Top 10 Best Punching Bags [Reviewed]

When it comes to training the power of kicks and punches, no equipment is better than a good heavy bag. And if you happen to be looking for the best heavy bag, then this material is for you.

We’ve picked 10 heavy bags to showcase on our today’s review. They are all great, so you are very likely to find what you have been looking for among them.

We also realize that choosing one of them may be a bit difficult for you, so we prepared an in-depth buying guide for heavy bags. You should learn everything you need to know from it.

Outslayer Heavy Bag Everlast Powercore Nevatear Ringside Powerhide Heavy Bag
Pros 55 inches tall
Very durable
High-quality leather
Mounting equipment included
68 inches tall
Mounting equipment included

Without further ado, let’s proceed on to our reviews!


Best Heavy Punching Bags Reviewed

1. Outslayer Heavy Punching BagOutslayer 100 Pound Heavy Punching Bag

Outslayer boxing bag is yet another high-quality model on our reviews. It is quite similar to the Ringside Powerhide we examined in the beginning, but there are some differences.

First of all, Outslayer is 55 inches tall, while Ringside bag was just 42 inches tall. Hanging lower to the ground, Outslayer heavy bag is a better choice for low body kicks.

Outslayer filled their heavy bag with fabric. What this allows is no soft or hard spots from hitting, which again contributes to this boxing bag’s durability.

An interesting design choice in the Outslayer heavy bag is that it has heavy-duty straps instead of chains on top. This, on one hand, means that you need no chains to mount this heavy bag.

On the other hand, we feel that a good set of chains would make this heavy bag even more durable. However, the straps still are strong enough to make sure that the bag stays hanging even during heavy punching sessions.

A thing that you need to keep in mind is that Outslayer doesn’t include all the mounting equipment with their bag, so you’ll need to buy it separately.


  • 55 inches tall.
  • Backed up by a 10-year warranty.


  • Doesn’t come with a swivel mount.

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2. Everlast Traditional Heavy Bag KitEverlast Heavy Bag Kit

If you’ve been looking to get yourself both a heavy bag and gloves, then Everlast’s heavy bag kit may be interesting to you. Aside from a heavy bag with its chains, Everlast also includes a pair of boxing gloves in this kit.

So if you are really tight on the budget, then you’ll probably appreciate what this kit has to offer.

The heavy bag included in this kit weighs 100 pounds – a standard weight for heavy bags – and is made rather durable. Its specially blended filler mix of synthetic and natural fibers offers good shock absorbency, so you could expect some good life and also rebound from this bag.

However, you shouldn’t expect much from it, given the price. This bag is made more for occasional use, and it most likely won’t stand heavy training sessions in a gym.

The same goes for the gloves: they’ll be good for beginners, but advanced fighters should get a better pair. They most likely won’t live long.

All in all, we think that Everlast bag kit is a good choice for beginners, especially for home use.


  • Offers good value for the money.
  • Includes a heavy bag and gloves.


  • The gloves are only good for beginners.

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3. Ringside Powerhide Boxing Heavy BagRingside Powerhide Boxing MMA Muay Thai Fitness Workout Training Kicking Punching 100 lb Heavy Bag

Up first on our reviews of best boxing bags is the pretty high-quality Ringside Powerhide heavy bag. For a good price, this boxing bag has some spectacular feel and quality to offer.

The outer shell of this bag for training is made from a so-called powerhide material, which actually is synthetic leather. This leather is rather high-quality though, which is one of the things that make this bag durable.

The other thing contributing to the durability of this bag is its mounting equipment. The included chain, swivel, and D-ring on the bottom are all made heavy-duty, so you should expect good longevity from this bag.

Ringside writes that their heavy bag is filled with a “soft 2-inch foam liner.” In reality, this boxing bag has a pretty hard feel – at least out of the box – so you’d want to hit it only in good bag gloves.

Besides, because of its hardness, we think that this bag isn’t the best choice for beginners. You really need to have a proper punching technique not to injure your wrists with such a bag.

