5 Best Muay Thai Training Pads

Muay Thai, also known as ‘Thai-boxing’, is a martial art originating from Thailand. Including training pad-work in a Muay Thai course shapes and sharpens the style of a fighter. Training with pads also helps condition a fighter’s muscles and shins.

Recently, MMA fighters have been accepting Muay Thai pads as part of their training for better results. Investing in a pair of Thai pads will assuredly be worth your time and effort. Known as the ‘art of eight limbs’, you need to protect yourself from brutal blows in this sport. Using thorough research work, we have curated the best five Muay Thai training pads for you. Read below for further details.

Top 3 Picks:

MaxxMMA Kick Shield Sanabul Battle Forged Kick Pads Farabi Sports Thai Pad
Pros Soft and Comfortable Shield
Beginners Product
Color Options Available
Multi-Layered Protection
Easy to Grip


5 Best Muay Thai Pad Reviewed

If you are here as an athlete, a beginner, or thinking of learning MMA or Muay Thai, then this is the list you need to check out because training with the right kind of safety measures in place is important.

#1. MaxxMMA Kick Shield

The product, by Maxx MMA – a company that has years of experience in ODM product development – is highly recommended to you as the first product on our list. The company manufactures products for Muay Thai Training, MMA, martial arts and karate workouts. The brand holds the eighth position as a bestseller in martial arts kicking shields, as well as aims to provide better guards across the globe as a better, budget option.


  • The pad is a full-size kick-shield, the size of which is 25-inches by 15-inches by 6-inches.
  • The weight of the product, MaxxMMa Shield, is 3.5 pounds.
  • The thick, dense foam of the padding serves for heavy shock absorption.
  • There is extra foam padding on all the handles of the product.
  • There are four handles attached to the padding shield.
  • The product is sturdy enough for kicks and punches.
  • MaxxMMA provides optimal safety for blocking kicks, punches, elbows, and knees during training.
  • The pad is covered with high-grade synthetic leather.
  • The inner core is made of EVA and PE.
  • They adopt the US military standard sampling plan to inspect raw materials and finished products to ensure the best quality.
  • Products from this brand go through simulation analysis, material testing, durability testing, and trials in the gym.


  • It is a good product for beginners
  •  Provides you with efficient customer service that hears you out
  • Long-lasting durability of the pad
  • Pads are comfortable enough to hold
  • Every product is tested to reward you with reliable products


  • Pads are not sufficient for heavyweight kickboxers.


For kids, beginners, and seekers of the new sport, this is the choice to indulge yourself in. Experienced athletes will find the pads softer. This pad is the right choice to kick-start your sports day with!

Why have we decided to put this product in #1 position? 

The answer is simple: firstly, the mentioned product mentioned stands out because of its quality; secondly, you get to use prior-tested products. Additionally, the density of the foam used in making the product is commendable.

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#2. Sanabul Battle Forged Muay Thai Kickboxing Kick Pads

The bull of combat sports is back: Sanabul Manufacturers for Muay Thai kickboxing. They use Sanabul equipment in their daily training. They recruit professionals to fine-tune the R&D department and procedures. They have partnered with brands like Disney to bring you creative collaborations like the Star Wars series. The product is high-quality gear with outstanding quality assurance.


  • The product is made keeping in mind the context of a serious striker. Athletes like UFC fighters Alan Jouban and Sean “Sugar” O’Malley use Sanabul gear to prepare themselves.
  •  UFC Champions have tried and tested their products.
  • Light pads can become heavy when you’re taking hundreds of punches, kicks, and elbows. The San-Air Ultra Light foam sets new standards for trainers. Each one weighs 1.5 lbs and can handle big blows.
  • The design is a throwback to traditional Thai style, but the engineered leather and a velcro loop closure give you the comfort of modern pads.
  • Each order comes as a pair. The dimensions of the front striking area are 15-inches by 7.5-inches.
  • You can get tri-color options to pick from.
  • Each pad has three handles: two are adjustable, and the top one is fixed.
  • The brand has used SBL engineered leather for the covering of pads.


  • The product has long-lasting quality
  • The impact engrossment of the product is high
  • The company provides you with good customer service
  • The material of the product is excellent


  • It is for beginners, particularly


The product is exclusively for kids starting the sport. Apart from kids, young adults can also try this out. The sturdiness, followed by its durability, pays you back manifold. The chances of the kids getting knocked off are minimum. If you want to be bold, swift and smart, then don’t play undefended. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So when the next blow comes your way, be best prepared with these guards.

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#3. Farabi Sports Thai Pad

We have this product for you if you are an adult or an experienced fighter. Compared to kids and beginners, adults are more prone to violent combats during sports. That’s why it is the adult’s responsibility to not be vulnerable simply due to lack of proper guards. Better athletes don’t let their pads down; they play smart. The pads come to you solo as a product. 


