Top 7 Best Leg Stretching Machines

Modern lifestyle has a significant sedentary aspect for a lot of people, if not for all. Lack of movement causes the muscles to lose flexibility and shrink. In this regard, the leg muscles are probably the worst sufferers. With too many options for mobility, the use of legs is reducing. Result – calf and hamstring muscles of the leg begin to suffer.

Are you having a problem bending down and tying your shoelaces? Does short distance jog cause excessive tiredness? If the response is yes, you need to stretch your legs and get the muscles back in shape. Natural ways of stretching may not give the required push to get recovery started. That’s where leg stretching machines come in.

With the benefits of using leg stretching machines, you can regain muscle tone, especially in the hamstrings. This helps with bending, higher kicks, longer runs, and prevention of many aches of the legs and back. The leg flexibility machine gives you the control to stretch the legs to those points where they won’t stretch naturally. We have reviewed the top seven leg stretchers for you.

Century Versaflex 2.0 ProFlex Stretch Machine RDX Leg Stretcher 
Pros Easy to use
Degree indicator to measure stretch
4-position stretching arm
High-quality machine
Sturdy build
Allows comfortable exercise
Three-year manufacturer warranty
Simple and affordable
Incremental locking for gradual practice
Compact footprint

7 Best Leg Stretchers for Flexibility & Recovery Reviewed

#1 Century Versaflex 2.0 Stretching Machine

The Versaflex machine from Century is an excellent machine for increasing movement range for the legs and hips. Those looking for better agility, especially in martial arts, should have a look at this machine. The Century Versaflex allows controlled stretching up to an angle of 190 degrees.

The machine is intuitive to operate. The user can operate the machine by using a lever to move the legs to the desired position where an appropriate level of stretch is felt. This stretch machine for splits has an indicator that helps you track your progress by measuring the angle you’ve been able to reach. This angle indicator provides the necessary motivation to keep pushing further ahead.

The Versaflex has a 4-position stretching arm and comes with thigh pads for comfortable seating. This machine has a solid steel frame, and the stretching handles are located on the thigh decks.

The machine weighs about 55 lbs and comes disassembled with a lot of nuts and bolts. The assembly is not as easy as it could have been.


  • Easy to use, does its job well
  • Degree indicator to measure stretch
  • 4-position stretching arm


  • Bulky
  • Assembling the machine is difficult

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#2 ProFlex Stretch Machine

The ProFlex leg flexibility machine provides a comfortable experience during stretching, and the manufacturers have given due attention to the design. The manufacturer guarantees a 30-50% increment in flexibility within just 30 days.

This leg stretching machine is built for exercising all the major joints and areas around the leg. The focus is on improving flexibility, coordination, and posture.

With this machine, you can proceed with moderate speed to build an athletic body and achieve physical fitness at the same time.

Comfort and ease of use are the highlights of this machine. The machine can be stacked vertically if needed. There is a placard to measure progress, and it is well suited for ages above ten years. Those with stiff legs and lower back pain can reap immense benefits from its simple work out programs.

The machine is undoubtedly bulky at 85 lbs and needs ground space – during use or storage. This, too, comes disassembled. The assembly is simple; all the tools and instructions are provided for manual assembly.

The company provides a 30-day return window and a three-year warranty, which justifies the slightly hefty price tag.


  • High-quality machine, sturdy build
  • Allows comfortable exercise
  • Three-year manufacturer warranty


  • Bulky
  • The price may be steep for some

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#3 RDX Leg Stretcher

The RDX stretching machine may win the title of the best martial arts leg stretcher because of its sheer simplicity. The first thing that comes to notice is its small footprint and affordability.

The RDX leg stretcher for MMA practitioners has two extensions for the legs. These legs are connected to a handlebar in the center. Rubber foam grips provide additional comfort to the legs. The construction is sturdy, and the machine’s frame is made from powder-coated steel. There is a pulley system to facilitate the moves.

The entire group of leg muscles – calves, hamstrings, adductors, glutes, and quads can be exercised using this machine. Working this machine is easy – the pulley lever when stretched extends the leg-prongs — the lever locks into place in small increments to keep a uniform stretch.

There’s no jerky movement when you release the pulley. The prongs return to the center slowly to prevent injury. Comfort is adequate, though we miss some padding.

The manufacturer provides a 90-day warranty on this machine.


  • Simple and affordable
  • Incremental locking for gradual practice
  • Compact footprint


  • Lack of padding

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#4 Century Portable Leg Stretcher

The Century Leg Stretcher, in its portable form, is a very compact and offers immense value for money. It may take the tag for the best martial arts stretching machine if the value for money is the yardstick. This machine is built for exercising the entire set of leg muscles – Calves, Hamstrings, Adductors, Glutes, and Quads.

This is similar to the three-pronged stretching machine reviewed earlier. The two prongs that are meant for extending the legs are driven by the center prong using a pulley system that operates using a ratcheting mechanism.

The pulley, when released, does not snap the leg extensions into place immediately. Instead, the prongs move slowly. The ratchet mechanism can be released using a button on the center, and the prongs came slowly in their original place.

This machine has a minimal footprint and can be hung on the wall when it is not in use. The seat is padded for better comfort and longer workouts. The manufacturer provides a 90-day warranty on the portable leg stretching machine.


