Guide to Heavy Bag Drills [Benefits & Tips]

Boxing may seem too complicated on the outside ring, but it’s the other way around inside. People are enjoying this kind of workout.

Some are in gyms while others work out at home. I gave this work out a try, and it didn’t disappoint me at all.

Aside from making a person look cool through moves, throwing punches on a punching bag can be very beneficial. Training on the punching bag is one of the essential workouts in MMA and in boxing.

So put your gloves and start training.

Punching Bag Drills: Easy Drills for Heavy Bags

When looking for punching bag drills you got to think about the type of punching bag you have available. I find training boxing in gyms easier because I can immediately seek help from trainers and fellow boxers.

However, I wanted to bring my boxing workouts at home for convenience.

So, I bought a heavy bag, cleared a space for working out, and I set some drills that I can do at the comfort of my home.

Here are some heavy bag exercises to consider.

Power Drill

This drill can enhance muscle memory. It focuses on the Repeat Combos Drill, wherein I throw a combination continuously on the heavy bag until I time myself out.

I usually do the jab-right-hook combination for 30 seconds to a minute to work on my strength.


Endurance Drill

This drill improves stamina through some contractions, wherein it increases.

It uses the Small Punches Drill, wherein I punch the bag with repetitive punches as quick as I can for one round.

I make sure that the punches I throw are small enough, and I don’t stop until the round is over.

Footwork Drill

This drill is one of the essential exercises in boxing because it enhances balance to keep a boxer standing up and moving.

I’ll punch the bag until it swings in a circular motion. While the bag moves in circles, I also go around it to practice my stance while moving.

Then, I repeat this drill until I can move with it smoothly.

Speed Drill

This drill is in line with the endurance drill. It improves my punching speed as I do the endurance drill in intervals.

I throw punches for 15 seconds, give myself a break for another 15 seconds, and repeat it until the round ends.

It helps practice high-speed burst without getting a tiring feeling.

Accuracy Drill

This drill needs duct tape and numbered targets. I put duct tapes around the bag to indicate the level for body and head punches.

Then, I use number targets and put them on the bag to practice combinations.


Learning how to box correctly, and practicing necessary drills will not cost too much.

There is literally no reason to not put your boxing or MMA gear and start training today.

As long as there’s a space anywhere inside the house, and a heavy bag, it’ll not be too difficult to enhance skills.

After buying a heavy bag, these heavy bag drills helped me a lot in improving.

My boxer friends are surprised at how I developed my accuracy, speed, stamina, and strength by working out alone.