5 Best Kick Shields

As a martial arts aficionado, you should be doing your practices using appropriate equipment. One of the exercises that can help improve your accuracy is kickboxing. It helps improve your aim as well as builds inner core strength. However, you need the right tool to execute these goals. And what can be better than a kick shield for those kickboxing sessions? 

A kick shield is a thickly padded tool, usually made of fiber or gel. It is used in the process of kickboxing, especially as a target for the artist’s kicks. It can also be used as a target for knee kicks and elbow strikes. To make things easier for you, we have reviewed the best kick shields, custom-made to include budget, ratings, and quality. The very best of the category has been chosen!

Our Top 3 Picks:

Elite Sports Kickboxing Pads Sanabul Battle Forged Kick Pads Overmont Taekwondo Kick Pad
Pros Made from Durable Ultra-Lightweight Nylex Leather
Adjustable two Hook & Loop Straps
Tested by Pros, Created for Battle
SBL Engineered Leather
Ensures Double Safety
Great Value for Money


5 Best Kick Shields for Practicing Kicks

#1. Elite Sports Kickboxing Pads

The Elite Sports Muay Thai Kickboxing Pad helps you improve your kickboxing accuracy by engaging your body’s muscles. You can build strength and focus on better kicks with this kickboxing pad due to its shock absorption quality. If you wish to experience rigorous kickboxing sessions at home, then you might want to try the Elite Sports Kickboxing Pad. 


Maximum Comfort:

This kick shield comes with adjustable two hook and loop straps of Kick Boxing Strike Shield. This allows you to get good fits with the handle and grips. These are also sturdy, keeping them in place while practicing.

Shock Absorption:

The Elite Sports Muay Thai Kickboxing Pad has a shock absorption quality as it is made of multi-layered gel with foam. It can absorb strong blows, especially by trained hitters. It also ensures stability for a reinforced grip.

Durable Finish:

This kickboxing pad is made from durable ultra-lightweight Nylex Leather and has a long-lasting finish. It also has good graphics and a curved design, which ensure that they are easy to maintain and clean.

Unisex and Versatile:

This Elite Sports Muay Thai Kickboxing Pad can be used by anyone of any sex. Moreover, it is versatile because it can be used for different exercises like Kickboxing, MMA, and Muay Thai training.

Good Training Gear:

This kick shield has a  quad-layered, curved, and superior striking surface that absorbs the shock and thus, protects your feet from getting injured. It is also lightweight.


  • Shock absorption
  • Durable finish
  • Versatile
  • Maximum comfort
  • Gel integrated foam interior


  • Weak D-Rings and Straps
  • For beginners, not hardcore enthusiasts 


The Elite Sports Muay Thai Kickboxing Pad is one of the best kick shields based on its features and reviews. 

Additionally, this kick shield offers some amazing features like a gel integrated foam interior. Whether a novice or an expert, this is a kick shield you won’t regret investing in. 

Why did we decide that this Kick Shield should be in the 1st position?

The Elite Sports Shield is at the number one position in our review as it meets all our requirements in the best way: outstanding features, inexpensive price tag, excellent reviews, and the likes! The reviews left by customers place the kick shield in a positive light, guaranteeing a tried-and-tested product.

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#2. Sanabul Battle Forged Kick Pads

If you are looking for a kick shield with premium features at an affordable cost, then you look no further than the Sanabul Battle Kick Pads. It is a great product that offers ultralight comfort, with subtle designs and modern features.



The Sanabul Pads are made of San-Air Ultra Light foam, which has been developed by the Sanabul company itself. The pad hardly weighs around 1.5 lbs and is still very sturdy, absorbing hard punches during tests.

Tested by Pros:

The company claims to challenge its Team Sanabul athletes, like the UFC Champion Michael Bisping, to put their gear through their toughest training sessions as a sign of confidence in the product’s quality.  

Battle Tested:

The company also claims that its kick shields are battle-tested. This is one of the reasons why Team Sanabul athletes like UFC fighters Alan Jouban and Sean “Sugar” O’Malley use their gear for daily use, especially for battles.

Tradition Meets Technology:

The Sanabul Battle Kickboxing Pads may hold traditional features, like embossed designs of the Thai style. However, it modernizes the product by using engineered leather and a unique velcro loop system. 

