How to Choose a Punching Bag? – Tips to Consider

Shouting or wrecking stuff is one of the most common ways of letting anger, disappointment, pain, or stress, out. It’s not the best option, but it’s a typical way that most people choose.

However, despite its effectiveness, it’s not the right choice because it’s pure negativity.

I recently felt grumpy due to stress from work. I’d complain and shout out of frustration every time I get home, which only makes my feeling worst.

On the brighter side, I decided to give boxing workout a try, and it worked well for me.

I attended some training in a gym and hired a boxing trainer to help me with the basics. Right after learning, I decided to make it a habit and continue working out at home. I invested in some necessary equipment to put at home, and one of the most needed is a punching bag.

how to choose a heavy bag


Comparing Different Types of Punching Bags – Which One to Take?

When I had the chance to visit the store to buy a punching bag, I was surprised to know that there are a lot of types. Each has its primary purpose, which varies depending on many factors.

Here are some of the frequently used bags for workouts:

Teardrop Bag

This hanging bag is for practicing uppercuts, kneeing, and elbowing. It helps in improving the range of motion. Moreover, it’s very weighty despite its size.

Speed Bag

This bag is ideal for core, leg muscles, back, and arms. The primary purpose is to train with speed. Furthermore, the key to its effectiveness is the little resistance it provides on every hit.

Double-End Bag

When it comes to enhancing reflexes and coordination, this bag-type is the best option. It provides an excellent idea of what a real opponent would move during sparring time.

Free-Standing Bag

For convenience, this bag is the winner. It doesn’t require any holes or a stand to use it, unlike hanging bags. All it needs is a space, and it’s all set. Furthermore, it’s also heavy enough that it doesn’t fall while using it.

You can also check this article on MMA Station for reviews of free standing punching bags.

Heavy Bag

This type of bag is the usual punching bags in gyms. It can weigh 200 pounds, which is why it needs a sturdy stand or drilling holes to hang it(you can check out how to hang a heavy bag here).

It’s excellent for cardio workouts and strength exercises. When I bought one, I chose the bag that’s half of my weight.

In selecting which type of punching bag to purchase, I had to consider what workout routines I want to do. It’s also essential to find a space where I can comfortably move while working out.

Tips on How to Choose the Right Punching Bag


Aside from considering the type of punching bag to buy, there are also other factors to consider when it comes to this boxing equipment.

Set Training Goals

Before getting into boxing workouts, I figured out the reason why I wanted to do it in the first place. After knowing the purpose, I was able to set my training goals, and I focused more on power. I want to make sure that if I hit someone for self-defense, I want that person to fall asleep.

Know the Body Measurement and Remember the Formula

Measurement is crucial when it comes to punching bags because choosing the wrong size can compromise effectiveness. I wouldn’t want to buy a bag that’s too little or too big for me. I always keep the recommendable formula; the bag should be half of the boxer’s body weight.

Know Where to Stand

It’s essential to know how to put a label on current fitness and skills. I had to know where to stand if I’m still a beginner or already an expert. My skills will define the right bag to choose, whether I need a weightier bag or a lighter one.

Know Where to Place It

Aside from skills and size, another significant factor to consider is the place where to put it. It’s highly suggested to place this equipment in an open garage, where heavy bags or teardrop bags are more comfortable to hang. If not on open garages, it’s essential to clear a space to move freely on every punch or footwork drill.

Filled or an Unfilled Punching Bag

People have their definition of convenience. When it comes to punching bags, some will buy a filled bag, while others would prefer the unfilled one.

Since I didn’t want to hassle myself in setting it up after purchasing, I bought a filled punching bag. Afterward, I hang it immediately where my workout space is.

Aside from the mentioned factors to consider in buying punching bags, some people would also prefer to choose bags from famous brands.

Regardless of any brand, quality is more significant than the name. Moreover, different brands have their edges, and it will also vary from one person to another. I’d buy a branded bag as long as it’s worth the pay.

Punching bags may be expensive at some point, but this boxing equipment is very beneficial. Aside from physical health, it’s also useful in aiding mental health. Moreover, it’s easy to set it up at home – all it needs a pair of boxing gloves and determination.

Tip: For information on what size punching bag you need, check out this article.

Reasons Why I Need to Put a Punching Bag at Home

Shadowboxing is not a bad idea for beginners. However, a punching bag at home can be helpful, as much as boxing. This equipment may not be cheap, yet it’s worth the investment because of the following advantages:

Boosts Confidence and Self-Esteem

Building confidence and self-esteem was never easy, yet punching a bag can be a big help. It helped me gain the confidence I’ve been yearning because I was able to improve my image through this kind of workout. Using it made me look good to feel better.

Effective Teacher for Self-Defense

Every day, our life is at risk. It’s crucial to learn some basic punching combinations. With the help of punching bags, it was more comfortable and more effective for me to learn how to defend myself.

Enhance Well-Being and Mood

Stress is inevitable wherever we go. I get stressed a lot from work, commuting, dealing with rude people, and more. I needed an outlet to release the negativity inside me, which is why I bought a punching bag. Using it relieves my mood, and it keeps me healthy too.

So now, how to choose a punching bag? What are the necessary points to consider? One of the main factors to consider is the type of punching bag to buy.


Ever since I started working out at home, I always work out on my punching bag for at least 10 to 15 minutes a day. It never fails to give me a positive vibe afterward, which helps aid my stress every day.