5 Best Treadmills for your Home Gym

Fitness is a crucial part of our life, and walking/running is one of the easiest ways to stay fit. Running outside is a good option but the weather can play spoilsport at times. The best way to stay fit is to have gym equipment at your home.

The advantage of having a treadmill at your home is that you can walk and jog at a convenient time. Factors such as weather and pandemics won’t disturb your workout routine.

In our quest to find the best treadmills for the home gym, our team spent hundreds of hours researching various blogs, websites, and forums.

We spoke to some gym owners and fitness enthusiasts to understand what makes the best treadmills for home use. 

An analysis of customer feedback on forums and review websites helped us zero in on the best treadmills for home and gym use.

Top 3 Picks:

Lifespan TR 4000i Nordic Track 1750 Merax Treadmill
Pros Powerful Motor
Comfortable Track
Great Shock Absorbers
Heart Rate Monitoring
Free IFit Membership
Comfortable Track
Powerful Motor
Large Touchscreen
Affordably Priced
Safety Features
Occupies Less Space


5 Best Treadmills for your Home/Gym Use in 2021

Treadmills for home use must be affordable and should give you the best workout experience. Our best treadmills have managed to fit into these criteria while satisfying different budget requirements.

#1. Lifespan TR 4000i Folding Treadmill:

With features such as a spacious running surface, interactive and responsive touchscreen, a choice of personalized and workout options, and integrated Bluetooth, this foldable treadmill from Lifespan wins on many levels.


The Lifespan TR4000i is a foldable treadmill that combines a powerful running track with good cushioning, a strong build, and a powerful motor.

This treadmill features a wide 22” * 60” running belt with a 1” thick deck for reduced noise when running or jogging.

The powerful in-built 3.5 HP motor provides all the power that your treadmill needs. The treadmill features 13 levels of incline and 2 levels of decline, and the speeds go to a maximum of 12 mph.

The interactive 7” touchscreen is easy to use and allows easy access to all the treadmill’s features. The console also allows you to control speed and incline levels through physical control buttons mid-run.

This treadmill features more than 50 workouts, allowing you to easily personalize your workout routines.

It has in-built features such as Bluetooth speakers, a USB charging port, and a tablet holder for placing your electronic devices.

The built-in Intelliguard feature pauses the treadmill track after about 20 seconds if you step away from the treadmill.


    • Powerful motor
    • Comfortable running track
    • Multiple programming options
    • Interactive full-color touchscreen
    • Personalized workout program options
    • Easy to assemble and use
    • Compact
    • Easy to fold and unfold
    • Lifetime warranty



  • Short handle bars

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The build, the features, and pricing of the Lifespan TR4000i make it a perfect choice for those looking to buy the best treadmill for home gym use. Sturdy build, multiple programmable options, and a comfortable running stretch, all make the Lifespan TR 4000i the best treadmill for your home/gym use. 

Why we decided to put this boxing glove on #1 position?

The Lifespan TR 4000i grabs the top spot on our list of the best premium treadmills for home and gym space for being feature-rich.

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#2. Nordic Track Commercial Series 1750:

Our second pick for the best treadmills for home gym use is the Nordic Track 1750. The parent company, Icon Health, and Fitness has over 40 years of experience in Interactive Personal Training equipment.


The Nordic Track Commercial Series features a powerful 3.75 CHP Smart Response Motor with an in-built cooling technology.

The running belt is comparable to commercial treadmills and provides a running surface of 22 inches by 60 inches. The Runners Flex Cushioning Technology allows for comfortable runs. You can turn off this setting when needed.

This treadmill can bear weights of up to 300 lbs comfortably. The Easy Life-Assist Technology allows you to easily fold your treadmill and stow it away when not in use. The treadmill also has wheels, allowing you to move it around.

The -3% to 15% incline settings along with the iFit provide you with a real-world terrain running experience. The incline drivers are extremely silent, which comes in handy when you are following the iFit’s instruction-led workouts.

