Inflatable Punching Bag: Should I Buy One?

Inflatable Punching bags are getting more and more popular as part of a daily training tool to burn calories, gain strength, and build lean muscle. While some people are not into ‘bag hitting’ as part of their fitness lifestyle, It is nevertheless an essential training tool for gym owners to use in branding.

Apart from the regular hanging bags in gyms and sports centers – which is considered the best punching bag for beginners and pros to ignite strength, there are also inflatable punching bags.

If for any reason you show any sign of surprise to why people buy inflatable punching bags, and for what purpose they will need it (if they are not kids… of course) this short guide will help you understand what inflatable punching bag is, and why you’ll possibly need it.

These inflatable bags are not the ideal bags for serious boxing or MMA training even though they are made to look as if they are the right type of boxing bag to buy as they provide little to no resistance.

If you are looking for punching bags that offer speed training like the speed bags or double end bags, the inflatable punching bag doesn’t stack up except its meant for a 12-year-old kid. This is one of the reasons it’s recommended to invest in a heavy bag instead of an inflatable bag.

If there is anything positive about these inflatable bags, it is their price. They are very much cheaper compared to the hanging punching bag. So, if you are looking for a cheap punching bag, then this is the best option for you.

Inflatable Punching Bags Reviewed

Estink Inflatable Punching Tower Bag

This bag is made from polyvinyl chloride, and they are not the type you can use indoor.

This punching bag comes with foot pumps that make it easy to get it filled with air. It could also be used for wall water tubbing.

This bag is also Ideal for improving your kid’s speed accuracy and reflexes.

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Vbestlife Fitness Boxing Inflatable Punching Bag

This one comes with two isolated compartments – one with air, and the other helps to add weight to the bag.

You can use water or sand to make for excellent stability.

This bag is specially made soft so it can absorb lots of punches and kicks you throw at it.

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Why You Should Get an Inflatable Punching Bag

Inflatable punching bags are excellent for kids to practice their punches and can also be the right way for adults to relieve stress or let out their inner emotions. Depending on what your choice is, inflatable punching bags come in different shapes and resistance, and there are some factors to consider before committing to buying one.


One factor that differentiates the inflatable punching bag with the heavy hanging bag is the portability factor. These bags come in lighter weight and can quickly be filled with air by using a pump and also can easily be moved about from one location to the next. Again the quality of the bag is essential. For example, a punching bag for kids does not need to be massive or hard to move around; if so, then it defeats the purpose of inflatable punching bags.


Checking the resilient of the punching bag material is essential if you do not want to lose your investment very early. For instance, it can be very frustrating if your punching bag suddenly burst or start losing air while you are in the middle of your training. This can stop the flow of your practice. This is why it is essential first to check properly how strong the material the air-filled bag is made of.

The best way to check the resistance nature of the bag is to measure it through its mass, the more the weight, and the denser the material, the higher the resistance.


Apart from the fact that the inflatable punching bag is easy to move around, it is also a pocket-friendly investment, at least when compared to the traditional hanging heavy bags. If your air-filled bag is expensive, you are better off investing the money in purchasing a perfectly good hanging bag. However, being expensive is very dependant on the purchasing power of the person who wants to buy the bag, so it is important to consider how much you are ready to spend on the air-filled bag to get the maximum benefits off it.

Risk Assessment

If the balloon bag is stationed in a family game room, it will likely affect some household items and even damage some decorations that are close by. Most of the inflatable punching bags are specially designed for kids and are designed to pattern some famous villains in some superhero movies. This makes the kids have the mind of being the protagonist or defender of the city in their mind, and therefore, they tend to get very rough with the way they hit or jump on the bag.

This is why the bag can damage some household decorations because every kicks and punch can send the bag flying with the possibility of damaging items in the room. This damage can eventually make the bag more costly than cost-efficient. Another reason you need to invest in a denser air-filled bags is to withstand most kicks and punches thrown at it by these kids.


Note that one of the reasons the inflatable punching bag was made is because of the ease to move it about – and so it was constructed to be a lighter alternative to the regular bag. The difference is that if you are used to training with the regular bag in the gym or at home, you might find it very difficult to train with the inflatable version only because it does not provide the same satisfaction you get from the regular bags.

If you are on a tough workout session with proper professional equipment, then inflatable punching bag is not the best route to achieve your training desires. However, if the opportunity to workout with the regular hanging punching bag is missing, the inflatable bags are nevertheless a good substitute.

Here are some fashionable inflatable punching bag you can buy for your kids

Final Thoughts on Inflatable Punching Bags

The heavy punching bag is your best option if you are looking to take your workout training to the next level else you might be filled with below-par training guilt if you eventually settled for an inflatable punching bag.

As earlier said, these inflatable bags are not ideal for hardcore trainers or someone who wants to up his training sessions with hard knocks and kicks. However, if you have some kids you want to invest in their training, you can surely start with using the inflatable punching bag until they start having the feeling of below-par with their sessions.