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People who think all contact sports require the same gear need to correct themselves. These gears are kind of similar to one another, but there are some striking differences as well. And those differences make them particularly for the sport they are designed for.

Therefore, while you can wear your boxing trunks for MMA, it is better to choose the appropriate gear or, in this case, shorts. Now the question is how to choose the best MMA shorts that will make you practice the sport comfortably.

There are so many brands and so many rip-offs available on the market. Hence, to ease things up for you, we have decided to pick our top 7  MMA shorts for you. So read on to find everything you need to know about MMA shorts!


Best Shorts for MMA Reviewed

#1 Sanabul Workout Shorts

If you are looking for a truly versatile pair of shorts that you can use for a variety of workouts, you don’t need to look any further. The Sanabul workout shorts are great for mixed martial arts, cross-training as well as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu sessions.

It is available in a variety of sizes ranging from waist 30 to waist 38. You will surely find the right size for yourself that comfortably fits you. It is also available in eight different color schemes. Well, the variation in color only occurs on the belt stripe, and the rest of the portion is all black.

The shorts come with hook and loop closure for easy adjustments. These shorts are very functional as they come with good form-fitting. These shorts feature an uncluttered style. Either you can wear it on your first day or you can start wearing it if you want something cleaner on your body during the session.

The shorts are not very baggy and also features open seams. It allows 4-way stretching, and you get more range of motion. The fabric of these shorts won’t get caught up in your limbs or joints. It will further improve the quality of your training session and your overall performance.


  • Hook-loop closure.
  • Great form and function.
  • Uncluttered style to prevent getting caught anywhere.
  • With materials treatment, they stay cleaner and dryer.
  • Available in different sizes and color schemes.


  • Not many color options are available.
  • These shorts do tend to fit smaller.

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#2 Diamond MMA Shorts

If you are interested in buying compression shorts, then these are the good options to consider. There are various size options available from youth small toe adult to adult XXL, so you will find the perfect size. Compression shorts are great in this regard because they do come in plenty of sizes and fitting options.

These shorts feature elasticized fabric that fits well on your legs. The compression cup and jock system of these shorts is the best groin protection. So you don’t have to compromise on your comfort either.

The elastics used in the construction of these compression shorts don’t make you uncomfortable by any means. Diamond has used military-grade elastics that are extremely resilient and will not falter with heavy use. The premium quality spandex does a pretty fine job, and the vertical and lateral movement of the cup remains very smooth.

Additionally, the drawstring allows you to custom fit your shorts with ease. With the polycarbonate core and co-molded elastomer’s construction, you will get a perfect balance between protection and comfort.


  • Advanced cup protection system which is patent-pending.
  • Excellent performance in terms of comfort and protection.
  • Premium quality spandex and military-grade elastics.
  • The best groin protection on the market.


  • Sizing is a little off

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#3 RDX Training Shorts

RDX is very well regarded for its top-notch products. The brand’s high-quality clothing is very comfortable, and it is available in different sizes. You won’t get many color options here. But these shorts are built to last in cage fighting, grappling, mixed martial arts, Muay Thai, boxing, and kickboxing.

These shorts have an innovative fabric and provide you with top-level flexibility. The shorts feature T3 stitching for maximum endurance and better strength. Another top-class feature of these shorts is that the fabric has odor preventing characteristics. Now you can shed as much sweat as possible in the gym and forget about any smells.

The waistband of these shorts has a very strong grip, and it also ensures an accurate fit as well. You will feel very comfortable in them throughout the session and make your moves comfortably with ease. These shorts are ergonomically and efficiently designed for better mobility.

These shorts are great because they make all your leg movements very comfortable. You don’t have to worry about your shorts going down on you when you are on the ground. You certainly don’t have to make any adjustments again and again, either.


  • Excellent for a range of different workouts.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • T3 stitching offers true endurance and strength.
  • Excellent gripping wristband for accurate fitting.
  • Ergonomically designed for better mobility.


  • Don’t offer too much stretch and elasticity.

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#4 Hayabusa 4 Chikara Shorts

These shorts are available in four different colors, and you can also find the right size according to your preferences and comfort requirements. These shorts also feature drawstring closure with board strike design. These long cut shorts are excellent for long training sessions or even the fight night.