The size of this bag is notable: it is 14” wide and 42” tall, which makes it quite a short heavy bag. What this means is that Powerhide heavy bag will hang higher above the ground, which may make doing low kicks on it impossible.

In the end, Ringside Powerhide is a great punching bag. It may even be the best punching bag for you if you are looking for a not very expensive bag with good quality!


  • High-quality build.
  • All necessary mounting equipment included.


  • A rather hard surface.

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4. Title Leather Professional Choice Heavy BagTitle Leather Professional Choice Heavy Bag

If you are wishing to get the best heavy bag no matter the money, then Title’s punching bag may be the right pick for you.

The main reason for this is the material choice in this heavy bag. Its outer shell is made from top-grade extra-thick cowhide leather, thanks to which you could expect years of service from this bag, even if you train hard every day.

The included mounting equipment – chain, swivel, and D-ring – are also heavy-duty, as you’d probably expect.

An interesting thing about this heavy bag is that Title offers 3 size options – 70lb, 100lb, and 150lb. Depending on your training goals, you could choose one or the other to perfectly meet your needs.

But keep in mind that the 70lb and 100lb sizes are 42” tall, so they probably won’t be good for low kicks. The 150lb version is 48” tall though, so it will be better when it comes to the variety of strikes.

If you really liked this heavy bag, then be prepared to pay it steep price. It is well worth the money though, and regardless of your skill level, you should be very satisfied with this bag.


  • Made from high-quality cowhide leather.
  • 3 size options – 70lb, 100lb, 150lb.
  • Mounting equipment included.


  • Pricey.

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5. Combat Sports Unfilled Leather Thai BagCombat Sports Unfilled Leather Thai Bag

Combat Sports leather Thai bag has quality comparable to that of the Title heavy bag we’ve just reviewed. But this bag is a completely different deal.

Not in the sense that it is better or worse. Rather, its features make it good for other types of training.

The main such feature is the height of this bag. It is a really tall one: 68 inches tall, to be exact.

This would allow you to hang this bag pretty low to the ground to perform all kinds of low kicks and punches on it. Well, this boxing bag has been made for Muay Thai specifically, so you’d expect this kind of thing from it.

The outer shell of Combat Sports’ heavy bag is made from full-grain genuine leather, so you could expect this boxing bag to serve you greatly for the years to come. The bag’s mounting equipment is also highly durable.

All this would be incomplete without appropriate filling. But guess what: Combat Sports heavy bag doesn’t come with any.

On one hand, this would allow you to choose the filler yourself. On the other hand, you could choose how heavy you want the bag to be yourself.

However, you would need to get a filler material yourself. And then, you would need to stuff it into the boxing bag, which may be very time-consuming and annoying.

Pretty much, the fact that this bag comes with no filling is both an advantage and a disadvantage. With or without that, this bag undeniably is a great boxing bag.


  • High-quality leather construction.
  • 68 inches tall: great for various kinds of kicks.
  • Comes with a heavy-duty chain and swivel.


  • Comes unfilled.

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6. RDX Punching Bag & Boxing Gloves KitRDX Punching Bag Maya Hide Leather

Yet another inexpensive punching bag kit on our reviews. RDX kit – like the Everlast kit we reviewed earlier – comes with a heavy bag, its attachments, as well as a pair of boxing gloves.

RDX kit is a bit cheaper though, so it may be a better choice for those who can’t afford to spend much money. And besides, this kit could be good for amateur boxers.

When it comes to durability, the RDX heavy bag included in this kit definitely is far behind such bags as Title or Combat Sports heavy bags. Unsurprisingly, since this bag is made from synthetic Maya hide leather.

On the other hand, build quality of the bag is quite good, primarily because it has been handcrafted. And because the outer shell is twin-layered, this bag should have a pretty long lifetime.

Like Combat Sports heavy bag, RDX’s punching bag comes unfilled, which, as you already know, can be both good and bad.

The gloves included in this kit are pretty nice, but they most likely won’t be very durable. For amateurs, they should be quite enough though.

