Top 6 Best Reflex Bags [Reviewed and Rated]

Innolife Spinning Reflex Boxing Bag Ringside Fitness Reflex Bag Everlast Hyperflex
Pros Great stability
Great quality
Adjustable height
Adjustable height
Adjustable heigh

If you are training in combat sport, nothing makes more sense than practicing the right movement, bobbing, and striking with the right reflex bag.

Best Reflex Bags Reviewed

Here are some top reflex bags that have been carefully chosen to give you your money’s worth in terms of training, stability, and durability.


#1 Innolife Spinning Reflex Boxing Bag

This reflex bag is one of the expensive bags out there in the market. It’s ideal if you want to improve on your techniques and combination effectively. It is scientifically designed to get you the kind of result you desired.

Because you can quickly fill the base with sand or water makes the bag a tool of stability.

Also, this free-standing reflex bag is specially designed to improve your timing, speed, footwork, reflexes, including your hand-and-eye coordination.


  • It has an adjustable height with a range between 5’1 and 7’8 which makes it easier for multiple athletes to use
  • No matter your level or if you just want to enjoy how a good reflex bag feels, this model is all you need
  • It’s very durable, and its stability cannot be questioned


  • Expensive

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#2 Ringside Fitness Reflex Bag

One thing you will notice about this reflex bag is the placement of the spring that makes it rebound. In this model, the chrome spring is placed at the base of the pole rather than the middle, and this means that when you hit the bag with force, the whole pole has to flex down and bounce back.

However, the rebound might be a little slow, but it’s good for people trying to improve on their timing without increasing the speed.

The Ringside Fitness Reflex Bag is made with synthetic leather, which makes it durable to withstand plenty of training sessions. However, it does not mean low quality because it’s made with synthetic material.

The base of the reflex bag is worthy of mention because it holds a lot of weight when you fill it with water or sand, and it can hold up to 125lbs to 240lbs of weight.

The frame height can also be adjusted from 49″ to 69″.


  • The chrome spring is placed at the bottom for a slow rebound
  • Strong and durable synthetic leather bag
  • The base can hold up to 240lbs to 125lbs of water


  • You need to fill with water or sand manually

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#3 Everlast Hyperflex Strike Bag

The Everlast Hyperflex reflex bag has been around for many years, and the product is known for its durability.

To begin with, the steel spring located at the bottom of the pole makes it flex like any other reflex bag. Unlike other reflex bags, the Everlast Hyperflex reflex bag has three-knob on the pole that makes it easier to work out in some specific ways.

The base of the reflex bag is a bit smaller compared to other reflex bags and can only hold about 70lbs of water or sand. This means that you cannot hit this bag with all your power, or you could have it get damaged. So, to increase its stability, you can add some weight to the base.

The height of this reflex bag is not as high like others, but you can raise it to 63″ when in full length and unlike many other bags that are made with bladder, this one comes with solid foam, so it makes it a bit hard to strike and is not also as durable as leather.

In all, the Everlast Hyperflex reflex bag comes with some unique features with a pretty low price point and made by a well-respected company


  • The bag is made with solid foam.
  • Has three different work area for different workouts


  • It gets sagged easily after some beating

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#4 MaxxMMA Advanced Cobra Reflex Bag

Something very peculiar about this reflex bag is the location of the spring. While many reflex bags have their springs placed close to the base of the pole, the Max MMA reflex bag is quite different in the sense that the spring is situated halfway up the pole.

This makes the bag to rebound a lot faster compared with the rest of the bags.

The location of the spring also gives the user a more beneficial workout as it makes the bag more stable when you’re striking at it, so its less likely that when you hit the bag, it’s going to be knocked down.

However, to see good results with these bags, you will need to add some weighted objects at the base before using it.

To make things easier, the products come with its very own weight bag that you can fill so it can weigh appropriately so it won’t tumble over when you hit it with hard strikes.

The bag is made with polyurethane material, so it stays durable even during a hard workout session, and it also comes with two different bags (medium and large size).

The pole is made of steel, and you don’t need to worry if it’s going to break into two during usage or rust when kept out of use. However, the price is on the high side compared to other reflex bags in the market.