  • The product is an efficient addition to the Muay Thai, Boxing and MMA gear range. 
  • It is made from quality and durable synthetic leather to stand the heaviest blows.
  • The pad has ensured dual-handle gripping for better safeguard.
  • The product is powered with multi-layered compressive padding that enhances the protection and resists the most decisive blows.
  • The strike pad has Gel C-Shock technology that minimizes the impact and reduces the risk of injury.
  • The PX-Fiber composition makes the pad lightweight and easy to carry. 
  • The product is not without sturdiness.
  • You get to select from three different sizes.
  • The pad is  34cm long, 18cm wide, and 7cm thick.


  • The durability of the product is recommendable
  • The thickness of the product is noticeable
  • The product is an easy-to-grip product


  • The product is not available in pairs
  • Black and red are the only options available to you


If you are new to this sport, you are still eligible to decide what is best for you. Make your first move. The fact that the experienced fighters take the deadliest blows is sufficient for you to pick up the best pads. The toughest knocks are for the best pads to endure. Always be prepared, as best guards are for the most challenging moves.

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#4. Contender Fight Sports MMA, Muay Thai Pads

The pads provided by the company are not gender-biased. This means that the same quality product is available for both girls and boys. The pads are not oversized. You can safely train your leg and knee strikes with the MMA Thai pads from Contender Fight Sports. Two hook-and-loop straps are fastened securely to ensure stability. Its vinyl construction upholds dexterity.


  • You can safely train legs and knee strikes with ease. 
  • You can punch and kick fight shields complete with two hook-and-loop straps to fasten to the coach or training partner securely.
  • The product is durable in nature. 
  • These pads are protective against abuse, making them perfect for kickboxing and Muay Thai classes.
  • The product comes in as a set.
  • The product provides three straps.
  • The pads are easy-to-clean.
  • Vinyl construction adds up to protect against tough physical responses from the other side.


  • The unisex quality of the brand is eye-catching
  • You get a set to order for yourself
  • Efficient to take sudden blows and kicks
  • The pads are pretty much sturdy in nature
  • For ‘black color’ lovers, this is the stop for you


  • The pad gives off a leather smell for a few days after you buy the product
  • Black is the only color you get to buy


The pair comes as the right kind of security athletes need, with no gender inequality status attached to it. The brand is specifically-geared towards youths rather than kids. However, adults are also eligible to try out the product. The product is not recommendable if you are a mother or in your nascent pregnancy stage. Additionally, if you have allergies to the smell, the product may not be for you.

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#5. RDX Muay Thai Pad

The RDX Muay Thai pads are designed for training, kickboxing, kicking, coaching, MMA, martial arts, karate, taekwondo, and punching foot, knee, and elbow targets. The pad is 37cm long and 19cm wide. Check out the features down below to know more details:


  • The Pad is lined with IMT gel foam padding
  • It can absorb nasty blows without any deformation of the product
  • The foam in the inner core of the pad dispenses the impact evenly across the surface area.
  • The handle of the pad is manufactured with shredded textile material for a solid grip. 
  • This Muay Thai pad is contrived with resilient triple-reinforced stitching along the seams that ensure the pads’ durability. It enhances strength.
  • Can endure shock and the most burdensome impacts, without getting torn apart.
  • Quick-EZ hook-and-loop offers a comfortable, secure fit supporting the wrists. The strap aligns against the wrists.
  • Maya Hide Leather has been used to manufacture RDX Thai Pad.
  • Pad is protective and versatile for an MMA fighter. 
  • The leather built confirms the kicking shield resists wear and tear for a significant period while offering unmatched performance. 


  • The product is available in three bright colors – red, blue, and classic black
  • The product is a suitable staple for any trainer
  • The product has three layers of gel foaming pad for best shock absorbance


  • The product does not come in a pair
  • The product is not for kids


The three-layered technology of the pad, for premium shock resistance, is impressive. A variety of colors is an extra reward you can avail yourself of. The budget does not kill you, playing without reliable necessity does. This pad suffices for your needs, as the company caters toward adult users. The resilience of the product is commendable.

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How to Choose the Best Muay Thai Pads

It’s better to think about your needs and aspects before you click the purchase button in your shopping app. Giving a few moments to your queries will ease your mind. Avoid unwanted haste or post-buying regrets, and scroll down to check the list.

Basic Advice

If you are dabbling in combat sports for the first time and you are new to buying equipment, then opt for a well-known Thai manufacturer for Thai pads as you won’t go wrong with them! Those companies have been doing this for decades. MMA practitioners should look into investing in a quality set of Thai pads, and a belly protector, if possible. 

Thickness of Pads

Picking the right size and thickness matters. Smaller pads may be easier to hold and won’t tire your arms much, but such a pad will not be a sufficient level of protection compared to what the thicker pads offer. The result will be bruised arms every time you hold pads against a heavy kicker. A good pair of training pads must have good padding. 

The Size

Selecting your training pad size is the next big thing. Brands mainly offer four dimensions, and you can choose from a range of small to extra large. A taller male may consider a larger pad, but you shouldn’t get an XL unless you are a lot bigger than average. You will end up using these pads for a few years, so it is essential you purchase a guard with cushions that will last a long time.

