Top 4 Best Nunchucks For Training [Reviews & Buying Guide]

Learning martial arts is both healthy as well as useful, and, while some exercises and practices may seem fun and easy, many hours of practice go into learning them. This makes finding quality training equipment extremely important.

When it comes to karate nunchucks, making the right choice could mean the difference between accidentally hitting yourself or someone near, and being able to learn martial arts without risks.

However, while there are hundreds of models of nunchucks that are designed specifically for training and learning, there is little information about how to pick one that suits your needs.

Keep in mind that these are still weapons and accidents are possible even with training nunchucks if they are of poor quality. This having been said, below are the most popular training models that are currently available on the market.

A-Parts Training Nunchucks Estink Nunchaku HIJK Training Nunchakus
Pros Safe and durable
Great for children
Designed for training
Universal size
Stainless steel chain
Safe for children and beginners
Carrying bag included


Best Nunchucks Reviewed

#1 A-Parts Training Nunchucks

A product designed specifically for beginners and children.

The training nunchucks from A-Parts are designed to be as soft as possible while still maintaining enough rigidity to not make learning how to use them difficult.

They are made of both metal and foam, however, there are no metal elements, other than the chains and ends of the sticks that could come in contact with the body.


  • Safe and durable – The nunchucks are made from a soft foam that can absorb any type of shock. The foam sticks are tied together using a durable stainless-steel chain;
  • Great for children: The foam sticks measure 11.02in. and the chain is 7.28in.;
  • Carry Bag – The product also comes with a small carry bag to store the nunchucks when not using them;


  • Safe for children and beginners – The foam is extremely soft, making the nunchucks great for kids who are learning martial arts;
  • Built to last – The chain is sturdy and will not break even after months of use;
  • Rubber ends – The ends of the sticks have rubber caps that prevent hurting yourself during training;


  • Plastic carry bag – The bag that comes with the nunchucks is made from a synthetic fiber that is not especially durable;

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#2 Estink Swivel Chain Training Nunchaks

A high-quality pair of nunchucks that bridge the gap between training and wooden nunchucks.

The training nunchucks from Estink are not designed for children, however, they are perfect for adults learning martial arts. While other models have sticks that are heavily padded with foam, making them difficult to wield at high speeds, these are made from flexible and soft rubber.


  • Designed for training purposes – The nunchucks are made from durable rubber that is softer on the body when compared to wood or metal;
  • Universal size – The length of the stick including the metallic tips is 11.5in, and the chain measures 5.6in;
  • Durable chain attachments – The chain is attached to the sticks using smooth metallic bearings that will not break during practice sessions;


  • Extremely durable – The model is designed for martial arts students that need a nunchaku that they can swing around with all of their force without worrying that they may harm themselves. The sticks are flexible but do not scratch or break down over time;
  • Thick chain – The chain of the product is thick enough to withstand the force of two adults pulling on it, so the probability that it will break during exercise is very small;


  • Safe but more painful than foam models – The sticks of the nunchaku are made from solid rubber. While it won’t cause serious hard when hitting the body, doing so is relatively painful;
  • Heavy – The rubber sticks make the training nunchaku heavier than wooden ones. This can make exercising with it more difficult on the arms but it also increases the momentum when swinging it around;

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#3 HIJK Foam Training Nunchucks

An extremely safe pair of nunchucks for children who are just getting into martial arts.

Simple in design, yet durable and easy to use, the training nunchucks from HIJK are a great choice for young children who are barely learning how to use them. The sticks are attached together using a durable steel chain that will not break when swinging the nunchaku around.

Also, this is the only hard element of the product. The sticks are made from rubber and have thick foam padding that ensures that hitting the skin will not cause pain or bruising.


  • Stainless steel chain – The nunchaku’s sticks are attached together using a stainless-steel chain that will not break while swinging it and is easy to clean;
  • Safe for children and beginners – The sticks have a flexible rubber core that increases durability and thick foam padding that can easily absorb and type of impact;
  • Carrying bag included – The product also comes with a synthetic fabric carrying bag;


  • Very soft and thick padding – The rubber core of the sticks makes them rigid enough to handle with ease, and the foam padding is thick enough that you won’t feel any pain if it hits your skin;


  • Cheap carry bag – The included bag isn’t really useful and breaks down after a few months;

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#4 Ace Martial Arts Rubber Foam Nunchucks

A traditionally designed pair of nunchucks that’s safe for beginners.

