Everlast PowerCore Freestanding Heavy Bag Review

A hanging heavy bag definitely isn’t the best choice for home training. Mainly because it requires you to install mounting attachments in the ceiling.

But you don’t need to do that if you get a freestanding heavy bag! And if that’s exactly what you’ve been looking for, then our Everlast PowerCore freestanding punching bag review will interest you.

We’re going to help you understand whether Everlast free standing punching bag is worth it or not. And we’re going to start right now!

Features – Everlast PowerCore

Everlast Power core Freestanding Heavy BagFreestanding Mounting

The first remarkable feature in Everlast PowerCore punching bag is its freestanding design. This allows several benefits over traditional hanging bags, as well as some disadvantages.

Let’s start with the advantages.

First of all, the freestanding design allows you to put the PowerCore punching bag anywhere as long as there is enough room for it.

Secondly, Everlast PowerCore is very mobile: you can easily move it around when necessary. With a hanging heavy bag, you would need to dismount it from its chain.

Besides, you would need to have mounting attachments installed somewhere else for a hanging bag. With Everlast Powercore free standing heavy bag, you only need free floor space for setup.

These are some great advantages, right? This isn’t everything about the freestanding design though: there is one disadvantage to it as well.

Even though this bag stands very solidly on the ground, it still is possible to tip it over with powerful punches and kicks. This isn’t a thing that can be done with hanging heavy bags.

So if you have strong kicks and punches, then you’ll need to be more careful with this bag. Or you’ll need to fix it in place somehow.

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Height-Adjustable Punching Bag

The main component of Everlast PowerCore heavy bag is its height-adjustable punching bag.

The outer shell of the bag is made from a synthetic material called “Neater.” It should deliver a good amount of durability, but it obviously won’t compare with genuine leather.

We mentioned genuine leather because pricier bags are usually made from it. But since this bag is pretty inexpensive, it is made from a cheaper synthetic material.

When it comes to the punching feel, this bag is rather good thanks to its high-grade shock-absorbent foam. It is neither too soft or hard, so anyone should be able to train with this bag.

The fact that the height of the bag can be adjusted is pretty remarkable. The height can be adjusted from 54 to 65 inches, so it should be convenient for both short and tall fighters.

Keep in mind that the bag stands pretty high above the ground even at the lowest setting, so it won’t be suitable for low kicks or punches.

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Power Transfer Ring

The power transfer ring at the base of the bag’s neck is one of the things that make Everlast PowerCore a pretty stable heavy bag. The purpose of the ring is to absorb the power of the punches, so tipping this bag over shouldn’t be easy.

It should be mentioned that the neck also has a slight flex to it, which also contributes to the stability of the bag. The flex isn’t that strong though, so you won’t be able to train your parrying with this heavy bag.

Fillable Plastic Base

The other thing that makes Everlast PowerCore freestanding bag stable is its fillable plastic base. It can be filled with either water or sand for additional stability.

When filled with water, the bag weighs around 250 pounds. Filled with sand, it weighs about 370 pounds, so using sand is preferable.

A little tip: make sure to use sand in bags to make things less messy. Adding and removing weight from the bag will be much, much easier with bags.

If you’ll be filling the base with water, make sure to add water to the top. If there is room left in the base, the water will bounce around from your kicks, which could result in the bag tipping over.

Pros & Cons


  • Portable freestanding design.
  • Attractive price.
  • Adjustable height from 54 to 65 inches.
  • Resists punches and kicks well.
  • Fillable plastic base.


  • Not suitable for low kicks.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does this Heavy Bag come with the Base Filled?

No, you’ll need to fill the base with sand or water yourself.

Can this Bag be Used Outside?

Everlast on their website writes that this product isn’t recommended for outdoor use. So you should probably avoid training with it outside.

Nonetheless, you could do that if you really want to, but you’d need to make sure that the air isn’t humid. The biggest enemy of this bag is rust, which can form on its screws and other metal components.

Do you really need to Fill the Base of this Bag?

You aren’t required to, but you should. The bag will weigh about 30 pounds when empty, so your every punch or kick could send it flying.

Do you need to Wear Gloves when Training with this Bag?

You should wear gloves. Plus, make sure to wear wraps so your knuckles stay intact.

If you train with no gloves, your knuckles may crack and even bleed. And if you are a professional fighter, this may seriously impair your performance.

Is this Bag Good for a Beginner?

It definitely is. As a beginner, you may appreciate especially the fact that this bag can be put anywhere, so you could buy it for home training.


Everlast PowerCore freestanding punching bag definitely is a great heavy bag. It’s portable, stable, and easy to set up.

It has some limits to it as well. Remember, very powerful kicks can make it tip over, though it is highly unlikely with such a stable and heavy punching bag.

But this little thing doesn’t make Everlast Powercore free standing heavy bag a bad product.

In the end, we think that this heavy bag is a great pick for either beginners or experienced fighters. And if you liked it, then make sure to check it out!

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