Comes in a Pair:

Whenever you order the Sanabul Battle Muay Thai Kickboxing Kick Pads, you get it in a pair of two. The dimensions of the front striking area are 15″ x 7.5″. It can be of good use for Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and MMA. 


  • Ultralight
  • Comes in a pair
  • Tested by pros
  • SBL engineered leather 


  • Stitching is not done well
  • Extremely lightweight


A sturdy and well-made product with excellent features at an affordable price range, the Sanabul Battle Kick Pads are the definitely right choice. With so many features and such positive customer testimonials, you must consider buying this kick shield if you wish to invest in one without having to shell out those extra bucks. 

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#3. Overmont Taekwondo Kick Pad

The Overmont Kickboxing Shield, with its curved surface dimensions and good protection, maybe what you’re looking for! The product is a perfect fit for those weighing affordability and accuracy are their major deciding factors. To know more about this kick shield, read on!



This shield has specifications of a curved surface design, which enables more conducive receiving to the attack force. It also allows the force to be absorbed quickly. The precision also becomes better with the curved surface. It can be used by the right as well as left-handed people.

Ergonomic and Compact:

Made in a breathable design, this compact kick shield has a cushion pad that uses breathable materials to reduce the flow of sweat during training. It also has sewing at the edges to create a cushion effect.

Ensures Stability:

The kick shield ensures stability, as its grip is very effective and it can take on heavy blows.

Good Protection:

It allows for well-rounded protection as the spongey back cushion can effectively reduce the frontal impact, thus successfully protecting the wrist.

Double Safety:

You can now be assured of double safety with the adjustable buckle that allows you to adjust its size according to your preference. It is also strong enough to stand hard kicks and punches.


  • Curved Surface
  • Compact 
  • Ensures stability
  • Good Protection
  • Double Safety
  • Breathable
  • Great value for money


  • Cannot be used for Power hits


Considering its unique specifications and dimensions, the Overmont Kickboxing Shield is undoubtedly a great option. It not only promises a higher accuracy rate but also adds to your muscle groups and builds strength. If you are on the lookout for kick shields, you must consider this one. 

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#4. RDX Muay Thai Pad

Usually, home workout kick shields are not efficient, making it difficult to invest in them. However, you can now enjoy the pleasure of working out at home without the usual challenges that are involved. Introducing the RDX Muay Thai Kick Shields: an extremely sturdy pad that climbed its way onto our list of top 5 best kick shields! 


IMT Three Layers of Gel Foam Padding:

This kick shield is made of IMT gel foam padding, which allows you to deliver heavier force kicks with full conviction. The gel lining also absorbs all your blows smoothly.

Quick EZ Hook-and-Loop Closure:

The RDX Muay Thai Kick Shields comes with an improved Quick-EZ hook and loop that offers a comfortable secure fit while supporting the wrists.

Reinforced Stitching:

Unlike other kick shields, which usually have a hollow design from the inside, this one is made of technologically advanced stitching craft, further boosting the life of the kick shield. It also keeps it in shape and enhances better practice during tough training sessions.

Maya Hide Leather Construction:

This kick shield is made of Maya Hide Leather, which protects the kick shields from wear and tears for a long time. It also offers great performance for all martial arts like push kicks, swing kicks, and knee strikes during training.  The dimensions of the pad are 37 cm in length and 19 cm in width.

Curved Design:

The RDX Muay Thai Kick Shield has a curved design that provides better stability. It distributes the force over a larger surface area with maximum ease.


  • Quick EZ Hook-and-Loop Closure
  • Reinforced Stitching
  • Maya Hide Leather Construction
  • Curved Design
  • Shredded Textile Built Handle


  • Packaging may not be very good
  • The seam may split quickly


With amazing benefits and prominent features, this RDX Muay Thia Kick Shields captured our full attention. You don’t need a gym membership anymore, as this will give you the best workout at home!

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#5. Farabi Sports Kick Shield

Do you want to experience high-quality, versatile kick shields on a budget? Then, the Farabi Sports Thai Pad might be the one for you! With a comfortable design and quality finish, master those kickboxing sessions with a kick shield of your own. Let us know more about it.


Dual KXR-Handle Gripping System:

The Farabi Sports Thai Pad is equipped with a dual KXR-Handle Gripping System that is safeguarded. It is manufactured in a machine with GGX-core steel rivets that allows more control and stability. It also has an ergonomically designed aero build that has a curved shape, which helps the training capacity.

