Top 5 Best Rash Guards for BJJ and MMA

Hayabusa Metaru Venum Contender 4.0 FUJI IBJJF Freestyle
Pros Affordable
Good quality
Great design
Good fit
Great design
Premium Quality
Great fit
IBJJF approved

Rash vests aka rash guard are often overlooked at the novice level. It is an athletic shirt made of spandex and nylon or polyester for the garment to dry quickly, be flexible and lightweight.

Rashguard as the name implies safeguards the wearer against gashes and rashes caused by abrasion. As it is similar to a compression shirt it may even prevent injuries and speeds up muscle recovery.

The material reduces the chances of mat burn, protects against cuts and lessen the spread of diseases. Because of which an athlete cannot disregard the significance of a rash vest.

Even though different variations of this garment has made its way into other sports, rash guards are mainly popular because of watersports.

Buying a rash guard can be a daunting task for inexperienced athletes for which we have compiled a list of the top 5 rashies, talking about the features and comfort they provide while highlighting their pros and cons in a compact way.


Best Rash Guards for MMA and Grappling Reviewed

#1 Hayabusa Metaru Rash Guard

Hayabusa’s rash guard has been a consumer favorite which is why it is on the top of our list. It offers all the features of a quality rash guard designed with an ultra form-fitting cut, it’s made with XT2 Yarn Technology, has silicone hem at the waistband that keeps it in place and the breathable compression improves circulation.

The rash guard provides performance combined with a high-end look which reflects elegance and reveals the base color when stretched. It is a well-detailed product and ships in 4 colors.

Hayabusa’s rashie is quite comfortable to wear and has a snug fit as it is one of their best selling rash vests. The stitches are in the perfect place and the rash guard blends in so well that after getting used to it, it starts to feel like a second skin.


  • Superb quality
  • Substantial fit
  • Elegant design
  • Color variety


  • Expensive
  • A little tight for some

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#2 Venum Contender 4.0 Rash Guard

The second on our list is the contender 4.0 by Venum. Its compression system blends it with the skin for maximum maneuverability. It has a fitted cut and offers a similar type of silicone rubber to keep it snug tight with the skin.

The insulation system will keep you dry and warm during your intense training sessions. The branding is very prominent which can be a deal-breaker if you prefer sleek designs. The perfect combination of polyester and elastane offers a comfortable, breathable garment that fits very well.

Venum Rash Guards offers you maximum support thanks to Venum compression technology, which puts pressure on your muscles to improve blood circulation and therefore a better supply of Oxygen.

The seams are reinforced for durability and will serve a longer period of time.


  • Great quality
  • Tight fit
  • Reinforced seams
  • Substantial compression system


  • Pricey
  • Fewer color options

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#3 FUJI IBJJF Freestyle Rash Guard

The rash vest offered by FUJI is a high end, comfortable rash guard which is great for training and competition. It has anti-microbial fabric that fights against microorganisms.

The product feels good, fits good and looks good on the body which makes it the goto rash guard for most athletes. The reinforced stitching is a huge plus point however the material has a lot of shine to it and the harsh stains may be hard to remove which can be tiring.

The rash guard, however, is IBJJF approved for No-Gi competition and is great for practice. The Fuji Sports Freestyle IBJJF ranked rashguard, like many other rashguards, will be a tight secure fit and is very accurately represented on the size chart. This comes in many color choices and has prominent branding.


  • Anti-microbial fabric
  • Reinforced stitches
  • IBJJF approved for No-Gi competition
  • Comes in various color options

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#4 Gold BJJ Jiu-Jitsu Rash Guard

This is a lightweight, strong rashie made from an ultralight wicking blend. Which makes it the best rash guard for jiu-jitsu, MMA and other sports.

The printing is sublimated which means that the design won’t wear off or tear apart after washing it as it is built to last you a long while. The stitching is premium quality for it to feel smooth and comfy as you roll.

The rash guard as in the name is backed by the Gold BJJ guarantee. The rash guard has an extended trim for it to stay snug and not turn into a crop top as you stretch your body, it will stay in place and keep you intact.

