5 Best Wing Chun Wooden Stick Dummies

Wooden stick dummies or Wing Chun dummies are favorite training tools for martial arts in Southern China and other parts of the world. Legends such as Bruce Lee used them to train. 

The tool hardens the hands and forearms while simultaneously training the user on dexterity. 

On hardening the hands and the forearms; while training, microfractures are caused to the bones of the arms and the forearms. When the fractures heal, a process known as ossification occurs, which makes the bones denser during the rebuilding and repair process. On dexterity training, the dummies help to improve hand-eye coordination. 

If you are into martial arts and wish to develop stronger forearms and have better coordination with your eyes, hands, and also proper footwork, then you should invest in the best Wing Chun wooden stick dummies. 

We present you a comprehensive review of the best Wing Chun wooden stick dummies to help you in your martial arts training. 

Our Top 3 Picks:

Wing Chun Wooden Dummy with Base Wing Chun Wooden Dummy AugustaPro Iron Body Wing Chun Dummy
Pros Most Durable of all the Options
Ideal for Expert Training
Mounts Securely onto Walls
Requires Small Space to Set Up
Strong and Sturdy Construction
Easy to Set Up


5 Best Wing Chun Wooden Stick Dummies For Martial Arts

#1. Wing Chun Wooden Dummy with Base

To kick off our review is this beautiful Wing Chun wood dummy with a gorgeous walnut color. With the positive reviews it has, it seems like a great fit for the more experienced practitioners. 

It is steady, aesthetically appealing, and comes with a set of features that will take your dummy training to a whole new level.


  • One of the outstanding features of this Wing Chun wooden dummy is its massive support base. The design is sturdy with a base that is large and wide enough to support up to 77 pounds of the dummy’s weight.
  • Though it features an impressive base, the dummy is versatile enough to be installed directly into a wall. This is a convenience you will appreciate if you are tall and you need it at a height that will be more suitable for you. As it is, taller dudes may have a challenge using it at its present height.
  • The dummy’s construction also features fantastic build materials. Though it strengthens you and helps you increase dexterity, you won’t get any serious injuries while using it, and you will discover that it is quite easy and intuitive to use. 
  • It doesn’t feature many tools or accessories, but its basic barebones are sufficient enough to meet most of your training needs.


  • Most durable of all the options
  • Ideal for expert training
  • Made of high quality materials
  • Comes with a sturdy base


  • Need to be positioned in one location for a better experience
  • Expensive
  • Not ideal for newbies


The Wing Chun Wooden Dummy with Base is a solid choice if you already have some experience with the dummies.

Its strong built, versatility, and stability are some of its outstanding features, even though it is relatively expensive compared to the rest.

It may not be the best choice to start with, but definitely, one that you will love to use as you gain more experience in training.

Why we decided to put this Wing Chun wooden stick dummy in #1?

The reason for placing this wooden dummy in the first position in our review is its sturdiness and durability. 

Besides, it also had very decent reviews from past users. This was an indication that they were pleased with it and would not hesitate to recommend it to others.

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#2. Wing Chun Wooden Dummy

Just like the first entry, this is also a product of a dummymaker. If the reviews in the marketplaces are anything to go by, then it is one of the highly rated wooden stick dummies in the market today. It has a relatively simple construction, but with enough features to treat you to incredible training sessions.


  • The first thing you are going to notice about this dummy is the fact that it requires fixing onto some platform like a wall. It doesn’t feature a base, but when screwed tightly on the wall, it becomes very sturdy.
  • The design is relatively small. This implies that you won’t need a large space to mount it. As such, it is an ideal choice if you don’t have sufficient space at home or you want to install it on a wall somewhere that you can easily access, but not your usual place of training.
  • The dummy doesn’t come with any special padding. With it, you will be getting the real hits without any cushioning. With such a construction, you will realize gains within a short time because you take the tough route.
  • About durability, the dummy is fairly strong. It is constructed with hardwood, and it comes with a fairly stellar build quality. 
  • However strong you decide to go with your training, you can bet that it will take the hits without you worrying about it breaking down.
  • It doesn’t include additional extras and features such as gloves and padding, but it has all you need to strengthen your forearms and also to improve your dexterity.


  • Made of hardwood, hence, long-lasting
  • Mounts securely onto walls
  • Requires small space to set up
  • Has an excellent build quality


  • You must fix and use it in one position. Can’t be easily moved from one location to another.


