5 Best Recumbent Bike for Tall Person

Tired of trying exercising machines and not losing weight quickly? Have you tried a recumbent bike yet?  

A recumbent bike has a great ergonomic position. It is perfect to lose weight (quickly) and exercise efficiently. It is trusted by professionals and fitness enthusiasts alike.

Many scientific studies show the various benefits of cycling. For instance, there is a positive relationship between cycling and cardiorespiratory fitness. You feel more energized and enthusiastic in activities of daily life and self-efficacy with constant usage of a recumbent bike.

To make things better for you, we have reviewed the best products custom-made to your approach, including budget, ratings, and quality. The best of the category has been chosen. 

To know more, read on!

Top 3 Picks
HARISON Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Recumbent Bike
Pros Easy Adjustable Seat
iPad Holder
Customise Cycling Workout
LCD Monitor
Inbuilt Pulse Sensors
8 Levels of Adjustable Resistance

5 Best Recumbent Exercise Bike for Tall Person in 2021

Let’s read the in-depth review of each recumbent bike, customised to suit all of your problems and needs. 

#1. Harison Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike

This recumbent bike has features like no other, including adjustable seats for tall persons. The 100% Warranty feature is especially attractive, and the safety precautions included make it the best of the lot in this category. With a reasonable price tag, achieving weight loss is an easier target.


Some of the best features associated with this recumbent bike are:

Monitor Heart Rate on Handrail:

The Harison recumbent bike has a heartbeat monitor on its handrail. This is very convenient to measure while you are working out.

Adjustable Oversize Grip:

This recumbent bike caters to the needs of people of different shapes and sizes. It has a silent slide rail which can be easily adjusted depending on your height.

Convenient Transport Wheel:

You can easily transport this recumbent bike from one place to another with the help of the attached wheels. Very convenient for those living in small spaces. 

Quiet Working:

The Harison Recumbent bike has a US Magnetic Control System which enables you to use 14 levels of smooth magnetic resistance. This allows you to challenge and ease your workouts accordingly. 

LCD Screen:

With a multi-function screen, you can easily track your workout feedback. It offers real-time monitoring to check crucial information like time, distance, calories, pulse, and speed.


  • Quiet workout experience
  • Transportation wheels
  • Adjustable oversize grip
  • LCD Screen


  • Customer Support may take time
  • Assembling is a bit tedious

Final Thoughts

With its affordable price tag, and various benefits, it is safe to say that the Harison recumbent bike will provide you with the best possible experience. You will not be disappointed after using it. 

Through our comprehensive research and studies, we have found the best product for you, so that you enjoy your experience properly. 

Why did we Decide to Put This Recumbent Bike on #1 Position?

It is at the number one position in our review as it meets all requirements in the best way: outstanding features, inexpensive price tag, excellent reviews, and the like.

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#2. Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike

With counter-weighted pedals and special features like magnetic resistance, this recumbent bike cannot get any better! It has excellent reviews on its Amazon page, with many happy people posting their experiences. It is another great choice for people who wish to buy a good recumbent bike. People with height upto 6 feet can use it.


Some of the best features associated with this recumbent bike are:

Counter Weighted Pedals:

This recumbent bike has gears that are designed with weighted and counterbalanced pedals. These ensure to provide maximum support, especially to your feet. The pedals have adjustable foot straps that are customizable, suited to your foot size.

Customizable Cycling Workout:

No matter what skill level you possess, the Marcy Recumbent bike will cater to it. It has a magnetic resistance mechanism with 8 inbuilts’ levels, custom-made for your workout experience. 

Premium Steel Construction:

This recumbent bike is made up of a premium steel frame that makes it durable and long-lasting. This is a significant investment, as it will last you for a long time. 

Comfortable Seat:

You can easily avoid back pain as this Marcy recumbent bike comes with a padded seat and a backrest. You can reduce strain on your back during these challenging workout exercises. 

Digital Monitor Screen:

Acting as an odometer, you get access to the time elapsed, speed, distance, and pulse through the means of the digital monitor device. It also measures your heartbeat.


  • Counter Weighted pedals
  • Customize workouts
  • Comfortable seats
  • Digital LCD Screen


  • Equipment may be weak
  • Self-assembly will take time

Final Thoughts

With amazing benefits and prominent features, this recumbent bike captured our utmost attention. You can now say goodbye to a gym membership, as this will give you the best workouts from home. The most intriguing thing about this recumbent bike is its comfort level. 

