Wavemaster XXL Punching Bag Review

If you’re a beginner martial artist or interested in training at home, the most essential item for your gym is a punching bag that you can use for training. The Wavemaster XXL is a free-standing bag which is stabilized on the ground; it doesn’t hang from the ceiling.

Standing bags have advantages of hanging bags bеcause they’re better for practicing repeat movements like kicks. They’re also more flexible on placement, giving you additional portability if you want to move them around.

With a hanging bag, you can only exercise in one place. Also, you will need to hang it first which might not be an easy task.

The Wavemaster XXL is a perfect bag for martial arts, kickboxing and letting steam out – it can even be used by children.

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Who The Wavemaster XXL Bag Is For?

  • Kickboxers
  • Bodybuilder
  • MMA fighters
  • People who want to train at home (Yes, even children!)

Is The Wavemaster XXL Better Than Previous Bags?

Yes – the XXL is an upgrade to a previous model and this is the latest from Wavemaster. It’s very easy to set-up and the base can be filled with any material you wish.

You can use water for weight stabilization or use heavier materials like gravels if you don’t want the bag to move very much.

The stabilization on the new Wavemaster is the best the company’s ever had – now their bags are almost impossible to knock over, even by professional athletes.

This makes them excellent for exercise and letting out steam. Even if you’re a 6’7 muscular God, you’re likely going to have a hard time trying to flip over a Wavemaster XXL.

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Benefit #1: Ideal Weight For Stability

The Wavemaster XXL weighs 270 pounds once the bottom hole is sealed – this makes it one of the most stable punching bags on the market. It can withstand extremely heavy use on a consistent basis. If you need a bag that is impossible to turn over, can take abuse and can be moved around the gym – this is the ideal bag to purchase.

To get a solid, stable punching bag you need it to weigh at least 200 lbs – the XXL weighs nearly 300 lbs and this makes more durable than the average bag and virtually indescribable. It’s ideal for professional athletes, beginners, and gyms.

The set-up process is simple, and the package is relatively lightweight until you fill the base hole. The base hole leaves enough space for weight stabilization and you can choose if you want to fill it with water or something firmer like sand or gravel.

If you fill it with water, it can move around a bit, and this is good for beginners because if the bag is too stable the pressure kicks back into your legs/arms. If you want it to not move and don’t mind the pressure-blowback, you can simply fill it with heavy material like gravel.

The Wavemaster XXL can take heavy abuse and it can be adjusted according to your individual exercise needs.

Benefit #2: Very Durable

If you’re paying a premium for a punching bag, you want to make sure the material can withstand heavy use and abuse. The Wavemaster XXL is designed to be as strong as a punching bag can be and made from the firmest, most indestructible materials.

The high-density vinyl is covered in thick foam and it can withstand daily abuse without flipping over or ripping. This makes it ideal for facilities where many people exercise such as gyms.

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The Wavemaster XXL is an ideal punching bag for beginners, professionals, and gym-owners. It weighs 270 pounds when the base is full; it’s fairly portable and designed from premium materials that can withstand abuse.