Meister MMA Review

We’ve been talking a lot about different MMA forms lately, and this is only the perfect time to let you know of some of the best MMA brands. Meister MMA is one such brand that offers reliable, innovative solutions to MMA players. The brand offers out-of-the-box products, which makes it the personal favorite of many top MMA players.

Let’s know more about Meister MMA and why it stands as an uncontested brand of MMA and fitness products. We will sneak-peek into the top-most products that have made the brand a popular choice. 

All About the Brand Meister MMA

Founded in 2006, Meister MMA is a US-based brand known for its entire range of MMA and fitness training gear and apparel. Since its inception, the company is known for its quality and range of products. The top-notch quality of the brand makes it a first choice of top MMA players. 

Whether you are a beginner or a professional MMA player, you can opt for Meister MMA’s products, as they would definitely help enhance your overall training experience. Also, the brand offers its products at affordable prices, making it appealing to players of all levels. Right from training essentials such as gloves, shin guards, and apparel you also have a ‘miscellaneous’ range of products. 

Let’s get to know some of the brand’s best products:

1. Meister Glove Deodorizers:

Stinky gloves are every player’s pet peeve. Not only are these smelly gloves embarrassing, but they can also leave you with skin irritation. Meister MMA noted these woes and came up with a bang on solution — a glove deodorizer, which works amazingly well for MMA and other sports gloves such as boxing, skiing, goalie, hockey, ski gloves, and many more.

These gloves absorb moisture and odor to keep the gloves hygienic and clean. You have four scented options to pick from — lavender, cedar, cologne, and fresh linen. Using the glove deodorizes will leave your gloves smelling nice and fresh. Also, you have two colors to choose from: grey and neon green.

The deodorizer absorbs excess moisture from the gloves, preventing breakdown and increasing the lifespan. The fragrance of the deodorizer might be overwhelming when you take it out of the pack. But no worries — all you need to do is leave it in the open for a day before you use it and you will be good to go!

User Reviews

  • My gloves smell great, even hours after taking them off the deodorizer!
  •  These are essential to keep gloves fresh and fragrant.

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2. Meister Portable Hand Wrap Roller:

While we get all pumped putting on the tape, taking it off, that too after an intense practice session is a tremendous task. To help you get off the hand wrap as quickly as possible, Meister has introduced the portable hand wrap roller, which helps you re-wrap your hand in just a couple of seconds. The super-portable hand roller is small and fits in the palm of your hand. With this helpful product, you would no longer require assistance from a friend at the gym to take off the tape on your hands.

Made of stainless steel, the product is durable and light. It works well with wraps of different brands, sizes, and thicknesses, so you don’t really need to worry about the compatibility of the product. Simply slide one end of the hand wrap through the guide opening and start rolling—the wrap will be off in no time!

User Reviews

  •  If you use hand wraps daily, you NEED this Meister Roller Device!
  •  Brilliant bit of equipment—cannot imagine trying to re-wrap without it

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3. Meister Gym Bag:

Perfect for everyday use, this gym bag from Meister is extremely lightweight and weighs just above a pound. With ample space and compartments, the bag holds all your gym essentials systematically. It also comes with zipper lockers on both sides, which allows you to store small valuable essential items in them.

The bag is not see-through, giving you all the privacy you require. However, it features a mesh design. Thanks to this unique design, the bag is airy enough to ensure all your sweaty equipment does not stink inside it. The porous design allows the bag to breathe and air out the odor from all your equipment. You can carry a variety of items in this bag—right from a pair of gloves, Thai pads, yoga mats, and even a foam roller—you will be able to fit these and many items comfortably in this bag.

Along with a unique design, the bag is also sturdy and durable. It has strong handles which are stitched around the bag. This gives the bag the shape and support it requires when it is full of gear. If you’re looking for the perfect bag to fit in all your MMA gear, this one from Meister is a great alternative.

User Reviews

  • Great bag with excellent ventilation!
  • Excellent quality, especially for the price it comes for!

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4. Meister Hand Wrap:

Made of a high-quality spandex and cotton blend material, this hand wrap from Meister is perfect for those intense, sweaty MMA training sessions. This product is designed to offer maximum comfort and support to the wrist, which is prone to injuries in intense sports such as MMA and boxing. The support is not limited to wrists, but also extends to the entire hand and knuckles, without adding excess bulk under the gloves.

The hand wrap features an oversized hook and loop strap and a strong thumb loop to keep the wrap secure and intact for long hours. Additionally, it also comes with a pair of wrist straps. The material is extremely durable and washable too. So you don’t really need to worry about the stink that comes off sweaty gloves.

Coming from Meister, this product does not disappoint, both in terms of design and price. This is also why the hand wrap is one of the most preferred among MMA players across the world.

User Reviews

  •   Breathable and super easy to wrap.
  •  Durable, washable, and available in many colors.

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5. Meister Hand Wrap Gloves:

This product is for those who don’t really like wasting time wrapping hand wraps. The hand wrap gloves are super easy to put on and have a simple design and usage mechanism. The flexible carbon fiber body fits the hand well, and you can comfortably wear this under your MMA or boxing. The hand wrap gloves feature aero foam padding which protects the hands and knuckles from injuries and impact during training sessions.

The pair of gloves also feature a thumb opening as well as separately stitched finger holes. This makes the gloves almost similar to the wrapping method. Made with premium materials, these gloves are built to stay secure throughout your practice sessions. It is available in four sizes — small, medium, large and extra-large and each size comes with a different circumference. You can easily pick one as per the required size.

User Reviews

  • Fits great and really protects your knuckles
  • Durable, with excellent padding for injury protection.

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 6. Meister Ankle Support Straps:

Super elastic, these ankle support straps from Meister are made of a blended material comprising cotton, spandex, and polyester. This makes the ankle straps super comfortable, stretchable and  sweat absorbent. The ankle straps are designed for comfort and offer compression support for active movement. This is extremely essential with MMA and other such intense sports, where injuries due to lack of proper gear are pretty common.

The slide-on-design ankle straps come in different sizes, and you need to make sure you pick the right one. The fit is perfect, and the design helps to protect your feet and ankles from all types of injuries. It is durable and machine washable, which further makes it a great product for sports persons. For those who wish to continue with their training sessions with no injuries, these ankles support straps are must-have gear in your MMA kit.

User Reviews

  • Fits great and really protects your knuckles
  • Durable, with excellent padding for injury protection.

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Pursuing any sport is hard—and if it is as intense as MMA, it gets all the tougher. But with the right gear and equipment, you can continue training and performing well, without worrying about any injuries. As important as it is to take care of yourself, it is also very important to take care of your gear. And Meister MMA has taken all of this into consideration while coming up with their range of products. If you wish to focus on your game without worrying about everything that comes with it, simply invest in their quality, affordable and innovative products!