Top 7 Best Muay Thai Heavy Bags

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Martial arts has quickly become one of the most popular sporting competitions to watch. Legions of MMA fans are a testament to this.

Combat sports are entertaining to watch and also make up a good workout regime. It may seem hard to believe, but the truth is, martial arts techniques such as the ones practiced in Muay Thai can help increase flexibility, it produces toned lean muscles and improves strength.

Known as the “art of eight limbs”, it is easily differentiated from the rest by its use of fists, shins, and knees. It has been observed that its popularity grew and spread farther than the Asian shores when western practitioners started competing in kickboxing or matches with mixed rules.

Muay thai gyms, boxing clubs, and even fitness studios are attracting the old and young who are eager to reap the benefits of this sport. If you are willing to buy a new punching bag, here we have compiled a selection of the best muay thai heavy bag options in the market. Our goal is to help you find the most suitable bag by the end of this article.

Here you will find the low down on each product as well as some pros and cons that can help you best select which bag to take home.


Best Muay Thai Punching Bags Reviewed

#1 Combat Sports 100-pound Muay Thai Punching Bag

Measuring 12 inches by 72 inches, the Combat Sports bag for muay thai can easily be filled up to 100 pounds max. Like most punching bags, this synthetic leather bag comes with a heavy-duty chain, which eliminates the need to purchase one separately. Thanks to its synthetic cover, the bag is durable and more than capable of withstanding a daily beating.

The same hardwearing manufactured cloth also happens to be an easy to clean material, making it an easy favorite amongst many practitioners of the sport. Many satisfied users and MMA fans have nothing but praise for the bag. They all claim to offer the best hit receiving feedback.

Furthermore, the overall weight of the bag makes it easier to set up.

Speaking of its weight, it is no secret that its 100lb capacity does play a part in the bag’s potential to swing more than the competition. To combat this, users will be happy to know that this may thai punching bag can be anchored down to the floor.

Not only is this bag priced competitively, but the brand also offers speedy delivery and overall quality that is unbeatable, making it the top choice for amateurs and professionals alike.


  • Can easily be anchored to the floor
  • In comparison to other bags, the Combat Spots 100-pound bag is considered to be the most comfortable to strike
  • Very easy to clean
  • Helps users build up strength while toning and conditioning the body
  • Comes with the complete set of accessories
  • Suitable for muay thai and other forms of martial arts
  • Priced competitively


  • The filling has been known to settle after repeated usage
  • Since it is lighter than other bags, it does tend to swing more.

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#2 Ringside 100 Pound Muay Thai Punching Heavy Bag

Marketed as the perfect bag for fitness and martial arts practices, Ringside’s heavy bag is a full-length solid punching bag. Perfect for practicing those punches and kicks, the bag is made of quality materials.

Built to absorb the heavy blows, its impact-absorbing feature makes it an ideal option for any type of user.

The outer case is made of a synthetic material that mimics the authentic leather experience. Users can expect a smooth surface that is free of latex or leather name patches that often cause skin scrapes. Expect a bag that is soft but firm enough to punch with bare hands and kick with or without shin guards.

Ringside offers a power hide construction technology that makes the full-length bag resilient and able to take on the most powerful assaults.

This 13 inch by 72 inches 100-pound bag is perfect for home or commercial use. Build up muscle and strength, tone and condition, and get that overall aerobic workout with this bag.

Practice those kicks, punches and perfect your footwork with your very own muay thai heavy bag.


  • Doesn’t require users to have a large floor footprint to be able to use this comfortably
  • The full-length size makes it ideal for any martial arts practice
  • Made with professional-grade materials making it durable.
  • Surface provides a professional user experience


  • It does not come with a loop at the base or affixing to the floor.
  • Heavy and tall, requires a relatively high ceiling height and a strong support beam to anchor safely above.

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#3 Outslayer Filled Punching Bag

An underdog in the industry, the brand may not be the most recognized one, but those who have taken it for a test run can attest to its top-notch construction. This US-made 100-pound banana bag, unlike the other brands, is not filled with sand. Housed within its heavy-duty vinyl cover is an ample amount of fabric filling that is more comfortable to strike.

Outslayer even throws in a thick case that protects the bag during shipping. The brand transports the bag in a reusable case that keeps the punching bag from getting scratched. This same covering can be used to store the bag, thus keeping it looking good as the day you got it.

