Meister MMA Review

Meister MMA Review

We’ve been talking a lot about different MMA forms lately, and this is only the perfect time to let you know of some of the best MMA brands. Meister MMA is one such brand that offers reliable, innovative solutions to MMA players. The brand offers out-of-the-box products, which makes it the personal favorite of many …

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9 Best MMA Equipment For Home Use

9 Best MMA Equipment For Home Use

Has your life been mundane, filled with day-to-day activities with negligible cultural or social pursuit? This engrossed lifestyle has taken us away from our fitness regimes, making a full-fledged workout session after a long hiatus at the gym too intense and back-breaking.  Domestic training sessions have shifted the focus by providing easy access to the …

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Unified Rules of MMA

How Do MMA Judges Score Fights?

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a dynamic and exciting combat sport, which is gaining immense popularity. The peculiarity of MMA is that it is a combat sport in which fighters of any martial arts discipline, boxing, karate, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, or judo, can compete under a set of rules. And, three judges decide the winner of …

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5 Best Kick Shields

5 Best Kick Shields

As a martial arts aficionado, you should be doing your practices using appropriate equipment. One of the exercises that can help improve your accuracy is kickboxing. It helps improve your aim as well as builds inner core strength. However, you need the right tool to execute these goals. And what can be better than a …

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UFC Weight Divisions

UFC Weight Divisions and Classes

The Ultimate Fight Championship – UFC is currently the world’s top mixed martial arts competition. It had very humble beginnings way back in 1993, but has since grown into a fully fledged sport with millions of followers across the globe.  Currently, it is the fastest-growing sport in the world and a major attraction for sports …

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