Top 5 Best Punching Bags For Apartment [Buying Guide]

RDX Punching Bag Set Everlast Power Core Bag Century XXL Wavemaster
Pros Low-cost option
Very high-quality

Punching and boxing are a great form of cardiovascular workout and help you build endurance and strength. There’s some punching gear that an individual would need if he/she is into the activity seriously.

The punching bag is the most prominent accessory that you require to practice. The heavy bags for home pose problems because they occupy a lot of space, and practicing is often noisy.

For those living in high rise buildings, the first challenge is to find the best punching bags for apartments. Space is a luxury in flats and not many people find dedicated space for setting up a heavy punching bag.

Best Punching Bags for Apartment Reviewed

#1 RDX Punching Bag Filled Set

RDX is a well-known brand for punching and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) gear. If you’re looking for the best punching bags for your apartment, RDX is one brand you must not miss.

The RDX punching bag is made from high-quality non-tear material with two layers for added protection. The RDX punching bag’s design is compact and comes in two variants – 4 feet and 5 feet. You may purchase the bag as per the space available at your apartment.

The kit finds its way on to our list because it has everything you need to get started. There is a lot of gear – waterproof punching bag, durable gloves with gel-padded foam for adequate impact protection, ceiling hook in 16-gauge powder-coated material, one pair of quality hand-wraps, and one steel chain that comes with four suspended chains to tether to the heavy bag.

It is clear from the image that RDX has paid particular attention to the quality of material and the quality of experience. You do not come across with such highly loaded kits often.

The company uses Maya hide leather for superior strength and feel, and the internals is filled with textile for a realistic feel and feedback when you’re hitting it hard. The material ensures waterproofing too.

The 4-feet variant weighs around 17-20 kgs while the longer 5-feet counterpart weighs at 19-23 kgs.

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#2 Everlast Power Core Bag

The Everlast Power Core punching bag is suitable for those apartments where hooks and chains may be a concern. The Power Core heavy bag is a free-standing bag with a capacity of about 250 lbs. of water or 370 lbs. of sand, which makes it a perfect pro-level punching bag.

The bag offers immense value for money, given its size and fabulous quality. Punching, kicking, or other martial arts moves are easy to practice in an apartment with this bag. It does not require any installation, which is why it is convenient for high-rises.

You may adjust the height of the bag to make it suitable for others. The Power Core heavy may be adjusted for height between 54 inches and 65 inches.

This bag is ideal not only for boxing but also for a great cardiovascular workout. If you intend to increase your hitting accuracy, this is just the right bag for you.

The material is exceptionally high-quality. The base uses a high-density plastic while a power transfer ring restricts base movement and lessens the impact on your body.

This bag has a lot of pros like value for money, suitable for children, low footprint, and high impact absorption. Over and above, the bag does not require installation unless you insist that filling sand or water is an installation.

Everlast Power Core bag is not meant for external use, and one of the inconvenience you may face is the mess that you’d create while trying to fill up its base with sand. But hey, that’s a one-time job, right? After all, you aren’t thinking of relocating, are you?

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#3 Century XXL Wavemaster

Century Wavemaster XXL Training BagNow you’re entering the serious territory of punching bags. The XXL Wavemaster has one of the largest punching surface areas on offer. This is built for professional-level workouts, and it is built to withstand some serious hits. The Wavemaster is constructed from high-density foam and vinyl material.

Century’s free-standing bag has a diameter of 18” and stands tall at 69”. While the dimensions may seem enormous, it can be tucked to the side of the room without it bothering you too much.

Fill the base with water until the bag is full, and you’re ready to go punching. 270 lbs. – that’s how much it weighs when it is full. The base provides supreme stability and the pros won’t be disappointed trying to perfect their MMA moves with the XXL Wavemaster.

BBS adds for some aesthetics and perks too. The Century XXL Wavemaster is available in three colors – black, red, and blue. The company throws in a pair of complementary hand wraps.

We find the Wavemaster interesting because of its relatively smaller base. A broad base often restricts practitioners from moving around freely and practicing their martial arts. That, however, is no longer the case here.

The bag is filled with dense foam. It allows proper force dissipation, and the bag provides natural feedback without much impact.

This one’s an excellent buy for those who look forward to augmenting their gym.

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Tip: You can read a more detailed review of the Wavemaster XXL here.

#4 Ringside 100-pound Powerhide Boxing Heavy Bag

Now, this is an impressive heavy bag for your apartment. The Ringside Powerhide weighs 100 lbs. and needs to be hung. The company advertises a “comfortable hitting surface,” which is made possible by lining the bag with 2 inches of soft foam.

The Powerhide punching bag is ideal for your apartment. With a diameter of 14 inches and a height of 42 inches, it can be hung even on low-height ceilings. The manufacturer provides a heavy-duty chain to tether the bag to an overhead fitting.