The iFit trainer will automatically adjust your training speeds up to 12 mph depending on your performance. The interactive 10” touchscreen doubles up as your coaching medium.

Dual Wi-Fi compatibility allows for a seamless video experience when streaming live training sessions.

In-built Bluetooth allows you to listen to your favorite music while training. You can listen to training instructions when accessing the iFit classes with your Bluetooth headphones.


  • Comfortable running surface
  • Cushioning that can be turned on/off
  • Free 1 year iFit membership
  • Large touchscreen
  • Heart rate monitoring


  • Heavy at 315 lbs


The Nordic Track Commercial Series 1750 treadmill is a perfect addition to your home gym. The included iFit membership is great for planning your workouts well. The treadmill is silent and has a wide, comfortable surface for your workouts.

This treadmill features on our list for packing all the safety and comfort features of a commercial treadmill. The included iFit membership is a premium addition to the product.

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#3. Funmily Folding Treadmill — Best Mid-Segment:

The Funmily Folding Treadmill is one of the best mid-segment treadmills. Priced affordably, this treadmill is great for those looking to buy a treadmill at an affordable price. It is foldable too, occupying less space in your home.


The Treadmill is quite sturdy and is designed with stainless steel. The heavy-duty frame can bear weights of up to 330lbs.

It is fitted with a 3.25HP motor. The multi-layered 17” * 47.2’ treaded running belt encompasses a noise reduction technology while you workout. The silent motor along with the silent running track makes your overall running experience noise-free.

The tread surface is made of a high-density lawn texture belt with a non-slip feature. The running surface absorbs shocks as you run and has a safety feature in the form of a non-slip surface.

With 12 preset workout programs and speeds of 0.5 to 9 MPH, this treadmill offers varied workout options. The 0% to 15% automatic incline allows you to stretch your limits when running.

The LCD monitor shows all your stats such as distance, speed, time, heart rate, etc. You can also connect this data to the iFitShow Sports App.

The treadmill offers surround speakers and Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to play your favorite music as you workout. It is foldable hence makes storage easier.


  • Affordably priced
  • Comfortable running belt
  • Multiple shock absorption features
  • Multi-button controls for start/stop and incline adjustment
  • Silent treadmill
  • Hydraulic folding system for easy operation


  • Low maximum speed


The Funmily Treadmill finds its place in our list for being one of the best budget purchases. This treadmill includes most of the features that you would expect from a high-end treadmill. Features such as a comfortable running surface with good shock absorption, powerful motor, easy foldability, Bluetooth connectivity, 12 preset programs, and affordability make this treadmill an excellent purchase for your home and gym use.

This treadmill features on our list of best treadmills for home gym use by packing all the features at an affordable price point.

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#4. Merax Electric Folding Treadmill:

The Merax Folding Treadmill is perfect for those on a tight budget, but still looking to add a treadmill for their home. This treadmill is priced extremely affordably. With such a low price, how does this treadmill rate in terms of features and benefits?


The Merax Folding Treadmill features a silent 1.5 HP motor.

 This may not be as powerful as the other models we have seen so far but serves the purpose, especially for those who want a basic workout or are buying their first treadmill.

This treadmill includes 12 preset workout modes and three count down modes for easy workouts. The speeds start at 0.5 MPH and can reach a maximum of 0.75MPH, which is again decent for the price you pay.

The high-density lawn texture running belt measures 15.7” * 43.3” and is comfortable for running without stressing your leg joints and ankles. The non-slip nature of the running belt helps avoid accidents when running.

The LCD screen displays your data such as running speed, time, distance, and the calories burnt.

The quick buttons present on the treadmill’s handles allow you to control settings such as speed and power on/off.

This treadmill weighs just 64 pounds, making it easy to move around when you have a tiny space. The foldable functionality is great for stowing away when you aren’t using the treadmill.

