5 Best Rowing Machines Under $1000

For people who wish to lose weight and maintain an exercise pattern, rowing is always an excellent option. But the experience can be hindered by many factors such as weather conditions.

To avoid such hurdles, you need rowing machines that can be easily used indoors without giving you many problems.

Our research team did an in-depth research and talked with experts and fitness trainers, to come up with this list of Best Rowing Machines under $1000.

We have listed down the best rowing machines with the most features within the price range of $1000. 

Our Top 3 Picks

First Degree Fluid Rower Merax Water Rowing Machine Mr. Right Water Rowing Machine
Pros Heart Rate Sensors
Steel Frame of High Quality
Variety of Resistance Levels
Multi-Feature Monitor System
Waterproof and Dustproof Cover
Non-Slippery and Adjustable Footplate


5 Best Rowing Machines Under $1000 for Home Use

#1. First Degree Fitness Fluid Rower – AR Newport

A top seller rowing machine in the category of gymming at home, AR Newport is made for all fitness lovers.

The machine offers an overall workout of the body along with giving you the feel, sound, and sight of real-water rowing.



The tank stores more than enough water required to carry out a challenging and good workout.

Fluid Resistance

The versatile fluid resistance technology helps in changing the resistance level from minimum to maximum with just the turn of the dial.

No Dead Spots

The baffled-tank internals and the unique triple-bladed impellers of the First Degree Fitness deliver constant resistance and instant catch all over the stroke.

Pulley System

The pulley system increases the resistance’s range and at the same time retains recoil action and constant tension.


The monitor displays distance, time, strokes per minute, watts, heart rate, and calories per hour.


The straps and footplates are highly adjustable, which ensures a comfortable rowing position and optimistic foot placement.


The frame of the machine is of high-quality aluminum for appearance, durability, appearance, and smoothness.

  • Appropriate design
  • Wheels for easy access
  • Heart rate sensors
  • Cushioned seat 
  • Steel frame of high quality
  • Eye-catching look


  • Little nosy

The red color makes the machine look very attractive. Also, the ergonomic and comfortable seat and handlebars give the user a wonderful workout experience.

This equipment is perfect for cardio exercise and can also be stored easily, which will look like a very decorative piece of furniture.

Why Did We Decide This to be on #1?

After talking with many fitness experts and trainers and skimming through different websites, we came to the opinion that this elliptical is best based on the functions, which stand unique. Also, the reviews by customers made us more confident that the First Degree Fitness Fluid Rower – AR Newport is the best choice for under $1000.

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#2. Merax Water Rowing Machine

With a variety of features and affordable prices, this equipment is one of the best rowing machines available in the market.

The Merax Water Rowing Machine is a very good option for home-gym equipment, and, thus, can also give a full-body workout at the ease of your home.


Adjustable Resistance

The unique inclination of the water tank gives more resistance as compared to other rowing machines with a flat inclination.

Smooth and Quiet Rowing

The Merax water rowing machine gives the experience of rowing in real water. This is because of the smooth and quiet functioning of the equipment.

Users can enjoy the sound of water splashing or any stream of their favorite show without even turning the volume high.


The LCD monitor displays the distance, heart rate, strokes, and duration of the rowing intensity. You can also change the race modes for an in-depth rowing competition.

Customized Experience

You can adjust the water level according to the resistance you prefer while working out.

Space Saver

Merax water rower has built-in wheels that let you easily move the equipment for compact storage.

  • Quiet and smooth rowing
  • Strong build
  • Large footrest suitable for all foot size
  • Rolling transportation system
  • Variety of resistance levels
  • Soft handlebar
  • Multi-feature monitor system
  • No sensor for heart rate

The Merax Water Rowing Machine has an inclined water tank, durable steel frame, variable workout programs, and multiple resistance levels.

Also, it is the perfect equipment for muscle toning, full-body cardio workout, weight loss as well as improvement of stamina.

Undoubtedly it is one of the best rowing machines in this price range of $1000.

