5 Best Wrestling Kneepads

Combat sports are often quite challenging, but with the help of protective gear, one can make it easier on the fighter when it comes to dealing with hard landings. And that is why and we decided to give you an idea of some of the best wrestling kneepads in the market.

With the help of experts and professional sportspersons, we tested out quite a few products before we narrowed our list down to the top five. More importantly, we used customer feedback and reviews to provide as much authentic information about them as possible. Read on to know more about our top picks!

Our Top 3 Picks:

187 Killer Pads Pro Kneepad Cliff Keen Wraptor Lycra Kneepad JMOKA Non-Slip Knee Brace Soft Kneepads
Pros Durable, Made of Ballistic Nylon
Does not Restrict Movement
Lightweight and Thin
Comfortable Cushioning
Easy to Wear


5 Best Wrestling Kneepad Reviews

#1. 187 Killer Pads Pro Knee Pad

The Killer Pads Pro knee pads provide more-than-adequate protective coverage and boast of an efficient design, making them – undoubtedly – unmatched in the industry. Its sleek and stylish look makes it a great and valuable addition to your wrestling gear.


  • These high-quality knee pads have V-22 dual-density foam that is specially formulated to provide the wearer with perfect cushioning alongside heavy protection. It makes it easier for the product to take on hard impacts.
  • The interior texture of this product is completely seamless and professionally stitched. It provides the user with ample cushioning and a comfortable experience. The most important feature to note about this product is that it is clearly lightweight, and the material also dries off quickly. We can say that it does not restrict your movement and will also prove to be sweat-resistant.
  • For a secure and comfortable fitting over your knee, this kneepad has a lock-in-cap system installed at the back. Made of ballistic nylon along with industrial weight stitching, this product is more durable than any other product on this list.


  •   Lightweight
  •   Made up of ballistic nylon
  •   Does not put restrictions on movement
  •   Made for combat sports
  •   Great cushioning
  •   Durable and resistant


  •     Nylon is not generally a great material
  •     Loose lock-in-cap system


In conclusion, we can say that this product is highly valuable as it offers reliable protection and is comfortable to wear. In a good quality kneepad, you need the perfect balance of flexibility alongside supportive compression, which is exactly what this product has to offer.

Why is it #1 on our List?

Be it for a combat sport or other competitive sports like volleyball or basketball, this kneepad is there to make you feel comfortable while giving you great protective coverage from hard landings. That is why we have put this product on the top spot in our list of best wrestling kneepads

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#2. Cliff Keen Wraptor Lycra Kneepad

The Cliff Keen Wraptor knee pad is yet another product that can turn your practice sessions more effective and give you a much-needed boost. Offering a great deal of covering and protection, this product has proved its durability in extreme tests as well.


  • The product is available in different sizes, from XS to XX-large, and does not have any lock mechanism that could help you adjust it. Instead, it is elastic and can easily fit and cover your knees. Its surface has air-vent holes in it, which significantly help in ventilation and decrease sweat production. It is one of those features that actually increase the overall comfort of wearing this product.
  • The inner padding for these kneepads is made out of terry loop fabric, which is an added comfort. What makes this product unique is the circular padding for high-impact absorption, lateral support, and a slim, comfortable fit. It has a stretch mesh panel, which further increases its elasticity and helps you wear it without any issue. Even if you get the wrong size, chances are that it will fit you.


  •     Lightweight and thin
  •     Does not restrict movement
  •     Comfortable cushioning
  •     Unique ergonomic design
  •     Wrap-around padding


  •     Available in specific sizes
  •     Flimsy


Considering its price and the features that it offers, there is doubt about how great this product is. It might not have gotten the top spot on this list, but it still provides ample amount of comfort along with a great practice experience. There is absolutely no reason you shouldn’t choose this product as it easily passed all of our tests as well!

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#3. JMOKA Non-Slip Knee Brace

JMOKA knee pads are elastic in nature and they actually take the shape of the wearer’s knees. This, combined with their lightweight and external padding, makes them one of the superior protective gear options on our list. Additionally, it comes with an added cushion that makes the kneepads capable of taking on hard impacts.