This is a relatively straightforward dummy. It is ideal for beginners who want to strengthen their forearms. It doesn’t include a base, but it will fix sturdily on a wall. Also, it is relatively affordable, and within the reach of many martial arts enthusiasts who are just getting started.

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#3. AugustaPro Iron Body Wing Chun Dummy

AugustaPro is a well-known manufacturer of Wing Chun dummies. The AugustaPro Iron Body Wing Chun Dummy is another choice you can trust, with an intuitive design and a range of features that will help you get the most from your training.


  • The first thing you will notice about this Wing Chun dummy is its height. It stands at 65” tall with a 6.5” diameter. This height is sufficient enough for most people, and unless you are very tall, you won’t have to elevate it any further.
  • The arms of the dummy extend to about 12.6” from the dummy’s body. Again, this is enough length for most of the maneuvers you may be interested in making. 
  • If that is not sufficient for you, then you will be glad to know that you can adjust the arms to almost leveled, or various staggered positions you may be interested in. This versatility is missing in the majority of the dummies in the market today.
  • The dummy also features a durable metal base. The measurements of the metal base are approximately 16” x 16”. Also, the base features 12 large suction cups to help hold the dummy in place. With such a construction, the dummy is highly mobile.
  • You won’t have to restrict yourself to using it in just one place. If you need to change location or you want to install it in another part of the room, all you have to do is remove the suction cups then relocate them to any place of your choice.
  • Another notable feature you will love about this dummy is the two complimentary striking pads it comes with. These will offer you move flexibility and versatility in your training since you have more pads to work with.
  • The build of the dummy is also worth talking about. The construction features high-quality iron with hardwood dummy arms. This gives it the longevity you need to attain your training and martial arts goals.


  • Easily portable, hence, can be used anywhere
  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • Easy to set up
  • Has an intuitive design
  • Ideal for both pros and newbies


  • Very rigid padding


The AugustaPro Iron Body Wing Chun Dummy is a solid choice that will serve the training needs of both the pros and the newbies. 

It features a sturdy design with strong support featuring suction cups that hold it in one place. Its portability allows you to relocate it without any trouble since you can easily install and uninstall it. 

Whether you are getting started, or you need a change of dummies, buying this dummy is a choice you will not regret making.

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#4. Wing Chun Martial Arts Wooden Dummy

In terms of design and construction, this is perhaps the most basic Wing Chun wooden dummy you will find in the market. Though basic, it has a proper design with the features you need to strengthen your forearm and also to improve dexterity.


  • The first noticeable feature of this dummy is its appearance. It is made of beautiful natural wood and painted with a clear varnish. 
  • You can see the wood grains and the knots of the log that were used. It’s made of natural wood, which is a subtle indication of its strength and durability. With it, you won’t be buying another dummy any time soon.
  • The dummy is about 65” inches tall, with a diameter of about 6.5”. This is an ideal height for most trainers. The tall guys will not have to elevate it, and it is also not too tall for the shorter guys.
  • The dummy stands on a durable metal base that measures about 16” x 16”. The base is fitted with 12 large suction cups to strongly hold the dummy in place.
  • The arms of the wooden dummy extend by about 12.6” from the body. And for your convenience during training, it is possible to extend the arms to a level of various staggered positions depending on your preferences.


  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Sturdy and solid base
  • Adjustable dummy arms
  • Easy to install and uninstall


  • No padding
  • Relatively expensive


The first time you see it, you may dismiss it as too simple to serve your needs. However, this dummy is strong, sturdy, properly designed, and has a height that will suit most users. 

In terms of price, it is slightly on the higher end, but with the experience and the longevity you’ll get from it, it is totally worth every cent you will spend on the purchase.

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#5. Flex Wing Chun Dummy

This is another solid choice if you are looking for the best Wing Chun wooden stick dummy. It is one of the most versatile pieces on this list, given its kind of construction and the type of feature it has. 

With a big metallic frame, a solid base, and additional extra features, you are going to find it slightly unique from the majority of the dummies in this list.


  • The Flex Wing Chun Dummy is solidly constructed with hardwood and has a very sturdy base that keeps it properly grounded as you work out. 
  • The design makes it relatively mobile. This gives you the convenience of easily moving it to any place of your choice. It doesn’t require any extra attention to install or to move around.
  • The dummy also features a nicely adjustable height. This feature makes it versatile and convenient for persons of different heights.
  • Another feature that you will love about this dummy is the inclusion of extra padding. These are not absolutely necessary, but they are great for extra protection.