Not a lot of heavy bags offer a warranty, the Outslayer not only offers this, but their warranty certificate is valid for 10 years! Measuring 55 inches in heights with an additional 6 inches with the straps, this punching bag is suitable for fitness routines, boxing, martial arts, muay thai practice and MMA training.


  • 10-year guarantee or your money back
  • Customizable colors and D ring addition on the bag’s base
  • Equally distributed weight
  • Adjustable height


  • Not advisable for beginners
  • Pricier than most muay thai punching bag alternatives in the100 pound weight range
  • Swings and the rings create noise when they rub against each other

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#4 Everlast Muay Thai Bag

A well-known name in the sporting industry Everlast has a large roster of sporting goods under its belt and this includes a Muay Thai ready punching bag. Although this bag does not come with a stand, it does come with a heavy-duty chain assembly — for easy and convenient setup.

Like many other bags, this heavy-duty bag comes in a top of the line synthetic leather cover that is paired with reinforced webbing. This particular construction design affords users with a striking area that is larger than the competitions.

Not only will this result in better training sessions, but it also allows for an effective accommodation of kicks and punches.

Those who have already purchased this product have nothing but good things to say, which is to be expected, especially from an established brand. For the most part, many will, however, insist that the bag is best for more experienced martial artists.

With it’s ultra-sturdy built, some have noticed that the punching bag will require some breaking in to permit the filling to settle and loosen up. When you do complete your order, expect quick delivery and a 120 day warranty period. Should you discover any defects with the bag, requesting for a replacement is as easy as contacting their customer support.


  • Is well made
  • Unbeatable value for a well-known brand
  • Very durable
  • 120 day warranty period


  • Has been reported to be a bit tough for a beginner to use.
  • May require some breaking in to allow the filler to settle

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#5 Fairtex Muay Thai Banana Bag

Considered as a big leaguer in the best muay thai heavy bag category, the Fairtex happens to be 95 pounds! That’s 5 pounds less than the competition. Although not the most budget-friendly alternative banana bag, it is worth taking into consideration how well built this baby is.

Designed with nylon fitted web straps made complete with rivets on contact points as well as reinforced stitching, this bag is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Granted that it is not as affordable as most, the quality speaks for itself. Very few are able to stack up to it.

The bag is pre-filled, so all that is left to do is to hang it up from your ceiling. Described to be nice and stiff, this muay thai punching bag measures 14 inches by 72 inches. This durable piece of equipment is often compared to the quality commercial bags generally found in many martial arts gyms.

Ideal for practicing your punches, kicks, and fancy footwork, the banana bag by Fairtex makes anyone want to start working out instantly.


  • More lightweight
  • Has a skinnier built
  • Its leather construction gives it a heftier and stiffer feel


  • Undoubtedly pricier than the other brands and models that are in the market these days
  • Not a stand model
  • For those who aren’t a fan of swinging, this bag swings more than most bags.
  • It is not the standard 100-pound bag, which is something most fighters prefer making it more suitable for amateurs and fitness practitioners rather than pros.

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#6 Contender Fight Sports 100 lb Thai Bag

Weighing in at 100 pounds this muay thai heavy bag measures at 12 inches by 72 inches. This industry-standard bag is not only a full-length bag made with a durable synthetic outer cover and webbing made of nylon.

Unlike the majority of punching bags, Contender opts for nylons instead of the usual chain links.

At the moment, very few muay thai punching bag cans measure up to both this brand’s quality and price tag. It is no surprise how it has become an easy favorite amongst many amateur and professional fighters.

Its military-grade vinyl material is reinforced and can hold up to various assaults.

It is explicitly crafted to cater to Muay Thai, boxing, and contact sport athletes who are looking to practice their techniques. It is also the perfect workout equipment for individuals who are looking to build and condition their body or create an aerobic workout either in a commercial or home setup.

A common observation is that it is relatively thinner than most banana bag models being sold and used. Unfortunately, the brand does not offer any warranties making countless buyers wary of trying this remarkable deal out.

For the most part, there are minimal complaints given how well made it is.


  • Heavy-duty material can handle strong hits
  • Made of reinforced vinyl
  • Quiet webbing
  • One of the cheapest models being sold


  • No warranty
  • Does not come with a D-ring
  • Users have experienced a moderate amount of swinging
  • Does not come with a stand

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#7 Fairtex Banana Bag Unfilled

It is no secret that the Fairtex brand is not the most affordable option out there. For instance, their unfilled heavy bag which is priced so closely to a filled bag from a different manufacturer.

