Top 5 Best Punching Bags for Beginners [Buying Guide]

Everlast Power Core Bag Fairtex Heavy Bag Century Wavemaster
Pros Free-standing
Whole kit ready to use

So, you’re done with push-ups, weightlifting, and routine gym exercises and looking for something new? You’re thinking about boxing – well, that’s an excellent thought. Your gym shall have a professional level punching bag or multiple punching bags to cater to the needs of specific people.

We are here to suggest the choice you punching bags you should consider as a beginner. We’ll help you buy the best punching bag for beginners.

Before you explore the world of punching bags and start reading ahead, please understand that “heavier is better” does not apply in all cases. Do not get enticed by a bigger bag. It will hardly help you—secondly, brands matter. There might be cheaper alternatives; however, they can never last as long as the excellent quality branded bags.


Best Punching Bags for Beginners Reviewed

We have specific pages for best punching bag reviews for a different set of audience. For beginners, here are our top five.

#1 Everlast Power Core Bag

The Everlast Power Core heavy bag is one of the best bags for beginners. It is a blend of superior value for money and is one of the best and most bought free-standing bag on the market.

The Power Core is a free-standing bag, and not only does it offer maneuverability, but also the freedom of tucking the bag in one corner of the room without it consuming a lot of valuable space. Those who are attempting to set up their home gym should pay attention to this bag.

The Everlast bag is for those who want to practice punching, kicking, or for the usual workout. There is no requirement to drill holes in the walls or ceilings and attached tethers anywhere. That’s tremendously positive, isn’t it?

The Power Core heavy bag is adjustable for height. Height adjustments allow the freedom to use the bag as per the requirements of multiple individuals. We have tested the bag, and it is not too hard for children. Assuming the children are provided with safe boxing gear, this is for the children also.

The bag consists of an air foam chamber, which can be adjusted from 54” to 65” inch during practice sessions. The base may be filled with water, which, if used, makes the base weight 250 lbs. In case sand is used to fill the base, the bag weighs 370 lbs. We recommend that the base be packed to the brim with sand.

You may be a beginner when you buy the bag, and the intensity of your punches may not be very high for an extended period. However, as you progress, you would hit with more force for longer. During heavy hits, the bag tends to move. This is one drawback we feel the company should address. However, with sand, it will hardly be an issue.

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To read a more detailed review of the Everlast PowerCore click here.

#2 Fairtex Banana Bag – Unfilled

Coming from Fairtex, the quality is obviously top-notch. The price that is just upwards of a hundred dollars is testimony that Fairtex gear is the best gear for boxing, MMA, and Muay Thai.

This is a hanging heavy-bag and is ideal for punching, kicking, clinching, and other Muay Thai moves. An obvious question would be – why have you suggested a bag over a hundred dollars for a beginner? Well, the answer is simple. If you want to start with a form of martial arts, especially Muay Thai, then this is the bag you should opt for.

This series consists of banana bags, pole bags, and teardrop bags. The bags are made from reliable and durable leather material. Now, these are unfilled bags. You need material to fill up the bags. The company says industrial-grade nylon that’s used for web straps.

We have reviewed all of the shapes and seen the vibrant colors that the company provides. We recommend you verify the dimensions from the website before purchasing because you do not want to have a bag that hangs too low to practice well.

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#3 Century Original Wavemaster Combo

In the world of boxing, the brand name Century is associated with trust and quality. The original Wavemaster Combo Pack comes with the Wavemaster free-standing punching bag, and the company also throws in a set of open-palm gloves for you to start your practice without sweating your hands too much.

The Original Wavemaster from Century is a free-standing punching bag. It has a base that anchors the bag to the ground. The upper part is what you focus on. If you are into punching and kicking, this is the bag to choose to advance your skills.

The one obvious question we may have from many readers is – no hanging bag in the first place? Let us explain. The freedom to move around the bag is essential to practice and accuracy building. There may be restrictions to move around a hanging bag.

Martial arts experts head the company, and the Original Wavemaster is constructed from durable and thick foam that provides a natural feel during boxing and kicking.

The installation is simple. You need to fill the base with either sand or water. While water is the convenient choice, hitting hard with a water-filled base makes the bag moving around. In the case of sand, however, there is lesser movement. We recommend that you fill the bag with sand.

Century has used high-quality leather for the outer shell of the bag. The top portion, where you hit, weighs 50 pounds. The majority of the weight comes from the bottom anchor, and that weight provides stability to the Wavemaster.

The free-standing boxing bag is adjustable for height, so if multiple people in your household are enthusiastic about boxing and kicking, this is the perfect bag for you.

The pair of gloves that come with the bag are open palm gloves, which means you will have an easier time practicing since these are airy gloves and sweat doesn’t become a significant problem.

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#4 Everlast Single-Station Heavy Bag Kit

Everlast is another top player in the MMA gear business. Everlast Single-Station Heavy bag stand and the kit is a comprehensive solution for those wanting to augment their home gym with a hanging heavy bag.

The stand is made from powder-coated hollow steel tubes. There are strong and work very well with heavy bags up to the specified weight limit of 100 lbs. There is hardly any need for assembly since you need to put the stand in the right place, attach the bag and make some adjustments here and there.

The company provides a heavy-bag as part of this combo. You need to hang the bag, put some weight discs at the base, and you’re ready to go.

Please note that the base discs to provide weight to the stand are not part of the combo. You must buy them separately. Users have reported that 75 lbs. of weight is sufficient.

The dimensions of the set up are 57” length, 47.6” width, and 88.2” height. The combo comes with a pair of gloves and hand wraps for the best experience for beginners.

Many unaware individuals start boxing using only a pair of gloves. What you need to remember is that impact absorption and distribution are essential during vigorous boxing. Else, your knuckles, muscles, and bones are going to curse you. Hand wraps give the much-needed grip and comfort. The impact of the hits is dampened before it reaches your hands.