These shorts don’t hold your back in any of your movements and provide you with freedom in different motions. Therefore, you will get agility and flexibility with the reinforced seams along with the silicone waistband for a super grip. There is a drawstring couple with Velcro closure, which means that whether you are moving on the mat or standing, these shorts are not going to go anywhere.

These shorts are also designed for a range of different activities. These include a range of different workouts, including CrossFit, OCR, Wrestling, Brazilian, Jiu-Jitsu, mixed martial arts, boxing, grappling, striking, kickboxing, or even sparring.

The fabric of these shorts is highly breathable, and you will feel very comfortable in them. If you even wear them for long hours and train hard, these shorts won’t let you down. They are extremely comfortable to wear and are well-designed.


  • Well-constructed shorts for hard trainers.
  • Available in different sizes and colors.
  • Usable in different training sessions.
  • Drawstring and Velcro closure straps.
  • Best for agility and flexibility.


  • Not made for petite physiques.

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#5 Anthem Athletics Resilience Shorts

These shorts are not only good in designs but are also very comfortable to wear. The company has used high-quality and breathable fabric in the construction of these shorts. It means that these shorts are very great for a range of activities. You can wear them for cross-training, OCR, WOD, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and a variety of other contact sports training sessions.

Moreover, they are available in different sizes too. There are not many shots available in this much variety in color and sizes. But these shorts are not all about sizes and colors. The company has used tear-resistant fabric in the construction of these shorts.

The fabric is also very fast drying and only uses a sublimation printing procedure for the logos. Therefore, it won’t peel or crack under any situation. There is a dual Velcro waistband that also features drawstring. Furthermore, there are aggressive side slits, and the crotch can stretch in four different ways to ensure optimal movement.


  • Fast drying and tear-resistant fabric.
  • Only sublimation printing is used for graphics and logos.
  • Available in 10 different sizes.
  • Four-way scratching crotch for ease and comfort with protection.
  • An excellent option for a range of different.


  • With Velcro, the downstring seems pretty much useless.

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#6 Fuji Baseline Shorts

If your primary focus is to buy the right kind of shorts for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, then no need to look any further. The Fuji Baseline shorts are great in every regard. They are available in waist sizes ranging from 30 to 42, and they are the best for any grappling sport.

These shorts are extremely lightweight, and they provide you with four-way stretch performance. It means that you can make your moves with ease and hence, use it for a wide range of training sessions associated with different sports.

These hosts will fit well, and they won’t lose their grips. You will feel very comfortable wearing them and won’t have to make any adjustments again and again. There are stretch flex panels present on these shorts, and they ensure 360-degree stretch. They provide you with a full range of motion, and you will feel extremely comfortable in making your moves.

The only thing on the downside of these sorts is that you don’t get to choose from a range of different color options, these shorts only come in black. But you won’t have to deal with any torn fabrics with these shorts either.


  • These shorts are ideal for grappling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
  • It is available in various sizes.
  • Very comfortable to wear.
  • Full range of motion on offer.
  • Velcro and drawstring waistband.
  • Four-way stretch fabric.


  • The seams are not durable.
  • Not many color options.

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#7 Venum Nogi 2.0 Shorts

Venum understands how to make gear for contact sports. And of course, no one wins the market that understands combat spots better than this brand because it originated from Thailand.

It is available in five different color combinations and six different sizes. Venum has used high-quality polyester in the construction of these shorts, and they are built to last. The closure system of these shorts is unique, and it boasts a non-abrasive Velcro for an excellent fitting.

Venum has also introduced Lycra inserts in the crotch section along with elastics on the waist sides. It ensures better leg mobility and enhanced comfort.

There is a key pocket on the inside of these shorts as well. The shorts also feature sublimation printing, and you won’t have to worry about anything tearing off your shorts or from them. There are lateral slots on these shorts as well to boost more freedom of movement.

You will feel extremely comfortable with these shorts on. It is one of the reasons why you need to choose them no matter which contact sports you’re training in. The waistband fits pretty nicely, and it is not going to go anywhere, no matter how hard you train.


  • Genuine polyester in the works.
  • Available in five different colors and six different sizes.
  • Lycra inserts ensure great mobility.
  • An internal pocket.
  • Sublimation printing to eliminate any chances of tearing.