  • The key aspect to note about these kneepads is the material used to build them is high-quality elastic fabric, and it is manufactured with the help of an exquisite weaving technology, which ensures a long product life altogether.
  • Not only are these kneepads great for combat sports like wrestling, but they are also quite useful when it comes to other sports such as volleyball, basketball, or tennis. If you’re someone who’s into morning jogs, these kneepads might just give you a sense of safety while running across a rough path.  What makes these kneepads unique compared to other products is their medical benefit. This kneepad ensures faster rate of muscle recovery.
  • It has an ergonomic design. This means that it is easy to wear and take off. Moreover, at the front, it has an anti-collision cushioning which provides the wearer with ample space for protection. These kneepads have good resilience, making them a great product for taking on hard impacts.


  •     Lightweight and easy to wear
  •     Anti-collision cushioning in front
  •     Ergonomic design
  •     Versatile
  •     Comprehensive protection
  •     Increases muscle recovery rate


  •     Flimsy
  •     Not the best for high-intensity training


When it comes to its pricing and its use, the product easily fulfills all the necessary conditions that make a great kneepad for wrestling. It has unique cushioning, and it is easy to wear. What more would you ask for in a kneepad?

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#4. Vergali Basketball and Wrestling Knee Pads

With a sleek and light design, this kneepad ensures that you get full protection without it restricting your motions. Combat sports can be quite tough, and its gear must be aptly designed in order to ensure that the wearer gets all the benefits. Fortunately, this kneepad is capable of much more.


  • As the name suggests, this kneepad is a multi-purpose gear. Since it is light, it can be a great addition to any kind of high-intensity sport such as basketball or even running, and doesn’t have to be only restricted to wrestling sessions. 
  • There is an outer cushioning that provides apt amount of protection to the wearer. In addition to that, it is able to absorb shock and take on any kind of strong impact. The padding on the outer surface has a ‘hex design’, which results in an even distribution of load, making it capable of dealing with hard blows. In short, it is a high-quality, durable product.
  • The material used to make this kneepad is a blend of nylon and spandex. This combination helps in keeping the moisture away during the cold weather and insulates whenever it is warm. Thus, it makes the product breathable and comfortable to wear. The kneepad does not slide down. It has just the right amount of elasticity to fit in the shape of your legs. Along with that, it also has a silicone gel strip at the top of the edge. This makes the customer feel comfortable while wearing it.


  •     Durable and light
  •     High elasticity
  •     Breathable fabric.


  •     Only the padding is durable


All in all, this is actually a great product. Although some parts of the kneepad except for the padding might not be as durable as the cushioning, it performs well in most high-intensity sessions. It is comfortable, light, and it supports the movement of the player, all of which are properties of a great wrestling kneepad.

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#5. McDavid 6440 Hex Knee & Elbow Pads

This is yet another multi-purpose kneepad on our list. Its light structure makes it a great product that not only supports the player’s movement but also provides ample amount of airflow for ventilation.


  • The product is manufactured using a breathable fabric. The brand defines it as moisture management technology.
  • This is, indeed, a highly versatile pad. Due to its lightweight structure, it can be used for other sports alongside wrestling. Some examples of the sports that it can be used for can be football, volleyball or even basketball. But not only is it versatile from that point of view, but it is also versatile based on where you wear it. For example, it can be used for the knee or the elbow. The outer padding has a soft cushioning in the form of a hex design. As we know, the hex technology gives more durability to the product. This makes this kneepad a great product for any kind of contact or collision sport.


  •     Highly versatile
  •     Stronger hex design
  •     Breathable fabric
  •     Available in different sizes


  •     Some parts of the product might not be as durable as the padding
  •     It might sometimes slip and lose elasticity


Compared to other products in this price range, we found that the Vergali kneepads actually make for a high value product. It provides support, and does not restrict the player’s movement. In addition to that, it has a stronger protective layer than most, and thus it is able to take on some hard impacts.

