5 Best Neck Harness for Strength Training

Neck muscles, just like any other muscle, can be conditioned and improved. Athletes, including boxers, wrestlers, football players, and MMA fighters, benefit from neck exercises. A neck harness is a perfect way to do this.

Neck harnesses are fascinating tools that you wear around your neck. They’re built to carry a weight plate so you can do a range of exercises to work your muscles. This guide shows you some of the best neck harnesses for strength training and provides you with useful knowledge about these tools.

Top 3 Picks:

DMoose Neck Harness RimSports Store Neck Harness Jayefo Sports Neck Harness
Pros Strengthens your Neck
Releases Tension and Stiffness
Superior Comfort
Sleek, Modern and Unisex
Breathable Material
Portable and Compact


5 Sturdy Neck Harnesses For Training

#1. DMoose Neck Harness for Weight Lifting 

The DMoose neck lifting tool is lightweight, compact, and simple-to-use. The deluxe quality nylon straps on this neck head harness are built for your comfort. It strengthens the muscles in the spine, upper back, and chest. It also acts as a boxing neck strengthener and is popular amongst footballers, MMA fighters, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts. DMoose weight lifting neck equipment is made for everyone, novices and experts alike. It has a stainless-steel chain that supports your weight and gives your workouts more balance and stability. Correct use of the neck harness also improves posture and helps avoid long-term injuries.


Increased Core Neck Strength 

For anyone looking to improve their neck muscle strength and general muscular stability, this neck weight lifting harness is an essential workout tool.

Comfortable Balance and Fit 

This neck exercise harness features a muscle-strengthening strap that is well-balanced and maintains weight in the centre without pulling to one side, ensuring safer and more efficient training sessions.

Supports Injury Recovery 

After a concussion, car accident, or any other injury where healthy, progressive muscle building is necessary, this multipurpose exercise harness can also improve neck strength and stability.

Stronger, More Resilient Design 

Made of breathable neoprene, steel chain, and steel D-rings, this neck weight training hardness won’t break down over time, promising a longer workout value and fitness help.

Lifetime Guarantee and Satisfaction

DMoose specializes in making robust, long-lasting, fitness goods that help every rep, workout, and target, which is why it’s backed by quick and efficient customer service.


  • Strengthens your neck to avoid fractures and complications with your cervical spine
  • Aids in the release of tension, stiffness, and tightness


  • Weights sway due to the D-ring formation

Final Verdict

The DMoose weight lifting neck brace is well-known for its guaranteed results. This durable neck tool suits everyone and aids in the relief of pain caused by regular workouts. The DMoose weightlifting neck brace is perfect for use both at home or in the gym. Neck preparation can now be performed anywhere and at any time!

Why did we put it in the #1 position?

DMoose is a highly renowned brand, and its Fitness Neck and Head Training Harness is one of the best available in the market. The DMoose Fitness Neck and Head Training Harness are designed to be robust, comfortable, and practical, and it comes in five different colours to match your style. The DMoose harness was developed with long-term durability in mind. The sturdy design includes a double-stitched adjustable strap that holds it firmly in place around your head. 

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#2. RimSports Store Neck Harness for Weight Training

One of RIMSports neck strengthening harness’ strengths is the padded and adjustable straps provided for your head, forehead, and chin. This piece of equipment has reinforced stitching, a heavy-duty chain, and four wide D-rings, making it unlike any other weight lifting head harness on the market.

The D-rings are mounted at the sides of your ears and below your chin in a specific design that allows you to use the neck trainer even for complicated exercises. The metal rings on the neck strengthener are designed to avoid rubbing against your ears during workouts, thereby preventing chafing around the ears.


One-of-a-kind Triple Strap Design

This weight training head harness features padded and adjustable straps for your head, forehead, and chin. The forehead, top of the head, and under-chin straps of this neck brace are all adjustable, making it perfect for neck workouts.

D-Rings for Versatile Workouts 

The D-rings on our neck trainer is located at the sides of your ears and below your jaw, providing support for complex exercises such as weighted lying neck extensions.

Increases Neck Strength

A neck exerciser is an integral part of an athletes’ training regimen for strengthening their neck and upper back muscles. It’s also a great injury healing method for neck injuries.

Comfortable and Quality Padding

The top of the head, forehead, chin, and ears are all lined with premium cotton padding for added comfort, and the side-piping prevents metal rings from rubbing against your skin during intense workouts.

Strong and Secure Straps

The straps come with a chain to carry weights, and the D-rings keep the weight in the centre, maintaining stability, avoiding injury and providing protection while training.


