5 Best MMA Chest Protector of 2021

No sport is completely safe, and this applies to MMA as well. Irrespective of the level you practice, your safety lies in wearing the right gear. 

MMA Chest Protector forms an important part of the gear. It aims to protect more than just your chest. Sometimes, it covers the neck, ribs, back, and shoulders. Hence, making it essential for combat and training. 

After conducting extensive research and evaluating thousands of reviews, we have curated a list of the 5 best MMA chest protectors. These chest protectors will not only provide you with excellent protection but will also give you the best value for money. Through our list, you will be able to make a more informed decision.

Top 3 Picks 

RDX TKD Boxing Chest Guard Gingpai MMA Chest Guard Wesing Martial Arts Protector
Pros High Quality Protective MMA Gear
Perfect for Beginners
Provides an Extra Layer of Protection
Flexible Design
Thick Suede Inside
Extreme Comfort


5 Best MMA Chest Protector Reviews 

#1. RDX TKD Boxing Chest Guard

RDX TKD boxing chest guard consists of many unique features. The heavily padded interior easily absorbs kicks and blows aimed at you. Hence, saving you from any potential injuries. It can be used for different sports such as MMA, boxing, and Muay Thai. It has a premium quality and is certified by CE.


Strongly Built

The RDX Chest protector has been built to survive some of the most complex and most challenging training sessions ever.

Exclusive Design

This chest protector has been designed specifically for sports such as MMA, boxing, Muay Thai, taekwondo, and various other such combat sports. 


This chest protector or guard is quite durable and can last for many years, and is certified by CE, approved by SATRA.

Safeguards Completely

It has been designed keeping in mind the utmost protection of the fighters, and it comes with straps for easy closure.


The foam of the Protector is about 18mm and offers shock-absorbent padding. It is available in various sizes, and the stitching comprises Nylon material. 


  • High-quality protective MMA Gear
  • Perfect chest protector for beginners 
  • Offers excellent protection at a budget
  • It consists of a patented MAYA hide leather exterior, which makes it work like an armor


  • The elastic straps are a little difficult to adjust
  • During sparring, the thickness of the padding can be an obstruction

Final Verdict

We can conclude that this RDX Chest protector is an excellent buy for those who are just starting and need something to work great in terms of protection. It doesn’t hinder the movement in any way, but the straps can be worked upon for better fitting and comfort. 

Why did we put it on the #1 position?

RDX is a highly renowned brand, and their Body Protector Chest Guard is one of the finest pieces of defensive MMA equipment available. It’s the ideal chest protector for beginners because it provides good security at a low price. It has patented Maya Hide leather armor in and of itself and an 18mm EVA-LUTION with 24MM Foam lamination that provides a barrage of shock-absorbent padding.

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#2. Wesing Martial Arts Protector

Next on our list is the Wesing martial arts chest protector. This is the most versatile product on our list and can be used for multiple sports. It uses the oxford fabric that lets you make rapid moves. It comes with a backstrap to fit it as per your need.



It combines the Oxford fabric of the WESING Martial Arts Chest Protector with a foaming bamboo inner. Oxford is a light, breathable, and easy-to-care-for fabric. Athletes can travel more quickly and easily with a lighter inner.

Best Protector and Perfect Protection

The ergonomic architecture ensures a more relaxed training environment. A chest guard absorbs weight and energy when protecting athletes from injury.

Back Strap Closure 

It has a flexible and well-fitting back strap. The WESING Chinese logo on the back strap confirms the chest guard’s authenticity.


  • An extremely comfortable chest protector guard
  • It comes with thick suede inside for extreme comfort
  • Offers ultimate satisfaction guarantee to all its customers
  • The customer services are available at all times


  • The delivery channel is a little slow, and the product doesn’t reach promptly
  • The velcro doesn’t last long

 Final Verdict

 With the Wesing Martial Arts Muay Thai Boxing Chest Protector, you can stay safe when practicing. It is made in a unisex style; it can be used for Martial Arts, Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, and Sanda. The Wesing is breathable and offers shock absorption thanks to XPE foaming and a bamboo chip insert, allowing users to spar longer. The Oxford fabric is comfortable and simple to clean, and it is lightweight so that fighters won’t be overworked. A round neck collar provides a comfortable fit with smooth trim.

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#3. GINGPAI MMA Chest Guard

Boxing Chest Guard MMA from Gingpai Boxing is the budget choice on our list. At a reasonable price, it combines features such as durability and breathability, comfort, and a unique velcro design. Moreover, it is available in a variety of colors and sizes.


Better Protection

The Martial Arts Rib Shield Armor is made of high-quality synthetic leather, both durable and breathable. An EVA liner is used to increase shock resistance and help protect you, making it ideal for training and sparring.


The dense suede inside the chest protector will make wearing it more comfortable and minimize pressure on the skin when in direct contact.

Adjustable Velcro feature

The back of the body chest protector has an adjustable Velcro design for fast wearing.

A variety of Colours and Sizes Available

There are different sizes and colors to choose from. You can also use it for Fits Martial Arts, Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, Sanda, or any other sport that requires chest defense.


  • It provides an extra layer of protection
  • The material is of high-quality and comfortable
  • Available in a variety of colors and sizes
  • Design ensures flexibility


  • Straps are difficult to adjust
  • Sizes are not true to fit

Final Verdict

GINGPAI BOXING, a top-tier professional sports company that integrates product design, development, distribution, and sales, created this chest protector. It’s the budget option on our list. And is available in different sizes and colors.

