Top 4 Best Pink Punching Bags (For Women)

Everlast Cardioblast Everlast Women's Heavy Bag Kit MaxxMMA Training Punching Bag
Pros Affordable
Adjustable height
Whole kit ready to use

Although women have been interested in boxing since the beginning of the game, they were not welcome until recent years. Many countries have lifted the ban on women boxing in the most recent years.

The surge in the interest in the women boxing was seen after it was included in the Olympics 2012. Although the first World Championship for Women was held in the year 2001, women have been fighting for their right to the championship since the last century.

As more and more people are interested in the championships, the gears, and equipment needed for the women boxing are also high in demand. Women now have a choice to select from the equipment they want.

In this article, we will talk about the best punching bags for women that are available in the market.


Best Pink Punching Bags for Women Reviewed

#1 Everlast Cardioblast Heavy Bag

The Everlast CardioBlast Heavy Bag is specially designed keeping women boxers in mind. It weighs 40 pounds. The punching bag is manufactured from a lightweight technical outer shell.

The stuffing is impact-depressing to give you dynamic cardio. It also has a double-end loop on the bottom for anchoring. It is durable and functional due to premium synthetic leather with reinforced webbing and the high-quality heavy bag construction.

The length of 40 inches ensures that it can be used for punches, knees, and kicks. The diameter of the bag is around 2 feet. There is a warranty period of 120 days for repairs and replacement of the punching bag.


  • The size of the punching bag is just right for punching and kicking.
  • There are no lumps on the bag and the stitching is also good.
  • It is softer than others and is good on the knuckles.
  • The customer support system is very good with Everlast products.
  • The bottom of the bag is fitted with bungee cords which can be attached to the floor. This gives the bag more versatility and faster rebound.
  • The price of the bag is worth the quality.


  • Some customers have complained of the bag zip broken, however, if you call the customer service they will replace the whole bag.

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#2 Everlast Women’s 70 Lb Heavy Bag Kit

This Everlast Women’s punching bag comes with 12-ounce pink boxing gloves with Velcro closures and 108-inch hand-wraps for protection.

The punching bag itself is made of high-quality synthetic leather. The filling is a mix of synthetic and natural fibers to ensure shock absorption capacity.

The punching bag features an adjustable chain for adjusting the height at which the bag can be placed. It also has nylon straps for added security and safety. The punching bag also comes with a bracket mount to securely hold it in place while you are training. The length is 45.5 inches with a diameter of 13.5 inches.

The whole bag and the gear are pink in color which is preferred by women. It is both functional and durable. It is specially designed to improve your swinging skills and your overall fitness.


  • You can start your work-out as soon as you get the bag, as it comes with the gloves, wraps and other things you need.
  • You can adjust the height of the bag
  • The hand wraps allow you to use the bag without gloves for workouts
  • Sturdy and durable


  • The quality of the gloves included is not up to the mark. However, you can buy other gloves.
  • It cannot be attached to the floor to reduce the impact.

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#3 Maxxmma Water/Air Heavy Bag For Training And Fitness

The MaxxMMA punching bag comes for use in four different modes: heavy bag, fitness, uppercut bag, and MMA dummy ground training. The punching bag is designed perfectly for fitness training, for MMA ground and pound, for grappling, and for throwing.

The unique combination of water and air bladder gives the user a simulated experience to punch a real person and not merely a punching bag. The bag helps you to maintain your balance when you do your exercises for your core balance, abdominal training, and overall balance.

The MaxxMMA punching bag’s weight can be adjusted from 20 pounds to 120 pounds. This gives you the freedom to choose the amount of work you want to put in. The company also offers 2 years of free replacement of the inner tube. It can be transported easily as it does not come pre-filled.

The water hose and the pump to fill the air in the bag are included in the packing. As it is filled with water on the outside, it does not hurt your knuckles that much. Due to the water, the impact is not on your shoulder and wrists when you punch this bag. Water absorbs most of the impact.


  • This is an all-weather bag. It is not affected by extreme weather conditions.
  • The adjustable weight of the bag gives you freedom of choice. It is as good for beginners as for the pros.
  • It can be used in multiple training like punching, kicking, squats, over-shoulder throws, and uppercut practice.
  • The length of the bag is 3 feet which give you the choice to use it in different ways.
  • It can also be used as MMA dummy
  • Extremely sturdy and strong


  • You have to fill the bag yourself with air and water.