  • They are pretty short in length.

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How to Choose the Best MMA Shorts?

MMA shorts are designed differently from other contact sports shorts like boxing or Muay Thai. These posts mostly involve standing around. Mixed martial arts is about standing and rolling on the mat. According to MMA rules, your shorts don’t need to have any accessories attached.

There shouldn’t be any metal loops, zippers, or pockets. These can be very dangerous when you are sparing around with your partner. These shorts are designed to stay on your legs as you roll around the mat.

You will find these shorts with a Velcro strap and a drawstring to ensure the shorts remain in place throughout the session. But there are so many different types available. To make the right choice, here is a list of different points that you need to consider.

Compression shorts vs. MMA shorts

Studies have proved that compression shorts and pants keep your body warm. It promotes blood circulation. Therefore, your muscle performance improves significantly along with your agility, and it is extremely important for reducing injuries as well.

With age, you will notice your muscles become sore after a long training session. Compression pants or shorts can tackle this concern pretty well and ensure better muscle recovery. MMA shorts are critical because they come with proper groin protection.

If you only wear your compression shorts or pants, then you will show everything down there too. So it is a good practice to wear compression pants or shorts under your MMA shorts. It is especially the case if you live in a colder climate, or the conditions at your gym are not that warm.


There are different types of MMA shorts that you can find. And each of them has its pros and cons.

Board style

The most popular of the three types, the board style MMA shorts are preferred by most UFC fighters that you see today. But it doesn’t mean that you can wear your surfboard shorts for MMA. There are a few modifications. The leg cut length is up to knee height, and you will find a Velcro strap on the waistband of MMA shorts.

Vale Tudo

These shorts are more of a pair of compression underwear than anything else. They offer maximum flexibility, but everything down there is on a full show as well. It is better to wear a groin cup to keep your package in. Vale Tudos is far better than compression shorts because compression shorts can restrict some movement.


With the development of the sport and its fame, new hybrid styles have emerged that combine Vale Tudo and Board. These styles offer a better design and constructions as you get the best of both worlds. However, these shorts are a bit expensive.

Materials and stitching quality

Materials used in construction and their quality is the most important thing that you need to consider. Of course, it is a contact sport, so the fabric doesn’t need to be of such a low quality that it easily tears apart.

Wearing these types of shorts will be devastating for your morale and confidence too. Always consider the fabrics that have poly-directional features to keep the range of your movements wide. Stitching quality is a must as well.

You don’t want your entire focus on the fabric and forget about the low-quality stitching that breaks apart with just a small stretch. Some good quality shorts also come with elastic stretch in the groin area. With such materials, you get a better chance to move freely and comfortably.

Size and comfort

How can you forget to consider the right size and comfort? If you are not comfortable in your MMA shorts, then they are not going to cut it. For freedom of movement and easy in motion, you need to wear shorts that have the right size and fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I wash my MMA shorts in the washing machine or dryer?

It is advisable to look for the cleaning instructions that come with your shorts. Generally, these hosts feature sublimation printing, and you don’t have to worry about the logos tearing apart, because they won’t. It means that you can throw your MMA shorts into your washing machine or dryer if you want. But do go through those instructions and follow them accordingly.

Q. Should I go for the MMA shorts with pockets?

Pockets are not allowed in MMA rules. Therefore, it is better not to have a pair of shorts with them. However, you can have a pocket on the inside to keep your mouthpiece or something small enough. But it might injure you during your training so better not to have these pockets altogether.

Q. Should I wear my compression pants or shorts underneath my MMA shorts?

It is totally up to you. You can wear those compression shorts underneath your MMA shorts. Your body will remain warm with increased blood circulation, and you will reduce any injury chances significantly. Make sure the conditions that surround you are colder if you want to wear both of these shorts; otherwise, you will feel very hot and uncomfortable.


The best MMA shorts that you can find on the market today are Diamond MMA Shorts. These shorts are very comfortable to wear, and they boost your range of motions significantly. They are designed to stay on your legs, and no matter what your movements are on the mat, these shorts are not going to go anywhere. The fabric used is very breathable, and you don’t have to worry about any tears either.

So which one of these MMA shorts are you considering for your next gym session? Leave your comments and suggestions below!

Suit up!