  • Simple, compact, and affordable
  • Incremental locking using a ratcheting mechanism
  • Exercises all the muscles of the leg
  • Portable, can be hung on a wall


  • Padding could have been better

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#5 Nitrofit Limber Pro Stretch Machine with Calf Stretching Station

The Limber Pro from Nitrofit is quite different from what we have reviewed till this point. Stretching exercises targeting all muscle groups can be performed using this machine. The Limber Pro has a detachable calf board station so that the individual can perform standing calf raises. There are eight exercises on a placard that is attached to the handle. There is no need to use the Internet.

The ankle-flex on this exercise machine can be adjusted to three angles. If you want to increase the stretching intensity, set the angle at a higher value. The seat, too, is adjustable to allow people with different built to use the machine. Nitrofit has designed it, keeping in mind individual needs – the seat supports 300 lbs of weight.

Comfort and safety have been given adequate attention. Wrist safety straps for handles, coated handles for a firm grip, seat cushion, and foam padded back support are some of the features that justify the price tag of the machine.


  • Multipurpose use – full body stretch
  • Therapeutic use for pain relief
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Seat supports up to 300 lbs of weight


  • Support should be better on a machine in this price range

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#6 Valor Fitness CA Leg Stretch Machines

The Valor Fitness leg flexibility machine is meant for the home gym. The machine is constructed using high-grade steel and uses double foam padding for extra comfort. The back pad has two angled positions – 105 degrees and 110 degrees.

A wheel with a knob causes the leg extensions to move. Since there is a very high reduction ratio with a wheel, the leg movement can be very gradual. Slower leg movement stretches the muscle uniformly and prevents tear in muscle fibers.

The wheel can be cranked to move the leg all the way up to 180 degrees. This is different than a ratcheting mechanism where the position is held in place using a one-way motion. For the highly athletic folks, the wheel can be rotated to move the legs beyond the 180-degree range. We feel that a simple and inexpensive feature should be added that allows users to track progress.

The machine weighs 49 kgs and supports a weight of up to 250 lbs. The company provides a three-year warranty on this martial art stretching machine.


  • Angled back and double padded foam
  • Knob based movement for a comfortable stretch
  • Over 180-degree stretch
  • High-quality construction and 3-year warranty


  • Progress cannot be measured
  • Cranking the wheel causes motion

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#7 Deluxe Leg Stretcher Stretching Machine

This leg stretching machine is constructed using very-high quality material and feels sturdy as a rock. The construction, though comfortable, could use some more padding for extra comfort. Also, given the amount being charged, that’s a reasonable ask.

This machine, like the previous one, also uses as a wheel with a handle. The back support is adjustable, and a steel gear system drives the leg extensions upon rotating the wheel. The Deluxe leg stretching machine from GTMA comes fully assembled, so transporting it isn’t convenient.

The seat and the vinyl are high quality and 270 lbs. is the weight the seat can take. Like many other machines, here too, the manufacturer could use some more padding and foam for extra comfort.

Since the rotation of the wheel drives the stretch, there is no abrupt movement. The wheel is detachable and self-locking.


  • High-quality material and sturdy machine
  • Knob based movement for a comfortable stretch
  • Self-locking detachable wheel
  • Lightweight and fully assembled


  • Padding needs an upgrade
  • Caster wheels could be stronger
  • Steep cost

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How to Choose the Best Stretching Machine?

Whether it is a stretching machine for martial arts or splits, a leg stretching machine should be comfortable. That’s the primary criterion you should focus on. Any discomfort deters an individual from practicing. Muscle stretches cause a lot of aches; at the very least, the seating could be comfortable.

Here are the other factors you may consider before purchasing a leg stretching machine

  • Cost: Simple, portable machines could be bought for less than a hundred dollars
  • Requirement: Understand your need and of the others who would use the machine. There are weight limits, and some machines aren’t comfortable for taller individuals
  • Foam and Padding: You can never have enough foam and padding. Make sure the machine you intend to buy is padded well
  • Stretching: The movement should be smooth, and the return movement should not be abrupt
  • Angle: Stretch angle of 180 degrees is enough for most people. Having a machine that allows motion beyond that holds the potential for causing injury

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are the inexpensive three-prong machines effective?

A) Yes, those machines can be used as a good starting point for those who have tight muscles. Those do not cost a bomb and get the job done.

How important is the warranty? Do these machines break down?

A) Warranty is a good-to-have feature. All these stretching machines have continuous motion under a lot of force. If the material isn’t high quality, the machine could break down. Warranty would be a great money saver.

There are cheaper machines that work like expensive branded machines. Which one to purchase?

A) Stretching, motion, weight, gears can lead to injury in case of an accident. Branded machines have better quality and protection mechanisms. When you are looking for a machine that focuses on health, you do not compromise on the money.


Leg flexibility is paramount for general fitness, martial arts, splits, and endurance. There are a lot of brands, and we have reviewed the most popular machines on the market.

We have considered budget, simplicity, features, exercise angle, comfort, and other features. We observe that padding could have been better for a lot of machines.

User reviews indicate people craving for comfort while trying to lengthen the muscles. Look at a machine that exercises the set of all five muscles smoothly. You can achieve agile and athletic legs in as little as two months.