Top 5 Best Speed Bags [Reviewed and Rated]

Looking to improve the speed of your punches and kicks? Then our today’s material should be of interest to you.

The right training instrument for you would be a speed bag.

Finding the right speed bag isn’t very easy because there are plenty of models out there, both good and bad. But to make it easy for you, we are going to showcase 5 high-rated speed bags, each with its own unique features.

TITLE Boxing Speed Bag Pro Impact Speed Bag Everlast Speed Bag
Pros Affordable
Genuine leather
Clean design

And to top it off, we have made a handy buying guide to help you select the best speed bags from them!


5 Best Speed Bags For Sale Reviewed

1. TITLE Boxing Gyro-Balanced Speed Bag

Up first on our reviews is the rather high-quality and inexpensive Title speed bag. TITLE Boxing Speed Bag

The outer shell of Title’s speed bag is constructed from genuine leather. Thanks to this, this speed bag can boast quite a good durability for its price.

The bladder made of rubber also contributes to the durability of Title speed bag quite a bit. Besides – as it generally is with rubber bladders – it shouldn’t be prone to leakage.

When it comes to training feel, this speed bag also seems to be rather good. Title’s Gyro-Balanced manufacturing technology allows this bag to deliver “true rebounds and rapid recoiling”, as Title claims.

The rebound of this bag indeed appears to be good, but you shouldn’t expect much from it, given its price.

Title offers 4 size options for this bag:  L (7 x 10 inches), M (6 x 9 inches), S (5 x 8 inches), and XXS (4 x 7 inches). Fighters of any skill level could thereby train with this speed bag.


  • Delivers a good rebound.
  • Durable thanks to rubber bladder and genuine leather shell.
  • Cheap price.

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2. Pro Impact Genuine Leather SpeedbagPro Impact Speed Bag

Pro Impact’s genuine leather speed bag is rather similar to Title’s bag we’ve just reviewed. But there is one thing that may interest you more in this bag.

The thing is that it comes with a latex bladder. This bladder should make Pro Impact speed bag lighter, meaning that this bag may be a better choice if you are looking for a very quick and cheap bag.

On the other hand, Pro Impact bag’s bladder may lack durability. And it also may tend to leak air slightly more often.

Otherwise, Title and Pro Impact speed bags are nearly identical. In particular, this bag also has a genuine leather outer shell reinforced with triple seams, so it should be more or less as durable as the Title speed bag.

Pro Impact offers 3 size options for their speed bag: medium (7 x 10 inches), small (6 x 9 inches), X-small (5 x 7 inches).

As you could’ve noticed, Pro Impact bag’s sizes are very similar to those of Title bag. But Pro Impact indicates one size smaller: this bag’s medium corresponds to Title’s large, small to medium, and so on.

By the way, before picking a size, keep in mind that some users complained that this bag was actually smaller than indicated.


  • Lightweight thanks to the latex bladder.
  • Affordable


  • Problems with sizing.
  • Could be smaller than expected.

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3. Everlast Speed Bag

When it comes to building quality and feel, Everlast speed bag is pretty close to the Title speed bag we reviewed in the beginning.

Everlast speed bag’s outer shell is made from genuine leather reinforced with strong seeming. So durability-wise, the two bags should be very similar.

The bladder of this bag is made of rubber as well, so Everlast and Title speed bags should be close to each other in terms of performance as well.

To ensure accurate rebounds, Everlast made sure that the construction of their bag is balanced and symmetrical. They did a pretty good job with this, albeit you won’t be getting as good rebound as from expensive speed bags.

Another thing that we like in Everlast speed bag is its neat design. It doesn’t impact performance or durability in any way, but it will definitely play a role for people who want to get a nice bag.

Unlike the previous two bags we reviewed, this one only comes in large (10 x 7 inches) size, at least when we were writing the review. Keep this in mind.


  • Looks nice.
  • Durable genuine leather body and rubber bladder.
  • Good rebound.
  • Cheap price.


  • Only large size available.

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4. Cleto Reyes Platform Speed BagCleto Reyes Platform Speed Bags

If you have the money to afford a high-quality speed bag, then Cleto Reyes Platform speed bag may be the best speed bag for you. It delivers excellent durability, quality, and performance, but you will have to pay for it.

Like the previous three speed bags we reviewed, Cleto Reyes’ speed bag outer shell is made from genuine leather. What makes the main difference though is the build quality of this bag.

It is much more tightly built, so it definitely has an upper hand in terms of durability. Each of these bags is also handmade, which is another big contributor to this bag’s quality.

The build quality and consistency also allow this bag to deliver a highly balanced and smooth response. It behaves in the way that you’d expect.

The bladder of this speed bag is made from latex. The choice of lightweight latex makes this bag quicker, albeit possibly not as durable if it was made from rubber.

Cleto Reyes includes a spare bladder with their speed bag, so you could expect to get a long service from this bag out of the box.

This speed bag comes in 4 sizes: large (7 x 11 inches), medium (7 x 10 inches), small (6 x 9 inches), and X-small (5 x 8 inches). And it also comes in 3 color options (black, red, Mexican flag), which may also interest some people.


  • Excellent quality and durability.
  • Great rebounding feeling.
  • Spare bladder included.
  • 3 color options.

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5. RDX Double End Speed Ball Bag

And the last speed bag on our reviews is made by RDX. This bag actually is a double-end bag, so it has an additional positive and negative sides.

