Outslayer Heavy Bags Reviews [MMA and Muay Thai]

Boxing and MMA is growing with each passing day. With an ever-increasing number of UFC fans and individuals taking up boxing and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) as hobbies, manufacturers are trying to bring better products. Outslayer is a famous MMA gear manufacturer. Their target is the fighter – the professional because they only produce professional-grade items.

About the Outslayer brand

Outslayer is one company that caters to the needs of martial artists. They do it from Silicon Valley – California. The company is a reputed manufacturer of Muay-Thai fighting gear, boxing equipment, and martial arts products.

The company has an enormous focus on delivering value to the customer. How much warranty do you usually get on your products? Well, Outslayer is here to surprise you. The company offers its products with a TEN years “standard” warranty! Given that most products are going to bear punches, kicks, and the impact of all the martial arts practice, imagine the quality of the product if it is backed by ten years of warranty.

That said, Outslayer’s products do come at a premium, which is totally justified given the quality of the products, superior customer service, and of course, the warranty. If you visit their website, you’ll learn that they ship the equipment across the globe.

Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bags Review

The company has different offerings than most brands on the market. Here are two Muay-Thai products we have reviewed for you.

Outslayer Muay Thai Punching Bag

This Muay-Thai heavy bag is one of the best you can get on the market. This kickboxing punching bag is made from supreme-quality vinyl. The bag is 6 feet in length and weighs 130 pounds.

The bag is manufactured in the United States, and if 130 pounds isn’t enough for you, the material is suitable enough for 300 pounds of additional weight. That qualifies for a super-heavy bag.

The heavy bag from Outslayer is provided with a D-ring, which provides extra durability and 12” of the strap that is used for hanging.

The bag ships filled, so you should expect steep shipping costs. We’ll get back to the warranty part again. The company shall replace the bag upon sending the photo of the damaged bag.

The only exception to the warranty is damage by sharp objects and weather-related degradation. We believe sharp objects should hardly be a problem since Muay-Thai is not a game of swords.

The company uses machine-compression to ensure that the filler material is evenly distributed. There are no improper hollow zones. If you buy this, you can expect the level and quality of training on par with good gyms.

If you have issues hanging the bag, there are bag stands. Outslayer provides two options – Single stand and double stand. The image is the Outslayer with a single stand. It is a 5-star product. You must go for it if you want professional-grade content, and budget is not a concern.

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Outslayer Unfilled Muay Thai Heavy Bag

Some products are so well-designed that the same product is reviewed next. Yes, read ahead the review of the Outslayer unfilled Muay-Thai heavy bag.

The construction, material, height, and maximum weight remains the same. The vinyl, D-ring, strap and all other aspects are the same.

Despite the similarity, there is so much difference. There is no longer compressed filler material. You have to use your own filler. Sand and cloth shreds do an excellent job.

You get a significant cost advantage. Firstly, there is no company-filled material, which, we are sure, comes at a premium. Then there is the significantly reduced shipping cost. You can easily save more than a hundred dollars by buying the unfilled variant.

You need to think carefully about the filler material. If you are into the professional-level of training, we suggest you fill the bag with sand since it is the appropriate material. A bag filled with clothes will hardly do the job for you.

Those who have bought this professional quality bag but want to have a more realistic and less hurting boxing experience should use shreds of clothes and pack the bag densely. A stick may be used to compress the clothes and make way for more.

The warranty remains the same – 10 years. Pictured is a warranty certificate you get with the product.

Now there is one thing that Outslayer could have done to make its products more interesting – colors. The bags and the variants are hard to distinguish, and this may make it difficult for the customer to identify what product to buy.

The print, pattern, and logos are similar to all the bags, and that’s a challenge. We hope Outslayer is listening.

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Outslayer MMA and Boxing Punching Bags Review

You got to hand it to Outslayer for their quality and dedication. Almost all the heavy-bags we visited have a 5-star rating with intensely positive reviews. Reviewed below are two other bags suitable for boxing and mixed martial arts.

Outslayer Filled MMA Punching Bag

This version of the MMA heavy bag is a 100 pounds medium-weight variant. The bag comes pre-filled and ships inside a high-quality vinyl reusable cover.

This is a lighter version and is aimed at amateur-professionals. The Outslayer heavy bag has a height of 55” and comes with four 6” straps to hang the bag.

The boxing bag is filled with fabric (quite a lot of bags are filled with sand). Fabric affords the advantage of eliminating hollow spots. The company has gone to a different level to create the product – the bag is hand filled while the compression is done using machines.

This heavy bag is suitable for mixed martial arts, boxing, punching, kicking, and overall workout and cardiovascular fitness activities.

The standard 10-year warranty applies to this bag too.

There is a very interesting aspect of Outslayer bags – Amazon home services provide the option of expert assembly. A local expert comes over to your place and fits the bag. This service comes at a cost, obviously.

The options are – ceiling mount, support beam, or wall mount.

The foam density is excellent and precise. Using this heavy bag, you would feel as if you are fighting with a muscular opponent.

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Outslayer Heavy Black MMA Punching Bag

This is an 80-pound heavy bag by Outslayer. Like the other bags, it is manufactured in the U.S., and the bag ships filled.

There is no requirement for any chains since the four straps take care of the hanging aspect. The dimensions are 44” length with 12” of handles. The diameter of the bag is 14”.

What you read now would surely surprise you – the bag is available in red, green, orange, light blue, dark blue, and a host of other colors. Black, obviously, is an option.

What’s even more interesting is that the colors can be customized – one color for the body and another for the trim. The custom colored bag may be purchased by writing directly to the company. Imagine having a customized punching bag!

This is suitable for a commercial gym or a high-end home gym where the money is no bar.

The bag is suitable for punching, kicking, and boxing. This being a lighter variant is significantly easy to install and may not require the help of an expert if the buyer is even slightly interested in DIY installation.

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Outslayer has fantastic products. They have literally and figuratively slayed it – the bags are impressive, and with the 5-star ratings that their products have, the competition has a tough time matching the standards of the Outslayer.

We are especially impressed with the 10-year warranty provided by the company. To avail the warranty, you need to send the company a video of the damaged bag. That’s all. If the damage to the bag is genuine and not caused by sharp objects or adverse weather, the company shall ship a brand-new bag to you.

Outslayer manufactures the bags in two variants – heavy bags for Muay-Thai, and heavy bags for boxing and punching. We have reviewed the products in the same order – the first two are Muay-Thai bags while the other two are general purpose.

Before buying the product for personal use, ensure you select the correct model. Muay-Thai bags are typically more massive and longer while boxing punching bags may have light, medium, or heavyweight. There is a fundamental difference between Muay-Thai and boxing – Muay-Thai requires speed, accuracy, and body movement. Those are the reasons why the bags are heavier.