  • Enjoy superior comfort and stability while keeping weights safe
  • Comes with a chain and a secure fastening mechanism
  • A sleek, new, and unisex design


  • Can’t add or subtract weight
  • The strap obstructs view while training

Final Verdict

RIMSports used the best design elements to build this neck exercise unit, which is backed by a 100% guarantee. This neck exerciser will help you get a better neck workout and develop your bodybuilding skills. It’s a must-have workout tool for neck strengthening.

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#3. Jayefo Sports Neck Training Exerciser Harness

The Jayefo Neck Lifting Exercise Harness was designed and tested by major powerlifting & strongman athletes, giving you a tried-and-tested product in weightlifting sports. This neck muscle-building strengthener will make lifting heavy weights easier on your neck and body.


Comfortable Chin-head Straps 

It has the highest degree of comfort and an industrial-strength powerhead brace that can support a large amount of weight.

Value For Money

This incredible product is backed by its excellent quality and price, and you won’t be able to find anything better within such a range. This product is stylish, practical, and comfortable, with adjustable straps that suit most people.

Extra Chin Strap

The chin strap is padded, to avoid rashes on your skin and to ensure that your neck exercise is accurate to neck muscles.


  • Material is easy-to-breathe
  • Small enough to fit in your gym bag
  • Packaging for portability is included


  • There are no clear instructions included

Final Verdict

The Jayefo Neck Strengthener has an adjustable hook-and-loop Velcro strap that fits all head sizes. The 31-inch long chain on this posture neck exerciser is completely adjustable on both sides. It is made of skin-friendly material that prevents rashes on sweaty skin. We bet you won’t be able to find this high-quality head harness for such low prices anywhere else on the market!

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#4. Hawk Sports Neck Harness Neck Exerciser

The Hawk neck workout harness was designed while taking into account all of the requirements and complexities of neck strengthening equipment for athletes. It offers premium features such as an extra-long steel chain and is made of high-quality material that guarantees a long-lasting product.


Maximum Reliability and Comfortability

The head harness is made of high-quality neoprene padding for optimum neck support and efficient neck exercises, resulting in comfortable training sessions.

Adjustable Neck and Head Straps

The adjustable hook-and-loop velcro head brace and neck strap ensure that this neck weight lifting harness fits all, regardless of head size or shape.

Extra-long Adaptable Steel Chain

Thanks to two D-Rings and interchangeable side loops, the free extra-long adjustable Steel Chain Hawk neck training harness can be used for a range of head and neck exercises.


  • High-quality, long-lasting durability and comfort
  • Stitching that is strong and durable
  • During strenuous exercises, it relieves tension on the spine
  • Adjustable hook suits all head sizes


  • The top strap, unlike the side strap, is not flexible

Final Verdict

This is a great deal; we’re confident you won’t find a neck exerciser with a chain for less in the weightlifting equipment market. This piece of equipment for weightlifting and physical activities will last you a long time.

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#5. Vikingstrength Neck Harness Strength Trainer

Vikingstrength Neck Harness Strength Trainer is an ideal tool for athletes looking to improve their neck from all angles. It is made only using high-quality materials. The harness’s double nylon construction is combined with extra-heavy D-rings, and a steel chain to allow it to be used with any weight and any size.


High-Quality Materials and Stylish Design

The straps on the Vikingstrengths are adjustable and padded for your comfort. Its double stitching helps you use more weight than your neck can bear, and cable machines can be easily connected to their V-rings in order to train your neck sides.

Perfect Fit

You can get the ideal fit for comfort and trust that your harness won’t slip or move with an adjustable strap. It operates in both high and low pulley machines.

Suitable Padding

Neoprene padding is also used in this brace, intended to withstand shock and prevent cuts and chaffing. You will not only improve as you prepare for your training or gym sessions, but you will do so without getting abrasions or other injuries.


  • Made of high-quality, long-lasting materials
  • Shock-absorbent padding helps to prevent accidents, including cuts and chaffing


  • The dimensions of the product are considerably small

Final Verdict

Invest in your fitness routine by strengthening your neck with the Vikingstrength Neck Trainer and prepare for the unexpected. The manufacturer guarantees the product’s reliability and longevity. To ensure that customers are always delighted, this neck harness comes with a lifetime guarantee. Furthermore, the Viking Strength neck trainer is very inexpensive and offers excellent value for money.

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Neck Harness: Buying Guide

Durability and Longevity

You’ll be fitting weights to a neck belt, and pushing and raising them while using it for strength training. As a result, the neck or head hardness you choose must be made of high-quality, long-lasting materials.

Consider the risk of your harness breaking or tearing under the pressure of your workout. This not only necessitates the purchase of a new belt, but it also puts you in danger of hurting yourself.

