5 Best Speed Bag Platforms

Speed bags are a great way to incorporate fitness into your daily routine from the comfort of your home. They are prominent fixtures in most training arenas, and are slowly finding their way into home gyms.

A study conducted on Egyptian boxers shows that boxing exercises help improve and maintain cardiovascular health. The journal, Sports Medicine published a review article stating that amateur boxers experience low body fat, improved muscle strength, and increased lung power.

After extensive research, our team created a list of the best speed bag platforms for home and gym use, keeping the best design, features, and pricing in mind. Read on to know more! 

Our Top 3 Picks:

XMark Adjustable Speed Bag Platform MaxMMA Adjustable Speed Bag Platform Kit Valor Fitness Speed Bag Platform Set
Pros Minimal Vibrations
Optimal Rebound
Professional Grade Swivel
Good for Beginners and Experts
Affordably Priced
Professional Design
Adjustable Height
Allows Customization
Faster Rebound
Sturdy and Durable

5 Best Speed Bag Platforms on a Budget

Speed Bags are relatively inexpensive pieces of fitness equipment that you can add to your home gym. You can attach the speed bag to a platform that can be fixed to a wall. Speed bag platforms are an excellent option for those who are working out alone; it reduces the need for a trainer or a gym companion!

Let us look at the best Speed Bag Platforms for home and gym use. 

#1. XMark Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

The best speed bag platform must be sturdy and well-designed, should allow options for adjustments, and give you a good workout. The Xmark Adjustable Speed Bag Platform offers all these features and more. A heavy-gauge construct and a sturdy wooden base make this speed bag platform a must-have for your home gym.


  • The XMark Adjustable Speed Bag platform has all the premium features you would expect from a professional-grade product. Reviewers across the web have stated that the product offers the best value for money.
  • Using a speed bag platform helps you build body-eye coordination. The Xmark successfully does this with its height adjustment and swivel features. This platform includes a professional grade ball-bearing swivel, perfect for seasoned boxers and MMA players to warm-up and workout. This platform also allows for a height adjustment of 15 inches. This reduces the need to buy an attachment separately!
  • The heavy-gauge steel construct ensures sturdiness and longevity, minimizes vibrations, and allows for optimal rebounds during your workout sessions. With lesser vibrations, your platform will last long and function well. The 24-inch drum is 1½ inches thick and is made of hardwood, with a furniture finish making this platform look sleek and stylish. You can mount the speed bag on standard household studs with a distance of 16 inches between them.


  • Heavy-gauge steel for sturdiness and durability
  • Sturdy wooden platform
  • Minimal vibrations and optimal rebounds
  • Height adjustment and swivel ensure versatility
  • Perfect for seasoned athletes and new users


  • Doesn’t include a speed bag
  • Installing the platform can be challenging since the unit is heavy


To sum up, the XMark XM 4441 is an excellent option for those looking to buy the best speed bag platforms most suitable for home and gym use. With a sturdy build, optimal rebound swivel and height adjustment features, this speed bag is our top pick!  Not only is it stylish and durable, but also has received rave reviews from users and is a popular first choice amongst the premium speed bag platforms.

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#2. Everlast Speed Bag Platform

Our second pick for the best speed bag platform is from Everlast. Like XMark Adjustable platform, this product also features height-adjustment. This Everlast speed platform is versatile in terms of the types of speed bags you can use with it. According to an Amazon review, if you are looking to buy your first boxing speed bag platform, this is a good place to start. It is affordable and an ideal purchase for home gym setups.


  • The Everlast Speed Bag Platform features a 24-inch board and 1-inch thick drum. A spring pin lock allows you to adjust the height of the platform depending on your requirement. The included swivel adds support and stability. A full rubber-edge binding contributes to the safety factor when using this equipment.
  • Due to the drum’s wide base, this boxing platform is sturdy and durable. It is compatible with double-end bags and anchors. The speed rebound is excellent and free of vibrations. The platform can bear an ideal weight of 65 lbs for the best results.
  • This model is 8-inches in height, which is also adjustable. Everlast offers a 6-month warranty on this speed bag platform, subject to terms and conditions. 


  • A great option for beginners
  • Sturdy, stable, and versatile
  • Included swivel
  • Affordably-priced
  • Good rebound
  • Height adjustable


  • Wall-mount hardware and punching bag not included
  • Installation can be complicated


Despite the negatives, the Everlast Speed Bag Platform is an excellent boxing platform, especially if you are looking to purchase your first one. The product is sturdy and has great rebound. It stays in place after installation and lasts long. Its features make it a great boxing platform for professionals and first-time users as well.

Though users have mentioned a couple of difficulties during the installation, it serves as the perfect addition to your home gym once it is in place.

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#3. Valor Fitness Speed Bag Platform Set

The Valor Fitness CA-50 Plus is a DIY punching kit that gives you the advantage and satisfaction of assembling your speed bag platform in the comfort of your home. That, and the fact that it is inexpensive, makes the Valor CA-50 one of the best speed bag platforms for use at home.


