Top 5 Best Kickboxing Gloves

Venum Challenger 2.0 Fairtex BGV9 Sanabul Essential Gloves
Pros Great design
Quality leather
Tight fit
Good fit

Investing in quality pairs of kickboxing gloves will make a whole world of difference to your kickboxing career because you won’t need to worry if the gloves will get turned during an intense workout.

Any experienced kickboxer will confirm the importance of having a quality glove as the most fundamental and crucial fighting accessory for training.

Traditionally used during training as well as competitive matches, the glove is specially designed to keep both fighters safe from injuries and wounds.

The solid foam used in constructing the gloves ensures that the fighters feel the impact of the blows without having any injury. As well as protecting your hands and fingers from the shock.

No matter what sort of martial arts you are into, traditional Muay Thai, or kickboxing, it’s essential first to consider the benefits of choosing the right kickboxing gloves to protect you and improve your techniques.

Although there are several options you can choose from, these kickboxing gloves are not made with the same material and are not of the same design and price.

In this guide, we will help you to choose the best kickboxing gloves that will fit your style and also to help you train better so you can reach your full potential.


Best Gloves For Kickboxing Reviewed

#1 Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves

Venum is a multinational firm that deals with the creation and designs of martial arts equipment, fitness training tools, and combat sports accessories, among many others. The company started its operation in 2006.

Their product is well known when it comes to glove construction as many athletes, both amateur and professionals, attest to its quality leather designs.

Apart from the quality used in the leather, it is also very durable for high-performance training and sparring. They are built for prolonged usage and can absorb shocks, making it user-friendly gloves.

Venum is known for its excellent touch on its products, including making them look attractive, and they typically deliver on their promises, which makes the user proud of owning one.

Although just like many other brands, you will still read some complaints about one small issue or another about their product. This is a typical complaint you get about every other manufacturer from some users.

One observation about their product is the lining used in making the gloves. Some have complained that the lining fails to hold itself together on many occasions, and sometimes the stitching – can be loose even when you first bought them.


  • Very affordable with great design
  • Very comfortable during use
  • Venum is a well-known maker of sport equipment
  • Work excellently during intense workouts.


  • Ideal for newbies but not so great for professionals
  • Leather may be of low quality.

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#2 Fairtex Muay Thai Gloves BGV9

This is a Thailand based sporting equipment company, and they are mostly into developing Muay Thai boxing gear.

Their gloves are traditionally used by pro-Muay Thai fighters and recreational kickboxers alike.

The gloves are specially designed as all-purpose boxing gear, which makes it perfect for sparring, heavy bag training, and everything in between. The gloves are also constructed with high-quality leather materials, that many fighters have come to recognize as a favorite gear that comes with a tight fit and with a Velcro strap.


  • Made with quality leather materials
  • Company is well known in Thailand
  • Gloves are specially designed for Muay Thai fighters


  • Expensive

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#3 Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Kickboxing Gloves

Training for safety is important, so if you want a glove that can protect your hands and fingers, then these gloves will do the trick for you nicely. They are specially designed to keep your hands and fingers from sustaining injuries and wounds.

These pairs of Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Kickboxing Gloves offer excellent hand protection and fits nicely without being too heavy.

One feature that stands these gloves out is the unique advanced technology used in constructing the gloves pattern, especially on close fists. This means that you get little resistance when you keep your hands close when wearing them. The Velcro closure and the gel padding is indeed a top-notch.

The gloves are specially designed to look very simple, but that does not mean they look ugly. They also come in different colors and sizes.

These training gloves are ideal if you are on a tight budget as you are likely to shell out more for other gloves brands in the market.

Notwithstanding, these gloves are excellent for beginners as well as pro combat sports enthusiasts.


  • Designed to fit correctly with your fist
  • Made with advance Velcro closure system
  • Extreme lightweight


  • Stitching may cause a durability problem.

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#4 Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

Everlast brands are well-known brands, and their gloves are great for training, especially if you are using it on heavy bags. The gloves are not only durable for the long term but also very comfortable to use.

They are also specially designed to protect your hands and fingers from unnecessary injuries when training or during a competitive match.

The gloves also are very affordable when compared to other gloves in the same class in terms of quality and durability.

There is no doubt that users of this glove are pleased with using these pair of gloves during their training sessions, and somehow online reviews suggest that many people were introduced to using this gloves because of users’ experience.

