5 Best Protein Powder for Fighters

In order for your body to survive tough discipline routines such as gym exercises and combat regularities, you need extra nutrients supplied to your body to meet the bodily needs before a fight. This calls for the need for protein powders that will help you keep yourself on your feet. 

If you go to malls and online shopping portals to buy the right protein, but end up overwhelmed with options and return home with nothing, then here’s a handy guide to the best protein powders in the market. We have revised and researched them thoroughly, read hundreds of reviews, and consulted experts for their opinions in order to create the list below. Read on to know your best options!

Our Top 3 Picks:

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Naked Pea Protein Gold BJJ PostRoll
Pros Twenty Flavours Available
Best Choice for PCOS
No Sweetener
Provides Warranty


5 Best Protein Powder for Fighters Reviewed and Rated

If you are a professional athlete, a beginner, or thinking of joining the gym or starting any kind of sports, then this is the list you need to check out. Training along with the right kind of protein powder makes you stronger and helps you to retain your energy through the day – even after the exhausting schedules that you follow regularly.  

#1. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard

The product by Optimum Nutrition (ON) – a company that produces protein powders – is highly recommended to you as the first product in our list. The product is gluten-free, chocolate flavored, and each serving provides you 120 calories of energy. It helps to maintain and build your muscle.


  • The whey protein isolates (WPI) are the purest form of whey protein that currently exists
  • The whey is a gluten-free product
  • All adults are qualified to take the product
  • The amino acids in the protein powder help you to build muscles
  • You can consume the whey pre- and post-workouts
  • Available in twenty different choices to satisfy your taste buds


  • The product retains its quality over time
  • There are no artificial growth hormones present in the protein powder
  • No lumps and clumps form while mixing the powder in liquids
  • The product does not contain banned substances
  • The choice is trusted by sports personalities and experts


  • For people with allergies, consult your doctor before consumption as it contains milk and soy


The whey protein product is the most widely consumed protein powder, according to reviews. It’s the number one seller on Amazon. Taking a harder look at this favorite, we found that it’s budget-friendly, and has macronutrients. It also scores well for the label accuracy — three qualities that are rarely true in the protein industry.

Why have we decided to put this product in #1 position? 

The answer is simple: firstly, the product mentioned stands out because of its quality; secondly, you get to use the most preferred product by crowds. It means people find the product useful and valuable, catering to their needs. 

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#2. Gold BJJ PostRoll

From the name of the product you can understand that BJJ PostRoll is a popular drink for Brazilian jiu-jitsu sports persons, post-workout. The powder contains supplements that are packed with BCAA amino acids and EAA. The powder’s main flavor is lemon ice.


  • The protein increases your performance and provides strength and immunity to your body
  • The powder also acts as a recovery agent for your body to uplift it from daily tiredness
  • The consumption of the product keeps you hydrated and is replenishing for your body
  • This brand also manufactures a pre-roll workout protein. It is desired to match your pre-roll workout supplement followed by your post-roll workout supplement, for higher energy spurts through the day.


  • The product does not contain any artificial sweeteners
  • The product provides a guarantee of quality


  • The quantity of the product is inadequate, compared to others in the market


The protein powder is manufactured and distributed specifically for BJJ combat fighters. A lot of workout supplements designed for weightlifting claim different energy patterns, but this one helps you to maintain an energy boost over a several-hour training session, contrary to just a few heavy lifts.

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#3. Naked Pea Protein

The product is made from pure pea powder from North American farms. The product is a plant-based protein powder, which is a must-try for vegans. The protein is easy to digest and helps to speed up your muscle recovery. Compared to kids and beginners, adults are more prone to weakness and fatigue during sports. That’s why it is the adult’s responsibility to not be vulnerable simply due to lack of proper nutrients.


  • The powder is processed from yellow split peas
  • It is processed via a water extraction procedure, without any use of chemicals
  • The product is environmentally-friendly
  • No artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors have been used in the product
  • The product is GMO-free
  • It is soy-free
  • It is also a dairy-free product
  • Other supplements included in the powder are vitamin A, calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium


  • The chemical-free product is the perfect choice for girls with polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Gluten-free protein powder


  • It could have given more flavor options to suit everyone’s tastes, as it may come off as tasteless to some


The best thing that caught our eye about the product is that it’s devoid of any chemicals and artificial additives. This quality makes it a perfect fit for adults who have any kind of food allergies or girls with PCOS problems. 

