Century Bob vs Century Bob XL [Review & Comparison]

Training of any kind is an intensive challenge, but boxing, kickboxing, karate, and martial arts training requires the most focus, and what helps maintain this focus is a proper target.

The best target for such training is usually a heavy bag.

Anyone looking for new heavy bags for a gym or personal use knows that Century has some of the best products available. Their products are made with high-quality material that is ensured to last a long time, no matter how strong of a trainee comes along.

Century Bob has made a huge tidal wave in the market, with increasing demands due to the high quality and sturdiness of the bag.

However, this heavy bag is available in two sizes, and it may lead you to wonder which size is best for you.

In this article, we are going to review both of the Century BOB models and you can see for yourself which is the better fit.

Century BOB Review

Century Bob weighs a whopping 270 pounds and includes a male torso figure with an angry face, mounted on a height-adjustable stand.

This model of the Century bob punching bag has all of its weight centered in the torso and head region, thus it is of a denser design.

Century BOB does not move around the floor as it is quite sturdy. However, like other punching bags, it may rotate and swerve from the force of a blow.

This product is an ideal training partner for those who are still learning the basics of what they are training for. He is also an ideal partner because of the fact that trainers can teach their students where to hit, and what each hit does to the opponent.

Century Bob has been made a realistic target for anyone and everyone. He is not too broad in size and is perfectly shaped.

The high-quality urethane foam and plastic base are ideal accompaniments for each other and allow for a great amount of balance when in the standing position. The material he has been crafted out of is high quality and thus ideal for any kind of training – it is also flexible.

Bob’s height can be easily adjusted to 7 different levels, meaning he can be used by people of any height. He can be adjusted to as short as 60 inches (making him a good match for even teenagers), and as tall as 78 inches.

Century Bob was structured in a way to provide his opponents with a realistic target. Trainees can learn how to throw targeted blows to the neck, head, abdomen, etc. and all with a heavy bag that has features that embody an actual human.

Also, it encourages accuracy and allows for trainers and trainees to kick and punch at what resembles a human figure. This is also extremely useful while working on self-defense.

However, it has been found that Century Bob is not the most durable of the heavy bags available today. If Bob has an opponent who is too strong and throws strong intense strikes, there is a risk that his head or another part of his face will fall off his torso.

Thus, he may be more useful for training sessions and not during intense one-on-one sessions.

Another major snag in his design is that Bob has been mounted on his stand using 6 screws, and these often come loose during an intensive workout session.

These screws can be tightened. However, they may require regular tightening depending on who trains with him.

Hence, this particular punching Bob has both good and bad aspects, but the good definitely outweighs the bad in his case.

Buyers simply need to be wary of how Century Bob is used, and who uses him.

If he is used by trainees who are still getting a hang on the intensity of their strikes, he may be an ideal workout partner. However, stronger opponents should be avoided, as they have the ability to take his head off with a single kick.

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Century Bob XL Review

Century Bob XL is somewhat different from the original design, as his figure includes his thighs (upon which he is wearing shorts made of the same foam and the same color as the rest of his figure). He weighs the same as Century Bob, but his body weight is more distributed.

The fact that he is taller in structure means that he is better for people who need a larger target. Aside from this structural difference, there isn’t much difference in his features, since he has the same physical features and angry face as Century Bob.

Interestingly, Bob XL is one of the largest heavy bags available in the market. Thus, he is quite unique in his structure and his height adds to the area upon which your blows can be thrown.

His size makes him slightly more sturdy and stable than Century Bob. This is highly advantageous when someone wants to have an intense workout with him since it means that he will not budge from his place (especially when the base is full).

Bob XL is even more versatile than the original design because it provides a much larger target, which is ideal for kickboxers, martial artists, regular boxers, wrestlers, etc. Such individuals require a larger target to practice different moves on.

Due to the fact that such sports require a great amount of precision, Bob XL has all of the necessary targets that can provide these sportsmen with a greater understanding of their accuracy.

Bob XL and the original Bob are made of the same material, and they both have the same drawbacks. However, these drawbacks should not be too much of a concern. They can be remedied with a little bit of precaution and maintenance.

This is easier for gyms to do, where they have staff that has an understanding of how equipment needs to be stored and maintained to ensure that it lasts longer.

The XL version is the best option for those who are looking to invest in one of the tallest and largest heavy bags in the market. It makes for a good target for anyone who wants to practice their accuracy and precision, especially when delivering low blows.

He is the best choice for those who want to practice on a human-like shaped dummy.

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How often do Century Bob’s screws need to be tightened?

If he is not being used by a stronger opponent, his screws can be tightened once every day, or once every two days. However, if the person striking him is strong and throws intense blows, his screws may need a check after they have completed their workout.

If I want to use Century Bob or Bob XL for martial arts training with teenage boys, which one is better?

For training in martial arts with teenage boys, Century Bob is the recommended model because he is easier to work. However, if you feel you require the legs of the heavy bag, Century Bob XL would be a better option.

Do Century Bob and Bob XL last a long time?

Some people believe that due to the fact that their material is not so durable, they do not last long. However, if taken proper care of and used with the necessary precautions in mind, both Century Bob and Bob XL can last a really long time.

Are they easy to store?

Both products are very easy to store because they have plastic stands that are rounded on the bottom, making them easy to roll away. Also, the Bob figures can be removed from the stands, so they can be stored in a box or under a plastic cover for dust protection.


If you are looking for a new heavy bag to use at the gym or at home, Century Bob and Bob XL may be your best bets. They are high-quality targets with very realistic body shapes and features.

They also make for the best targets in the market because of their different features that allow for height adjustment, floor routines, and more. Both Bobs are easy to store, making them an ideal addition to any gym.

The high-density urethane foam and sturdy stands are designed to absorb the shock of your strikes enough to keep Century Bob standing or rotating. Both Bobs are easy to use and allow for great targeted strike training.

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