A Beginner’s Guide to Boxing: Things to Look for in a Boxing Glove


Whether you box as a hobby or as a training exercise, finding the right pair of gloves is the first thing you should do. It can be a daunting task, especially for beginners. When choosing boxing gloves, you should take time to ponder hard about it as it is one of the most important aspects of boxing. It can be difficult to find one that you are comfortable with using.

Boxing gloves affect the quality of your training, and choosing the wrong kind of gloves can lead to injury. That said, it would be better if you did some research when choosing the right glove. You should be aware of what to look for in the gloves and make sure that it would suit your tastes and fighting style.

Types of Boxing Gloves

There are a lot of boxing gloves that are available in the market. Of course, you can’t just pick one as the type of glove you’ll use will depend on the type of training you want to undergo.

You should first consider what kind of training you want to do before going on ahead and buying a pair of gloves. And it’s even better to read some boxing gloves reviews before buying. Here are some of the most common types of gloves a lot of beginners use.

Training Gloves

Training gloves are arguably the most common type of gloves that beginners use. They are multi-purpose and are an excellent type of gloves you can use when working with mitt training, mat work, and sparring.

They are popular with beginners because they can be used for various purposes. However, they are not necessarily the right glove for everything. If you are planning to undergo specific training, it is probably best to see if that training requires a specific type of glove.

Bag Gloves

The difference between training gloves and bag boxing gloves is that the latter has ample wrist support and has thicker padding. This is the main reason why a lot of beginner and professional level boxers use this type of glove, primarily to avoid hand injury.

Bag gloves are quite challenging to get used to, so training with them early on is an excellent way to get used to more intense boxing training down the road.

Sparring Gloves

However, if you are looking to spar with someone, consider buying sparring gloves. These gloves have thicker paddings than bag gloves and are designed to avoid hurting the sparring session participants.

Moreover, sparring gloves are the closest type to the ones used at the professional level. If you are serious about boxing, sparring gloves are the right choice for you. With these gloves, you can practice the fundamentals of boxing since it’s light and easy on the hands.

What You Should Consider When Buying Boxing Gloves

When buying gloves, you can’t just choose the first one you come across in the sports aisle. You must also consider the following:


After picking out the type of glove you want to buy, the size is the thing you should think about next. Determining the right size of boxing gloves is one of the most critical aspects of your training.

Boxing gloves are measured in ounces. The most common sizes are 10, 12, 14, and 16. Take note that the size depends on the weight, which is directly related to how much padding the glove has. The heavier the weight, the more padding it has, and the more protection it provides the user. However, the weight can affect your punching speed, so be careful when deciding.

Most beginners opt for bigger gloves because they offer more protection. The more you are used to your training, the more you’ll need less and less protection. Always remember that your hand should have a snug and comfortable grip in the gloves. Also, try them with hand wraps to make sure they fit just right.


Most manufacturers usually make gloves from either vinyl or leather. For beginners, vinyl gloves are more suitable because they come cheaper than leather ones. Moreover, vinyl gloves come with velcro, which is easier to put on and is secure.

As the training goes further, you can slowly transition to leather gloves. Once you have learned all the basics and foundations of boxing, you will need more durable gloves made of leather.


In the past, you could choose from a plethora of padding available in the market. This includes horsehair, which is still used today. However, the most common types of padding being used today are either open or closed-cell foam. Occasionally, some gloves use both cell foam and horsehair.

Before picking out the type of padding, you should first consider the type of training you will do. Try to see if you are going to do sparring, mitts, hitting pads, or, ultimately, competition. However, you can see that many boxing practitioners, including the UFC, have different gloves for different sessions.

Boxers, UFC fighters, fans, and even bettors know that padding can affect the fight. Whether you’re a boxing fan, someone who participates in UFC bets, or the fighter themself, you should ponder hard on the padding your gloves should have.

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Boxing gloves are one of the most important aspects of boxing. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, the glove that you will use will affect your training quality and performance. Additionally, your safety depends on the type of boxing gloves you will use. Finding the right boxing gloves can be quite tricky, but it is an important step to start boxing.