RDX offers their kit in several sizes both for the bag and the gloves – 4-5ft for the bag and 12-16oz for the gloves. There also are 6 color combos to choose from, if you care about that.


  • Affordable
  • Comes with nice boxing gloves.
  • The bag comes in 4 or 5ft sizes.
  • 6 color options.
  • All the necessary attachments included.


  • Comes unfilled.
  • The gloves aren’t very durable.

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7. Ringside Powerhide Muay Thai Heavy BagRingside Powerhide Muay Thai Heavy Bag

This Ringside Powerhide heavy bag is pretty close to the first Powerhide bag we reviewed. But this one has been made for Muay Thai specifically.

This bag is very tall – 68 inches – so making all kinds of punches and kicks on it will be very easy. If you remember, the other Powerhide bag was just 48 inches tall, so there is a big difference between them.

Another difference is that this Powerhide bag is shipped unfilled, so you’ll have to find a filler for it. But if you do, you’ll be able to choose how much the bag weighs.

Otherwise, the bags are pretty similar to each other both in their material and feel, albeit this bag seems not to be as hard.


  • Attractive price.
  • 68” tall.
  • All mounting attachments included.


  • Is shipped unfilled.

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8. Century Creed Teardrop Heavy BagCentury Creed Teardrop Heavy Bag

Century Creed heavy bag is a rather interesting model. It doesn’t look like a classic heavy bag, which implies both advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s start with the advantages.

Weighing 60 pounds and measuring 18 x 35 inches, Century Creed Teardrop heavy bag is a rather compact bag. This means that storing or moving this bag around will be easier than with traditional heavy bags.

Another benefit of the shape of the bag is that it is pretty easy to land uppercuts with it. It won’t be as easy as with ball-shaped bags, but it will be more convenient than with traditional heavy bags.

As for the bad, because this bag hangs high above the ground, doing low kicks and punches won’t be possible with it. And besides, you’d need to be pretty flexible to do high kicks on it.

When it comes to material and build quality, Century Creed heavy bag is very good. It is made from vinyl rather than from genuine leather, but thanks to the seaming quality, the durability of this heavy bag should be excellent.

This bag is pretty pricey though, so you’ll need to have the budget to buy it. But it definitely is worth the money.


  • Rather lightweight and compact.
  • Allows uppercuts.


  • Not suitable for low punches and kicks.
  • Expensive

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9. UFC Contender Standard Heavy BagUFC Contender Standard Heavy Bag

UFC Contender heavy bag is rather similar to the Ringside Powerhide we reviewed in the beginning. For about the same price, they both offer comparable levels of durability and quality.

But they are not quite the same.

Ringside Powerhide was made from the synthetic Powerhide leather material, while the Contender is made from durable PVC. Both materials should roughly offer the same level of durability, so choosing one or the other will come down to personal preference.

Instead of metal chains, nylon straps are used in the Contender heavy bag. While this will make the bag quieter, the straps will most likely offer less lifetime than metal chains would.

On the other hand, straps are easier to replace, which is another small plus for them.

UFC offers 2 size options for their Contender bag – 70lb and 100lb – so you could go lighter if you want it.

In the end, UFC Contender is a heavy bag that is cheap enough for home use and durable enough for gym use, as the seller writes. And we agree with them.


  • Attractive price.
  • 2 size options.


  • The nylon straps may be a weak point.

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10. Century Bob XL Combo PackCentury Bob XL Combo Pack

And the last product on our reviews is Century Bob XL Combo Pack. This combo pack comes with a Bob XL freestanding sparring body bag and a pair of open-palm gloves.

Of course, the most remarkable item in this combo pack is the punching body bag. You probably recognized the renowned Century Bob body bag.

However, this isn’t the regular Bob: this actually has a longer hitting area. The regular Bob only has a torso, while Bob XL extends to about mid-thigh, so there is more surface for kicks and punches.

The main advantage of this bag over the other models we examined is that it delivers a much more realistic training experience. Because it is shaped like a human torso, you will be able to train your punches and kicks at real-life angles.

