Do UFC Fighters Wear Cups?

If you ever watched a fight and saw someone kicked in the groin then you probably asked yourself the question “Do MMA fighters wear cups?”.

In short, yes they do. It is regulated by the athletic commissions and is absolutely mandatory for everyone to wear a groin protector.

It must be one that is allowed by a certain commission and the fighter must feel comfortable with it. The groin protector should not have any extra padding and certain materials are also prohibited.

Benefits of Wearing a Cup

Imagine been kicked in the groin by a professional fighter. Doesn’t sound fun, right?

Even if you are only training in the gym for a couple of times a week we strongly suggest that you are properly equipped. Which means that you wear a groin cup.


In striking

In striking a kick in the groin is an illegal strike. However, that doesn’t automatically prevent it from happening. It not only hurts a lot but also it can have some serious effects on your body.

Don’t risk an injury and use a cup. It is probably the cheapest piece of equipment and can save you some much pain.

The material and the design of the cup usually distribute the weight of the strike well so as a result you feel the impact much less.

In grappling

While much less needed a cup is still a nice addition to your grappling gear.

It certainly can happen to get kicked in the nuts while your opponent is trying to kneebar you, for example. An important note is that you should choose a protector that does not hinder your movement at all.

Many groin guards are in combination with compression shorts or simply a jockstrap which makes them comfortable to wear.

What happens if a fighter gets hit in the groin?

When an MMA fighter gets hit in the groin he is given a maximum of 5 minutes to rest and if he is feeling good the match can continue. However, if he is not feeling well then he can stop the match because of the illegal strike.

The thing is that many fighters say they are okay after they get hit. However, they still feel pain and it hinders their performance.

This is why a groin strike sucks even though it most probably won’t end the match.


We strongly advise that you should wear a cup at all times when you are sparring or training. It is essential just like a mouthguard. If you need to wear a mouthguard then you need to wear a groin protector.

Better be safe than sorry.

Sure, for some people it might be uncomfortable at the beginning. However, you will quickly get used to it and there will be times that you will be thankful that you wore it.

So just start wearing it and get used to it as much as you can. You won’t regret it.

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