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#3. Sunny Health P8400 Magnetic Recumbent Bike [Best Exercise Bike for Women]

With the aesthetic appeal attached to this recumbent bike, you can now enjoy the pleasure of running at home, without the usual challenges that are involved. No matter what the weather condition, you can easily use your recumbent bike indoors. Introducing the Sunny recumbent bike that is number 3 on our list! 


Some of the best features associated with this recumbent bike are:

LCD Screen:

Sunny comes with a digital monitor that is easy to read. It allows you to accelerate to your desired speed directly, and also shows your speed, heart rate, time, calories, and distance covered in real-time.

Pulse Sensors:

This recumbent bike has pulse sensors that monitor your heart rate. These are inbuilt in the bike, allowing you to maintain your pulse, while also working out efficiently.

Adjustable Resistance:

You can easily change the intensity of your workout with the knob. There are 8 levels of resistance that can be achieved by a simple turn, allowing you to customize your workout. 

Self-leveling Pedal:

Unlike other recumbent bikes, this one has a textured non-slip pedal that will accommodate feet of any size, no matter what height or shape. It also has adjustable straps which allow your feet to remain in place. 

Aesthetic Appeal:

This Sunny recumbent bike comes in pink, making it a vibrant choice, and adding appealing looks to your house. 


  • LCD Screen
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Self-leveling pedal
  • Pulse Sensors


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Everyone may not like the pink color

Final Thoughts

After discussing this recumbent bike in detail, you now know of the numerous features associated with it. This is also the most affordable recumbent bike on the list in this category. 

This is a budget-friendly recumbent bike that you might want to invest in, keeping in mind its aesthetic appeal. 

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#4. Marcy Magnetic Recumbent Exercise Bike with 8 Resistance Levels

Do you want to experience high-quality workouts on a budget? Then, the Marcy Recumbent Bike is your perfect fit! With a compact design and a large padded seat, this is the bike to own.

Let us read further to know more.


Some of the best features associated with this recumbent bike are:

Device Holder:

Marcy Recumbent Bike comes with a device holder. You can easily place your favorite book, phone, or tablet and watch your favorite shows on the go while working out.

Comfortable Seat:

It comes with a super padded, durable, and comfortable seat. This will ensure that your workouts are easy and not distracted by the comfort levels. 

Adjustable knobs:

You can easily adjust your seat depending on your size and shape. The inseam lengths available in it vary from 28” to 35”. 

LCD Screen:

This recumbent bike comes with an LCD screen, designed for easy reading. The screen shows you real-time displays of calories, speed, and distance.   

Transport Wheels:

You can easily transport it, with the help of the attached wheels. You just have to tilt and push it to the desired place.


  • Transport Wheels
  • Comfort Cushioning
  • Device Holder
  • Adjustable seat


  • Adjusting the tension may be a problem
  • Progress may take time to show on the device screen

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a recumbent bike within a good budget, and with great reviews

This is the one for you. You get great features like transport wheels, comfort cushioning, and device holder, all within a few hundred dollars. 

It meets our requirement of excellent features, affordability, and reviews!

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#5. Pooboo Recumbent Exercise Bikes

Ever imagined working out while working? Well, it’s possible now! Introducing the pooboo recumbent bike. With its compact design and mute magnetic system, this might be your perfect fit.

Let us know more about it.


Some of the best features associated with this recumbent bike are:

Adjustable Pedal:

This recumbent bike comes with adjustable pedals, which are convenient for a safe cycling experience. It also comes with straps to keep your feet sturdy.


Pooboo comes with transportation wheels, which makes it extremely easy to shift it from one place to another. You just need to tilt and roll it, saving space in your house.

Bottle Holder:

This recumbent bike has an easy-to-reach water-bottle holder, where you can keep your bottle, and quench your thirst while working out.

LCD Monitor and Phone Holder:

Pooboo has a special phone holder to cater to your entertainment and work needs. It also has an LCD Monitor to show your real-time workout progress. 

Adjustable Sizing:

No matter what your size is, you can easily adjust the seat of this recumbent bike. It will give more comfort and ensure better posture.


  • Portability
  • Adjustable Sizing
  • Bottle Holder
  • LCD Monitor


  • Assembly may be an issue
  • Noisy while working out

Final Thoughts

Who would’ve thought of a recumbent bike that is so sleek with 8 levels of resistance? The pooboo bike has made it possible with state-of-the-art technology. It is a superb choice for home workouts.