  • Sturdy and solid wood build
  • Comes with two extra paddings for additional protection
  • Adjustable height ideal for multiple users
  • Easy to move


  • Looks cumbersome
  • Initial installation is difficult


Consider this option if you are just starting out with martial arts and you need a friendlier dummy to help you with your training. With the extra padding, you will find it to be more forgiving on the strikes. 

This will help you build the strength with time so that you move on to the ones with no padding at all. It is a splendid choice that not only suits the needs of beginners, but pros too will find it very ideal for their training.

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Best Wing Chun Wooden Stick Dummies: Buying Guide

Buying a Wing Chun wooden stick dummies should be a pretty forward affair, but you still need to know the factors to look for. Here is a brief overview of some of the things to look for when you go out shopping for these important tools for martial arts training.

The Mounting:

There are two primary styles for Wing Chun dummies – frame and free standing. A free-standing dummy is very economical when it comes to its space requirements. It means that you can use it in smaller areas without any trouble. 

Mostly, these types usually come with a weighed-down base to keep it in position and to stop it from tipping while you practice your killer martial art moves.

The second option – frame mounting, on the other hand, requires extra space to set up and use. Though they are the most practical for many trainees, their requirement for extra space makes them less popular. 

With this type, you will have two options to choose from. You can go for those with free-standing mounts. The second option is to go for the one with frames that are attached to the walls.

The Material:

The material of your dummies will determine the care, maintenance, and longevity of your piece. Most of these dummies will feature wood as the primary material. But even with that, you have to consider the type of wood used. Ideally, you should consider only those that are made of hardwood. 

Their softwood counterparts may not last you long – you may find yourself in the market searching for another dummy after a short while.

The Design of the Arms:

There are two main styles for the design of the dummy arms – parallel and uneven arms. As far as training and sharpening your martial arts skills go, there is no difference in the orientation of the arms.

It all boils down to personal preference. Most masters can train with both configurations, and this is something you should also be able to do with time.

Height Adjustability:

Some dummies have fixed heights, while others have adjustable heights. The fixed height models will work well for most people, and they should be just fine. 

However, if you feel that the fixed height models may be tall, hence uncomfortable for you to work with, then you may consider going for those with adjustable heights. 

Also, if you know that you will be sharing the dummy with other people, then it may be a great idea to get an adjustable one so that you accommodate everybody.

The Price:

The dummies are available at varying price ranges. While you consider your choices, you need to have a realistic budget in mind. If you are just getting started, then you may consider going for the relatively affordable models. 

At this point, you may not need one with many extra features and so you have a chance of saving some good money. Also, if you are on a budget, consider going for the cheaper ones.

Reviews by Past Buyers:

Finally, you need to scan the review by buyers who bought ahead of you so that you can have an idea of what to expect from the dummy. 

By reading the reviews, you can get useful insights such as the experience of using the dummy, any challenges the past buyers have had, the longevity of the dummies, and much more. 

Essentially, the reviews will prepare you and help you have the right expectation before you buy the wooden dummy.

Best Wing Chun Wooden Stick Dummies FAQs

Here is a brief look at some of the frequently asked questions you may come across regarding Wing Chun wooden stick dummies:

What is the Ideal Height for a Wing Chun Dummy?

Most dummies are about six inches in height. However, the ideal height that the dummy suspends from the floor should depend on the user’s height. Therefore, it is sometimes recommendable that you should buy dummies with adjustable heights.

Is using Wing Chun Dummies Effective?

Wing Chun is simply an art of striking in martial arts. This system uses both reliance on close range and a trapping system. The two can be deadly effective if you learn how to use them properly. However, since it relies on close distance and engaging your opponent within their striking range, the opponents also get to benefit from the closed quarter that you have created – they can also harm you!

What Does the Wooden Dummy Do?

The primary function of the wooden dummy is to help you enhance your timing, strengthen your forearms, help with leg coordination and help you master the proper use of force, judgment, distance, and footwork. 

It will also teach everything you need to flow smoothly from one technique to another. Additionally, you can use it to make your limbs tougher, though this is not its primary function.

Can I Use Wing Chun in Street Fights?

Wing Chun is a unique martial art technique that you can use in real fights, including street fights. It teaches you how to adequately defend yourself and how to attack simultaneously. It teaches you the proper use of quick punches, powerful defense, super-fast kicks, and properly coordinated fight stance and smooth footwork.