Top 5 Best Punching Dummy Bags Reviewed

If you are excited to improve your combat sports skills then this article is for you.

These skills must be practiced to perfection, and unless you have a human being who is willing to bear the brunt of your kicks and punches, you would need a dummy punching bag.

We have studied the market and present you with a review of the five dummies we found fascinating. Read on to get exciting details of what all can be done with a human dummy. At the end of this article, we have provided criteria that you may consider before making a purchase decision.

Finally, we reveal to you the best punching dummy.

Ring to Cage MMA Dummy Century BOB Dummy Aqua Bruiser Bag
Pros Height adjustable
Can be used on the ground
Height and weight adjustment
Humanlike body structure

Best Punching Dummies Reviewed

Here’s our set of recommendations for the best mannequin punching bags.

#1 Ring to Cage MMA Man-Shaped Dummy Punching Bag Review

The MMA Man-Shaped human dummy bag is a full-size offering that resembles the human body. The shape of the dummy is accurately defined so that you can have focused and targeted practice.

The MMA punching dummy bag is crafted from high-quality and heavy-duty polyester-coated vinyl. You can choose to unleash your strength in boxing and kicking this mannequin, and this won’t break a sweat.

However, this cannot take a lot of heavy-hitting because of low resistance.

This human dummy punching bag needs to be filled up before using it. It stands tall at 5 feet 8 inches and weighs between 70 and 75 lbs. One of the useful features of this punching dummy is that it can be hung using a chain. It allows for an intense and professional level of practice.

Hanging the dummy allows you to adjust its height and provides full freedom of movement. You may rotate by 360 degrees to practice your moves on whichever part of the body you like hitting.

If you prefer to kick your opponent while he’s rolling on the ground, this product allows for that practice too. It is usable while it is lying on the floor.

You can have someone detach the chain while you’re practicing with the mannequin hanging.

Maneuvering and hitting a falling opponent makes you debilitate your competition. The MMA dummy allows for that.


  • Suitable for practicing hitting specific targets like legs and abdomen
  • Height adjustable due to its hanging mode allows for different people to practice on one dummy
  • Workable lying on the ground. You can learn your moves while the opponent falls


  • This human dummy bag is not for serious hard-hitters. The resistance is less for the pros to use
  • Inconvenient filling location. It is a little challenging to fill it completely

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#2 Century BOB Opponent Training Bag Review

The Century BOB bag is a punching bag with a human-like body structure. The chest, neck, and face are accurately modeled to resemble a human being.

BOB’s height may be adjusted from 60 to 78 inches in seven-step increments. You may increase the weight of the bob bag up to 270 lbs. by filling water or sand. The bag’s customized weight gives it just the right stability it needs for you to practice your moves smoothly.

The customizable height and weight give you the flexibility to choose an ideal combat partner. The BOB punching bag has clear outlines resembling a toned human body.

It allows for practicing kicks and karate on targeted areas like lungs, liver, neck, or face. This is essential to skill yourself for a session where you can quickly incapacitate the opponent.

BOB’s body is made from high-density foam, which allows for impact absorption. It has a rugged build, and you may unleash your boxing and kicking skills without worrying about damaging the product. The BOB bag is suitable for use with boxing gloves and bare hands.

This mannequin punching bag’s dimensions are 30” x 22” x 12”. It has a base diameter of 24” with 19.5” height. At full height, the BOB may stand taller than you and withstand a lot of your punches since the manufacturer warrants it for one year.

Its features and pricing make it an eligible candidate for the best punching dummy.


  • Height and weight adjustment are proper. The base is very stable with water and sand alike
  • Humanlike body structure to practice realistic combat moves
  • BOB does not disappoint in experience and is superior or at-par with more massive bags


  • It takes time to fill the base with sand or water because of the small opening
  • BOB comes only with the upper half. The practice may be somewhat limited

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#3 Century BOB XL with Base Unit ReviewBest Punching Dummy Bags

This is the original Century BOB’s big brother. In its larger version, too, the height can be adjusted, so those who are looking for a taller partner could go with the larger version.