  • This platform measures 24 inches in diameter and is made of Medium Density Fiberboard, or MDF, a material similar to plywood. This platform may not be as sturdy as wood but is still good enough to support the punching bag’s weight. Besides, the platform is heavy and sturdy, making it ideal for a good boxing workout.
  • The product doesn’t include a speed bag and a swivel, both of which must be purchased separately. The DIY kit contains eight installation bolts with nuts and washers, and four swivel installation bolts with nuts and washers. Though this model doesn’t include a swivel, the hardware is strong enough to support swivels of any kind and make. 
  • All the nuts and bolts require oiling and maintenance regularly to reduce the chances of rusting or spoiling. The platform can be easily unscrewed from the mount when not in use. It is sturdy and heavy with minimal vibrations, and has a decent rebound.
  • Despite being cheap compared to most speed bag platforms available in the market, the Valor Fitness CA-50 Plus works efficiently.


  • Inexpensive
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Made from heavy-duty materials
  • Decent rebound


  • Doesn’t include a speed bag and swivel
  • For best results, you must purchase all accessories from Valor fitness
  • Users have complained about difficulties in installing and mounting the platform
  • Chain links can get bent


Despite the drawbacks listed above, the Valor CA-50 Plus is an excellent, inexpensive speed bag platform with more positive reviews and ratings as compared to products in a similar price range. With a sturdy build, a DIY option, and a decent rebound, this product is the best purchase for those looking to buy a boxing speed bag platform on a tight budget.

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#4. MaxMMA Adjustable Speed Bag Platform Kit

This speed bag platform kit is an excellent option for those looking to buy DIY speed bag platforms that offer a host of features. The MaxMMA kit’s quality is comparable to most of the expensive boxing speed bag platforms in the market.

While many speed bag platforms do not include a punching bag, the Max MMA Speed Bag Platform Kit differentiates itself by including a speedball. Priced very reasonably, this DIY kit packs features such as height-adjustment, a solid wooden base, and a professional-grade design.


  • The Max MMA Platform Kit packs many features of higher-priced platforms, making it the best value-for-money. The 24-inch in diameter and the 1.5-inch thick base is sturdy enough to hold speed bags of any size and type.
  • The included 10” by8” punching bag reduces the hassle of buying a speedball separately. The kit also consists of a swivel and a hand pump with a needle. The only item not included is the wall-mount hardware.
  • The height of the platform is adjustable, allowing multiple people to use the boxing platform. The kit also includes detailed instructions with pictures, making assembly and installation hassle-free.
  • The platform is sturdy and made from professional-grade materials, reducing vibrations when boxing. The rebound rate is excellent. The boxing platform can accommodate different kinds of speed bags and swivels, giving you an option to upgrade whenever needed.


  • Professional-grade material and design
  • Includes speed bag and swivel
  • Affordably-priced
  • Excellent rebound rate
  • Height-adjustable
  • Upgradeable
  • Compatible with all brands


  • Doesn’t include wall-mount hardware


The MaxMMA Adjustable Speed Bag Platform Kit is a feature-rich product that manages to stay a cut above its competitors. With a sturdy build, professional-grade design, an included speed bag and swivel, this platform reduces the need to buy accessories from other sources. User reviews have been excellent, with some reviewers stating that this product deserves five stars because of its quality and durability.

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#5. Valor Fitness Boxing Speed Bag Platform

Our final pick is the Adjustable Speed Bag Platform from Valor. This product is extremely well-built. If you are looking to buy a platform that will last for ages, this is the best choice for you.


  • The Valor Fitness CA-2 Speed Bag Platform is a complete package, with all accessories and attachments included.
  • The platform holds to the wall with a 2” by 2” frame. 12 1-inch tubes form a bridge between the platform and the frame, holding them together for increased stability. There are mounting brackets provided which allow you to mount the platform onto the wall.
  • The platform base is made of a 1-inch thick MDF board, reinforced with two steel chrome tubes. The base measures 24-inches in diameter, allowing you to use speed bags of any size with this boxing platform. The product includes a speed bag that functions well, so you needn’t buy another one.
  • The Valor Fitness Platform is adjustable, and you can tighten it in place to reduce any shaking, and enjoy a stable unit through your practice sessions.
  • The product also includes a 360° swivel and a pump. Once the unit goes on to the wall, it stays in place due to multiple reinforcements. The design also minimizes vibrations and has a good rebound.


  • Sturdy design
  • Reinforced for extra strength
  • Includes a speedball, a swivel, and a hand pump
  • Height-adjustable
  • Minimum vibrations and excellent rebound


Heavy unit, needs two people for the assembly process


The Valor Fitness Adjustable CA2 Speed Bag Platform is an excellent choice for those looking to buy a complete boxing platform unit. All accessories are included, and the installation is hassle-free. Once installed, the product stays stable and robust, and works well. Height adjustment is easy and allows multiple people to use the unit.

