How to Improve Your Cardio at Home This Winter?

Friends, winter is upon us, and that means there are going to be times when it is too cold to go to the gym or work out outdoors. Other times it will be unsafe to drive- but that’s no excuse to NOT work out!

Working out can take place anywhere so long as you are willing to put some effort in and get a little creative. Working out at home has its perks- think of it as your own personal 24-hour gym that never closes or has requirements for masks or PPE!

Let’s get into our list.


Work Out Like A Convict

Prisoners get at a maximum of one hour of recreation a day. That means they have nothing to do except stay in their cells except for designated showers and meals. What do they do? Work out, of course.

Cardio and strength can be improved using basic bodyweight moves. For starters, burpees are one such move that will get your heart rate up, as will push-ups. You can do more moves, including Hindu push-ups, dips, and the king of them all: one-handed push-ups. Google “prisoner workouts” to get some ideas.

YouTube It

YouTube is a gift and has kept many of us from going nuts in quarantine. Now that we will be stuck indoors for winter, it can be your secret weapon to improving your cardio. Use YouTube to look for cardio centric workouts.

One of our favorite channels for fighters is Jump Rope Dudes- you can clear space in your living room, basement, or spare room and skip rope till you can’t skip anymore. A basic jump rope costs just a few bucks, and you can do it anywhere.

If you are fortunate to own an exercise bike, try working out with Kaleigh Cohen Fitness. These are just two of many channels that will improve your cardio. There are TONS more, though, so find a cardio channel that you love!

Make Time for Yoga

Yoga is a great way to reduce stress and is easy to do anywhere- your room, the spare room, the living room- you name it. It’s a great way to get started in the morning and wake yourself up, and it’s second-floor apartment-friendly, too.

The best part is that there are tons of online resources that can help absolute beginners get started, one great channel we know of is Yoga With Adriene, who can help you sweat, tone, and feel great whether you are just starting in Cobra pose or can do a headstand!

Dance It Out

Shut all the curtains.

Make sure nobody’s sleeping.

Clear a space.

Now dance. You heard me- dance it out for as long as you can. Put on an hour mix of music you love- we are huge fans of hip hop for working out- and dance your butt off. You can even get the kids involved.

Get them away from the screens during these cold months and jumping, hopping and swaying around as kids should. Yes, you’re all going to look a bit silly, but the sweat you get is worth it.

Punch it Out


Part of the reason winters are so hard is that we get stir crazy. Yes, you can go outside, but it’s so cold (and who has the money for head to toe ski gear). This frustration leads us to feel trapped.

The solution? Invest in a free standing punching bag for yourself. These bags are awesome, and you don’t have to drill holes or mar your home to use them.

You can turn that basement into your makeshift boxing gym, and the whole family can get in a workout. Check out some cool punching bag workouts on YouTube for even more enrichment.

Alternatives to Running

You can make a workout and challenge yourself using basic moves you already know.

For example, try this:

5 stair runs

5 minutes of jump rope

10 burpees

10 mountain climbers

10 jumping jacks

5 minutes of high knees

This is just a basic workout we threw together. Try repeating it twice through- we guarantee you will be tired, but happy you sweat it out!


We hope you are inspired to keep up your fitness during these cold winter months. Make sure you stay warm with coffee, too- we love our espresso machine to get us fired up during these cold times.

And, coffee is good for you, too- it’s got antioxidants and heaps of other health benefits. Enjoy, and good luck on your fitness journey!