, Muay Thai training is the bridge that connects these activities.

Endurance connects strength and cardio conditioning i.e., putting strength into action and activating your skeletal and heart muscles to function correctly. If you want to build your endurance and be able to do so many activities in a day, focusing more on your endurance (stamina) can go a long way to making your life enjoyable.

Muay Thai enhances your self-discipline

Self-discipline is as important in Muay Thai as in any other sports, and the best way to acquire self-discipline and progress in your fitness goal is to learn new skills and techniques by sticking to a pre-arranged daily training schedule. Muay Thai will help you to develop healthy habits and slowly build your self-discipline.

Leg Strength

Your leg is one of the most important parts of your body, as this is what supports the core. One of the most concentrated areas of the body that Muay Thai focus more is the leg strength.

This is not just for kicks, but it’s also essential to build your leg core to have a proper stance, strong leg support, motion, and techniques.

Because the leg is one of the major muscle groups in the body, it tends to increase in muscle and helps you burn more calories and can add up to your weight loss.


Muay Thai can be very intimidating, so some people who had never tried it, but for some that have, its a new world of accomplishment to their life because not everybody can go through Muay Thai training.

If you are looking for a sport that will teach you the importance of self-defense and helps you to stay confident in any fight, Muay Thai can come handy as you will learn how to use your knees, elbows to wade off attackers anytime.

Powerful mind

Muay Thai is a mind tonic that helps you learn to engage in a difficult task quickly.

Sticking to everyday routine and pushing yourself to become a better person will power up your mind to never give up with working hard while the training will help you to reduce your daily worries and make you much more self-conscious of who and what you are.

Stress Reduction

Looking for a better way to channel your frustration into better and more beneficial activities?

Muay Thai training allows you to work out your frustration so you could build excellent physical health, including working on your mental discipline and focus.

Letting your stress out during your workout sessions can coordinate with your punches and kicks to hit efficiently and helps you to take away every negative feeling out of you and replace it with a happy hormone making you feel refreshed after training.

Muay Thai boosts your hip mobility

Muay Thai can reduce the risk of hip injury when you grow older. It requires you to train almost daily with movements and strikes.

Moving your hips through constant exercising will help your whole body region and positively affect other health-related conditions that might affect your body when you grow older.

As it is, Muay Thai can unlock many benefits because it is a sport that has to do with kicking and knee strikes.

Unleashes Inner strength

Want to learn how to stay calm amid danger? Muay Thai is an excellent self-defense sport that teaches you how to remain calm and courageous in the face of an impending attack. This sport is highly valuable when you want a practical application to real-life encounters with attackers, and helps you to build up confidence in any given situation.

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Great physique

There is no way that you will not have a noticeable change in your physique as you engage in daily Muay Thai training. Your body will get ripped. For instance, there are many Muay Thai fighters with superb body shape but nothing close to looking like a bodybuilder. Muay Thai can wok on you if you are looking to shed some pounds off if you are looking for a quicker and better training to lose weight, try Muay Thai.


Muay Thai training class, like most of the fitness groups you see everywhere, is a unique and safe place to build a fantastic community. With the classes, the feeling of missing out is so real as you guys share some common goals like passion and mutual support.

Also, the community is best to encourage you to achieve a new level of techniques and endurance as you train together regularly because Muay Thai classes are better when you are in groups.

Muay Thai is a great fitness program that will be very beneficial to anybody that tries it. From helping you build a healthy physical appearance, you also tend to enjoy the emotional support from your community of like-minded friends.