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#3. Mr. Right Water Rowing Machine

The cheapest-priced rowing machine on our list, Mr. Right Water Rowing Machine is stylish and space-saving.

The Mr. Right Water Rowing Machine gives a real-water rowing experience and also has wheels for easy movement. 


Convenience of Storage

The equipment has wheels for easy transportation and moreover, it can easily stand against the closet or wall when not in use.

Owing to the equipment’s rail track covered with aluminum alloy, it is sturdy and looks like a more beautiful piece of furniture than a rowing machine.

Real-Life Experience

The design of this machine is like a ship and also the water-resistance brings a perfect feeling of rowing experience.

Comfortable Workout

The cushioned seat, adjustable footplates, active recoil system makes the workout extremely comfortable and quiet with just the apt noise of the water.

Customizable Bluetooth

You can manage the 3 modes present in Mr. Right Water Rowing machine. These modes are Interval, Manual, and Target.

These modes help in managing the time and reaching the goal of your exercise faster and efficiently.

  • Cushioned seat
  • Waterproof and dustproof cover
  • Non-slippery and adjustable footplate
  • Bluetooth monitor
  • Variety of workout options
  • Water rowing test
  • Workout machine for full body
  • Quiet
  • High-quality
  • No backlight included

Mr. Right Water Rowing Machine is durable, functional, sleek, sturdy, and has a vintage look of a water rowing machine, hence, outshining other rowing machines. 

It has high-class power rowers and is non-slippery, space-saving with adjustable footrests.

The rail track which is covered with heavy-duty aluminum alloy is the attraction and sight of the equipment that is appreciable.

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#4. Stamina Conversion II Recumbent Exercise Bike/Rower

A 2-in-1 machine, Stamina Conversion II Bike/Rower is a combination of the rowing machine and a recumbent bike. This equipment is half of the total space which both of these machines would take separately.

Moreover, with double features, this machine just costs half of what the two machines combined together would cost. This means that you get 2 machines for the price of 1.


Workout Programs

The Stamina Conversion II Bike/Rower has 4 custom programs, 6 cardio profiles, 1 heart rate program, and 1 manual program.

Fitness Monitor

The equipment has a fitness monitor that tracks calories per minute, distance, and time.

Moreover, the fitness monitor has a down and up arrow to function between data options with a backlit black LCD.

Workout Data

The workout data in the machine includes pulse count, time, distance, watt, and strokes per minute.

Adjustable Footplates

The footplates can adjust to any shoe size with the help of adjustable straps.

Portable Design

The design of the Stamina Conversion is such that it can be folded and be stored in a small place.

  • Extremely quiet
  • Sturdy design
  • Soft handlebar
  • Massive seat
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy transportation
  • Foldable
  • Good workout of lower body
  • Suitable for user of any height
  • Not so soft seat

With this machine, you get an extensive cardio workout. It also has a cycling feature for the workout of the lower body.

The equipment has multiple resistant levels with a cushioned seat for a good workout and rowing experience.

Stamina Conversion II Bike/Rower is suitable for the workout of full-body without having to use different types of equipment for different body parts.

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#5. Water Rowing Machine 350 lb

The material and build quality make this rowing machine pleasurable to use and also give the motivation to the user to exercise more.

The resistance that this machine gives just with the half-full tank is a challenge even for intermediate users.



The equipment is made up of red walnut wood, which is both sturdy and strong. The machine has such an elegant design that it will act as a beautiful piece of furniture in your house.

Easy Storage

The Water Rowing Machine 350 lb is not just easy to assemble but can also be easily stored.

The wheels at the bottom of the equipment assist in easy transportation and the machine can stand easily too.

Bluetooth Monitor

The advanced tracker keeps records of statistical information like time spent, strokes per minute (SPM), average calories burnt per hour, and distance rowed.

Moreover, if you want to sync the data with your smartphone, you can use the ‘FitShow’ app for the same purpose.

Real Experience with Silent Workout

Without even disturbing the people nearby, you can experience the soothing voice of rushing water.