The height of the bag can be adjusted between 60 and 82 inches from the ground, so pretty much anyone should be able to train on this body bag conveniently.

The base of this bag can be filled with either water or sand for additional stability. When filled with water, the bag weighs around 270 pounds, which is enough to ensure that the bag doesn’t tip over from hits.

The Century open-palm gloves are a nice addition to the Bob XL bag. Resembling MMA gloves, they are of rather good quality, albeit they probably won’t satisfy serious fighters.

In the end, Century Bob XL could be the best punching bag for you if you are looking for close-to-life training. However, be ready to pay the price for this bag: it is pretty expensive.


  • Delivers close-to-life fighting experience.
  • The height adjusts from 60 to 82 inches.
  • Comes with open-palm gloves.


  • Very expensive.

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How To Choose The Best Punching Bag for your Home Gym?

Now that we have all those beautiful models reviewed, it is time to learn how to choose the best heavy bag from them. Besides, you’ll be able to find out whether you really need a heavy bag.

What is a Heavy Boxing Bag?

A heavy bag is a kind of boxing bag that is used in training striking power in boxing, MMA, and other fighting sports.

A traditional heavy bag weighs 100 pounds, which makes it the heaviest kind of punching bag. Hence the pretty straightforward name “heavy bag.”

Due to their heaviness, heavy bags are primarily used for training the raw power of kicks and punches. A heavy bag isn’t the best choice for technique training since you already need to have good form to be able to hit a heavy bag without injuring yourself.

When it comes to speed, heavy bags can be used for it, but it isn’t their main purpose. They don’t swing around as quickly as the small speed bags do, so you can’t train your parrying speed with them. Read the difference between Heavy Bags and Speed Bags.

The same goes for the accuracy of punches and kicks. Being a rather small target, a speed bag would require precision from you, unlike bulky heavy bags.

With all that said, if training punching power is the thing that you are looking for, then a heavy bag is the right pick for you. Heavy bags can also be good for general-purpose training.

But if you are looking to train speed and accuracy, look for a speed bag instead.

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Things to Look for in Heavy Bags (Buying Guide)


Heavy bags are usually big. However, choosing how big you need to go is still rather important in them.

So, you could get either a short or a long heavy bag.

A short heavy bag would hang higher above the ground. While you’d still be able to do normal or high kicks and punches perfectly, you wouldn’t be able to do low kicks conveniently, unless you hang the bag lower to the ground.

Shorter heavy bags are more compact and light though, which definitely is a plus when it comes to portability and storage efficiency.

On the other hand, taller heavy bags hang low above the ground. This would allow you to perform all kinds of low and high kicks or punches.

But, needless to say, a tall heavy bag would be heavier and would occupy more storage space.

Generally, bags under 4ft tall are used for only punching, while taller bags are used for both punching and kicking.

So when choosing between a short and a long heavy bag, take into account your needs and also how much room you can provide your bag with. The best punching bag needs to both satisfy your training needs and fit into your room or gym.


The second important thing in heavy bags is materials. The materials your heavy bag is made from will determine how durable it will be.

Heavy bags are mainly made from either genuine or synthetic leather, both of which have their advantages or disadvantages.

Genuine leather is the superior material when it comes to feeling and durability. If you will be training frequently and need a heavy bag that will last a long time, a genuine leather heavy bag would be the best choice.

However, because genuine leather heavy bags tend to be more expensive, you’d need to have the budget to afford one.

If you are limited on your budget or won’t be punching or kicking your heavy bag too often, then a synthetic leather heavy bag could be the better pick for you. Synthetic leather is less durable, but it is cheaper.

Aside from synthetic leather, heavy bags can be made from other synthetic materials like PVC or vinyl. All the alternative synthetic materials tend to be around the same in terms of price and durability, so it’ll come to personal preference which one you’ll choose.

Avoid bags made from canvas though: they tear easily, and it is rather difficult to clean them.