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Best Wrestling Kneepads: Buying Guide

When it comes to buying wrestling kneepads, there are many factors that need to be taken under consideration. The market is, no doubt, full of products and that can be overwhelming for some. If you are just as confused, keep in mind the following points while you search for the right product that suits your every need, and make an informed choice before your purchase:


When it comes to high-intensity combat sports such as wrestling, the weight of the gear can make a huge difference between winning or losing. Heavy gear can restrict your movement. Even if it gives you better protection, you won’t feel comfortable wearing it. Therefore, you need to look for a product that is light but provides you with an ample amount of cushioning and protection. In other words, you must look for a balanced product.


Almost all the products that we placed on our list are versatile, as they can be used for different sports. The reason this is true is that they are light products that do not restrict and instead support the movement of the player. These kneepads can provide you with much-needed protection while playing basketball, volleyball, or even football. They don’t have to be restricted to wrestling.


When it comes to any type of high-intensity sport, the gear and its durability are majorly considered. One reason for this is that you need your gear to protect you, and that is why it should be able to handle strong blows before breaking apart. Shock-absorbency is one major feature of a durable kneepad, while other companies try to opt for a special design technique to make their products stronger. For example, the hex design technique is definitely done to strengthen the padding of the product.


Most people tend to overlook this aspect. Even for our product list we didn’t place the price factor at the top of our priority list. But, nonetheless, it is important for you to know the price of the product, as only then can you know whether the product is value for money or not. For example if you are looking for a kneepad and you find a product that offers more feature but is lower in price than the one that you had already added to your cart, wouldn’t the cheaper product be value for money? 

Remember that whenever you are on the internet, browsing for a wrestling kneepad, go to their features section and check for all of these three features. A good wrestling pad must be durable, lightweight, and most importantly, it should be more versatile.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you find a good kneepad?

As discussed earlier, a great kneepad is one that has all the three important features that any protective gear should have: durability, a light weight, versatility, and multi-purpose use.

How are kneepads Made?

Commonly, kneepads are made up of closed-cell foam that is usually cut in a particular shape and placed in a cloth pouch later attached to the padding. The mechanism of the fitting is usually entrusted to the elastic nature of the material that is used to build the kneepad. One of the most notable materials used for the development of these kneepads is nylon, because of its durability.

Do kneepads Prevent Injuries?

It is safe to assume kneepads are the optimum protectors for your knees. Most of the knee injuries in combat sports are contracted due to the wear and tear of the knee itself. Thus, by providing soft padding, kneepads can easily take in high impact, and their shock-absorbency will hardly make you feel anything.

Can knee Pads Cure knee Problems?

There is absolutely no concrete proof as to whether a knee pad can help cure knee problem. However, they can surely help in preventing any of those problems from taking place in the first place. The padding gives you a soft cushioning that can easily absorb shock from strong impacts. All-in-all, these products are undoubtedly good for knee health and would definitely prove to be great value for money.

Can I wear a knee pad that is of a Different Size?

Even though there are some knee pads that offer a significant amount of elasticity to fit into any shape and size, it is still not advisable for you to wear a knee pad of a different size. The reason for that is when you wear a smaller size knee pad, it might reduce the durability factor of the product and can easily tear apart the protective layer when high force is applied. On the other hand, when you wear a knee pad that is larger in size, it might slip and become unforgettable during the practice session. So, in order to reap the benefits of purchasing a high-quality product, you should definitely go for the size that is perfect for you. 

Does a Kneepad help you in Any Way?

Yes, a great-quality knee pad is the first thing that you’ll ever need no matter what sport you are playing. When it comes to high-intensity sports like basketball or volleyball and combat sports like MMA or wrestling, having the right protective gear can become the ultimate difference between winning or losing. For example, with the right knee pad, you can ensure that your knees stay safe from any king og high-velocity impacts on the ground. This further helps you surpass your limits during a training session as you’ll have a sense of safety. 

Where can I get a Kneepad?

The best place where you can buy a knee pad is definitely an online store. For one, you can easily get access to the stock of various gym and fitness brands, even the ones you love. And most importantly, the ecommerce platforms have sales quite often, which means that you can get a high-quality product without having to pay more. Other than that, you can definitely check out any local fitness store at your location. But, before you go ahead with the purchase, make sure that you are aware of what you have to look for.