The 5 Best Supplements For Combat Sports Athletes

Every sport is rigorous and so is combat training. It’s not only aggressive but also consumes a considerable amount of energy. Those who train are well aware of the difficulties of training and also aware of the difficulty in the process of recovery or muscle growth.

Some of the best supplements for combat sports athletes make training easier by providing the required nutrition and enhancement properties for those who actively train. Hence, these supplements keep your body in the best shape. These supplements have substantial properties that aid practice sessions and training for combat athletes.

Our Top 3 Picks:

Optimum Nutrition Instantized BCAA Capsules Nordic Naturals Omega Fish Oil Supplement Optimum Nutrition Plant Based Protein Powder
Pros Fastest Recovery
Helps in Building and Maintaining Muscle
Amino Acid Support
Natural Ingredients are Used
Doctor Recommended
Research Backed
100% USDA Organic and Non-GMO
Great for Muscle Recovery
Amazing Taste


5 Best Supplements for Combat Athletes Review 

#1. Optimum Nutrition Instantized Bcaa Capsules


Muscle Endurance Support:

The Optimum Nutrition Instantized Capsules are perfect for building muscles and providing good nutrition to the body.

Amino Acid Support:

These capsules are the perfect way for filling in the daily requirement of amino acids and strengthening it further with all the hard work that you put in through your workouts.

Outstanding Performance and Energy:

The capsules are ideal for those who are looking to enhance their performance, as it boosts their energy levels.

Faster Exercise Recovery:

Since the athletes practice daily, they need to recover faster. The capsules ensure faster recovery. 


  • Optimum amino acid support
  • Vitamin and mineral support for active adults
  • Best for building and maintaining muscle
  • Enhanced and efficient performance 
  • 2 capsules are enough for meeting the minimum daily intake
  • They taste quite good


  • Sometimes the products delivered are already expired and out of date

Final Verdict

The Optimum Nutrition Capsules are great for those who are looking to meet their minimum daily requirement of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. These are great capsules for maintaining muscle and work quite effectively as well. Apart from the price, these particular supplements are perfect for strong and consistent athletes.

Why Did We Put It In The Number One Position?

Optimum is on the number one spot because it is the best in terms of performance compared to the other capsules. Moreover, they actually taste quite great and work well with muscle endurance. The muscle recovery is perfect and one really couldn’t ask for more with this product.

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#2. Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Fish Oil Supplement 


Recommended by Doctors Worldwide:

The Nordic Naturals Fish Oil Supplement is made using the most popular concentrate and ingredients and has been verified by Doctors across the globe.

Fresh Lemon Taste:

These fish oil supplements are quite useful and come with a great fresh lemon taste, which makes them smell pleasant and taste delectable. The ingredients used for the smell and fragrance are pure and obtained from 100% Wild Fish.

Award Winning Omega Supplement:

This particular formula has been awarded with many prestigious awards and is one of the most highly acclaimed supplements for sports athletes. The ingredients used are research backed and third party tested as well.

Builds and Maintains Immunity:

Fish oil has always claimed to supply the right combination of ingredients for building and enhancing the overall immunity in the body. Not only are these supplements good for brain health, but are great for heart health as well.


  • Supports optimal health throughout the body
  • Makes use of the purest ingredients and is thoroughly research backed
  • Tastes and smells great
  • Certified and sustainably produced in a zero-waste facility


  • A bit expensive 
  • Excess consumption of the fish oil supplements could lead to health consequences
  • Can seem to be a little tough for some users

Final Verdict

The Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega Fish Oil Supplement is one of the highest rated supplements in the market today and offers various health benefits to all users. It follows various social and ethical practices and makes use of the most natural ingredients. Moreover, it makes use of no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives in any way. This product is highly recommended by doctors and is beneficial for heart, brain, eye and immune health too.

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#3. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Plant Based Protein Powder 


Organic and Pure:

The Optimum Nutrition Plant Based powder is 100% USDA Organic and non-GMO. It contains no artificial colors or sweeteners and is available in the purest form.

Superb Taste:

Unlike other products in the market, the taste of this protein powder is appetizing, and has a good mixture of ingredients.

Muscle Recovery:

The formula contains amino acids, which work quite efficiently for recovery of the muscles, and, especially, for the combat sports athletes who want to recover faster.  