This rash guard has a military vibe to it as it has a camo pattern on the sleeves and is available in two colors found on the far end of a greyscale. The rashie is built to last and is reasonably priced and they won’t break the bank.


  • Price
  • Design and print
  • Extended length
  • Feels high-end


  • No silicon rubber

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#5 Sanabul Essentials LS Compression Rash Guard

The last on our list also happens to be the most affordable amongst its competitors. This rash vest will do exactly what you need to do it, it may not do it in the best way possible but it offers a great value. These are IBJJF legal and that you can wear confidently on your first day.

It has been tested by many pros and offers antimicrobial treatment which translates to longer life and cleaner training. It comes with six color options for you to select your preference.

Sanabul’s rash guard offers mesh underarms with gradual compression that will keep agile and provide better ventilation.

It is a multipurpose rash guard that will serve you well both for the track and for the sea. For a price, this low, complaining would be nit-picking and hence why it does the job and it does it well.


  • Fair price
  • IBJJF certified
  • Antimicrobial treated
  • Durable
  • Color options


  • Mesh material can be uncomfortable

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How to Choose the Best Rash Guard for MMA/Grappling?

Rash vests are used in a wide range of sports and activities which include outdoor ventures in the sea and fighting and grappling in an arena.

The options in front of you are always there but to make the best selection from them takes effort. If you are in the market for the various forms of MMA gear available, you must be wondering how can you choose the perfect one for yourself.

Why do You Need a Rash Guard?

Those relatively new to MMA and grappling, might not have realized the importance of a rash guard. This isn’t your everyday boxing, MMA involves a considerable amount of takedowns, rollover and wrestling on the mats and this can cause rashes and pain without the right gear to protect your skin cells.

Using a rash vest provides muscle compression which prevents injury and reduces risk to the muscles during the various training sessions and fighting. This does not mean that it completely eliminates the chances of getting injured but it provides an extra layer.

These guards help to avoid friction burns as much as possible and most of the quality rashies also help to wick away sweat and the antimicrobial treatment is the cherry on top.

Things to Consider While Choosing Your Rash Guard [Buying Guide]

Now that you know why a rash guard is a necessity we’ll lay down the factors important to consider before you choose the garment you are going to put on your body for a long period of time.


A product’s build quality should be everyone’s first priority, especially when it’s something that will come in contact with your body every now and then.

While choosing a rash guard, you have to make sure that the garment is breathable, comfortable and has a good compression system.

Look for a rash guard made from a combination of polyester or nylon with elastane, as it has all of the above qualities, and it’s also quick drying.


In MMA and surfing a well-fitted rashie could give you the edge as it offers as little resistance as possible. A good fitted rash vest which is comfortable is what you should look for.


Finally, the price, as whatever you buy will depend upon how much your wallet allows for it. You don’t have to break the bank to get a high-quality rash guard that does what you need, but everyone should keep in mind that most of the time, you get what you pay for.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Should you go for a Loose Fit or a Tight Fit when Shopping for a Rash Guard?

This comes down to your personal preference and the type of activity you intend on doing.

You can go for a loose fit if you just want to take a day off and chill by the shore, however going for a tight fit will benefit if you’re participating in watersports or fighting in an arena as this minimizes the resistance offered by the loose clothing.

Thermal Rash Guards or Nah?

If you need to stay warm a thermal rash guard is the way to go. They come with the added thickness which can get uncomfortable in the summer, but for the surfers of summer, this helps them to withstand the harsh temperatures of the water.

Wearing a Rash Guard as a Shirt?

This again comes down to your personal preference and also the type of personality you possess, if you live near an ocean this is the perfect excuse to wear compression gear if you’re able to rock it with class.


The importance of a rash guard is significant when you’re in that particular field, it provides tons of health advantages, fitness benefits, and well-fitted spandex makes you look good as well.

Every athlete has a bunch of these in their closet for these purposes which are essential to achieve your maximum potential.