The gloves come with thick foam padding, and also the glove’s thumb is specially styled to fit the MMA style of fighting. They are very durable for regular spar for boxers as well as for any other martial arts that wear glove gears.

The styling is specially made to look very simple, and you can comfortably wear them or remove them after use without any complication, which is what is expected of every suitable boxing glove. It comes in very limited color selection. Overall, these gloves are the favorite, especially for the price.


  • The leather is made with synthetic
  • Leather is soft and durable
  • The gloves come in extensive Velcro closure system
  • Unique Asian boxing thumb design system


  • Very basic style

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#5 Ringside Apex Boxing Kickboxing Training Gloves

If you are just starting with kickboxing, the Ringside training gloves are an ideal gear to get you up and running.

No matter what your intent with the gloves is – intense gym training or sparing with partners, these gloves are specially designed to do an excellent job for your practice.

One great feature about these gloves is the extra thick foam that helps you absorb shocks that would have injured your hands during training.

The gloves are also well designed with a mesh palm, which helps to absorb sweats in your hands – which is a very common occurrence with every boxer wearing a glove. They also come with a wraparound Velcro wrist enclosure with an attached thumb piece for safety.

The design on these gloves is not too appealing as they come a little bit bold. However, they come in different colors and can easily be pulled off after extensive use.


  • The gloves are made with synthetic leather
  • The leather is soft and durable
  • Comes with advance Velcro closure system
  • Thick foam padding


  • Can be a bit heavy on the hands

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How to Choose the Best Kickboxing Gloves?

Whatever you want to do with your boxing gloves, either for traditional Muay Thai or Kickboxing, just remember that there’s a lot of works that goes into designing the best gloves. A good glove is one that will make a lasting difference to your training and techniques. Only one bit of variation on the design could make a whole lot of difference.

Therefore, it is vital that before buying your boxing gloves, you should take out time to do your research and make sure that you get nothing but the best. But what if you don’t know what it takes to make the best kickboxing gloves?

To find out what it takes, here are some features to look out for when searching for the perfect kickboxing gloves that will suit your needs.

Weight And Size

The fit and size of the gloves should be one of the first things to consider when shopping for kickboxing gloves. Training with gloves that are ‘oversized’ or extremely tight could cause a severe problem.

Therefore to find the best fit, you will need first to understand what the standard sizes are and then try them on to see if they fit snugly on your wrists, thumbs, and knuckles.

Here are the dimensions and weights that are considered the sizes for kickboxing gloves:

  • 88 – 119 lbs 8 oz
  • 119 – 149 lbs 10 oz
  • 149 – 185 lbs 12 oz
  • 185+ 14 oz

The sizes above are best for pads and heavy bag workouts while 14, 16, 18, and 20 and most of the time used for sparing.

The most important is that the gloves you are going to choose should be comfortable in your hand and it must fit. Also, apart from the size and weight of these gloves, one other important reason for choosing your kickboxing gloves is the purpose of its usage.


Padding is another important feature when searching for the right kickboxing gloves. You need to choose either you want gloves with more padding, or you want the ones with less padding.

Most often, kickboxing gloves come either in foam or gel form. But while foam padding is still common and can even absorb shocks and are still effective in protecting your hands, it is an outdated choice.

What is in fashion currently are kickboxing gloves that are made with gel because gel padded gloves still offer the same level of protection and are more durable.

Only that gel padded gloves come more expensive than foam-padded gloves.


For gloves to last longer and gives a level of comfort as well as the price its sold for, the material that it is made of should be a factor. And most kickboxing gloves are made with leather and Vinyl.

When compared together, Vinyl comes cheaper to leather gloves, and it is also the best choice for beginners.

However, if you aim to go deep into kickboxing and you intend to train regularly, then you should consider the leather gloves as they offer more comfort and durability.

As it is, Vinyl gloves are not made for an intense regular workout because they are less breathable. This is not to say that Vinyl gloves are terrible; it just means that they are an excellent option for people taking kickboxing as a fitness sport.

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So, you now know that there is a lot that goes into buying your kickboxing gloves than most people realize. And you also know that you can’t afford to purchase kickboxing gloves that do not fit your hands and does not fit your purpose or your boxing style.

Therefore, you need to do your homework when searching for the best kickboxing gloves – which can make a whole lot of difference in your fighting style.

We have been asked many times on which of these kickboxing gloves is the best of them all.

The truth is that you cannot go wrong with any of your pick from the list we mentioned because they all come with great features. However, we choose our winner.