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Best Recumbent Bikes For Tall People: Buying Guide

There are several things to be considered before buying the Best Recumbent Exercise Bike. Let us go through the buying guide and consider the factors that need to be incorporated before buying one!


One of the most important features of a recumbent bike is its adjustability. You should choose a bike with easy sliding, so as to adjust to your height and weight. This is especially important for tall people, who might not fit in the standard size of a recumbent bike.  

A proper sized bike also gives you access to reach your LCD display and water-bottle holder with no problems. If you are not well adjusted, you will have problems with the strapping of the pedals too, making you vulnerable to injuries. 

Even shorter people can benefit from this since the average size is longer for them. Your straps should also be adjustable, depending upon your foot size.

Weight and Height Capacity:

Many recumbent bikes have limits on the weights that they manage. Some bikes can handle people from varying sizes, whereas others may not be able to hold such drastic weights. Moreover, some bikes are great for people of specific heights, as opposed to the general ones, which may not suit everyone.

You must read the description of the recumbent bike before investing in it, as it may not suit your weight or height. You should be able to pedal the bike efficiently, according to your height.


There are several features that come attached with a recumbent bike. Some of them include a phone holder, a water-bottle holder, and an LCD screen. These definitely influence your buying decisions.

A multi-featured recumbent bike is the best investment you can make. However, at times you might find that the features are not long-lasting. For instance, the LCD monitors might give inaccurate readings of heart rate and the speed covered. 

So, it is best advised to not get overwhelmed by such numerous benefits until you check them yourself. Ensure that the features suit your needs, and you should be able to change it according to your wishes. It is suggested to check, use, and then purchase a recumbent bike.


Good quality recumbent bikes have the option to change the resistance of at least 6 to 8 knobs. The ones which are not so proficient in quality might have lesser knobs, or worse, not work at all.

The better the quality, the better the levels. For example, bikes with 7 knobs are generally considered to be good in the resistance levels.

Different producers and companies differ in their resistance levels, so it is advised to check your prospective recumbent bike’s levels before buying it. Design:

The overall aesthetics of a recumbent bike can be pretty appealing, if not the same as those you find in a gym. 

These bikes will look and add to the appeal in your office or home, depending upon your respective needs. More importantly, most of these can be easily transported, making it easy to shift.

This particular feature is essential, as saving space is one of the biggest factors any potential customer looks at. No matter where you live, these types of recumbent bikes can be super useful to save space. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) 

How do I Pick the Right Recumbent Bike?

There are several factors that make a recumbent bike good. Some of them are the resistance levels, multi-use features, design, and adjustability. As someone who wishes to cycle on these recumbent bikes, it all depends upon what you want. 

Check the comparison table on the top and find out the best recumbent bike that meets your needs!

How Can I Choose an Easy Transportation Recumbent Bike?

Recumbent bike size is an important factor for home exercise. You need a recumbent bike with a compact size that suits your home exercises. 

However, an even more important factor is transportation wheels. This is an essential factor for easy moving, allowing you to shift your bike from one place to another within a matter of minutes. Just tilt and roll!

How Good is a Recumbent Bike For Working Out?

One of the principal functions of a recumbent bike is to ensure that you work out efficiently and lose weight. Our list mentions some great bikes that have been designed to ensure good workouts.

The recumbent bikes provide aerobic workouts that help the heart and the cardiovascular system if used for long. Moreover, if you pair this bike with a good routine, you can lose weight quickly, and that too, on a low-impact challenge.

Whether you are at home or in the office, without the added pressure of paying for a gym, a recumbent bike will help you to achieve your fitness goals. 

How do I know I’m Burning Fat on my Recumbent Bike?

Most of the recumbent bikes come with an LCD screen. These can be extremely helpful when you are trying to lose weight and keep a check on your calories, speed, distance, and heart rate. These will give an accurate report of the amount of calories burned. Some of these LCD screens also act as an odometer.

Check out our article on how to use Exercise Bikes.

Some recumbent bikes also come with a sensor. These are usually placed in the hand railing area of the recumbent bike and can be easy to check your heart rate too. This is a great way to know your overall progress and to see your real-time workout efficiency.

The recumbent bikes mentioned in the list above mostly have such features for your perusal and easy usage.