Muay Thai

Fairtex Muay Thai Gloves

Fairtex BGV1 Muay Thai Boxing Sparring Gloves Review

The Fairtex Muay Thai/Boxing Glove line has different versions. Most of the variations, nevertheless, are purely superficial — such as different color variations. However, there are several systemically distinctive central models. Fairtex also creates stylish models and trends focused on this template that have identical functionality and a key layout as the original, but are …

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5 Best Kick Shields

5 Best Kick Shields

As a martial arts aficionado, you should be doing your practices using appropriate equipment. One of the exercises that can help improve your accuracy is kickboxing. It helps improve your aim as well as builds inner core strength. However, you need the right tool to execute these goals. And what can be better than a …

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Muay Thai Stance

Muay Thai Fighting Stance

Proper fighting stance is the foundation of every Muay Thai move.  A good solid stance is all you need to get the stability as well as the power to send powerful kicks and blows to your opponent, while still maintaining the balance to defend yourself adequately.  The development of Thai boxing comes with many similarities …

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5 Best Muay Thai Training Pads

5 Best Muay Thai Training Pads

Muay Thai, also known as ‘Thai-boxing’, is a martial art originating from Thailand. Including training pad-work in a Muay Thai course shapes and sharpens the style of a fighter. Training with pads also helps condition a fighter’s muscles and shins. Recently, MMA fighters have been accepting Muay Thai pads as part of their training for …

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