Let’s start with its single advantage.

Mounted to both the floor and the ceiling, this bag is designed to deliver increased speed. This is ensured by the tension of the cords holding this speed bag in place.

So in terms of speed training, this bag is pretty great.

The bad thing about the double-ended design is that you need to install mounting attachments on the ceiling AND on the floor. And you’ll not only need to install all the fixtures but also find a spot where you could set up the bag.

RDX at least includes all the necessary mounting equipment with this bag, so you don’t need to look for all the attachments separately. Though the included rubber cords are not very good, so you should replace them when you can.

When it comes to the bag itself, it’s a pretty good one, albeit probably not as durable as the other ones we reviewed. That’s because its outer shell is made from synthetic leather.

Overall, RDX speedball bag is a great choice if you are looking for a not so expensive speed bag to train your speed with.


  • Quick rebound: great for training speed.
  • Comes with everything necessary for setup.


  • Requires installing mounts on the floor and ceiling.
  • Low-quality rubber cords included.

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How To Choose The Best Speed Bag?

What is a speed bag?

A speed bag is a small type of punching bag. Unlike sluggish heavy bags, speed bags are designed to swing around from punches or kicks.

And a speed bag swings a lot, so you’ll need to be prepared to parry it when it comes back at you. And besides, because they are rather small, they require some good accuracy from you.

Speed bags have several benefits that make them more preferable than heavy bags for some types of training.

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Training benefits of speed bags

Speed bags train speed

Swinging around from each hit, speed bags require you to react quickly.

You need to be quick to be able to land your shots on the moving bag, as well as move to out of its way or parry it when it swings back towards you. If you don’t, you’ll either miss your punch and waste energy or get hit by the bag.

Speed bags train coordination

Coordination is the next thing that a speed bag can help you improve. Punching a bag is easy, but what about doing everything at once, including punching, parrying, and keeping track of the bag’s movements?

This obviously is much more difficult. And to be able to maintain a proper rhythm, you will have to develop some good coordination, which a speed bag can help you with.

Speed bags train accuracy

And lastly, you need to be able to deliver your shots to the speed bag. And because speed bags can be rather small, hitting the target can be quite difficult, so you will have to become accurate.

Things To Look For In a Speed Bag


Probably the very first thing you should look for in a speed bag is the size.

A large speed bag will be heavier, but it will be an easier target to hit. And besides, they don’t swing around as quickly.

Thereby, beginners or less experienced fighters should go for larger speed bags. Small speed bags will most likely be well beyond their capabilities.

A small speed bag is lighter and is going to swing around a lot quicker. And besides, it is a smaller target to hit, so good precision will be required from you to land your hits.

Because of this, small speed bags will be better for skilled fighters who are looking to improve their accuracy and speed.


Weight impacts how quickly the speed bag is going to swing around.

The heavier the bag, the slower it will be, and vice versa. A heavier and slower speed bag is going to be a better option for beginners, while skilled individuals should opt for lighter and quicker bags.


The material the outer shell of the speed bag is made from will determine how durable it is.

Speed bags are mainly made from either synthetic or genuine leather. Both have their positive and negative sides.

Synthetic leather is the cheaper option among the two, but it isn’t nearly as durable as genuine leather. Those on a tight budget should thus go for a synthetic leather speed bag.

Genuine leather is the more durable and the more expensive material from the two. Thanks to their longevity, these bags are suitable for gym use.

You could also go for a genuine leather speed bag if your budget allows it and if you want to get a very durable speed bag.


The bladder is the inflated ball inside the bag that gives it its shape. And besides, it determines the feel of the bag.

Bladders in speed bags are usually made of either rubber or latex.

Rubber is the more durable material, but speed bags with rubber bladders tend to be heavier and thereby slower. If you care about durability more than about speed, rubber is the better choice.

Latex is lighter, so it would be more suitable if you want as much speed as possible. However, latex bladders tend to lose air quicker than rubber bladders.


The way the speed bag is mounted is a matter of its convenience. It doesn’t really affect the performance of the speed bag.

Speed bags can be hanging, double-end, and freestanding. As you probably noticed, we reviewed speed bags of each kind.

Most of the time, you are going to see hanging speed bags. To hang such a bag, you’ll need to have all the hanging attachments installed on the ceiling.

Needless to say, this limits the mobility of hanging speed bags. You can’t put it everywhere since you need a mount to hang it.

Double-end bags are mounted to both the ceiling and floor. This imparts some more stability to the bag and can also increase its swinging action.

However, they are more difficult to install than hanging bags since you need to mount attachments not only to the ceiling but also to the floor.

Freestanding speed bags are much more convenient when it comes to mobility and setup. You can put them anywhere without installing any attachments.

However, freestanding bags occupy more room than hanging bags. And besides, powerful hits may make a freestanding speed bag tip over.

Due to their benefits, we think that freestanding speed bags are much more suitable for home than for gym use.


Can speed bags be used at home?

Yes, but you would need to have mounting attachments set up to install a speed bag. Or you could go for a freestanding speed bag, which could be a better choice for you.

How often do you need to inflate a speed bag?

This will depend on how quickly it loses air. You should inflate the bag if you feel that it has gotten too soft for you.


Now that you’ve reached the end, you should have learned everything you need to know to buy the best speed bag.

If one of the bags seemed perfect for you, then you should probably buy it. If not, just continue looking for it!

But don’t rush your choice: you want to spend your money on the right bag!