While the original BOB bag had the torso till the stomach, the XL version of the bob punching bag has the lower abdomen, and you could practice leg strikes.

Like the original version, the base is made of polyethylene and can take up to 270 lbs. of water or sand. The use of urethane foam gives the punching mannequin a feel resembling a human being. The XL version of the BOB punching bag provides more area for you to practice.

The heavy-hitters can comfortably flex their muscles and use their strength on the torso because of the adequate resistance. The face also mimics the humanlike feel and is soft, as expected.


  • The design, shape, and structure are ideal for getting a realistic feel while practicing
  • Suitable for use with bare-hands or boxing gloves, the area around the chest has excellent resistance
  • 270 lbs. of ballast and a large circular base gives a lot of stability to the BOB XL punching dummy


  • The opening to fill sand and water is small and takes time to fill
  • This is a lot larger than the standard version, and it is challenging to move it especially when filled

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#4 Aqua Bruiser Bag Review

The Aqua Bruiser punching dummy bag is for the hard hitters.

This bag has the face and the upper part of the torso. This is a good product for practicing boxing and punching. Those who are interested in hitting the chest and the head should focus on this product.

This dummy comes in a hangable form and is designed to emulate a human with a 6’ 1” height. The area and angles are enough for comprehensive boxing practice.

The Aqua Bruiser should first be hung using the mechanism that ships with the box. You need to fill it with water to get it into the fighting mode. Water makes this bag realistic in terms of the feel you get during boxing and punching. It resembles what you would feel when you punch a human.

It can tolerate MMA gloves too, so if you’re planning to flex your muscles for a high-intensity exercise, the Aqua Bruiser punching dummy will not disappoint you. You should be careful, though; hitting a water-filled bag won’t feel good on your knuckles.

Filling water is easy and should be done after hanging because this mannequin becomes heavy despite having less than half the human body form. You could experiment and use air and water.

Filling in water just enough to reach the neck and then pumping air would give the head a more realistic soft feel.


  • The shape and structure are great for boxing practice
  • It uses water as a filling material and more accurately resembles the feel of the human body
  • The hard-hitters can use the Aqua Bruiser without worrying about any bruises on the dummy


  • This punching dummy tends to swing, making accurate shots difficult. A floor anchor is required to fix the swing.
  • A small leak could render the product unusable and cause splashes of water when you hit it

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#5 Century VS.2 Versys Grappling Simulator Punching Bag ReviewCentury VS.2 Versys Grappling Simulator

The Century VS.2 Versys is a free-standing punching bag. It has a design that allows the user to perform a variety of moves. The VS.2 punching mannequin comes with the legs spread as if the dummy is in attention position.

The arms are raised, allowing access to as many parts as is conveniently possible.

Leg locks, reversals, and takedowns are manageable given the shape and design of this punching dummy. It is suitable for the Mixed Martial Artist (MMA), the judo practitioner, or for a Jiu-Jitsu enthusiast.

This punching bag comes with a unique design – the third leg. At the back of the mannequin, there is a third “leg” which is fixed at an angle that’ll prevent it from falling if you’re practicing takedowns.

The Century Versys Grappling Simulator does not have a head. Some versions have different features, so you would not be able to throw a punch in the face.

It has a higher weight concentration in the lower portion, so it won’t move a lot when punching hard. However, since the takedown is one move supported by the punching bag, it would move when hit harder than usual.

Taller individuals may find it unsuitable because there is no height adjustment or a facility to hang it. The arms extended at the sides may hinder certain moves.


  • The grappling simulator provides unique moves and maneuvers
  • The third “leg” is a unique design feature and can help with the stability of the mannequin


  • This punching dummy has plastic zippers which aren’t suitable for kicks and punches
  • The arms stick out oddly and prevent comfortable moves
  • No height adjustment; taller individuals would have to search for alternatives

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How to choose the Best Human Dummy Bag?