This single stand offering comes in three variants with different bag weights 70 lbs., 80 lbs., and 100 lbs. This is an excellent combination for a beginner who does not want to get into the complexities of setting up the gear.

However, once you have figured out a space to hang the bag, there is a ceiling hook that comes bundled with the package.

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#5 Ringside Powerhide Heavy Bag – Unfilled

The Ringside Powerhide Heavy Bag is excellent for beginners since they can customize their boxing bag. The bag ships unfilled and need to be filled and hung before it can be used. The Powerhide has a 14” diameter and hangs tall at 42”.

It comes unfilled, so it is up to the user how much weight he wants. The heavy bag is made from high-quality synthetic-leather and is stitched very well. One glance and you know this can endure some good beating.

We have seen users stuffing old cloth and fabric to fill the heavy bag. Those who wish to go simpler find some sand to fill the heavy bag. You may reach up to 80 lbs. of weight, which is ideal for a 42” high heavy-bag.

Sand being a higher-density material than most clothes will make the bag heavier, and hits and rebounds shall be hard. With cloth, however, there is even impact absorption and less impact. When you are starting, we recommend that you fill it with cloth.

Once you have sufficient practice and your hands are trained to endure the impact, you could remove the stuffed clothes and replace it with sand instead. The bag gives you this customizability.

There is a swivel chain at the top of the bag with four links that allow you to tether the bag to a hook in the ceiling.

Also, there is a D-ring at the base. It ensures stability and helps maintain balance.

The quality can be felt once you see and touch the bag. Do not expect it to be cheap even if it comes empty. Consider yourself lucky if you get it in USD 50 even in a deal. The only challenge we see is that beginners might find it challenging to hang it. It’s usually good to have someone around when you’re mounting a heavy bag.

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How to Choose a Punching Bag if you are a Beginner?

There are many aspects you should analyze before you lock-in on a punching bag. But before going to the brand, weight, color, and size, give a thought to what the requirements are. This is very important and we elaborate it further.


Ask yourself this question – why am I buying a punching bag and what is my ultimate goal. There will be multiple answers like boxing, working out, just trying, I am fascinated by punching bags, I want to learn martial arts, or, I want to go pro in boxing or one of the martial arts.

If you want a boxing bag for casual punches, boxing, and cardiovascular training, you need not focus too much on the specs of the bag because the recommendations we have provided shall help you and since those are one of the most frequently bought bags, we are pretty sure any of those will suffice.

If, however, you want to learn martial arts like Muay Thai, or MMA, you need body agility apart from punch strength. In this case, you may want to start with the free-standing bags since there is a better scope for maneuverability.

Type of Punching Bag

There are three common types of punching bags – hanging heavy bags, free-standing heavy bags, and speed bags that come with their platform.

The area where you shall practice has a lot of weight in the decision to choose the type of bag. If there is no provision to hang a bag and you want a hanging bag, go for the speed bag. It has its customized base and it is nearly as good as one attached to the ceiling.

We have already mentioned the pros of a free-standing heavy bag. If there is a space restriction in your house or apartment, use a free-standing bag because you can tuck it into one corner of the room once you are done with your workout.

If there are no restrictions and you do not mind some drilling and fixing, the hanging heavy bag is the obvious classic choice.

To check out the different types of punching bags check this article.

Bag Weight

You must have a bag with the right weight. As a beginner, if you have a 150 lbs. heavy bag filled with sand and you try to practice; the chances are that tiredness would set in quickly since a hundred and fifty pounds merely is inappropriate for a beginner.

Choose an entry-level weight and progress to heavier weights as your skill and endurance increase.


If you have decided to become proficient in boxing or MMA or any other sport that requires a bag, we suggest you go for the branded ones. They are made from superior quality material and with that comes an element of safety.

Some replicas look alike but are available at a fraction of the price. Don’t get lured by cheap stuff. Chances are you are going to have a fractional experience if you buy one of those.


Q) I want to practice punching and boxing, and I am confused because of the variety. What to do?

A) That is precisely the reason we have suggested the top bags for each kind of requirement. We understand that learning about bags and understanding the terminology can be challenging. Decide your budget and choose what fits in your budget and needs. We have reviewed the best bags on the market and you shall not be disappointed.

Q) What other Boxing Gear should I buy when I decide to Pursue Punching?

A) You know the first item that goes with the bag – the pair of gloves. Buy a high-quality pair of gloves that provide you sufficient comfort to go through the initial hard time. When you start, the impact of the punches shall get back, and your knuckles, muscles, and wrist may pain.

We have dedicated articles for the best MMA gloves. You should refer to those to get an idea of the best gloves on the market.

Apart from gloves, you should get yourself two or more pairs of hand wraps. Those are required to distribute the impact and also ensure a good grip between the hands and the gloves. Since boxing is associated with a lot of sweat, the hand wraps also help you by absorbing sweat so that the gloves do not become slippery.


Punching and boxing are great ways for cardiovascular exercise, endurance, and strength training. If you have decided to learn boxing or martial arts, you shall require a punching bag. There are many punching bags available in the market, and picking the correct one is essential to learning well and keeping up the pace.

Beginners may choose to augment their gym with free-standing heavy bags before transitioning to hanging bags. Correct weight, choice of gloves, and pairs of hand wraps are essential. Without the proper gear, your hands are going to take a lot of beating. There are considerations like your requirements, budget, brand, color, and other preferences that decide what you buy.

We have provided our recommendations on the best and most frequently bought punching bags. Our blog also has detailed articles on other gear like boxing gloves, hand wraps, and informative articles about martial arts. We suggest you read sufficiently so that you may make an informed decision.