The in-built speakers are decent and you can connect your flash drive to the treadmill to play your favorite music while working out.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Great running surface with safety features
  • 12 preset programs
  • Maximum speed of 12 MPH
  • Occupies less space
  • Lightweight
  • Great for basic running
  • Decent speaker
  • LCD monitor for stat display


  • Not suitable for high-intensity and professional running
  • Devices such as phones cannot be connected to play music


The Merax folding treadmill is a great option for those looking to buy a basic treadmill that gets the job done. This treadmill has a good motor, a comfortable treading track, decent shock absorbers all the features that make a good treadmill.

This treadmill features in our list for the best treadmill for home gym, as an inexpensive treadmill has all the basic features. This treadmill is great for those looking for a no-frills treadmill for home use.

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#5. Sunny Health and Fitness Portable Treadmill:

Our final pick for the best treadmills for your home gym use is the Sunny Health and fitness portable treadmill. If you want to buy an affordable home treadmill machine that isn’t very cheap, this is a good option for you. It features all the basic configurations that you expect from a good treadmill.


The Sunny Portable treadmill comes with a 2.2 HP motor. The running surface measures 49” * 15.5” providing a comfortable running surface. Shock absorbers allow a smooth running experience, especially for those suffering from joint and muscle pains.

The front panel includes a device holder, built-in speakers, an aux port, and a digital monitor. The monitor shows your running stats such as speed, time, distance covered, calories burnt, incline, and body fat percentage.

The pulse sensors on the handlebars monitor your heart rate. This treadmill is compatible with the Sunny health and fitness app. You can download this app onto your smartphone to monitor your workout stats during and after your sessions.

The treadmill has 15 incline levels allowing you to push your body to maximum resistance levels when you walk or run. You can choose between 9 built-in workout programs.

This treadmill is foldable and the soft drop system ensures no accidents when you drop the treadmill base. Wheels at the base of the machine allow you to easily move the treadmill around.

Additional features include a quick speed button, quick incline button, and an emergency stop clip.

The Sunny Health and Fitness Portable Treadmill can take a maximum weight of 220 lbs.


  • Affordably priced
  • Easy folding
  • Good shock absorption
  • Decent motor power
  • Good recline
  • Easy to assemble
  • Controls on handlebars for easier accessibility


  • Small device holder. May not fit all gadgets.


This treadmill is a decent product with an affordable price tag. With all the basic features included, this treadmill is good for those looking to buy a budget-friendly treadmill. This treadmill allows a maximum weight of 220lbs. 

The Sunny Health and Fitness treadmill features as a final pick on our list for the best treadmills for home use. This machine strikes the perfect balance between safety, features, and pricing.

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Treadmills for Home Use: Buying Guide

A treadmill is a great addition to homes today. Treadmills are reasonably priced and work in many ways to help you stay fit and healthy. Most treadmills offer in-built workout programs that make your workout routines fun and interesting.

So, what points should you consider when buying a treadmill for your home? Let us take a look.

The Belt:

You will spend most of your time walking, running, or jogging on the belt. So, this is one of the most crucial considerations. Ideally, your belt should be 18 inches wide and 48 inches long. If you are taller than 6 feet, a 54-inch belt is ideal for you.

The belts should have good shock absorption. This will reduce the stress on your knees and legs. Anti-skid features are always a bonus to prevent accidents.

The Motor:

The quality of your workouts will largely depend on the motor that they come with. Look for the best motor that money can buy within your price range. Treadmills with powerful motors will support high-intensity running and workouts.

Your motor should be silent to avoid disturbing other members in your house. Silent motors also provide a comfortable workout experience, especially when you are doing trainer-guided exercises.


The treadmill should be sturdy enough to last you for years. Treadmills don’t come cheap. The longer they last, the better. The treadmill you buy should be strong and stable and not wobbly. It should take the force of your power running without vibrating or shaking.

