Top 5 Best Water Punching Bags

Water punching bags can bring an entirely new experience into your training routine. More importantly, they can make your punching and kicking game much better.

If you know this and want to get a water heavy bag to see how you can benefit from it, then we are here to help you.

To save you some time on research, we’ve picked 5 high-rated water punching bags to showcase. We’ve found out what their good and bad sides are, and we are ready to share our findings with you.

And to help you with picking the right bag from them, we’ve prepared an in-depth buying guide.

Aqua Training Bag Haymaker Everlast HydroStrike MaxxMMA Water/Air Heavy Bag
Pros High-quality
4 size options
Very durable
Great for power
Human shape
Great for power

Now, let’s get started with our reviews!


Best Water Heavy Bags Reviewed

1. Aqua Training Bag HaymakerAqua Training Bag Haymaker Black

If you are looking to mainly train high punches and kicks, then Aqua Training Bag Haymaker may be the right water punching bag for you. Made in a teardrop shape, this bag is good for performing knee strikes and uppercuts, as well as other high hits.

This bag has been designed to handle pretty much any hit thanks to its vinyl composition. In fact, we think that this bag is durable enough to be used in a gym.

Aqua Training offers 4 size options for this water bag: 9” 15lb, 12” 35lb, 18” 120lb, and 21” 190lb. The lighter options should be great for speed training, while the heavier ones are better for power training.

Thanks to such a wide choice of sizes and weights, this punching bag should be good for many fighters.

However, because this water bag hangs high above the ground, it isn’t suitable for low kicks. If you don’t need them though, this won’t be a problem for you.


  • 4 size options.
  • Suitable if you want to train either power or speed.


  • Not suitable for low kicks.

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2. Everlast HydroStrike Water BagEverlast HydroStrike Water Bag

And the last water bag on our reviews is Everlast HydroStrike. It is very similar to the Bruiser pill-shaped bag we examined earlier, but there are some differences.

First of all, this bag doesn’t have any painful ridges on its surface. There is a seam running across the middle of the bag, but it shouldn’t cause too much discomfort.

Secondly, there are no size options for this bag. It only comes in a 100lb size, but this will be perfectly alright if you don’t need anything else.

Otherwise, HydroStrike water bag is quite similar to the Bruiser bag in terms of both training capability and durability. Namely, this bag allows practicing a variety of punches and kicks, but it still can’t really be used for low kicks.

In the end, if you find that HydroStrike is the better bag for you than the Bruiser, then you should check it out.


  • Durable build.
  • Good for training power.


  • No size options.
  • Not good for low kicks.

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3. MaxxMMA Water/Air Heavy BagMaxxMMA 5 ft Water/Air Heavy Bag

MaxxMMA heavy bag is a nice choice for those who are looking to train the power of their strikes. In fact, this bag may be better for power training than regular heavy bags.

That’s because you could fill up this bag to a considerable weight of 140 pounds. If you didn’t know, regular heavy bags usually weigh about 100 pounds.

If you felt that 100-pound bags are too light for you, then you’ll probably like this bag.

But if you don’t need that kind of weight, you could fill the bag halfway and make it weigh 70 pounds. The fact that this heavy bag’s weight can be adjusted from 70 to 140 pounds is possibly is its best feature.

Another good thing about this bag is that it is designed to be filled with either air or water, which will be great if you don’t want to waste water.

Hanging low to the ground, this bag can be used for training low kicks as well. MaxxMMA also includes a heavy bag wrap to make the bag easier on the hands and legs.

However, to enjoy the benefits of this bag, you’ll need to have room for it. It is a heavy bag after all, so it’s quite bulky.


  • Can be filled with air or water.
  • Suitable for power training.
  • Can be used for low kicks.

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4. Ringside Hydroblast Water Heavy BagHydroblast Water Heavy Bags

Ringside Hydroblast water bag is rather similar to the Haymaker bag we reviewed in the beginning, but there are some big differences between them.

The main difference is that this bag is shaped not like a ball but like a pill. It thereby hangs lower to ground, allowing to perform lower strikes, albeit you still can’t do very low kicks with it.