The heavier the boxing bag, the more strength-oriented it will be. If you are aiming to improve your punching or kicking strength as much as possible, then go for the heaviest bag you can find.

Generally, it is recommended to get a heavy bag which is about half your weight. However, feel free to go higher or lower depending on your needs.

In fact, don’t be afraid to go lower than half of your weight. If you aren’t looking to improve your punching power specifically, then you don’t need a very heavy punching bag.

A lighter heavy bag would swing more, mimicking the movements of an opponent. Aside from punching such a heavy bag, you would also need to parry it.


Heavy bags can have the traditional cylinder shape, ball shape, and human torso shape. All of them are good for general training, but when it comes to specific things, one shape may be better than the others.

Traditional heavy bags aren’t very convenient for uppercuts and crosses. For these punches, a ball-shaped heavy bag would be much more suitable.

On the other hand, ball heavy bags are small and hang high above the ground, so they aren’t suitable for low kicks. However, ball bags are more mobile and compact thanks to their lighter weight.

Human-shaped heavy bags allow you to bring your training closer to real-life conditions. Shaped like a human torso, the hitting surface of such a bag would allow you to train the exact punching angles that you would use in a real meet.

Human torso heavy bags are most often freestanding, which allows certain other benefits as well.

Hanging vs Freestanding Heavy Bag

Heavy bags are most often hanging, while very few are freestanding. You can’t say that one is better than the other: it depends on what you need.

A freestanding heavy bag doesn’t require any mounting, unlike a hanging heavy bag: you just need to find a spot to put it in. So no headaches with finding a good spot on the ceiling and drilling.

Besides, freestanding heavy bags are easier to move around: you don’t need to unscrew any mounting equipment to do that.

However, freestanding heavy bags are prone to tipping over. To prevent this, they allow you to fill their base with water or sand, but whether the bag will tend to tip will depend on its design, weight, and the power of your strikes.

And besides, freestanding heavy bags occupy precious floor space.

Hanging heavy bags are the opposite in every way: they require mounting, they are much less mobile, but they can’t be tipped since they are just hanging. But this doesn’t mean that hanging heavy bags are always better.

A freestanding heavy bag is a great choice for home use or if you can’t afford to drill holes in your ceiling. But if you don’t need its benefits, then a hanging heavy bag is the better choice, especially for a gym.

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And the last thing you’d need to consider in heavy bags is the price. We put price the last, but this doesn’t mean that it is the least important thing.

In fact, determining your budget is the first thing you should do. If you know the price range to look for, then you’ll be able to save a lot of time because you won’t have to cycle through bags that you can’t afford.

Don’t be stingy though: buy the best heavy bag you can get. If are too unwilling to spend money, then you may get a heavy bag that is not good enough for your training needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can these Bags be used Outdoors?

Probably not. Their metal components like the D-ring or the chains may get rusty if the air is humid.

You could use them outdoors on dry days, but you’d need to carry them in and out for your every training session. And these bags are heavy, so that won’t be an easy thing to do.

Can these Bags be used with Heavy Bag Stands?

They can be, and that’s probably a thing that you should do. However, you would need to make sure that your heavy bag stand is stable enough not to tip over from punches and kicks.

Should I get a filled or an unfilled Heavy Bag?

To save yourself the hassle of filling the bag, you should probably go for a filled bag. The manufacturer will most likely do a better job filling their heavy bag than you.

You may want to go for an unfilled bag if its shipping costs are lower due to its lighter weight. And if you don’t mind to find a filler and fill it yourself.


There are quite a lot of things to factor in when looking for the best heavy bag. Some people may even find things confusing.

That’s completely okay, there is no need to rush your decision. Heavy bags are no cheap equipment, so you wouldn’t want to make the wrong choice in a hurry, right?

Take your time when choosing a heavy bag.

Remember all the things we described. And don’t forget about what you actually need and how big your budget is: you are looking for a heavy bag that will be the best for you.

In the end, if you are completely sure that you’ve found the right heavy bag, then you should go and buy it!