10 Best Muay Thai Women Fighters to Watch Out For

The number of female Muay Thai fighters has grown significantly over the last several years. They have not only been winning titles and awards but also spreading the combat sport globally and inspiring women to take up the sport.

Muay Thai is also known as Thai Boxing. It is a stand-up combat sport that uses eight body limbs—fists, elbows, knees, and shins—which act as weapons.

Here goes a list of the top ten female Muay Thai fighters:

10 Best Muay Thai Women Fighters

1. Stamp Fairtex:

Stamp Fairtex is an impressive Muay Thai fighter who has been into the combat sport since she was only five. 

She has participated in 80 Muay Thai fights, with 60 Wins, 15 Loses, and 5 Draws.

Fairtex is a prominent fighter in the Muay Thai landscape—a ONE Championship Muay Thai (115 pounds) and Kickboxing Champion, and a contestant in the Female ONE Championship MMA Crown.

She is an expert and exciting Muay Thai fighter in the world. Stamp made history by becoming the first-ever sponsored female Thai athlete at the Fairtex Training Center in Pattaya apart from becoming the first ONE Championship Three Sport champion, defeating Kai Ting Chuang.

2. Chommanee Sor Taehiran:

She is among the impressive Muay Thai fighters who occupied top positions in the world. Born in Bangkok, Chommanee started training in Muay Thai at eight. She has been in the professional Muay Thai fighting scene since 2013.

Her reputation grew manifold after winning the “One Million Baht” tournament in 2015, which was organized by the Muay Thai Angels Organization, which was the first World Muay Thai Angels tournament. It featured 16 top female fighters. Taehiran represented Thailand at the IFMA World Championships.

In 2014, she won the World Muaythai Council Women’s Featherweight Champion, the King Cup Tournament, and the Muay Thai Angels Tournament.

Chommanee entered into a multi-fight deal with Glory Kickboxing in 2018 that helped to further advance her career.

3. Tiffany van Soest:

Tiffany van Soest is an American Muay Thai fighter who earned the nickname ‘Time Bomb’ due to her dynamic and aggressive style. She started fighting in Muay Thai at 18. 

Tiffany started as an amateur Muay Thai fighter in 2009 and had a record of 10 wins, one loss, and one draw before becoming a professional in 2011. And in 2012, she clinched the WBC Muay Thai International Super Bantamweight Championship.

Tiffany is one of the expert Muay Thai fighters in the world.

4. Loma Lookboonmee:

Loma Lookboonmee is a well-known Muay Thai fighter who is from Thailand and started training at seven.

Known for her dominant style, Loma has an unofficial record of 300 Muay Thai fights, and many awards and titles, which include:

  • IFMA Amateur Muay Thai World Championships | 48kg Gold (2017)
  • IFMA Royal World Cup | Pin Weight 45kg Gold (2015)
  • S1 World Champion (2012)
  • Asian Games | Gold
  • Rangsit Stadium Champion
  • Assawindam Stadium Champion

5. Miriam Nakamoto:

Miriam Nakamoto, an American, is one of the top female Muay Thai fighters in the world, and an eight-time Muay Thai world champion.

She has been in the professional Muay Thai circuit since 2005 with an impressive record of 16-0.

In the 2009 IFMA World Championships, Nakamoto accomplished the feat of winning gold and getting the Best Boxer trophy for females. She is the only American to have ever received this award.

She has won many awards, which are:

  • 2010 WBC Muaythai World Lightweight Champion
  • 2010 WMC World Lightweight Champion
  • 2010 TBA World Lightweight Champion
  • 2007 WPMF Light Welterweight Champion
  • 2009 IFMA Muay Thai World Championships Gold Medalist Light Welterweight
  • 2009 IFMA Muay Thai World Championships Best Female Boxer

6. Marie Ruumet:

Marie Ruumet, born in Estonia, is also called the “Snow Leopard”. She is one of the top-rated female Muay Thai fighters in the world.

She is a contestant in ONE Championship’s Super Series.

Marie entered the Muay Thai circuit when she was 15 after a classmate introduced her to the sport. When she turned 17, she went to Thailand to receive advanced training to hone her skills.

She debuted for ONE against the experienced Little Tiger from Japan. Marie showed her potential with a dominating performance to defeat her opponent comfortably.

Marie also faced the highly skilled Lommanee in Muay Hardcore and proved to be a better fighter overcoming her opponent.

7. Lommanee Wor Santai:

Lommanee is an international Muay Thai fighter and is considered one of the best female fighters in the world.

She was born in Thailand and started Muay Thai fighting when she was eight. Lommanee is known for her accurate fighting tactics and a high ring I.Q. rather than aggressiveness.

With more than 100 Muay Thai fights and several achievements, Lommanee is undoubtedly one of the greatest female Muay Thai fighters in the world. She is an IFMA World Champion, WMC World Champion, and an eight-time Thailand Champion.

She is also known by her nickname ‘Killer Elbow’, which Lommanee earned after slashing her opponent’s face with elbows at Yokkao 7.

8. Sylvie Von Douglas-Ittu:

She is an American and started fighting in Muay Thai in 2008. Sylvie initially underwent training in New Jersey, but subsequently moved to Thailand to undergo advanced training.

She has the peculiarity of documenting the lessons she learned during her fights. According to Sylvie, she is the most documented fighter ever as she documents her insights on her blog and social media.

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9. Alma Juniku:

Alma is an Australian Muay Thai fighter who has shot into fame despite encountering many odds early in her career.

As she is an Australian, she did not get the superb opportunities Muay Fighters in countries like Thailand get. Alma started fighting in Muay Thai at the age of eight.

She exhibited excellent performances and won the WMC Australia title. Subsequently, she won prestigious tournaments—Muay Thai World Titles from World Boxing Council and IPCC. 

She once challenged Stamp Fairtex in the ONE Championship Atomweight Muay Thai World Championship, where she impressed the audience with her solid performance despite losing.

10. Iman Barlow:

Iman was born in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, England. She started training in Muay Thai when she was only four, inspired by her mother, who was also a Muay Thai fighter.

She is the International World Boxing Council Muay Thai Super Bantamweight champion and Lion Fight Super Bantamweight champion.

Iman has already bagged the WPMF World Bantamweight, WRSA World, and Enfusion 54 KG World championship.

With a remarkable record of participating in 103 Muay Thai fights, out of which 93 are wins and 37 are knockouts, Iman Barlow is a great female Muay Thai fighter in the world to watch out for.


The 10 female Muay Thai fighters listed above have proved that Muay Thai is not only for males but also for females. Besides, they also serve as an inspiration for females to take up the sport.