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#4 RDX 4ft Pink Women Punching Bag

This RDX heavy bag is so sturdy that it can endure the rigors of the event the toughest of the gyms. The punching bag kit is everything you need to improve your technique, boost your stamina, power, and strength.

The core of the bag is made up of shredded textile and it weighs approximately 17-20 kg which gives an ideal amount of sway and resistance. The shredded textile also helps in shock absorption to wrists and hands while returning to its original shape swiftly.

It has a double stitched exterior which gives it a longer life and higher durability even during toughest training. Twinned layers offer maximum force dispersion making it perfect for the gym and home users.

The heavy gauge D-rings are stitched and riveted to the bag for extra strength. It features additional heavy-duty zip-fastened top closure to give it maximum fill potential. If you want it to be heavier, you can opt for a denser filling using Zip top.

The waterproof bag can be used in closed as well as open surroundings. There are tethered straps at the base of the bag which ensures minimum swing impact.


  • Everything you need to start is included in the kit, hence you can start using as soon as you buy
  • The bag is pre-filled for your benefit
  • Extremely durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be used for stress relief, training for boxing and workouts

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How To Choose The Best Punching Bag For Women?

Thinking of buying a new pink punching bag? Not sure what to look for in a perfect pink punching bag? Well, many factors go into deciding the best punching for women. Some of these factors are explained below for your reference:


Before you start browsing for punching bags for women, you should know what is your purpose behind the purchase? Are you trying to shed a few kilos of fat? Or, are you doing it for fun? Or are you seriously interested in increasing your strength and power?

In case you are buying the punching bag for recreational use, it is advisable for you to buy a lightweight bag that can be used easily than a heavyweight one.

However, if you are very serious about your training, then you should consider a more professional bag which is over 40lbs. This will help you to build strength and power.

Measurements Of The Punching Bag

The size of the bag can be determined by your body weight. Take your body weight and divide it by two. Take the nearest multiple of ten and get the bag weighing that much.

We would suggest you take the weight by rounding down your weight. Hence, the bag will be lighter and can be used easily. For example, if your weight is 188lbs, you should buy a punching bag weighing 90lbs.

Type of  the Punching Bag

There are many types of pink punching bags available in the market. You should buy a punching bag as per your requirement:

  • Heavy bag: A heavy bag is for strength training and cardio-intensive exercises.
  • Free Standing Bag: These bags do not need a setup. Although they cannot take too much abuse they are pretty popular.
  • Teardrop bag: This bag is designed to practice elbowing, uppercutting and kneeing.
  • Speed bag: This bag provides very little resistance. So, they are used to build arm, core, back and leg muscles. It is used to learn to hit fast.
  • Body training and grapple bag: This bag is ideal for MMA training.
  • Double-end bags: This bag gives you a real-life experience. It is used for developing coordination and reflexes.

To learn more about the different punching bag types check this article.

Your Expertise

You need to analyze yourself and decide whether you are a beginner or an expert. If you are an amateur then you should go for a lighter bag. Female boxers can select bags that are about 3 feet in height. You should consider your strengths and weaknesses while choosing a punching bag.

Frequently Asked Questions

How high should I place my punching bag?

Your punching bag should be high enough for you to hit the head. So, it should start with the top of your head.

How much space do I need to place a heavy bag?

The amount of space will mainly depend on you personally. However, 8 feet x 8 feet is a standard requirement.

What is the best filling for a punching bag?

Punching bags can be filled with various materials like sand, rags, fibers, water, air or combinations thereof. It depends on you, how much hardness you require in a punching bag. A bag filled with air and water is softer than the one filled with rags.

My punching bag is too hard, will it get softer?

Yes, a punching bag needs time to break in. You will notice that after some days of use it will be softer.

Can I use my punching bag for just workouts to improve my overall fitness?

Well of course yes. Your punching bag can be your best workout tool. It improves the general fitness level of the user which in turn gives you better overall health. When you punch a bag, you use all your strength and stamina.

It leads you to physical exertion which is helpful in burning calories and fats. This also helps you to strengthen your muscles.

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How often should I use my punching bag?

If you are new to physical training, you should use your punching bag only three times a week. You can then increase your frequency when you feel you have enough physical capability. However, if you are a pro, you can use it daily.


In short, if you are looking for a punching bag for women, you should research well about your preferences, your weaknesses, and your strengths.

Only after you have the answers to what you need, you should buy a punching bag for yourself. Due to the vast variety of pink punching bags available you might end up getting a wrong one for yourself. So, research and evaluate the bags you want.