Weight must be fitted to a neck belt that you can raise to strengthen your neck. As a consequence, the neck brace should be able to tolerate repeated use. The components should be long-lasting so that they can be used frequently. As a one-time investment, this will also help you save money.

Look for a durable harness that is made of high-quality materials. You will not be sorry you spent the extra bucks on a durable harness.


Everyone has different heights and head sizes, so make sure your athletic and training gear fits you correctly. Since a one-size-fits-all neck brace is virtually impossible to build, you’ll want to make sure your harness is highly adjustable. Furthermore, the straps and clasps should be simple to change and put on without taking too much time.

You should also be able to change your belt easily and quickly. It shouldn’t derail your whole workout in case you need to patch it up while working out. Smooth straps with sturdy clasps are perfect.


To protect your neck from injury, we’ve already discussed the value of using proper training methods. In addition to that, it’s a sure sign that something is wrong if your neck or head harness is uncomfortable.

Rather than putting up with the pain of a bad belt, look for one that fits your head and neck well. You’ll be able to enjoy successful workouts while avoiding injuries in this manner.

It’s not only about your safety and wellbeing when you’re working out; it’s also simply about comfort. It’s likely that an uncomfortable neck brace isn’t the best fit or has a flaw in the design. The ideal neck brace will make your training sessions go more smoothly, without causing any problems. It should favour you, not harm you, just like any other piece of exercise equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a neck harness, and how do I use it?

A neck harness is easy to use. The main goal is to strengthen your spine, which can be accomplished by following these steps:

Secure the neck harness around your neck. Make sure it’s not too big nor too small.

Get into the recommended position for whatever exercise you want to do once you’re comfortable.

Attach the weights to your neck harness securely. Start with lighter weights and gradually raise them.

Build a neck exercise routine that you adhere to achieve significant results daily.

What are the exercises one can do using a neck harness?

You can use a neck brace to perform various exercises. It only depends on which places or muscles you want to improve. Follow the measures in this exercise to strengthen the back of your neck:

On any raised surface or bench, lie flat on your back.

Lift the neck upwards when wearing the belt. Gradually lower your head until you’ve reached the top of your head.

Repeat this exercise a few times more.

To strengthen the front of your body, repeat the exercise but this time, lie down on your back.

What are some of the seated exercises one can do using a neck harness?

You may also use your neck belt to perform seated neck exercises. To perform a simple seated harness exercise, follow these steps:

Sit at the end of a bench with your toes pointing outwards and your feet slightly wider than shoulder-length apart.

Place your neck brace and weight directly in front of you on the board.

Bend back to the point that the body is almost parallel to the ground.

In this place, strap the harness to your head while keeping your weight on the floor but attached to the harness.

When you sit up straight again, catch the weight. Place your hands on your knees and slowly release the weight. The exercise will begin with you at this location.

To do the movement, slowly lower your neck until your chin meets your chest while breathing in.

Exhale and return your neck to its original location.

Repeat the last two movements for as many sets as you like.

Why should I use a neck harness?

For those training for combat sports, wearing a neck brace may provide many benefits. Mixed martial artists, boxers, wrestlers, and other athletes can improve their skills by doing the right neck exercises. Furthermore, contact sports such as rugby and football necessitate stronger neck muscles to perform well.

Here are a few of the many reasons why having stronger neck muscles is advantageous:

Reduces the risk of neck injury

Better balance is possible.

Ensures that the jaw is better protected.

Even if you are not an athlete, you can find that some of these advantages are well worth the effort. The neck is a vital muscle to concentrate on for various reasons, including reduced discomfort and better protection from concussions.

How can I avoid injury by using a neck harness?

It’s necessary to create neck strength gradually and steadily. It’s never a good idea to leap into some form of lifting too quickly. Before you begin lifting heavier weights, you must first allow your muscles to expand.

Begin with a small project. There’s no reason to be humiliated or ashamed of using lighter weights because everybody has to start somewhere. Don’t try to lift too much, too quickly. Serious injuries, such as muscle strains and strained muscles, may occur as a result of this.

Do a lot of research before you begin. If you have access to a gym trainer, seek their guidance before trying a new workout. It’s also a good idea to watch videos.

Every workout should be performed with care and purpose. Take your time and focus on your gestures. Maintain a consistent level of dedication and raise your weight only when you’re certain you’re ready. It’s important to remember to get enough rest to allow your muscles to heal. A nutritious diet can also support good muscle development and maintenance.

How much weight I can put in my neck harness?

Beginners should begin with weight plates weighing 2.5 pounds. With these weights, you can do one set of 25 reps. This can be increased to four sets of 25 reps, followed by four sets of 50 to 100 reps. After that, it is time to increase the weight in your neck harness.