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#4. Pro JYM Protein Powder

The product is formulated by Dr. Jim Stoppani. A high-quality protein powder such as this should be on the top of your shopping list if you want to see improvements in your gym routine. The protein powder is the fuel your hungry muscles have been craving!


  • A blend is considerably better for maximizing muscle-building. This blend contains whey protein isolate, micellar casein, milk protein isolate, and egg white protein
  • Pro JYM has great taste, texture, and nutrition. Simply mix with water, milk, almond milk or add other ingredients for a tasty, high-protein shake or smoothie
  • Pro JYM contains the perfect ratio of the three main proteins for building muscle: 50% casein, 40% whey and 10% egg protein; this blend supports your natural strength, energy, endurance & recovery
  • The powder does not contain cheap amino acids that lead to protein spiking 
  • Each serving contains 24 grams of proteins, which is optimal for lean muscle growth, as a higher percentage of energy is derived from protein
  • The powder is best before & after workouts, in the morning, between meals, and at night. 


  • The product is available in eight flavors – Caramel Macchiato, Chocolate Cookie Crunch, Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Peanut Butter, S’Mores, Tahitian Vanilla Bean, Rocky Road, Vanilla Peanut Butter
  • Suitable for both men & women


  • You don’t get any unflavoured option for the product


The decision is simple. If you want to genuinely build your muscles, then the Pro JYM protein powder is the right and efficient choice for your body. You can definitely choose this product for yourself.

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#5. BSN SYNTHA-6 Whey Protein Powder

To keep yourself healthy in this busy, 21st-century life, it is not always possible to munch on your favorite food, hoping to get nutrients out of them. That is when protein powders make it easy for you to carry on with your workouts in a hustle-free easy way, providing the energy you need as you exercise or spar.


  • Used to supplement your diet, exercise routine, sports, weightlifting, cycling, running, strength training, conditioning, football, soccer, rugby, basketball, tennis, general well-being
  • Powder flavors include Chocolate Milkshake, German chocolate, Banana, Mint Chocolate Chip, Birthday Cake Remix
  • It has a superb blend of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats
  • It is a multi-functional protein powder
  • It is an excellent source of fibers as well as fatty acids


  • Helps you gain mass while you exercise
  • It increases the stamina of your body without leaving you drained


  • The product contains allergenic products like eggs, milk, soy, wheat
  • The amount of servings per container is lower than most other brands
  • Includes added sugars


This product gives you everything you need: it comes in different flavors that are combined with a texture added to it, it makes a thick blend in water which is usually hard to achieve with other products unless mixed with milk, and it acts as a great dessert or meal replacement. The only drawback for this product would be the higher calories for those who are trying to lose weight.

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Buying Guide For Best Protein Powders Boxing/MMA Athletes

It’s better to think about your needs and budget before you click the purchase button in your shopping app, especially when it is about what you consume. Giving a few moments to your queries will ease your mind. Avoid impulse shopping regrets, and scroll down to check the list.

The Protein Source

Whey protein is the best source of protein for muscle strength. It’s a complete nutrient and is more easily absorbed. On the other hand, the casein-based powder is digested more slowly.

Easy on the Sweets

Companies use artificial sugars or natural zero-calorie ones. Animal studies reported that artificial sweeteners can cause harmful gut bacteria. Going with the unsweetened is the better solution in the long run.

Protein Types and its Uses

Whey-protein is the most common protein source. It comes with essential amino acids and can be easily digested. Soy protein is the next most popular one, as it reduces high cholesterol and lessens menopause symptoms for women. It also helps to build bone mass. Other sources of protein include eggs, milk, brown rice, peas, and hemp.

Your Needs

If you want muscle growth, then choose a powder that has a high biological value. For this, whey protein is the best option. To lose weight, choose shakes with no sweeteners. Powders with dextrins or maltodextrins should be ignored at any cost.

If you are a vegetarian, go for milk-based protein sources. Hundred percent of plant sources include soy, pea, and hemp. People who have diabetes should opt for unflavoured options and avoid sweeteners or flavors. Protein powders with low carbohydrates is the way to go.

On the other hand, excess protein supply is also harmful to your body. You must be aware of how much quantity you need to take as your intake to meet the body’s needs. People who have bowel syndrome or lactose intolerance should consult a doctor before randomly buying a protein powder product. Staying cautious is the key to a healthy life. If you have gluten allergy, then carefully read the labels before purchase.