Now, 100 lbs. is not a lot of weight. Pros would hardly feel anything. That said, it is not built for the pros. Amateurs and those aspiring to learn their Muay Thai or Taekwondo moves without getting a lot of beating should have this bag on their wish-list. Two inches of soft foam is quite reassuring for an amateur wanting to have some long sessions with a heavy bag.

The Ringside Powerhide is ideal for building strength and getting a proper aerobic workout for toned muscles. The bag comes with a D-ring at the base and a swivel to make for an ideal exercise.

We liked the bag and recommended it for amateurs and casual boxers who want to practice the moves but are not willing to sacrifice comfort.

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#5 Everlast Dual Station Punching Bag Stand

The dual station punching bag from Everlast is an excellent combination of a heavy bag and a speed-bag platform. You may purchase the 100 lbs. heavy bag and the speed platform separately or as a bundle.

This solution from Everlast is a great way to practice boxing and punching and is among the top on our list of apartment punching bags.

Durability is the word we’d use to describe the punching bag. The stand is made from premium grade powder-coated steel, while the bag uses a mix of high-quality synthetic leather and natural fibers. The company has gone one step ahead and reinforced the bag with webbing for added strength.

The setup is compact and suitable for use in apartments or houses with a space crunch. The dimensions are 66.5″ x 47.6″ x 86.2″ (L x W x H).

Anchoring the Everlast Dual Station is easy. There are three pegs on the base, and each pin has a slot with a 1” diameter. You are advised to use plates as ballast to make sure the anchoring is sufficient. The company recommends 75 lbs of weight on each of the three pegs. Heavy punching may make the practice difficult if the structure moves during the heavy blows.

Those who’re considering buying this punching bag for apartments need to know that the weights for anchoring need to be purchased separately.

This is a dual-purpose bag that may be hung with a chain and used as a traditional heavy bag or used as a speed bag with the anchoring setup. We feel that the platform could be more stable. While the bag is made from quality material, the punching experience, especially in terms of bag swivel, could have been better.

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Types of Punching Bags Suitable for Apartment

  1. Heavy punching bags – These are the kind that you often see at gyms and can be used outdoors as well. Weighing up to 250 pounds, these heavy punching bags are bulky and heavy.
  2. Free-standing punching bags – The free-standing bags have a broad base that uses ballast, often water or sand, to anchor to the ground. Once set up, these are a great way to practice.
  3. Speed bag – Suitable for apartments, the speed bag may be installed in the doorway. Some offerings on the market come with their own stand. A bundled stand eliminates the worry of setting up a hanging mechanism.

We understand that finding a suitable apartment punching bag is a tough search.

To read more about punching bag types check this article.

How to Choose a Punching Bag for Your Home?

We’ll educate you on choosing an ideal punching bag for your home. Firstly, if you’re looking for a heavy bag, the perfect weight is approximately half your body weight. If you exceed that significantly, it may be detrimental to your boxing practice.

Make up the mind on whether to buy a free-standing punching bag or a hanging bag. There surely are pros and cons to both categories. While the hanging bag provides for a more realistic punching experience, it needs installation that may often be cumbersome. It may help you in building your accuracy, speed, and timing but a hanging bag isn’t easily portable.

On the other hand, free-standing bags are simpler to use but often move with powerful strikes. A movement of the bag is not suitable for boxing practice. One advantage of the free-standing bag is that you may carry it quickly to another room. This, however, comes at a premium. Freestanding bags are generally pricier than their hanging counterparts.

Your budget, bodyweight, practice target, and space restrictions should determine which bag you should invest in.


Q) I am confused between a free-standing and a hanging bag, which should I buy?

A) If you are living in an apartment and it is hard to set a hanging bag, go for the free-standing version. You must remember, if you’re looking for professional-level practice, you may be dissatisfied with a free-standing bag.

Q) Is more weight advantage for a punching bag?

A) The weight of the punching bag should be decided according to the primary practitioner. It is generally recommended to have a bag weighing 50% of the individual’s body weight. However, if multiple people want to practice, you’d have to strike a balance between weight and comfort. Amateurs usually find more massive bags cumbersome.

Q) There are bags way cheaper than the branded bags. Which should I buy?

A) Boxing gear should not be bought on a skimpy budget. If you intend to use the bag for long, it is better to save more and invest in a branded bag. There are hundreds of offerings but the construction, material, and safety may not be up to the mark. If you want to fulfill a transient desire, go for the cheaper bag and once you love the sport, go pro.


Boxing and MMA lovers living in apartments and high-rise buildings often face a space crunch to set up their heavy boxing bags. There may also be restrictions about retrofitting due to regulation or construction reasons.

In these cases of space crunch, free-standing heavy bags are a good option even for the serious practitioner. If there are no fixture restrictions, with a little DIY equipment, you may fix a heavy-bag on a ceiling.

If that’s not feasible, speed bags are the ultimate option since they come with their own frame and can be assembled into a complete heavy-bag hanging solution.

We have listed the famous and best options for all categories and all audiences – amateur, beginner, children, serious boxers, and professionals. Check out the products and other pages on our website for more knowledge on boxing gear.