Can You Lose Weight With a Punching Bag?

A punching bag is a piece of fitness equipment that very often can be spotted in various sports centers, gyms, etc. Punching bags are also very helpful in releasing stress and are sometimes suggested by therapists to individuals who deal with anger management and stress issues.

Since the importance of punching bags as fitness equipment has been established, another question arises – can you lose weight with a punching bag?

Nowadays as people are becoming more and more aware of the ill effects of a sedentary lifestyle they are starting to explore various ways in order to be fit. Using a punching bag may indeed be helpful in such an endeavor. Let’s read on to find out.

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How to lose weight with a heavy bag?

Hit it the right way

According to fitness experts, punching bags may indeed be helpful for individuals to lose weight.

However, you should make sure to hit it in the right manner to see substantial results. Some people just play around with the punching bag and think this would do the job.

However, your work out with a punching bag should be as intense as a mainstream workout regime in order for you to notice any difference in your weight.

The bigger, the better

Size does matter. A bigger punching bag will provide more resistance than a speed punching bag. Since a bigger punching bag weighs more, it will take more energy to punch it. This, in turn, will help to burn the stubborn fat.


Like every workout regime, one with a punching bag needs discipline as well. Only by regular workouts can one see a substantial difference.

Integrate the regime with more cardio

A workout with a punching bag is an intense cardio routine. It can help to burn about 450 calories an hour. However if cardio is your thing, it may be helpful for you to integrate other workouts like running, walking along with this regime.

Losing Weight

Have fun!

The best part about a punching bag that it is indeed very fun to work out with. Put on some lively music and just keep punching! Fun is an important part of every workout and you won’t even feel exhausted after all the hard work!

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Like all cardiovascular exercises, proper workouts with punching bags increase the metabolism which in turn helps to lose weight. A proper workout with a punching bag would require you to always be on your toes which are also a kind of agility training. This helps in maintaining hand-eye coordination.

Since a heavy punching bag provides a lot of resistance to the body, all the muscles like the back muscles, the calves, the biceps, etc. are activated and hence provide a full-body workout.

Now that we know the benefits of a punching bag for losing weight, it should always be remembered to do this kind of training in a gym or a fitness center under supervision.

Always remember to take it slow initially and then increase the intensity in order to avoid any injuries.

In conclusion, the answer to the question ‘can you lose weight with a punching bag’ is yes. With regular and correct workouts, you can.
Remember that weight loss is indeed an arduous and difficult journey. However, it is your journey and that is beautiful.

Please take your time and remember to love yourself with each step of this journey.