Ring to Cage C-17 Boxing Gloves Review

In an attempt to compete with the legendary Winning brand, the C17 Ring to Cage glove was manufactured. And the effort did pay off. Although they used Winning gloves as a template, their overall outcome did show that they add their spin into making these gloves.

While some people refer to c17 as a clone or a replica of the Winning gloves, others not so educated call it a cheap knockoff. But one thing is clear: the Ring to Cage has successfully created one of the most talked-about boxing gloves resulting in high demand for the gloves in the market.

Ring to Cage calls these gloves the ‘Japanese style’ gloves, which describe the look and the popularity of the gloves.

No boxing brand can compete with the award-winning ‘Winning gloves’; however, the R2C C-17 did outdo themselves by creating the right product because it offers the same protection, feel, and security just like Winning gloves. The only exception is that the qualities of the two gloves are far apart.

So, if you are looking for a much cheaper version of the legendary Winning gloves, this review will give you the best alternate brand made with Japanese style and include the same comfort just like the Winning gloves.

The Ring to Cage Company is based in New Jersey. The gloves made by this company are one of the few very impressive gloves that are making the news out there. And the good thing about these fantastic gloves is that they are very affordable, making them one of the go-to gloves for boxers looking for quality but inexpensive gloves.

The fact is, you can quickly get these gloves for less than $100, and they come with varieties of many gloves in the range of $150-$300.

Here are some fantastic features that these boxing gloves came with.

Ring to Cage C-17 Review


The gloves also like many other products that come in varying colors, and the colors are not just eye-catching, the leather that the gloves are made with is very appealing and comes shiny on your face and also smell nice when to feel them.

Feel & Comfort

The gloves are made with cowhide leather and are soft to touch, and the padding is also pretty thin as it is. However, compared to some boxing gloves, your knuckles are kept safer from an injury like you will have it in some products. The way the padding is constructed helps it absorb and disperse shocks much better than most expensive gloves, and the stitching is exceptionally flawless again. This makes this glove to be an exceptional glove that sells under 100 bucks.

So this makes it a no brainer for the quality of padding used the soft cowhide and the striking colors.

The gloves are constructed to be smooth all way, including the inside and the outside. You won’t find any rough edge on the gloves. The liner in the gloves is not bulky and does not hug the inside of your gloves. Unlike the loose nature of some gloves.

The liner is just excellent. The crown jewel to this glove is the double stitching its made to go through. And for a glove of under $100, its an absolute steal. For boxers with sweaty hands, these gloves are just perfect as its dry-max liner helps to absorb your sweat without causing the gloves to slip or slide even under buckled.

The gloves are not snug but help your hands to sit correctly in it, and as some gloves do, it doesn’t move around. So for people with bigger hands, this shouldn’t be a worry because these gloves are constructed to be one-size-fits-all, and if you have a smaller hand, these gloves work perfectly too.

Although the glove thumbs comes a bit stiff, the placement is well located; however, it isn’t the most ideal.

You can easily clench your fist in these gloves, and its easily broken in. If you compare these gloves to some others like Guerrero Pro, which are ridiculous in terms of being broken in, you will appreciate the ease and the comfort they come in.

R2C C-17 gloves are made in the ‘C’ shape unlike some of its competitors which make it very easy and comfortable to make a fist – they are like 8.5/10 when it comes to broken in, and landing a punch with your knuckle has never come this easy with a boxing glove.

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You don’t need to worry about your knuckles ever breaking as the padding is made to be soft on your pads and your heavy bag. You won’t be disappointed with these gloves, especially when you are using pads and bags.

The fact is, its very surprising to see how much shock the padding can absorb and disperse, so if you are on a low budget and you have a fragile hands look no further.

There are many gloves with big inches of padding such gloves that make it difficult to tell if you are hitting a bag or not, but this R2C C-17 is pure quality and efficiency.


This is one of the very few boxing gloves that come in double cuffs. There are gloves with single or triple cuffs, but R2C gloves are made with double cuffs, and they are pretty soft as well – same consistency with the glove padding. The cuffs are also ideal for those with short arms because it won’t start creeping halfway your arm when you are using it.


This is where R2C gloves make a difference, among many other gloves out there in the market. The gloves have the same characteristics as you will find in expensive and cheap gloves alike.

If you are looking for gloves with excellent protection, pure quality padding, beautiful colors, and flawless stitching, the R2C gloves are undoubtedly your best option, and the good thing is that you don’t need to pay through your nose to get a pair. With just $99 you are buying the best gloves for under $100 period.

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Pros & Cons

It is no doubt that people love these gloves. An opinion poll conducted for Japanese style training gloves indicated that a large majority of people were impressed with the quality and features of the glove.

Some users even recommended these boxing gloves to beginners who are still indecisive on the best boxing gloves out there. It’s not surprising that these R2C boxing gloves are the most protective and most affordable. This new product is a money saver with lots of comfort and style.

Although this does not cut across the board, many users confirmed that the external appearance of the gloves is not exciting, and the leather design not of top quality. Some users also complain of loose stitching and bubbling on the gloves.

However, these reviews are small problems and do not carry enough weight to bring down the efficiency of these gloves. They did not lower the fact that it is one of the few quality gloves that you can buy below $100 and does not diminish the performance, the durability, and the great comfort in any way.


The Ring to Cage boxing gloves tried to match up with Winning in terms of quality, but as far as both are concerned, the winning gloves are much superior in qualities, and almost everybody is aware of that. However, if you are looking for quality boxing gloves that are affordable and at the same time made with high quality, the R2C C17 is the best buy for your budget, and they can easily be compared to other gloves of more top qualities and higher price.

Apart from quality, the Ring To Cage gloves is multipurpose gloves. They can be used in high-intensity training, and they perform exceptionally well no matter the punishment you put them through. They are ideal for bag work, sparring, and mitt work. You will surely enjoy these gloves when you use it with a partner to spar during any training sessions.

Still, if you are on a low budget and you aim to get a quality and durable gloves that will fit and even give you that stylish appearance and at the same time will not be too expensive to purchase, in my opinion, the R2C C17 is what you should settle for and call it a day.

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