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best 200lb heavy bag

Top 3 Best 200 Lb Heavy Bags [For Heavyweights]

In the world of boxing, punching, Muay-Thai, or Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), the required gear may be a standard set ...
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Top 20 of the Best Fighting Quotes

In this article, we collected some of the most powerful fighting quotes of all time. Check them out. To fight ...
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basic boxing combinations

6 Basic Boxing Combinations You Should Know [And Use]

In boxing, as in any other combat sports, one combination can win you the fight. The hard thing is making ...
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Twins Special Boxing Gloves Review

If you are considering new boxing gloves to suit your very style, many factors need to come to play. Factors ...
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Focus Mitt Drills for Beginners

Great boxers don’t use only heavy bags, or shadow boxing to train. They don’t even learn the tricks and techniques ...
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how to wraps your hands for boxing

How to Wrap Your Hands for Boxing?

Boxers and martial art fighters have reasons they wrap their hands before any training or before putting on their boxing ...
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Winning Boxing Gloves Review

Winning Boxing Gloves Review

Boxing is a world-renowned sport. Many people are truly inspired by the aura of this game, while others consider it ...
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Cleto Reyes Boxing Gloves Review

One of the most respected brands to look out for in the boxing community is Cleto Reyes. They are known ...
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Inflatable Punching Bag: Should I Buy One?

Inflatable Punching bags are getting more and more popular as part of a daily training tool to burn calories, gain ...
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Boxing or Wrestling for Self-Defense? Which is Better?

Boxing vs. wrestling for self-defense is an age-old debate. Is it better to dominate on the ground than striking fast ...
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8oz vs 10oz Boxing Gloves. What is the Difference?

I have always been a big fan of boxing. The fact is, I fought boxing while growing up, and one ...
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MMA or Boxing? Which is Better for Self-defense and Fitness?

Which is more effective for self-defense and fitness? MMA or Boxing?... The MMA sport is already carving its niche as ...
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