Nonetheless, the shape of this bag adds a bit more variety to it.

Hydroblast water heavy bag comes in 4 sizes – 24lb, 48lb, 86lb, and 153lb. It doesn’t get as light/heavy as the Haymaker, but it can still be used for either speed or power training, depending on which size you pick.

All the versions of this bag are durable enough for either home or gym use, so you could expect some long service from the Hydroblast bag. In the end, this water bag is both versatile and durable and can allow either beginners or experienced fighters to improve their skills.

There is one thing that we and many other people dislike in this bag. It has ridges running across its surface, which may make your training sessions painful.

Thereby, training in gloves and wraps is a must with this bag.


  • Durable construction.
  • 4 sizes.
  • Suitable for improving either speed or power.


  • The ridges on the bag may hurt you when striking.
  • Can’t be used for low kicks.

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5. Aqua Bruiser BagAqua Bruiser Bag

If you are looking to bring your training sessions to real life as close as possible, then Aqua Bruiser Bag may be the best water punching bag for you.

This bag mimics the torso of a 6’1” male, meaning that it allows you to train punches and kicks at real-life angles. This is a big plus for this bag.

When filled with water to the top, this bag weighs 160 pounds. If you have been looking for a very heavy bag to improve your punches and kicks with, then the Bruiser Mag may be a great pick.

Speaking of kicks, because this bag hangs high above the ground, it isn’t very comfortable for low kicks. In this regard, this bag is similar to other bags we reviewed, aside from MaxxMMA heavy bag.

Otherwise, we think that this bag is a great choice for power training.


  • Mimics a human torso.
  • Allows training real-life punching angles.
  • Great for training striking power.


  • Not suitable for low kicks.

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How To Choose The Best Water-Filled Punching Bag?

We’ve got those 5 great water bags reviewed, but how do pick the best water punching bag from them? Well, to do that, you need to know what to look for in water boxing bags.

Now, we’ll examine the advantages and disadvantages of water bags so you know whether you actually need one or not. And then, we’ll describe the things that you need to look for in water heavy bags.

Benefits Of Water Punching Bags

Easy to Store and Carry

When empty, water bags are very easy to store and carry. That’s because they take up very little space and are very light.

Water punching bags come unfilled as well, which is great because this significantly reduces shipping costs. After all, an empty punching bag is much, much lighter than a filled one.


Another great thing in water bags is that their weight can be easily adjusted. This can also be done with sand- or air-filled punching bags, but with water bags, it makes a much bigger difference.

If you fill a water punching bag halfway, it will be lighter and will swing quicker. Not only that, but the water inside will bounce around, causing the bag to swing even more.

Or less. This will depend on how you time your strikes: if you do a not so well-timed hit, the movement of the water within the unfilled bag may make the bag shake and slow down.

So using the movement of water inside to make the bag faster is more of an advanced technique.

But if you are a beginner, you could just fill the bag all the way up and not worry about this. The bag will get heavier and harder, which is the thing that you’d want to train the power of your hits.

More Natural Feel

Some fighters consider the natural feel of water-filled punching bags its biggest advantage. This is due to the rebound produced by the water within the punching bag.

That rebounding feel of a water-filled punching bag is more natural. It may be exaggerated, but it’s definitely closer to reality than the unresponsive filling of traditional bags.

No Flattening/Hardening

In traditional bags, the filling material may shift with time, causing flat and hardened spots. This inconsistency in the bag’s surface becomes very distracting and even makes the bag inefficient.

And it’s also unnatural. The spot where you punch your opponent doesn’t go flat, does it?

The water doesn’t allow the formation of uneven or flat spots on the surface of the bag. Water punching bags have the potential to preserve the quality of the rebound for as long as their shell is intact.

Easy on the Hands

The rebound of water within the bag also makes hitting it easier on the hands. This is especially a great benefit for beginners.

This doesn’t mean that you should punch a water bug bare-hand though. Your knuckles will most likely still get injured if you don’t wear gloves.

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Disadvantages In Water Punching Bags

Wastes Water

The main disadvantage of water punching bags is that they waste a lot of water. This isn’t an issue for everyone necessarily, but some people may avoid getting a water bag because of it.