The Taste

In the market and in online shopping, you will get infinite options for your taste preference. Few brands also offer the unflavoured version of the protein powder. The advantage of this is, you consume less chemicals. Artificial sweeteners are the source of sweetness in most of the cases. That is why it is better to avoid flavors.

On the other hand to improve the taste and thickness of your boring milk intake, you can choose to add protein powder in it to make it a creative alternative for your workout consumption. You can add fruits and peanut butter to enhance its taste.

Things to Avoid

Casein or caseinate, and whey protein concentrate (WPC) are sources of lactose, and causes bloating and gastrointestinal problems. Foods containing gluten can lead to inflammation in those with a gluten allergy.

Skimmed milk powders and milk solids are used as a bulking agent in lower-quality powders. They are high in lactose sugars and may cause bloating, gastrointestinal problems, constipation, etc. The protein gets poorly absorbed into the body. Similarly, thickeners and gums such as xanthan gum, manufactured from soy or corn, cause bloating, constipation and gas.

Fillers may be added to powders to bulk up the protein. Some fillers include ingredients such as coconut flour or psyllium. It may also cause gastric distress such as bloating and constipation. Keeping an eye on the label for these ingredients is advisable.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the Protein Powder is Bad?

To consider that your protein powder has gone bad or expired, you will notice a smell, bitter taste, changes in color, or clumping.

When to Drink Protein Shakes?

For most people, the amount of protein they eat throughout the day matters the most.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the time when you drink the protein shake unless you’re an elite athlete or pursuing extreme fat loss or muscle gain. Drink the shake when it matters the most in the context of what your goal is.

How to Get the Best out of the Powder?

An athlete must drink protein within an hour of his or her workout. This is the time when muscles are responsive to the protein intake that repairs and helps to grow muscles. To maintain weight, you can replace one meal with a glass of shake made of protein powder.

When is a Protein Powder Scooping too Much?

Choosing to consume 20-40 grams of protein daily (1-2 scoops) is a reasonable amount. Mostly 80 grams per day is a good limit of supplementary protein intake.

It is the basic guideline. In any personal health issues or complicated cases, it’s better to consult a doctor or your trainer. Having more than 80 grams from protein powder is excessive as it displaces a whole food source that provides other nutrients we need.

Is it okay to Drink Protein Powders without Working Out?

Protein contains calories. Consuming much more than required can make reducing weight difficult, especially if you drink protein shakes in addition to your diet, and you’re not exercising. An adult needs 46 to 56 grams of protein a day, depending on weight and overall health.

Does Protein Affect the Body?

Protein and carbohydrates are considered the central blocks for nutrition. Carbohydrates provide fuel and energy for exercise. Protein is the main source for muscle recovery. Protein is a rich source of nutrients. It is used during, as well as after, exercises. It transports nutrients and wastes around the body. Protein serves as a source of energy during workouts when carbohydrates and fat stores are used, acting as a rather handy pre-workout snack

What is the Best Source of Protein?

Proteins are divided into two groups; complete and incomplete. Complete proteins are good for exercise, repair and muscle growth. They contain amino-acids that our bodies fail to make. For example animal products such as meat, milk, fish, eggs and so on. It is best to consume these foods after exercise. Protein provides the building blocks to repair the body after exercise. Incomplete proteins are available in plant foods, and they lack a few amino acids that are needed to build cells. When combined, these join to satisfy the needs of the body. For example seeds, legumes, grains, vegetables and fruit, which are combined to provide your body with the protein it needs.

Is Protein Important for Weight-Lifters?

The general idea is that high-protein diets are only for bodybuilders. Yet, all athletes need protein. It helps them keep the body functioning efficiently. Carbs are considered as the true source of energy for sports. But protein is important to keep your muscles healthy. During the second or third hour of exercise, your body craves some form of protein as food. Without it, there will be fatigue and energy loss. Around 15 percent of calories burnt during sports are from proteins, and if unavailable, the body will begin to burn lean muscle tissue for fuel, which is counter-productive. 

What Happens if I have too much Protein Powder?

Too much of anything is a bad thing. Studies show that most people are already getting more than the amount of protein that has been recommended to us.

Athletes who follow high protein diets like paleo, Atkins, Whole30, and keto should have knowledge of the signs of over-consumption of protein, such as weight gain, bad breath, dehydration, and kidney damage. Other problems can cause a higher risk for heart disease and cancers. There are even rare conditions that cause the body to be unable to break down protein. This is why it is advised that protein powders be consumed at individual discretion, keeping in mind that a body’s need for proteins and nutrients varies from person-to-person.