Vitamin Intake:

The plant-based protein powder is an excellent supplement for filling in your daily intake of vitamin C and vitamin B12, which are essential for nutrition. 

Certified Formula:

The formula used in the Optimum Nutrition Gold Powder for combat sports athletes is absolutely and fully certified, and provides the essential amino acids that help in maintaining and building the muscles.


  • 100% plant-based protein
  • You can mix it up easily into any of the different recipes at home
  • Faster muscle recovery for active adults
  • Excellent source of Vitamin C and B12 and consists of pomegranate powder


  • It does not have a long shelf life
  • Might taste too sweet to some users
  • The consistency might seem a little chalky to some

Final Verdict

The Optimum Nutrition Plant based powder is one of the best supplements for combat sports athletes who are looking for a vegan and absolutely chemical free option. Those who prefer organic and color-free products should definitely get this plant-based supplement. Moreover, it covers up your daily intake of essential vitamins, which is quite useful for the body.

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#4. Truth Nutrition Vegan Bcaa Powder 


Plant-Based Non-GMO:

The Truth Nutrition Vegan Supplement is a natural and plant-based supplement that consists of absolutely no chemicals and is fully organic. It is an all-natural pre-workout formula for all athletes.

Fuel to the Body:

This plant-based vegan supplement works like fuel to the body and is perfect for providing the right amount of energy for your workouts and the entire day ahead. This works perfectly for the combat sports athletes who need plenty of energy to sustain and improve their performance.

Vegan and Keto Friendly:

The Truth Nutrition Vegan Supplement offers a great mix of ingredients that are authentic and work well for those who are on vegan or keto friendly diets. This supplement is perfect for substituting meals if you are looking to lose weight. 

Boosting Energy and Enhancing Endurance:

One of the best supplements for combat sports athletes, Truth Nutrition, comprises the perfect formula for enhancing and improving the energy and focus of the athletes. With the help of this supplement, one can work on their stamina and endurance too, which leads to longer and faster workouts.

Helps In Building Muscle:

Not only is it a great source of energy and endurance, it also helps in better muscle recovery, and, hence, helps in building muscle in the body by providing adequate nutrition to it.


  • It is watermelon flavored 
  • The supplement is quite light and mixes up easily, making it easily digestible
  • It is a great energy booster in between workouts and works well as a pre-workout
  • Clean and authentic product


  • Those with sensitive skin must consult their dermatologist before consumption
  • The product is a little expensive 
  • It might seem a little bitter to some users

Final Verdict

This is the best supplement for those combat sports athletes who want a keto-friendly and vegan formula product. Every batch is certified as being the best in terms of potency, purity and safety. Not only does it help in building lean muscle, but works perfectly for the athletes who want to grow. The reviews of this product are commendable, although can be costly for some. 

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#5. Legion Recharge Post Workout Supplement 


Reduces Soreness:

One of the best supplements for combat sports athletes, the Legion Recharge Post workout supplement, is perfect for reducing soreness and providing a quicker recovery. It helps with building cellular energy in the body and helps to build muscles.

Money-back Guarantee:

The one of many supplements that guarantees satisfaction to its clients, this particular supplement offers money-back features to its customers all across. With minimal requirements, the users can ask for a refund in case they are not happy with how the product is and how it works on their body.

Boosts Energy and Enhances Strength:

The Legion Recharge post workout supplement is quite suitable for athletes as it provides clinically recommended doses of creatine powder, which is essential for the growth of muscles and the overall strength of the body. 

Natural Sweeteners:

The ingredients used in this workout supplement are 100% natural and the flavors have been naturally sweetened to make this product the favorite muscle builder for combat sports athletes. 


  • Guaranteed results and an authentic money-back guarantee
  • Speeds up the post-workout recovery for athletes
  • Helps minimize body soreness after every workout
  • Enhances the process of growth and muscle building
  • Made in the USA in an NSF Certified Facility under complete supervision


  • Might irritate bowel syndrome for some 
  • Its flavor might not be liked by some 
  • Is gaseous and not easily digestible by all

Final Verdict

A clinically proven, well-tested formula, the Legion Recharge Post Workout supplement is one of the best supplements for combat sports athletes. It is known to fix muscle soreness and helps with enhanced muscle growth. It provides creatine to the body, which is a natural compound and helps with building strength in the body. Moreover, it comes with a money back guarantee if you are unhappy with the product. Although, it can cause gas issues and possibly create digestion problems in some users.