Weight Capability:

This is an important consideration. Look for a treadmill that supports at least 20 pounds above your weight. We don’t want flimsy treadmills that will break or damage under stress when you are power-running.


Since you are buying a treadmill for your home use, space is a crucial factor. The machine should comfortably fit in the room you wish to place it. Foldable treadmills are always an advantage when you have a smaller room. Most foldable treadmills are hydraulics-supported, making folding, and unfolding easily in most cases.

Easy mobility is another advantage. If your treadmill is powered with wheels, moving it between rooms becomes easy. But treadmills are generally heavy. The prospect of moving them around can be daunting. It is a good idea to have your room/area measurements handy before making your purchase decision.

When ordering the treadmill for the first time, you must make sure that the package can easily enter your home/room and the hallways. Many treadmills come assembled for the most part, making the final assembly easy.


Treadmills are not always for simple walks. They must support jogging and high-intensity running as well. Professional running can put a lot of stress on your treadmill. The treadmill must be sturdy enough to take this stress and be stable enough not to crumble under pressure. If you are buying a treadmill for high-intensity runs, you can opt for heavier machines that are sturdy and stable and can handle high pressures well.

Training Programs:

Most treadmills include training programs. Some high-end treadmills also include free fitness program memberships. If you are particular about included memberships, you can choose treadmills such as the one from the Nordic track. Such memberships are for a limited time and allow for an extension if you are happy with the programs.

Most treadmills also offer basic training and programmable modes. These features break the monotony and help you enjoy your workout sessions.

Heart Rate Monitors:

Having a heart rate monitor included in your treadmill comes in handy, allowing you to monitor your heart rate as you workout. Most treadmills do have a heart rate monitor included.

Basic models include a heart rate monitor on the handles, while higher-end models also have wireless monitors included.

Connectivity Options:

With so many gadgets in use today, treadmills are being designed to support various connectivity options. Treadmills come with inbuilt Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect your phone and other smart devices to the treadmill. You can play your favorite songs and videos while working out.

Higher-end treadmills with included fitness programs also allow you to connect to the virtual trainer through Bluetooth mode.

Other connectivity options include Wi-Fi and USB ports.

If you love your gadgets, you can buy a treadmill that offers the latest technology and connectivity options.


Most treadmills have monitors that display stats such as steps, running speed, heart rate, distance covered, etc., when you run. High-end treadmills have interactive monitors that allow you to control various settings of the treadmill while you workout.

Additionally, these display screens become your virtual jogging/running tracks offering different terrain options for you to choose from.


The warranty offered by a company reflects the quality of the treadmill. A company that is confident of its offerings will always offer the maximum possible warranties. Cheaper models generally have shorter warranty periods. 

If you are particular about quality, choose a treadmill that offers a lifetime warranty or at least a 10-year warranty on the frames and motors.

Shipping and Assembly:

Shipping charges may vary between models. Check if the shipping is free or charged extra before buying the treadmill. Any charges for assembling the product also should be considered. If the assembly is easy, you can do it on your own.

After Purchase:

Learning about the terms and conditions of after-sales service and the availability of spare parts in case of any damages is very important. This will set the right expectation for you when buying the treadmill.

The above factors will help you make informed choices when buying the best treadmill for your home gym use.


How do I Choose a Treadmill for my Home?

The treadmill should be moderately priced and offer the features you are looking for. You can choose between basic no-frills models, mid-segment models, and professional models.

Your choice will depend on your budget and feature requirements. If you have a higher budget, Do read our article on best treadmills under $1500.

Which Brand of Treadmill is the Best for your Home?

There are many brands to choose from. Your choice will depend on various factors, including budget and features.

In our research, we found LifeSpan and Nordic to be the best treadmill brands.

What is the Best Inexpensive Treadmill?

If you are looking to buy an affordably priced treadmill with all the features of a standard treadmill, you can choose the Merax Electric Folding Treadmill.