Especially if the water in their area is scarce. You definitely shouldn’t waste water if there is not enough of it.

Whether or not there is spare water in your area will be a crucial factor. If there is none, then all the benefits of water bags aren’t worth wasting water.

Can’t be used in Cold Weather

Water freezes in cold weather, so there are certain limits to where and when you can use a water punching bag. And freezing definitely is a thing that you want to avoid.

First off, a bag with frozen water inside is just useless.

Secondly, freezing may just damage the bag.

So there are two things you’d need to do to make sure that the water in your punching bag doesn’t freeze.

First, you shouldn’t use it outside in freezing temperatures.

Secondly, you need to make sure that the interior temperature is high enough to prevent the water in the bag from freezing. If you leave the bag hanging in your garage in the winter, it may get frozen.

Makes a Mess when punctured

Water bags are made very durable, so they don’t get punctured that often. But if it happens, you won’t have the best time.

It will get very messy, so you better make sure that nothing can be damaged by the water.

Hang the bag in a room with floors that won’t get damaged by water. Avoid wood and laminate.

And besides, you’d need to make sure that there are no water-sensitive items near the bag.

Things To Look For In Water Heavy Bags (Buying Guide)


Size is important in any punching bag, and water bags are no exception. The appropriate size will depend on your skill level and requirements.

Smaller water punching bags are more difficult to hit, so they require more precision from you. Beginners may struggle with this, which is why they should go for bigger bags, at least initially.

And for an experienced fighter, a small punching bag would allow to further train the accuracy of the strikes.

Another thing to pay attention to is the height of the bag. It will determine what kind of punches and kicks you’ll be able to perform.

Shorter bags hang higher above the ground, which makes them unsuitable for low punches and kicks. It is the other way around with taller water bags: they hang lower to the ground, which allows training low hits.


Heavier water bags are more suitable for training the power of your punches or kicks. In this sense, water bags don’t differ from regular heavy bags.

However, heavier punching bags are more sluggish, which makes them unsuitable for speed training.

Lighter water-filled boxing bags obviously swing quicker and have a wider range of motion. You’ll have to both parry/block the bag and also be quick enough to throw your strikes in time so that they land on the bag.

Generally, heavier and slower bags are better for beginners, while lighter and quicker bags are better for skilled fighters.

So based on your needs and skill, you would need to choose the appropriate weight. Remember though that you could easily adjust the weight of your water punching bag!


And the last thing to look for in water punching bags is the shape. The shape will impact what kind of punches and kicks you will be able to practice.

The main water punching bag shapes are the traditional heavy bag shape, ball shape, pill shape, and torso shape.

Water bags made in the regular heavy bag design pretty much have the same benefits and disadvantages as regular heavy bags, which we described a bit earlier. These bags are good for power training and low kicks, but certain hits like uppercuts or knee strikes aren’t very convenient when them.

Ball water bags are resembling traditional speed bags. They tend to be better suited for speed training and practicing uppercuts, but they can’t be used for low strikes.

Pill-shaped bags are essentially the same, but they hang lower to the ground, which could allow a wider range of strikes to be performed.

Lastly, the torso water punching bag. Such boxing bags are very frequently considered to be the best in terms of experience because they allow practicing real-life striking angles.

However, torso boxing bags very rarely are suitable for training low kicks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do these Bags require draining after each Training Session?

No, you don’t need to drain them after training. However, you would need to make sure to drain your bag if you’ll be storing it for a long time so the water doesn’t freeze in it.

Can’t you fill a Water Bag with a Filler other than Water?

Air is pretty much the only reasonable alternative that could work with a water bag.

As for sand, you most likely won’t be able to fill a water punching bag with it. The nozzle’s small size will make it very difficult, so trying to fill a water bag with sand will be a huge waste of time.


In the end, have you been able to find the best water punching bag for your training? If so, then you shouldn’t wait for too long and go get it!

Otherwise, take your time to look further. Weigh all the positives and negatives of the bags we reviewed and choose the right one in accordance with your requirements.