Everlast Omniflex Freestanding Heavy Bag Review

In boxing, MMA, or any other fighting discipline, both speed and power are necessary. And you’d need to have a separate speed bag and a heavy bag to train both.

However, not everyone has the budget to afford both. And not everyone has enough room for two boxing bags.

Fortunately, there is a boxing bag that could make your life much easier. It is Everlast Omniflex freestanding heavy bag.

On our Everlast Omniflex review, we are going to find out the good and the bag of this heavy bag. We’ll also explain why we consider this model to be a great heavy bag for both speed and power training.

Let’s get going!



The first great thing in Everlast Omniflex heavy bag is that it is a freestanding punching bag.

The freestanding design allows Everlast Omniflex to be put anywhere without any setup. With a hanging punching bag, you’d need to install mounting attachments in the ceiling, but no such thing is necessary with this punching bag.

Another benefit of the freestanding design is that you could move the Omniflex free standing punching bag anywhere you wish very easily. To move a hanging bag to another spot, you would need to have mounting attachments prepared there beforehand.

To put it all short, the advantages of the freestanding design is easy setup and good portability.

But on the other hand, Everlast Omniflex freestanding heavy bag won’t be able to withstand powerful punches or kicks. It is rather easy to tip this thing over, so you’d need to make sure to be more careful with it.

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Height-Adjustable Punching Bag

The main component of Everlast Omniflex – its punching bag – is remarkable as well. Again, it has both good and not so good sides.

The bag, first of all, is rather durable thanks to its synthetic Nevatear outer shell. It won’t be as strong as a leather outer shell would, but it still delivers good durability, especially given the price of this heavy bag.

The bag is filled with soft foam which offers some nice shock absorption, as well as makes sure that the bag’s surface isn’t too hard on the hands. Beginners will probably appreciate the feel of the bag.

The height of the bag can be adjusted between 59 and 67 inches, so short and not so tall fighters should be able to train on it conveniently. On the other hand, taller fighters may have some issues with this bag.

The one downside of the punching bag is that it is rather short and stands high above the ground, so doing low kicks and punches on it won’t be really possible.

Omniflex Neck

The Omniflex neck is the most notable feature of this freestanding heavy bag. It is the key component that makes the bag the way it is.

The Omniflex neck performs two functions: it absorbs impact to reduce the base’s movement and also makes the bag swing from punches.

The first function is pretty straightforward: this bag is pretty light even with the base filled, so it really needs the added shock absorption. What’s more interesting is that the neck allows the bag to swing around from punches and kicks.

This allows Everlast Omniflex to somewhat mimic traditional speed bags. Bouncing back and forth from your hits, the bag will require you to parry it or move out of its way.

This means that you’ll be training not only your attack with this bag but also your defense.

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Fillable Plastic Base

The fillable plastic base of Everlast Omniflex makes sure that the bag stays in place and doesn’t tip over. Well, as much as it can because the base isn’t very heavy even when filled.

The base of Everlast Omniflex can be filled with either water or sand. When filled with water or sand, the base weighs about 130 and 200 pounds respectively.

This is by no means light, but there are freestanding bags that get much heavier when their base is filled. For example, Everlast PowerCore weighs 370 pounds when filled with sand.

Filled with sand, Everlast Omniflex is heavier than when filled with water, so you should use it. Sand should be less messy than water as well.

Pros & Cons


  • Pretty inexpensive.
  • Easy setup and portability thanks to the freestanding design.
  • The bag’s height can be adjusted from 59 to 67 inches.
  • The Omniflex neck mimics speed bags.
  • The plastic base can be filled with sand or water for increased stability.


  • Powerful hits can tip the bag over.
  • Not suitable for low kicks.


Can you adjust the flex of this bag’s neck?

No, Everlast Omniflex doesn’t allow such a thing.

Can this freestanding heavy bag be used outdoors?

Everlast doesn’t recommend using this bag outdoors. But you could do that if the air isn’t humid, otherwise, the screws and other metal components of the bag will rust.

We’d actually advise you to avoid using this bag outside.

Is Everlast Omniflex suitable for beginners?

Yes, we think Everlast Omniflex is a good heavy bag for beginners. In fact, fighters of any level could use this bag, though skilled fighters would probably go for pricier models.

We also think that Omniflex freestanding bag would make for a great home-use punching bag. It is so easy to move around, after all!


Being rather inexpensive, Everlast Omniflex would be a great punching bag for home use. But not for gym use: it probably won’t live for a very long time in a gym.

Experienced fighters will most likely easily tip it over. And in the end, the bag will just get ripped.

Nonetheless, any kind of fighter could train with this heavy bag. Beginners would surely appreciate its cheapness, while more experienced fighters would be glad to train with this bag at home.

In the end, Everlast Omniflex is a great freestanding heavy bag for a good price, in spite of all its not so good sides. And if you liked it, then you should probably buy it!

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