4 Best Punching Bag For Kids [Buying Guide]

Kids can’t really train with rugged and heavy boxing bags. So what do you do to allow your children to train?

You get a heavy bag for children, of course! And today, we are going to help you with finding the best punching bag for kids!

First off, we’ve picked 4 great models to showcase. And besides, we made a buying guide to help you get the best heavy bag for your little one.

Let’s now see what these bags have got!

Century Martial Arts Kid Kick Century Bobby Bully Century Lil' Dragon Wavemaster Century Youth V.SPAR.1
Pros Adjustable Height Adjustable Height
Real-life training experience
Adjustable Height
Great Price
Very versatile
Good price
Height 37 to 52in 50 to 55in 37 to 52in 50in

Top 4 Best Heavy Bags For Children Reviewed [In Detail]

1. Century Martial Arts Kid Kick ComboCentury Martial Arts Kid Kick

The first heavy bag for kids includes not just a bag but also a couple of other useful items.

The first is the Kid Kick Shield made of dense foam and designed for kick training. The other one is Kid Kick Blocker, which is also designed for kicks, but it will allow the kid to practice them at different heights and angles.

But the main thing of interest to us is the punching bag itself. Century calls it Wavemaster.

Its outer shell made from nylon is rather durable and also easy to clean. At the same time, the high-impact inner foam is made hard enough to allow the kid to train without injuring himself.

The height of this bag can be adjusted from 37 to 52 inches, so younger and older kids should be able to train with it conveniently.

And the last feature of this freestanding kid’s heavy bag is its fillable base. With the base filled with water or sand, this bag weighs about 170 pounds, so it should be very difficult for your kid to tip over.

All in all, Kid Kick Combo is a great product for a good price that saves you the hassle of ordering 3 items separately.


  • Includes the Wavemaster bag, Kid Kick Shield, and Kid Kick Blocker.
  • Bag’s height adjusts from 37 to 52 inches.

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2. Century Bobby Bully Freestanding Punching BagCentury Bobby Bully

You may recognize this freestanding heavy bag. It is the kids’ version of Century’s renowned Bob heavy bag.

Having essentially the same design, Bobby punching bag shares its benefits with its older brother.

The main advantage of this punching bag is its shape. Shaped like a human torso, Bobby punching bag delivers life-like training experience, allowing your kid to punch and kick at natural angles.

Century also claims in their product description that this bag can be hit with or without gloves. It’s probably true, but we’d actually recommend you to get gloves for your kid so their knuckles stay safe and healthy.

The height of the bag can be adjusted from 50 to 55 inches, which can’t compare with the 37-52-inch adjustment the Wavemaster bag had. Thereby, this bag is suitable more for taller and older kids.

Like the Wavemaster punching bag, Bobby Bully has a fillable base. Again, with the base filled, this bag weighs about 170 pounds.

Overall, Bobby Bully kids’ bag really is a great punching bag, but it is a rather pricey one. You’ll need to have the budget to afford it.


  • Can be used without gloves.
  • Adjusts from 50 to 55 inches tall.
  • Delivers life-like training experience.


  • Pricey.
  • Not for younger kids.

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3. Century Lil’ Dragon Wavemaster Training BagCentury Lil' Dragon Wavemaster

Lil’ Dragon Wavemaster is pretty much identical to the Kid Kick Wavemaster we reviewed in the beginning. But there are two differences.

First of all, this Wavemaster doesn’t come with the Shield or the Blocker. Those can certainly be useful, but their absence makes this product rather inexpensive.

And the second difference is the cover of the bag. It is made in purple color and features the Lil’ Dragon Wavemaster logo on the front and three colored shapes and numbers on the back.

The shapes and numbers make this bag stand out. They can allow your kid to conveniently train the accuracy of the punches and kicks.

Otherwise, the two Wavemasters are the same. Namely, this one also has a fillable base and height adjustment from 37 to 52 inches.

In the end, this bag could be the best kids punching bag for you if you don’t really need the extra items that come in the Kid Kick Combo.


