Punching Bag Workouts for Women

Punching bag workouts for women is a great way to have fun while also trying to condition your entire body with some cardio workouts at the same time.

Punching Bag Tips For Women



Here are some basic tips for women who want to work out and have a great body shape with the punching bag.

Even though these workouts are designed for beginners to intermediate, they can push your cardio limitations to the sky.

So make sure you understand the basics first.

However, the basics for all these workouts would be to learn the right boxing stance in addition to the simple boxing principles like punches and kicks.

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Punching bag workout to lose weight

punching-bag-workouts-for-womenWorking on your punching bag helps to burn some calories off your body fast. If you indulge in an hour of light training of heavy bag workout or any other intense boxing workouts you can burn off your fat of about 350 to over 500 calories.

Switching between time of maximum effort and active recovery helps to prepare the body for more intense training which translates to burning of more calories in less time. It not just work your core to the max but also gives your maximum hip spinning.

Additionally, it gives your upper body a complete workout.

Because of this, it burns off the fat deposits by the belly, hips, and the rest parts of the body considerably quicker. In comparison to other kinds of exercise, it can help you to get in shape much quicker.

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Boxing basics

Boxing is just one of those workouts that are not easily influenced by The hyper-tech life we reside in. Machines from the gym have configurations and settings, but with boxing, you are going to need to know everything from scratch.

Here are some boxing jargons that you need to familiarize yourself with if you are just starting out with your boxing sessions:

Jab — It’s a straight punch thrown with the dominant hand while keeping an upright posture

Cross — The cross is a punch that is thrown with the non-dominant hand moving from the chin and hitting the target at a direct line

Hook — using the top (dominant) hand to hit on the side of the head of your opponent

Uppercut — A rising punch thrown with the non-dominant hand

Here are now some boxing workout programs to assist you in becoming a heavy hitter

Conditioning Workout

Take note, both MMA and boxing, are all daring sports. Therefore nothing could be left to chances over here. For exceptional conditioning to perfect specific techniques, heavy bag drills are an essential prerequisite. The heavy bag workout drill will condition you and help you fight at a much higher strength than on the average for a long time.

This conditioning workout is considered to be one of the best punching bag cardio workout you can possibly participate. This is a great workout to tone the upper body.

Here are some conditioning workouts to follow:

Jabs: Begin using a jab routine.

Here, you will throw a jab at the heavy bag. Then you are going to keep jabbing by boosting the count by one each time. Thus, it is going to be like a single jab, then two successive jabs, then three successive jabs, and so forth.

Punching: Following the jabs, be ready for non-stop punching.

This is not just to improve your speed and power, but a skill to build your stamina. Thus, you won’t feel like giving up to intense fatigue during the past rounds. If you are training for MMA fight, you can hit the back with a non-stop kicks in this round.

Power Hits: With this technique, you will not be throwing punches after punches. Essentially, you will only be throwing purposeful and targeted punches. Consequently, you will need to practice the power hits so it will become second nature when you are in real fight.

In effect, you will stay calm, and keep your composure, and await for the right moment to throw your sharp punches at the bag.

Ducking: There is no better way to protect yourself in a boxing match than to duck. So, there needs to be space with this defensive drill on your training. To duck successfully, you’ll be moving, punching, and ducking constantly. Do not duck too low since there may be a knee awaiting you down there.

MMA Workouts for Women

Get ready to give everything you have because this is a complete body workout routine designed for MMA Fighters.

Start with throwing some punches at the heavy bag (one punch at a time). After a time, throw two and then three punches at one time.

After you’re done, throw a kick after every third punch.

Your feet must always be shoulder-width apart at all times. For instance, keep punching at different places. Ensure to apply your hips to throw a few powerful kicks. Additionally, practice ducking too.

Throw a couple of punches and duck. Repeat the move for a short period. Exercise hooks, straight kicks, and takedowns too.

As you can tell, this is one of the best punching bag workouts to get you prepared for all of the moves widely used at a fight. At the middle of the training, you can follow with a plank to reinforce your core, and then follow the same routine from the beginning again. This is a great MMA punching bag workout for women amateurs in addition to pro fighters.

Footwork Workout

To be slick and agile in the ring, your footwork needs to be spot on. Consequently, if you would like to float like a butterfly, you put in some training hours. This footwork drill will improve your balance, agility, and positioning. Because of this, you’ll have the ability to move in and outside of your opponents range reasonably quickly, and needless to say, safely also.

To start with, throw a few punches on the heavy bag, and allow It swing. Now, keep move around the bag and keep punching at it to keep the bag moving all the time. Use the swinging bag to perfect your footwork. Stick to this Movement for a couple of minutes, based upon your fitness level. You can rest for 30 Seconds between and replicate the move.

In conclusion, the punching bag workout for women is an ideal way to get your shape spot on and leave you looking healthy, strong and up to the task of competing for laurels if done correctly.