That alone should be indicative of its rather steep price tag.

For many loyal fans of the brand, the premium pricing is a trade-off for the top of the line goods being offered. That said, users can expect a bag that is made of the best materials.

Designed to provide boxers with a full-body workout, the banana bag measures 36cm in its diameter and 180cm in length. Once filled, the bag can approximately weight 120lbs in total.

The covering is made of easy to wipe material. Instead of the typical chain, users will be spared of the noise thanks to the nylon webbing design. Once filled, the bag can be hung up from the ceiling with ease.

Although some may consider it unorthodox to buy an empty bag, there are actually a good number of individuals who prefer this option.

Like many before it, this model is comparatively skinnier than other bags in the same category.


  • Lots of styles to choose from besides the banana bag
  • Users can select the type of filling they want in order to tailor-make the equipment based on their skill level or workout intensity.
  • Very durable


  • The bag alone is already expensive
  • It gets even pricier since users will have to procure their own filling
  • The setup process includes a few extra steps
  • No known warranty
  • Does not have  D-ring to anchor it to the floor

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How to Choose the Best Muay Thai Heavy Bag


Unless you have set foot in a Muay Thai gym, chances are your idea of a punching bag revolves around the standard banana bag. It is highly favored since it affords a full body practice.

However, if you are looking to perfect a specific technique or tone a specific muscle group, it would be prudent to select a bag based on its style.

Currently, the available options are a banana heavy bag, angled heavy bag, wrecking ball heavy bags, bowling pin bag, and the teardrop, to name a few examples. As mentioned, the banana is your standard allrounder bag, while the other styles are designed for practicing hooks, low kicks, knee, or shin use.


The generic heavy bag is made with vinyl. Often the military-grade to ensure added durability. Leather, canvas and plastic are also available options. As one would expect, the material used to make the bag will also often dictate its price.

Leather bags are the toughest and will take lots of abuse, but they do require special cleaning, whereas synthetic alternatives can easily be wiped down. Canvas is inexpensive with a low durability characteristic. Plastics are also cheap and will likely be uncomfortable to use.

Weight and Size

Are important factors since they will dictate who can use the bag. 70lbs bags are best for children who are not likely to produce the same amount of force as an adult.

Bigger bags will obviously be heavier and are more than capable of withstanding and absorbing impact. Lighter bags on the other hand will swing around more when used by individuals who have stronger punches and kicks.


Don’t underestimate the importance of selecting the right filling. Most bags are filled with fabrics or sand. It is possible to come across muay thai bags that are filled with rags, wood shavings, rice husks and corn kernels.

As a simple rule of thumb, if your bag contains fillings that are naturally heavy and are often densely packed, striking the bag will result in very minimal swinging. The lighter fillings will sway more, making it annoying to kick and even punch.


Where can I buy a Muay Thai punching bag?

Local sporting goods stores, as well as online shops, carry a wide range of punching bags for any type of martial arts.

Is Muay Thai dangerous?

The art of Muay Thai is a combat sport. Professional fighters can, in fact, find the activity dangerous. At the most, those who practice for fun or as a fitness regimen will encounter the occasional bruise.

Can I train at home?

YES! This, of course, applies to individuals who are coached and trained by a professional first. Jumping into Muay Thai on your own, like many combat sports is never recommended. There is no DIY, Youtube tutorial that would be advisable for this. If you intend to practice or train additionally at home, then YES, you may. Otherwise, seek professional assistance.

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Do I need a special Muay Thai uniform?

Nope. Unlike other martial arts, muay thai can be practiced in your everyday gym gear. Select breathable fabrics that allow you to move freely. Bear in mind that the sport involves both upper and lower body movements.


Since not everyone has the time to visit a fitness center, the next best alternative is to simply purchase a punching bag. But not just any punching bag — the best muay thai heavy bag.

We have broken down each brand and model that many who enjoy Muay Thai would endorse. Similarly, we have listed down factors that can aid you in selecting the right bag.

From our point of view, the Combat Sports 100lb bag is the best choice. Its craftsmanship and design is more user-friendly for both amateurs and pro fighters as well as your average joe who is in search of a good workout.

It also doesn’t hurt that it is made of a durable but very easy to clean fabric. Since it is already pre-filled, getting started is as simple as hanging it up. An absolute no brainer that is as well value for your money.

Hands down the best model that will knock out all the competition with ease.