Top 6 Common Heavy Bag Workout Mistakes

More and more people are buying punching bags for their homes.

This is a good thing as hitting the heavy bag is a great workout. However, if you have never been in a gym or you are still a beginner in martial arts then you must be aware of some common mistakes that beginners make when hitting the punching bag.

In this article, we are going to talk just about that.

Beginner Punching Bag Mistakes That You Probably Make


Not Wrapping Your Hands

One of the most common mistakes made by beginners is that they tend to not wrap their hands. Sure, your boxing gloves definitely give you protection but wearing hand wraps is a great way to ensure your own safety and well-being.

After all, being injury-free is the best way to progress with your training. Boxing gloves and hand wraps are just mandatory if you plan to train long-term.

Improper Form

Punching with improper form is probably the number one reason(along with not using hand wraps) for injuries when training on the heavy bag.

If you have never trained any kind of martial arts then it’s best to start in a local gym, learn some techniques and then execute them on the punching bag. If you don’t have access to a gym then you can just watch videos and try to punch with a correct form.

Not Moving Around


Sitting stationary in front of the bag is one mistake that most of the beginners make. Sure, the heavy bag can’t hit you but the aim of training on a bag is to simulate fighting with a real opponent.

You can’t just stand in front of the bag then throw one combination and stand still again. Move, block, simulate like you are fighting with a real opponent.

You should perform a combination then exit and move around the bag.

Pushing on Your Punches

So many people push on their punches when they train on the heavy bag. Even more experienced fighters do this.

When you are hitting the heavy bag you should aim to have snapping and fast punches. You don’t need to perform every punch with 100% of your power.

You can knock your opponent out even with a light punch if you catch him off-guard.

Sure, it is good to train for power, however, that doesn’t mean to push on your punches and to become sloppy with your technique.

Dropping Your Guard

As we already stated, the punching bag can’t hit you but your opponent will. And making bad habits in front of the bag will transition in the fighting.

Never drop your guard. If you are tired get out of distance and move around a little bit just like you would do in sparring but don’t drop your guard.

Distance Management

If you can hit the bag then you should do it. If you are not planning to hit it then you should move further and move around. Hit the bag, perform combination then you exit. Remember, we are imagining that the bag is a real opponent.


Most of these mistakes are pretty obvious but still many people make them. Always remember that forming bad habits in front of a punching bag will translate to fighting and that will hinder your progress.

Enjoy your training and be safe!