Sanabul Essentials BJJ Gi Review

Sanabul is a renowned MMA and martial arts gear brand. Irrespective of what level you are at, beginner or expert, you would require a Gi at some duration. 

Most of the MMA fighters are familiar with Sanabul Gi. The Gi is famous for its excellent quality and low price tags. 

Let’s read further to find out how Sanabul Gi is the perfect choice for beginners and intermediate users. 

To get this review was not an easy journey, after researching for hours and reading hundreds of articles and reviews on the Sanabul brand, we came up with this article for you. It will help you to make an informed decision. 

Our team spoke to the users of Sanabul products and zeroed in on the ground reality of the products, hence, ensuring the reliability and durability of the products.

Sanabul: The Company

Sanabul is a reputed company and is known for its quality products at an inexpensive price tag. People might mistake the low price tag equivalent to a mediocre product. However, their products stood all such opinions and are revered by their users. 

Sanabul offers various BJJ Gis, which are known for their outstanding quality. The product is tailor-made for users with different expertise, i.e.,  beginners Gis, kids Gis, and professional Gis. 

Customer satisfaction is what Sanabul is known for. 


  • Supreme quality
  • Highly durable
  • Available in different colours 
  • Ensures comfort 
  • Affordable 
  • Pre-shrunk 
  • Lightweight 
  • Allows quick mobility
  • Odour-free 


  • Not certified by IBJJF and can not be used in competitions
  • No belt included 
  • Sizing can be tricky for beginners
  • At times tying it can get difficult 
  • Since it is lightweight, not suitable for gyms that have colder temperature

Can I use the Gi in Competitions?

As Sanabul Gi does not possess IBJJF certification, the product can not be used or worn in professional competitions. 

However, you can use the Gi during training sessions and sparring fights. This product can be a useful tool in training.

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Features of Sanabul Gi 


Sanabul Gi is simply designed with minimal embroidered branding patches. 

The Gi is carefully embroidered with the Sanabul logo, in attractive colours, on each shoulder. 

The embroidered logo is also present on the pants and the chest area. These embroideries give a glamorous look to the Gi. Moreover, the logo design can be customized. This makes it an excellent option for users of a club.

Since it is made with a single weave, it makes the Gi lightweight. 

Durability and Quality:

Sanabul Gis can is built to last long, and doesn’t show signs of wear or tear soon.  Compared to other expensive and thicker products in the market, the Gis are a little less durable. 

The ultra-lightweight Gi is made from a single weave material and is the lightest Gi in the market currently. It’s a good option to be used in long practice sessions during summer. It’s best to wear it with a rash guard underneath.

The single weave material promises comfort and durability. 

The company believes in engineering a solid Gi, and they diligently attend to all details of the product.

The single weave constriction contrasts stitching with reinforced seams, which makes it as durable as double weave Gis. Another plus point is the thick collar, which makes it hard for the opponent to grip. Hence, giving the user an edge over his opponent.

The quality is decent and durable and should last longer. In a rare circumstance, where it has to be replaced within a year, the affordable price won’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

Comfort and Fit:

Comfort and fit are major aspects of any product. Sanabul Gi weighs only 1.3 Kg, thanks to its single weave feature that makes it lightweight. 

The material used offers comfort during training sessions.

One outstanding feature about the product is that it’s pre-shrunk, which is rarely offered by brands at such a low price tag. However, you can expect it to shrink a little more after its first wash.

Sanabul Gi covers all sizes, and it will be very easy to find the perfect size for yourself. The company has updated the sizing, hence, always check before you make a purchase.  

It’s a perfect choice for MMA practitioners.


The price of the product will surprise you.

Time has witnessed an upsurge in Gi prices, especially over the last couple of years. 

However, Sanabul Gi balances quality with affordability. It gives a good competition to the best Gis in the market.

With such a price tag, it is a great option for a beginner. A rookie spending tons of cash on a Gi is not a suitable idea.


The embroidery on the Gi has a clean and classy look with a minimalistic feel, it is a superb option if you wish to add your own club logos. Personalization of design is possible with the product.

The product will shrink a little after its first wash, irrespective of you washing it with lukewarm or cold water. 

The Gi is soft and you will experience least friction. 

The great fit is cherry on the cake and the good looks adds to its overall aesthetics. 

Size Chart:

Different individuals have different body structures. Height and weight varies from person to person. Therefore, determining the perfect size for your training apparel is necessary. 

Too loose or too tight clothing not only makes you feel uncomfortable but can also affect the game and your training. 

Refer to this sizing chart of Sanabul Gi and found which size of the product perfectly fit your measurements.

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To summarize, Sanabul Gi is the best Gi option at a very affordable price. The high-end combat looks, minimalistic aesthetics, and its availability at a low price proves to be an excellent option for many. 

The product balances affordability with comfort. 

Choose the right size for yourself by referring to the size chart. Personalize the Gi by adding your customized logo design. 

If you need a comfortable, professional-looking, lightweight, and inexpensive Gi then Sanabul Gi is your best option. It will be a perfect partner for your training sessions.

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