The Shape

Different brands produce different shapes. Some pads are smaller in height with the same level of thickness. These pads are most likely to miss shock prevention. More extended pads are bulky and difficult to hold against punches but provide more surface area for kicks.

Curved Vs Straight Pads

The curvature of the pad is an important thing to consider. Pads that have no curve are difficult to kick and need the practice to handle. It is equivalent to buying a brand new pair of uncomfortable shoes for a few months; it slowly falls into place.

There are brands that sell Thai pads that have a curve and allow you to deliver more comfortable kicks. We suggest you choose guards with a curved design because they are more comfortable for the pad holder and the kicker. The added curve is worth every penny.

Cleaning And Maintenance

To make your pads last longer, make sure to dry them after daily use. If the leather gets wet from your training and you decide to leave it in your bag, it can stay moist.

Apart from that, the leather starts tearing near the stitches with repeated use. Humidity is the reason why guards don’t last long. You can rub them with cleaning products like a disinfectant or a sanitary spray. Cleaning your pads once a week will be sufficient.


You are advised to opt for Muay Thai pads with adjustable double velcro belts. Pay attention to the quality and the layers of foam that absorb the impact of strikes. A guard with a triple layer of shock absorption padding will be more comfortable to use.


Leather-made Muay Thai pads are the durable ones. You can get kick pads made of synthetic leather, but they won’t last long. Even vinyl pads will not offer the same comfort of use as other types as they crack pretty quickly when used. 

Material and Quality

Thai pads are one of the most abused items you can have. They carry the essence of frequent leg kicks, and knee and elbow punches, over hundreds of hours of training. Good material and quality craftsmanship are of high importance. The exterior of the pads should be made of leather, or composed of a standard leather replacement material.

Leather ensures longer lasting pads. Synthetic leather will suffice but will not last longer than real leather. Maya hide leather is a duplicate leather that you should avoid. Lots of western brands use Maya hide. It is an example of artificial leather and must not be fooled as the original.

The interior of the pads must be of decent quality foam and should be thick. Thin pads will cause serious damages to the fighter’s arms while taking blows. Also keep in mind that good quality materials are useless if a pad is poorly stitched.

It’s difficult to understand how good pads are stitched when shopping online. We would recommend buying from reputable brands to guarantee you the quality.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When to Start Muay Thai?

The earlier you start, the better. You get more scope and time to learn or improve. As long as you know what or why you want to learn, and are conscious of your curiosity, it’s enough to start or indulge in your likeness. It is never too late, as long as you chase your dreams.

How Do You Use Muay Thai Pads?

The most crucial part of holding pads is to position the pads correctly. If you are holding your pads too far apart for punches, you will allow the person to punch at unrealistic targets. Holding the pad in the wrong position is dangerous for the user. Beginners can miss their targets when they get excited and want to use 100% of their power.

Every pad holder has their style of holding position. Good pad-holding positioning will keep you balanced, allowing you to take kicks without being thrashed.

Will Muay Thai Get You In Shape?

Muay Thai is one of the most exhausting workouts. It will undoubtedly develop your cardiovascular conditioning. Muay Thai is enough to get you in shape within a few weeks.

Is Muay Thai Bad For Your Body?

High training in any sport will lead to injuries and muscular imbalances. Muay Thai is no exception. Fighting posture is designed to defend vulnerable parts of your body against imminent attack, not promote long-term health.

How Many Times a Week To Train For Muay Thai?

You should train yourself 3 to 4 times a week.

Is BJJ Better?

Muay Thai is striking combat, and you may pick up the basics quickly. BJJ, or Brazilian jiu-jitsu, is ground-fighting combat. Both are both most effective in their respective areas, with their respective rules to follow.

Is Muay Thai The Most Dangerous Martial Art?

The national sport of Thailand, Muay Thai, is a martial art that features terrifying knee and elbow strikes. Even if the competitive form uses Muay Thai gloves, three-fourths of all matches end in a stoppage or a straight-up knockout.

When Should You Replace The Pads?

Thai pads are designed to last but will deteriorate after heavy use. 

How long your Thai pads last depends on your use. A trainer’s pad will wear out faster than someone using a pair of pads 3-4 times a week in a group class. Colder, drier climates are friendly to pad life than tropical, humid climates. The sign that you need to start looking for a Muay Thai pad replacement is when you begin to feel the impact of the kicks on your forearm directly through the padding.

The next thing is the stitching along the side of the pad. When the stitching starts to go, the material inside the pad comes out. This kind of wearing out gives you lesser protection. Be ready to buy a new one for yourself in that case as well.

Is Muay Thai For Women? 

Yes, women can train for Muay Thai and are on the verge of becoming famous around the world. Women are competing more in sports at local events and the highest level. You don’t have to be rough-and-tough to train for Muay Thai. The sport and Muay Thai gyms are very welcoming towards beginners and fighters alike. There are also Muay Thai gyms that cater specifically to female members or have female-only classes.

Is Muay Thai Good For Building Muscle?

Having lean muscle means your body is capable of burning more calories at rest. The boost from building muscle and training for Muay Thai works towards helping you reach your desired weight faster.