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#4. RDX Boxing Chest Guard MMA

Another popular chest protector from RDX is fourth on our list. RDX Boxing Chest Guard MMA provides you with outstanding mobility, uses sponge padding for providing resistance, and comes with shock dispersion.    


Mobility-wise Excellent

Try the RDX Boxing Chest Guard if you want a chest protector that won’t limit your mobility while also providing sufficient shock absorption.

Sponge Padded

When the Protector is hit with high-intensity force from a punch or kick, SpongeX Padding provides resistance.

Shock Dispersion

Shock dispersion infused into the Protector dissipates and disperses the impact equally across the Protector, reducing the risk of injury.

The leather material is of High Quality.

Maya Hide, the toughest proprietary synthetic leather available, is used to make this chest protector by RDX. SATRA has also given the RDX CE approval.


  • The RDX’s ergonomic design allows users to move their arms freely.
  • Feels as though they weren’t wearing a protector.
  • The interlaced straps on the back keep the Protector securely in place.


  • Available in two sizes.
  • The back straps are difficult to change without assistance.

Final Verdict

It’s an MMA-specific chest protector that’s very advanced and highly functional. The RDX Chest Protector not only looks great, but it also provides the best security that modern technology offers. Maya Hide, the toughest patented Synthetic Leather on the market (CE, Certified Approved), and foam padding chew up the impact to bring it to a halt. The chest guard is stitched to perfection with a special Nylon thread, interlaced straps hold the chest guard firmly in place, and the ergonomic design allows for free arm and body movement.

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#5. ASTSTAND Chest Guard 

This excellent chest protector from Aststand uses wear-resistant PU leather. The elastic at the back allows you to adjust it according to your needs. It comes in vibrant colors such as black, red, gold, and blue. It’s also approved by the World Taekwondo Federation.



The elasticity of the back of this boxing body protector can be modified, allowing you to wear it closer to your body to provide better protection.


The belly protector is made up of PU leather, which is wear-resistant. Within, an EVA liner is used to improve shock resistance and thereby protect you better.


The dense suede inside the chest protector will help you feel more at ease by reducing the pressure on the skin when in direct contact.

Colors Available

Four colors are available: black, red, gold, and blue.

Other Equipment

They have other equipment in the same series to choose from.


  • The shield can be used on both sides.
  • Users can choose between wearing red or blue.


  • The shield has a hefty price tag attached to it.

Final Verdict

The Aststand Martial Arts Body Protector will cover your chest, neck, shoulders, and groin. The Protector is made of sturdy foam rubber padding and has a vinyl shell that offers sufficient coverage for the heart, minimizing impact and reducing the risk of injury during vigorous sparring sessions. Users can choose from six different sizes for the shield, which is ideal for children and smaller athletes. The back of the shoe has a lacing system that guarantees a secure fit. The World Taekwondo Federation has approved the Aststand Chest Protector.

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Best MMA Chest Protector: Buying Guide

Before buying any MMA product, it is essential to review some important parameters related to it. We have made a list of the various factors one needs to consider before buying the best MMA chest protector. Safety is the number one reason for purchasing a chest protector, while the other factors to consider are: 


Pads significantly impact your safety and the sensation you experience. If your pads aren’t up to par and an opponent hits, you would feel more discomfort, and it can also cause injuries. Even if you don’t get hurt, it can leave you shocked. Hence, we recommend you choose a well-padded chest guard. 


Some people claim that because a boxing chest guard has a thick pad of protection, the thicker it is, the safer it is. However, it will slow down your movements and eventually make you feel uneasy. If you want to find the best MMA chest guard, you should also look at its weight. It can, of course, reduce the motion a little, but not too much.


Since the MMA chest guard is most definitely a shirt, you can get the one that fits properly. An ill-fitted product raises the risk of injury and lowers your expertise and efficiency. It is best to use a boxing chest guard tailored to your body.


Another important consideration is the flexibility it offers when worn. You should be able to move easily.


This is the final component. It is important to examine the materials because they impact several aspects of the MMA chest guard, such as toughness. If you want your MMA chest guard to last longer, ensure that the materials used are of high-quality and durable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of Chest Protectors?

There are three different models for chest protectors. One is for the chest area, the second one covers and protects the back, and the third one offers total protection, running from the neck to the waist. 

Can you wash the Chest Protectors in the Washing Machine?

No, the chest protectors are not machine washable. To clean, wipe them off with a cloth

Which forms of padding Provide the Maximum level of Protection?

The most important factor to consider is the degree of protection determined by the padding found within the best MMA chest protectors. There are two key forms of padding that can be used. The most popular form is Polyurethane Foam. The second is silicone gel, a more modern option that normally entails a higher price tag. The gel provides equal protection to foam, but it is not nearly as dense, resulting in much more convenient protectors.

Why do you Need to Buy a Chest Protector?

The answer is simple to protect your chest while practicing martial arts. However, there are numerous choices for different purposes and types of martial arts. While they make good all-around chest protectors, if you intend to use the protection for a particular form of martial arts, you should buy protection specifically for that type of martial arts.

What level of Mobility do you Require?

This can refer to the difference between full protection and just rib protection, but it encompasses a lot more. Thicker padding protects vital organs. Thicker and bulkier chest protectors, on the other hand, limit the versatility and make it difficult to navigate and perform movements. Choose the thicker chest protectors if you’re concerned about shielding yourself from hard blows. For low-impact blows, you might want to consider something smaller and lighter to ensure you can still move freely.