A punching bag is meant for individuals to learn combat moves and refine them. We feel that you should consider the following factors while making a buying decision for a human dummy bag.


The design of the mannequin plays a crucial role in helping you practice your moves. The design should cater to your height, which makes height adjustment a critical factor.

Secondly, the body structure of the punching bag should accurately resemble that of the human body. During combat, targeting the vital organs may be critical for winning. An accurate body structure allows for better targeting.


The material should be resilient and reliable to bear the brunt of your punches and kicks. Single piece punching bags, without any mechanical attachments, are more reliable than those whose parts are linked mechanically.

You must pay careful attention to those bags that are supposed to be used hung. The point at which the chain or rope would attach should be strong and sturdy to prevent failure. Mechanical linkages are often the point of failure in such equipment.


Punching the face is entirely different from punching the six-packs. A feel resembling that of the human body would let the practitioner understand his strengths and weaknesses and then refine the moves.

It may not feel like an essential factor, but it certainly makes a difference. If you are not used to practicing with a human-like feel, you may be overwhelmed when it comes to competing with an opponent, or worse, in self-defense situations.


The punching bag shouldn’t fall off with one punch. It should be stable enough to withstand some heavy beating. An unstable bag could fall or snap off and may cause grievous injury.

Since punching and kicking involves a swift movement, any unexpected movement of the bag could cause muscle tear due to the unnatural movement of the limbs.

Filling Material

Bags that require a common filling material like sand or water can be conveniently installed at a location of choice.

A fillable bag that uses a standard filling material is easy to transport and easy to move. These are materials that are neither expensive nor dangerous.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the common materials used for punching bags, and which one should I choose?

Polymers, leather, PVC, foam, and plastic are typical materials used to make punching bags. Not all the parts are made of the same material. Different areas may require different materials. You should choose a material that suits your resistance and hardness requirement. At the same time, you should consider the ease of cleaning the bag.

Some models are expensive and offer the same features at lesser prices from other brands. What to choose?

The punching bag is supposed to bear a lot of strain. You may get the features, but unless the body of the punching bag is strong enough, it will not last for long. Go for a trusted brand and always read reviews before purchasing. Sturdier and long-lasting materials are expensive but worth the price.

My knuckles hurt and pain when I use my punching bag bare-handed. How to solve this problem?

Just don’t hit it bare-handed. It’s better and safer if you get yourself a good pair of boxing gloves for a heavy bag or just hand wraps.

Where to hang my punching bag and how to get a fixture at a required height?

If your house has beams, just tap them. If they don’t make a hollow sound, they should be strong enough to support heavy punching bags. You could drill a hole and attach an eye-bolt and mount the bag over it.

Another way is to use a mount. You could get them online or at local sports stores. You would need to mount a hardwood board on a set of beams in your house. Once the hardwood board is secured with bolts, attach the mount and load the punching bag.

If you have a dedicated room that you’re using as a home gym, a wall mount is a safe option. It has a hangman-like shape, and the vertical part of the mount is secured to the wall with fasteners.

The horizontal beam above has hooks and other options to hang the bag. It is recommended to have a height-adjustable wall mount even if it comes at extra cost. After some practice, if you want to practice a flying kick, height adjustment would come in handy.


We have reviewed five popular punching dummy bags. It is time for a verdict. One would take the tag of the “Best Punching Dummy.”

We’ve mentioned specific criteria that buyers should consider while making a purchase decision.

We feel that the Century BOB opponent training bag scores the best on all the five criteria.

The design and material of the BOB are carefully designed. Height adjustment negates the requirement for different bags for people with varying physical characteristics. The ability to adjust the height in step increments without hanging adds more value. The material closely simulates the human body for a realistic experience.

The BOB has a circular base that provides maximum geometric stability due to perfect symmetry. The designers have chosen easy-to-find materials are fillers. The 270-lbs weight adds to the stability and sturdiness of the punching bag during practice.

We give the BOB punching bag five stars, and it is a must-buy for those who are looking for rigorous and high-intensity training.