  • Good price.
  • Bag’s height adjusts from 37 to 52 inches.
  • Has numbers and shapes for target practice.

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4. Century Youth V.SPAR.1 Versys Punching BagCentury Youth V.SPAR.1

And the last bag on our reviews is a rather remarkable one. This one is not only a punching bag but also a throwing dummy.

V.Spar.1 bag is 48 inches tall and doesn’t require any height adjustment for use. In addition, its design allows training both high and low kicks and punches, a thing that the other bags we reviewed can’t offer.

The outer shell of this bag is made from heavy-duty vinyl. As for the interior, it is filled with high-impact foam for good shock absorption.

To assist with throwing hits, the top of the bag is equipped with handles to support your kid while performing the strikes.

A great benefit of this bag is that it moves around from every hit, so you your kid will have to become more coordinated to land kicks and punches perfectly.

This bag could also be used for performing throws, albeit that probably won’t be very convenient since it’s large and heavy.

The bad thing about the design of the bag is that it is really easy to tip over. That’s because it weighs just 40 pounds, much lighter than the other bags when their base is filled.


  • Has handles on top to help practicing knee and elbow strikes.
  • Can be tossed around.


  • Tips over easily.

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How To Choose The Best Punching Bag for Kids?

Now that we are done with the 4 great kids’ punching bags, it’s time to give you an idea of what you should be looking for in them.

Height adjustment

Your kids will be growing fast, so getting a punching bag with a good range of height adjustment is a good idea. If you buy a bag that doesn’t have height adjustment, your kid will most likely quickly outgrow it.

The Wavemaster bags are particularly good in this regard because they have a wide range of adjustment from 37 to 52 inches.

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When it comes to materials, you shouldn’t approach kids’ bags like you would regular adult bags. Let us explain.

Regular punching bags are made from genuine leather, synthetic, or other synthetic materials. The former 2 offer great durability at a steep price, while the latter is cheaper but less durable.

In case of a training bag for kids, you shouldn’t really go for a leather bag. That’s because the kid will most likely outgrow the bag faster than it will wear off.

There probably aren’t many leather kids’ bags out there. But if you see one, don’t rush to buy it: you may not even need the amount of durability it delivers.

On the other hand, getting a durable bag will be reasonable though if you have several children.


Generally, heavy bags can be ball-shaped and torso-shaped. And let’s also not forget the traditional cylinder shape.

We have reviewed traditional and torso-shaped bags but no ball bags. But we think you should know about the latter as well.

Traditional bags are good for general-purpose training, but they aren’t very suitable for strikes like uppercuts.

Torso-shaped bags deliver close-to-life training experience since they allow the kid to land the strikes at natural angles.

Lastly, ball bags are usually used for speed training, but they aren’t suitable for low kicks and punches.

As you could have seen, each of the heavy bag types has its own purpose. Based on your and your kids’ needs, choose the right one.

Freestanding vs hanging

All the bags we reviewed are freestanding. But there also are hanging kids’ bags.

The main benefit of freestanding bags is that they don’t require any mounting equipment. Besides, they are very easy to move around.

Hanging bags don’t have all those benefits, but they can’t be tipped over, unlike freestanding bags.

We’d recommend buying a freestanding bag since it is generally more convenient. Your kid shouldn’t have enough strength to tip it over with their strikes.


What’s better for filling the bag’s base, water or sand?

Water is easy to both fill and empty, but it may make things very messy if the bag gets tipped over. If you can’t afford to waste water, use sandbags instead to keep things tidy.

Do these bags require wearing gloves?

They can be used without gloves. But if the condition of the knuckles is important for your kid, make sure to get them a pair of boxing gloves.


Whichever bag you choose, make sure to be practical. Your kid is going to grow up fast, so don’t waste money on a bag that has more in it than he will need.

If you have several children though, you will definitely need all the durability and quality you can find.

In the end, did any of the bags we reviewed catch your eye? If so, then don’t wait for too long and get it!