Easy on Muscles and Joints

With so many workout options, the equipment focuses on major groups of muscles with little or no effect on knee joints.

Also, you can manage the resistance according to the workout session you want, be it extreme muscle buildings or fat-burning cardio.


  • Attractive look
  • Quiet
  • Sturdy design
  • Easily transportable
  • Comfortable seat
  • Cushioned seat
  • Suitable for users with any height
  • Filling of tank before each use


Water Rowing Machine 350 lb has great features and is also made with solid wood.

The equipment has a structure that is compact and, thus, can be easily stored. It also has straps with large foot pedals and a display monitor too.

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Best Rowing Machines Under $1000: Ultimate Buying Guide 


The size of the equipment is one of the most important aspects to consider before buying. The size should be optimal with your room’s size, where you want to place it.

Apart from this, the rowing machines come in different lengths, so the one that fits the most according to your body should be given an advantage.

The scale of the rowing machine should make your workout session comfortable and should facilitate your body. 

Also, because of this reason only, the weight capacity is an aspect to look forward to while buying rowing machines.


The poor design of the rowing machines may not give you a good workout experience. Therefore, you must look into some features like a padded seat, handle, footrest along the length.

These aspects assist in having a smoother rowing experience.

A good and adjustable footrest helps you in moving easily and conveniently along with avoiding any risk of injury.

The seat of the rowing machine must be massive and cushioned so that the body adjusts naturally in a well-balanced position without little conscious effort. 

Also, the padded handles for the workout session give a better row for a considerable duration with no pain. The handles may additionally be thickly covered to guard your fingers, arms, and hands.

Display Screen

The display screen helps in motivating the user along with displaying information like heart rate, time rowed, and distance rowed. 

The screen differs with different rowing machines. The premium rowing machines sometimes add features like dark mode, which gives the user the advantage of rowing in dark with the entertainment function on the screen.

Also, some rowing machines give the feature of Bluetooth sync, which enables you to sync your workout data (displayed on-screen) with your smartphone.

The live streaming feature on the display screen gives a fun workout session with other users.

Easy Movement

The rowing machine needs to be straightforward and compact enough to be able to put in a small space. 

The portable, light, and wheeled rowing machines are convenient to store after a workout session.


Water-resistance is the most important feature in any rowing machine. For a good workout session, the bucket of water needs to be adjustable according to the level of resistance you prefer. It helps in changing the workout routine tremendously.

This water can be adjusted both automatically and manually, and it depends on the user as to which water rowing machine he/she prefers to have a workout on.

Rowing machines with air resistance operate much smoother because of propellers. And due to variable resistance levels, the user feels lighter.

Magnetic resistance rowing machines have a solid and tough body, which assists in having a workout easily.

Piston rowing machines are not long-lasting and that is why low in cost too as compared to others. Also, the resistance in piston machines cannot be controlled.

According to experts, the best rowing machines are the water ones. Users in these rowing machines may get the genuine feeling of rowing.


One of the most important aspects while purchasing anything. Good thing while buying a rowing machine is that there are plenty of options at a reasonable price too.

You need not go hard on your pocket to buy equipment with outstanding features, as many brands/companies give premium features in budget-priced rowing machines.

Water-Level Adjustment

Good water rowing machines have the feature of adding and subtracting water in the tank effectively. The users can adjust the water level according to their requirements.

Noise Level

The rowing machines do not make much noise while the user is working on them. Although these machines may not be silent, they produce a sound that seems to be ‘zen-like’.

The noise produced is soothing and meditative for the user’s ears. This noise is due to the vibration and rowing strap of the wood instead of the chain.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) 

How Long Should a Workout Session Be On a Rowing Machine?

The time spent on the rowing machine depends on the fitness goals and levels of the user. Initially, you can go for a workout session of 20-minutes per day.

Gradually, you may increase the time spent on the machine by 5 minutes per session per week.

As a beginner, to avoid the risk of a back injury, you may row up to 500 meters in the time span of 5 to 6 minutes. You can do reps of this workout session with a small break in between the reps.