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Supplements For Combat Sports Athletes: Buying Guide

There are various types of supplements that are used to build and enhance muscles in the body. These work as the nutritional warehouse for the entire body and help in meeting the daily requirements. Today, there are various plant-based supplements available too, which cater to the needs of keto and vegan athletes.These products make use of absolutely organic and completely non-GMO clinically tested ingredients, and can be easily digested too. The various supplements help in different ways and some of them are as follows:

Whey Protein

This is basically considered as milk protein, which can be divided into two categories, namely whey and casein. The protein supplement provides faster muscle growth in the body and is the richest in terms of amino acids. It is recommended to be consumed post workouts.


It is rated as a highly effective ingredient. It doesn’t give you instant results, but definitely ends up giving long-term and long-lasting results to the users. Moreover, it is great for enhancing and building strength in the body. It can be consumed both pre- and post- workout. 


It provides amino acids from the branched chain, including leucine, isoleucine, and valine. These are extremely important and are a great substitute for instant and direct sources of energy, which helps one in working much harder and recovering faster. These supplements can be consumed between your workouts or first thing in the morning. For maximizing the effect, you can consume them pre- or post-workout.

Fast Carbs:

Carbs help in burning glucose, an important fuel for the body. In order to have enough energy for your workout, you need to fill in the deficit and amp up the process by consuming fast carbs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Supplements Help Athletes?

Supplements come in various forms and are a part of the regular diet for athletes. These supplements help in muscle growth and enhancement by initially breaking them down, and once the tissue rebuilding process begins, muscles start to get bigger. 

What Is the Best Supplement for the Recovery of Muscles?

As per research and after the reviews and recommendations from many users, creatine is considered one of the best supplements for combat sports athletes for helping them with faster muscle recovery. 

Are Supplements Recommended for Combat Sports Athletes? 

What contributes to an athlete achieving their goals consistently and with immense passion and commitment is a well-balanced diet. Supplements are definitely not the solution for these workouts, but definitely they help out in faster recovery and help with filling out the daily intake requirements of various minerals and vitamins. The supplements are a great way to enhance and fasten the process, but a well-balanced diet is something that an athlete constantly needs to follow.

As Per Studies, How Many Athletes Use Supplements Regularly?

According to the NCAA’s comprehensive survey of substance use, about 42% of the athletes make use of supplements in their daily diet, which consist of plant-based protein and various other types of protein as well.

Are Protein Supplements Really Needed?

To be honest, we can consume protein from natural sources that are around us and from the foods that we consume daily. These include eggs, chicken, lentils, milk, fish, cottage cheese and various other sources. But it gets difficult to meet the daily requirement that is needed for faster growth and recovery of the muscles, and, hence, athletes end up choosing supplements for meeting the needs.

What Happens If You Consume These Supplements Without Working Out?

All protein supplements contain calories and consuming too much of these supplements can end up in weight gain, which is definitely not something that anybody ends up looking for. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are working out and then consuming these supplements for enhanced muscles growth and better recovery. According to studies, an average adult needs to consume 45-55 grams of protein each day, dependent on weight and health as well.

How Do Supplements Help in Enhancing and Improving the Performance of Combat Sports Athletes?

There are various ways supplements help in improving the performance of athletes. Some of the reasons for making use of them are for enhanced immunity, helps with better training, and is a great way for increasing the overall muscle mass in the body.

How Safe Are These Supplements?

If you don’t suffer from any comorbidities and are completely safe in terms of health, then sports supplements are definitely a safe bet. But it is always recommended to consult your doctor before you consume.

Should Teens Take These Supplements?

No, teenagers should focus more on having a well-balanced and complete diet rather than on taking these supplements for their workouts. Only once you have consulted with your doctor, you should go ahead and make use of these.


Before you go ahead and make use of the best supplements for combat sports, you must have a quick talk with your doctor to know if it’s suitable for you. The recommended brands are some of the best in the business and are great for boosting the energy in your body while keeping a tab on your muscle growth as well. While these might lead to digestive problems, there are tons of natural options available today that meet the needs of providing the purest and most organic ingredients that are great for your body. Therefore, if taken through tried and tested research and recommendation, these supplements are advantageous and work well in the overall development of your body.