  • Comes with two different bag sizes
  • The spring that makes the bag to rebound is placed halfway up the pole
  • Height can be adjusted easily from 52″ to 62″.
  • The bag is made from polyurethane


  • The bag gets turned easily because of the weak bladder within the bag
  • The pole is more likely to break eventually as the screwed is made with weak metal

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#5 Tech Tools Reflex Boxing Bag

This reflex bag is ideal for people that are just starting with boxing or MMA.

Apart from being affordable its also provide beginners with the tools they will need to start practicing. While this bag is not strong enough for veteran fighters, we only added it because it’s an ideal bag for kids and teenagers who just signed up with martial arts.

The bag can be easily adjusted between 48″ to 58″, which is quite low compared to others. The height of the pole makes it not an ideal instrument for adults to use. Also, the product cannot withstand the blow of an adult, and the base can only hold about 15 pounds of water or sand.


  • Can change the height


  • Can easy topple if strike too hard

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#6 Title Boxing Lightning Strike Pro Reflex Bag

This is another effective reflex bag that can help you improve your techniques and precision. The Title Boxing Lightning Strike is another model that comes with different elements like the spring-mounted striking ball, the spinning boxing bag, as well as the paddle target.

This reflex bag is ideal for both beginners and experienced athletes. The reflex bag can withstand the test of time as the paddle target is constructed with a steel material while the spring-mounted striking ball is made with a dense molded form.

So, if you want to develop your bob, speed, and blocking, including defense and jab in different combinations, this bag should be your option.


  • comes in universal sizes, including adjustable height.
  • Has rubber suction cups so it won’t budge while practicing


  • Might be a bit difficult to install

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What is a Reflex Bag?

A reflex bag is a freestanding punching bag that takes little space in your apartment and is specially made for boxing and other combat sports to help in sharpening your skills.

Its construction is so unique that it has a bag at the top, a swinging pole that swings back and forth when struck, and the base is made to sit firmly on the ground.

The good thing about having a reflex bag is that you don’t need to stop training even when the gym closes for the night as you can efficiently train while you’re at home. This bag helps you master some skills that hitherto might have proved difficult without it.

For instance, the reflex bag helps you practice your head movement, enables you to dodge blows, and also makes you land your strikes where you want them.

Another reason why you should have a reflex bag is that it is a lot quieter when compared to using the double end bag – this makes it a lot of fun training at home knowing you won’t be disturbing your neighbors.

And the best of all is that you don’t need to waste your energy trying to hang the bag on your ceiling or to the ground since its made specially to stand on its weighted base position.

Therefore in this review, we are going to look at the best reflex bags available in the market and why you should consider buying one for your daily usage.

How to Choose the Best Reflex Bag?

Reflex bags should be one of the tools fighters need to have in the gym or at home to improve on their techniques. And because there are lots of reflex bags out there, choosing the right bag that will suit your training schedule can be a bit tricky.

Besides, when you chose the wrong reflex bag, it can make you not only lose your investment but also gives you low performance.

Therefore to choose the best reflex bag to help your training sessions, here are just some few things to consider.


If you are looking forward to enjoying your training session with your reflex bag, make sure the one you will buy has a very stable base. You won’t want to train with your bag and have it fly off the ground just because its base is not stable. Some reflex bags have a weighted base that can withstand your blows, and there are some also that adults cannot use. So you need to consider who the bag is meant for – your kids or for you.

Ball Material

Make sure that the ball material is made with durable material. While some are made with real leather, some come in synthetic, and also, some are made of rubber. You need to choose which of these materials will suit your sessions.

Final Verdict

A good reflex bag is one that the user will appreciate its use in a whole lot of ways. It should be designed in a way that will help you train your reflexes so that your dodge and hits are sharpened and, at the same time, helps you to deliver concise shots.

When you are investing in a reflex bag, you need to consider one that is going to benefit your skill level and challenge your training sessions. It should be a bag that will work your movement and gives you the best from your training routines.

With all these in mind, it seems like Ringside Reflex Bag is the favorite among the listed reflex bags here because of its durability, amazing rebounds, and incredible quality.

However, the problem is that you hardly get to see this bag on sale. Most of the time, it is always out of stock, and therefore it is very hard to get your hands on this reflex bag.

On the alternative, we have another with the same qualities, and that is the Max MMA Reflex Bag, which has the same spring system that gives you quick rebounds along with the quality build. You surely will get your money’s worth with one of these reflex bags.