Is a Rowing Machine Safe During Pregnancy?

Working out during pregnancy depends totally on the experience of the user. If you are a beginner, exercising on a rowing machine may not be a good time.

But in case you have been working out regularly before pregnancy, you may carry on with a normal workout in the early stages.

Keep in mind to lower the foot pedals so that less pressure goes on the tummy and abdominal area. Also, keep your back straight while performing strokes.

You should slightly open the legs while rowing forward for the extra room for the baby.

You should avoid working out in the final stages of pregnancy. Consult your doctor before performing any exercises during the pregnancy period.

Do Rowing Machines Help in Weight Loss?

Yes, you can lose weight with the help of a rowing machine. For this, you must go for a heart rate program that involves measuring heartbeats per minute.

Also, you need to have less calorie intake. If you see on the monitor that you have lost 300 to 400 calories, it doesn’t mean that you can give yourself a treat.

Your motto during a workout should be ‘Exercise more and eat less.’

Is the Rowing Machine Bad for the Back?

As long as you work out in a good posture with proper training, rowing is not bad for any body part including your back.

People with fragile abdominals round their backs while rowing. This is not the correct posture and causes back strain.

The best posture is that you open your chest, keep the shoulders in-line with the chest, and the core should be fully engaged for rowing back and forward.

Since rowing has a low impact on the body, the rowing machines ensure that your core is strengthened and also helps in maintaining your back straight.

What Muscles are Targeted While Using The Rowing Machine?

Many muscles are targeted and engaged while working out on the rowing machine with correct posture and technique.

Rowing machines help in leg muscles (hamstrings, quadriceps, and gluteus maximus).

It also helps in muscles between the shoulder blades (trapezius and rhomboids).

The arm’s muscles (anterior and triceps) are also being strengthened out when you pull the handlebars.

Which Type of Rowing Machine is Best?

There are a variety of rowing machines available in the market and of different price ranges.

The machines vary in the forms of air rowers, water rowers, magnetic rowers, budget rowers, flywheel rowers, and hydraulic rowers.

It depends on the buyers as to what aspects they are considering while purchasing the equipment. The aspects may be performance, price, durability, features, and storage space.

It also depends on the experience level of the users. The beginners may want to invest in a budget rowing machine while an experienced user may go for high-ended rowing machines.

Which Rowing Machines are The Quietest?

The main reason for the noise in rowing machines is the intensity and the speed of the sliding by the rowing.

Lubrication helps in reducing the noise. Also, the more focused and controlled strokes also help in the reduction of noise.

Magnetic rowing machines are the quietest. Whereas, water and air rowing machines, though not much loud, are louder than magnetic ones.

The air rowing machines make a noise similar to the noise of flywheel turns.

The water rowing machine makes a noise similar to the ‘whooshing’ of water.

How Does the Rowing Machine Operate?

The equipment works according to the proper upper body and leg movements. You may consider the following steps for a better result.

  • STEP 1 (Catch): Sit still with back upright, ankles and knees flexed, and back upright. Also, engage your core and slightly pull down your shoulders.
  • STEP 2 (Drive): Push the strap back with your legs with the core fully engaged. Lean our hips slightly at an angle of 45 degrees when your legs have straightened. The last movement is to pull the handles towards the torso just a few inches above the belly button.
  • STEP 3 (Finish): Perform the entire movement in the reverse order and come back to the Catch position.

Are the Calorie Counters on Rowing Machines Accurate?

The calorie counter works as a guide. The calories represented on them depend on various factors such as the environment, heat of the machine, your body’s size and weight, and your age.

If calorie counting is your primary focus, then you may consider what you eat and go for programs that count calories during the rowing session.

Is Rowing Good for Abs?

Rowing helps in the workout of the full body. If you are rowing with the proper pose, balance, and technique, then you are using multiple groups of muscles.

When your core muscles are contracting, you are working out on your abdominal area.

When you keep the tension on the midsection and front, you are strengthening your abs.