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Best Speed Bag Platforms: Buying Guide

Speed bags are an essential part of fitness training routines. Once these were used only by boxers, but now you can see everyone using them for warm-ups, workouts, and boxing practice. Speed bag platforms are convenient for home set-ups as they are compact, can be fixed to the walls, and take up very little space.

A good speed bag platform should be sturdy and well-built. It should be able to absorb vibrations as you punch the speedball. The frame should also allow for a good rebound from the punching ball. The platform must be easy to assemble and provide features such as swivel and height adjustments. Compatibility with accessories from any brand or make is always an advantage.

Many companies sell various brands and a wide variety of speed bag platforms to suit different price ranges and requirements. Buying the best boxing platform that will meet your requirements needs some planning and research. In our buying guide, we will cover some key points that you must consider when buying the best speed bag platforms.

Platform Drum:

The platform drum is the circular base that holds the boxing speed bag. It is usually made of different materials like wood, MDF, plastic etc. Wood is the most preferred material, as it stays sturdy and is long-lasting. Wooden platform drums are generally more expensive too. 

The next commonly used material is moderately-priced MDF. This may not be as durable as wood but it still lasts long. Plastic is sometimes used to construct platform drums, but such platforms are very cheap and unreliable since plastic tends to break easily. If you are ready to invest a decent amount of money in your speed bag platforms, make sure you opt for wood.


Some speed bag platforms include in-built swivels, while others do not. When buying a model without a swivel feature, you can purchase a swivel separately. Buying a model with a swivel turns out to be cheaper in most cases.


A strong and sturdy frame supports the platform bag unit and absorbs any vibrations. Choose a product with an all-metal frame, and well-designed strong brackets that support the frame.

A unit that absorbs vibrations ensures smooth training and an excellent rebound. Keep in mind that your speed bag platform must give you the exact amount of rebound for your training session. Too much or too little rebound can play havoc with your workout rhythm.

Height Adjustments:

Buying a boxing speed bag platform with a height adjustment facility will help everyone adjust the height of the speed bag according to their convenience. This feature is also useful if you practice boxing at different heights and with different speed bags. Models that offer height adjustment tend to be expensive when compared to fixed-height models.

You can buy a speed bag with fixed height when a single person is using the speed bag. Fixed bag speed bags are cheaper and can be the equipment of choice when buying a speed bag platform unit on a tight budget.


The durability of any equipment depends on the material used in its design and construction. A platform made with an all-metal frame and a wooden base is generally more sturdy and lasts the longest. On the flip-side, such platforms are more expensive. A good compromise is a platform base made out of MDF material which is relatively cheaper and lasts well as well.

When it comes to speed bags, the best material is natural leather since it is durable, has an aesthetic appearance, and lasts long. However, since these bags can be expensive, synthetic leather comes a close second and is the most common material used in speed bags. Bags made of this material are durable and economical.

Size of the Speedball:

Your speed ball’s size is an important factor that will decide the size of your platform drum. In general, it is wise to buy a versatile drum that will accommodate boxing balls of all sizes. Worry not,  most drums on our list are versatile too!

Other Considerations:

Keeping a tab on product reviews and ratings, warranties, availability of spare parts, after-sales customer service, shipping and returns, assembly instructions etc., will help you avoid unwanted surprises once you decide to buy the product.


The final but the ultimate deciding factor is your budget. If budget is not a constraint, you can buy the best feature-rich platforms made from the best materials. When on a specific budget, you must decide on the best product that money can buy you. 

The above factors, combined with your budget, will help you determine which speed bag platform you must purchase.


What is the Best Speed Bag Platform?

Our team unanimously voted for XMark Adjustable Speed Bag Platform as the best speed bag platform. The build is sturdy, is perfect for every kind of workout and is an optimal choice for both beginners and experts. The platform is made using the best materials, making it the most durable.

How Thick Should a Speed Bag Platform be?

The durability of a speed bag platform largely depends on the size and thickness of the platform base or the drum. Ideally, the platform drum should be of 1½-inch thickness, having a diameter of 24-inches, and should be designed with materials such as wood or MDF.

Does the Speed Bag Really Work?

A speed bag greatly helps improve focus and enhances the coordination between mind and body. Apart from this, speed bag boxing also lays the foundation for improving muscle strength and overall fitness levels.

What is the Best Inexpensive Speed Bag Platform?

When looking to buy the best speed bag platform on a budget, you can opt for the Valor Fitness Speed Bag Platform set. It has all the features that you would expect from a reasonably-priced speed bag platform.


Speed bags are a great way to improve your fitness routine or start a new one. Professional boxers and athletes use speed bags as a way to warm-up before a game. The field of fitness equipment is highly competitive, with many models and brands built according to different requirements.

The challenge is to find a happy medium between premium features and your budget. We hope that our article will help make the decision easier when you buy the best boxing speed bag platform for your home or gym use.