XT-Synthetic Leather:

This kick shield is made of XT-Synthetic leather. It is a high-quality product that is durable in nature and can withstand heavy blows. 

Hand-stitched VB-Tech:

It has a hand-stitched VB-tech covering that provides better durability. It is accompanied by a multi-layered FGR-Compressive and an EU-Padding. which lends it enhanced protection. 

PX-Fiber Composition:

This kick shield has a composition of PX Fiber, which makes this pad very lightweight and easy to carry. It also ensures a good training technique and is suggested by professionals. It is also armed by an easy-to-strap dual Swift-Z loop closure system for sturdiness and a snug fit.

Extended Strike Depth:

The strike pad of this kick shield has a unique ability to extend strike depth, which is seen throughout the pad. It maintains its symmetry and also incorporates the EC-Gel C-Shock technology, thus reducing the impact of force throughout the pad.


  • Extended strike depth
  • PX-Fiber composition
  • Hand-stitched VB-tech
  • XT-Synthetic leather


  • Sold only as one pad
  • Not recommended for children


Who would’ve thought a kick shield would be so easy to use? The Farabi Sports Thai Pad has made it possible with its great features like extended strike depth and PX Fiber composition, making it a great choice for kick shield workouts.

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Best Kick Shields: Buying Guide 

There are several things to be considered before buying a kick shield. Let us go through the buying guide and consider the factors that need to be kept in mind before buying one!


Many kick shields have a certain threshold of sturdiness that they can reach. A few shields are capable of handling blows of varying strengths. However, other shields may not be as sturdy, and thus, may not be able to stay in place during such varying weights. It is advised that you understand your needs and read the description of the kick shield before investing in it, as it may not suit your weight or training level. 


Buying your kick shields within the given budget is a great idea, as you will be saving money. Like all products, kick shields come in different price ranges, and you will surely find one that fits your financial needs. You can take help from our helpful guide or compare prices on your own to find a shield within your budget. 


While investing in a kick shield, always check the quality of the product in question. It should ideally be of a sturdy frame, made of either fiber or gel, and not have a hollow design. That is a sign of a durable piece of equipment that ensures long-lasting usage.

Moreover,  this will be a long-term purchase that you can use for a considerable amount of time. You may wish to consider those models, which have a guarantee or warranty. 

Fitness Goals:

If you are a novice using a kick shield, you may not wish to spend a lot at first as you may want to figure out how you like exercising in it. Accordingly, its sturdiness will be lesser, and the quality might not be as good as the more expensive alternatives. 

However, in time, you can think about spending a good amount and buying better kick shields that can help you with all of your deadlifting needs.


You may want to check the safety parameters of the kick shield before buying it. You can check for the features that these shields have, which is often included in the sewing of the shield, or look at the reviews for customer feedback. Moreover, some of them may be made of very hard material, which may not suit children.


You should choose a kick shield that requires less maintenance. It should ideally be a shield that is long-lasting and does not need regular mending or repair.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs 

How do I Pick the Right kick Shield?

Several factors contribute to a reliable kick shield. As someone who wishes to exercise using them, it all depends upon what your particular wants are. Some of these wants can include a high-quality, sturdy finish, low-maintenance needs, or proper safety features.

Check the comparison table at the top and find out the best kick shield that meets your needs!

Does the Kick Shield Need Maintenance?

Yes, like all fitness equipment, the kick shield also needs maintenance to function properly. All the cleaning requirements are usually mentioned in the instructions manual that comes along with the machine. This also ensures that the leather does not chip off soon. You must follow it if you want your product to last longer.

Can I lose Weight with a Kick Shield?

Yes, you can lose weight with the help of the kick shield, by means of heavy kicking of knees and elbows. However, you may also wish to go into a well-planned diet plan that helps you achieve the desired physique that you have been working towards.

How do I know I’m Burning Fat on my Kick Shield?

Many times, you may notice significant changes in your body weight after prolonged use of the kick shield. You can also use a tracker app on your smartphone or smartwatch for better tracking. 

How can I Choose a Compact kick Shield?

The size of a kick shield is an important factor for workouts. You need one with a size that fits your needs, like kickboxing and arm boxing. Aim for bigger dimensions, and make sure that there is a good lining on the shield.