The rubber foam model from Ace Martial Arts Supply has a more traditional design than other products but is just as safe to use. It has foam-padded sticks that have a rubber core, however, they are attached together using a piece of rope.


  • Foam padding and rubber core – The nunchuck’s sticks have a flexible rubber core that is covered in thick foam padding;
  • Attached with rope – The two sticks are attached together with rope, making the nunchucks safer than models that have chain attachments;
  • Universal size – The total length of the nunchucks is 27 cm, with the rope measuring 11.5 cm;


  • Affordable training nunchucks – The nunchucks are durable, soft and surprisingly affordable. They are great to get when getting if you’re a beginner;
  • Soft and safe for children – The foam padding is thick, and children won’t feel anything if they accidentally hit themselves with the nunchaku;


  • Rope connector – The rope that is used to tie the two sticks together can break after a while and will need replacing;

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How To Choose The Best Nunchakus For Training?

There is more to finding the best nunchucks than simply looking at reviews. Nunchucks are, for all intents and purposes weapons, and should be treated with respect. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best product for your needs:

Choose the right size for your body type

The length of both the chain or the nunchaku, as well as that of the sticks, varies from one product to another. This having been said, keep in mind that children will require shorter nunchucks in order to be able to control them.

The sticks of most nunchucks are around 12-13 inches, however, it is possible to find shorter training ones or models that are specifically designed for children. Also, the chain or rope length varies from one manufacturer to another, and in some cases can even be adjusted.

Choose the right materials for your training level

Training nunchucks can be made from a variety of materials. The most common ones have foam-padded sticks and chain attachments, but there are also models that are linked with rope and are made entirely out of rubber.

Every material has advantages and disadvantages. For example, foam nunchucks are extremely soft and can be used by children without any issues, however, they are also too flexible to control al high velocities.

On the other hand, all-rubber nunchucks are not as flexible, but are heavier and hurt when hitting someone with them. Although they do not cause serious harm, you will feel and may bruise if you hit yourself with one of these.

Ask your instructor for advice

Certain techniques are easier to learn if you use nunchucks that are tied together with rope. It is usually better to ask your instructor for help in order to decide if you should buy ones that use stainless steel chains or rope.

How To Use Nunchucks?

There are dozens of video guides that can teach you how to use nunchucks, however, the best way is to find a martial arts expert that can help you learn. As with all weapons, it is relatively easy to harm yourself with the nunchucks if not careful and this I where exercise and discipline come into play.

There are 16 popular martial arts techniques that revolve around wielding a nunchaku in order to defend yourself and learning each one takes time and dedication. However, they all start from the same point:

Get a pair of quality training nunchucks

Metal nunchucks or wooden ones are great for professional martial arts practitioners, but they can be extremely dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Look for a pair of quality training nunchucks that are not too flexible but have sufficient padding to not hurt someone on accident;

Wear comfortable training clothes

It’s important to be comfortable in order to effectively concentrate on your movements. Choose clothing that doesn’t constrict your body, but avoid items that are loose so that the nunchaku won’t get stuck in them;

Start slow and concentrate on your movements

Don’t expect to have Bruce Lee reflexes from the get-go. Start with slow swings and concentrate on how your body moves and only pick up the pace once you’re comfortable;

Don’t try to juggle

Keep in mind that learning a nunchaku technique and learning to juggle with the weapon are two very different things. Trying to make your movements more flashy than they should be is usually a sure way to have an accident, even with a training nunchuck;


It is important to find a good pair of training nunchucks when learning martial arts. There are several designs and brands to choose from and making the right choice will help make your journey easier.

Make sure that you ask your instructor for advice beforehand. Although some models may seem great and affordable, accidents can occur even when exercising with a training nunchaku.

When it comes to specialists’ advice, the golden rule is to find a pair of nunchucks that are padded with foam but are flexible to the point where the sticks will bend in your hands when swinging is.